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    Planet Alphatron is under attack!

    At the frontier of human exploration, Earth's deep space colony, Alphatron, continues to hold out against the terrors of the galaxy!

    Established now for fifty years, the hardy settlers of Alphatron live at peace with robot slaves, friendly aliens and intelligent plants. It is a little corner of the universe that man calls home.

    But some of our neighbours are not so friendly. Striking from the depths of space, rival empires make claims to Alphatron. Mad inventors construct terrifying killbots. Giant insects hatch their plots beneath ground. And deadly and beautiful Amazonians scheme our downfall.

    It is a hostile place. A place of adventure and terror!

    But we can sleep safely each night thanks to the heroism of the StarGun Defenders!

    Men and women of courage, the StarGuns have defended the colony since it was built and have battled countless threats from beyond the stars. They are experts in their field, empowered to repel our enemy at any cost.

    The finest minds, the boldest spirits, the lovliest bodies.

    Join the StarGun Defenders today, and help keep Alphatron safe for humanity! ​

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    Welcome to Alphatron, a colony at the frontier of known space. Fifty years ago a fleet arrived from Earth, bearing explorers, colonists and adventurers. They built their domed city on an a planet named Galamene, a foothold from which they could explore the unknown depths of space.

    But they were not alone.

    This region of space was home to ancient evils, as old as the stars themselves, terrors which rose to exterminate the human visitors. The fleet was cut off and the colonists stranded on Alphatron, beset by monsters, aliens, mutants and machines. For a half a century now, the people have suffered alone on the hostile frontier.

    And for half a century the StarGun Defenders have protected them.

    An elite planetary watch, the StarGuns are armed with the greatest weapons, technologies and alien enhancements that Alphatron can provide. They are the heroes of their time, sons and daughters of the strongest families, elders and alphas of the embattled colony.

    It is by their will alone that the colony survives.

    And every day, they must do their duty.


    <tr><td valign="top" width="30%">RULES

    - This is Golden Age pulp Sci-Fi. Google it.

    - No going off-planet. You will be killed in a heartbeat.

    - No angsty loners - you are the protectors and advisors to this city.

    - No angsty rebels - you love this city and want to protect it.

    - PM me if you wish to play a non-human race.

    - PM me if you want to play a robot.

    - The colony has all kinds of friendly aliens, robots and mutants.

    - You may have three "enhancements", which are gifts from the Alphatron citizens.

    - Use these enchancements to represent your special items and abilites.

    - The story will be broken into episodes, with a new monster of the week each time.

    - Domestic drama will be as important as action sequences.

    - Political intrigue will be as important as action sequences.

    - Each player will have a chance to suggest the plot for an episode.

    - Your characters will all know each other from the outset.

    - You must post once a week, or I will take over your character.

    - Anyone who squabbles about the fine details of technology will be shot.

    - Anyone with bullshit godmode technology will be shot twice.
    <td><IMG src=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l81/Asmodeus1845/Stories/tumblr_lrq4vpizi01r34ixlo1_500.jpg width="100%" align="right" style="padding:10px"></td>
    <td width="30%" valign="top">CHARACTER SHEET



    Reputation: (What do the StarGun Defenders value you for?)

    Bio Enhancement: (A mutation you were born or engineered with)

    Tech Enhancement: (A fancy piece of equipment)

    Alien Enhancement: (Anything weird from the friendly aliens)

    Legend: (Describe one legend that has sprung up around you - something that the colonists gossip about)

    Off-Duty: (What do you do during the day, and what friends/family do you have. You must have a profession, as being a Defender does not give you enough income to survive.)


    Flash Gordon

    Star Trek TOS


    Forbidden Planet

    Doctor Who

    Buck Rogers

    All these friggin images I'm posting!



    <table align=center?<tr><td width=150>Clarke<td width=150>Jillian<td width=150>Tyler<td width=150>Lottie<td width=150>Holly<td width=150>Billy</tr>
    <tr><td width=150>The Captain<td width=150>The Femme Fatale<td width=150>The Media Man<td width=150>The Muscle<td width=150>The Linguist<td width=150>The Rocket Boy</table>​
  2. Name: John Clarke

    Reputation: Leader of the StarGun Defenders and political liaison.

    Bio Enhancement: Captain Clarke doesn't need to sleep. He just eats to replenish energy.

    Tech Enhancement: Herc-Ray - a powerful lazer pistol with armour-piercing, arc and stun settings.

    Alien Enhancement: Clarke had his left hand modified with a skin graft from a Darlaxian Scientist. It is now covered in mirco-follicles that can grip any surface. This allows Clarke to hang from ceilings and keep a hold of prized objects.

    Legend: Due to his lack of sleep, it is whispered that Captain Clarke must regularly download his thoughts into a psychic machine. This causes incredible pain, and the machine might one day become self-aware and visit its wrath upon the galaxy.

    Off-Duty: The Clarkes are a renowned family of scientists who have pioneered some of the biggest pieces of terraforming technology used on Alphatron today. Clarke still helps out wherever possible in the upkeep and extension of these devices. He lives with his father, an aloof robot inventor who no longer has time for him, and also his younger sister, who works as a cheerful stewardess on inter-dome space flights.

  3. jillianstarburst.jpg

    Name: Jillian Starburst

    Reputation: The femme fatal, for some reason despite being well known evil scientists and megalomaniacs will still allow her into their inner sanctum.

    Bio Enhancement: Hypno-eyes; "Look deeply in my eyes, now please, pretty please, tell me how to disconnect the doomsday device."

    Tech Enhancement: Anti-grav bracelets; Not just a handy fashion statement, but can levitate any object she aims at as long as it doesn't weigh more then a small child.

    Alien Enhancement: The Heart of Kohex; a mystic gem that was given to her by a dying alien race, that's not dying so much anymore. Allows for telepathic communication upon physical contact, and not just with humans and aliens. Can be used on monsters, animals, beasts, plant creatures etc etc....

    Legend: "My greatest weakness? I suppose gold."

    With those fateful words it is now widely known that if you're a villainous no-gooder and wish to trap and capture Ms. Starburst you should use a gold gilded cage or a golden lasso or other such items.

    "... and precious gems like diamonds and rubies. Maybe I shouldn't have told you all of this."

    Off-Duty: Jillian had a choice, become a lounge singer or a xenohistorian. She went with her true passion, and now knows the university library better then some of the librarians there. When she's not at work, researching the various alien cultures, she's being the good daughter to her single mother. Jillian doesn't know what happened to her father he could have run away with the galactic circus or been a victim of the Incredible Shrinking Ray that took its toll on the population many years ago. There is also the possibility she has no father. When she isn't a good daughter, she is probably on a date. With who depends on the latest redeemed villain or shining hero, but they never seem to get passed the third date. Speculation by those closest to her is that it's nothing but a game until her and THAT GUY finally admit their feelings and settled down as a couple.
  4. WilliamsonFlashWatercolor.jpg

    : Tyler Nova

    Reputation: The public face for the StarGun Defenders. When Clarke isn't available, Tyler is the one there with a smile, happy to answer any questions a reporter may pose.

    Bio Enhancement: His ears have been enhanced to the point where he can tune in to a particular spot, or through a wall. However, as a result they are very sensitive and so he has to keep a pair of specially made earmuffs on at all times.

    Tech Enhancement: A hilt with a blade of plasma when the ignition stud is pressed held together in a small-scale, artificial gravitation field. Basically a lightsaber.

    Alien Enhancement: Alien enzymes inside his bloodstream that drastically speed up his healing process. Broken bones will take half a day to heal while minor bruises and cuts will take minutes. While on a mission off-planet, Tyler was gravely injured and accepted medical treatment from the alien locals. However, the enzymes reacted in a different manner with Tyler's human physiology and thus ended up subsisting off whatever excess nutrients inside his blood and taking up a permanent residence in there.

    Legend: They say the alien enzymes that run through his blood is actually slowly taking over his mind and every time he makes a cocktail the alien enzymes enter it and it is all part of a conspiracy to take over Planet Alphatron. But people still patronise his place any way.

    Off-Duty: Tyler mixes some of the meanest cocktails (according to himself) on Planet Alphatron at a bar owned and run by his family, Supernova.

    Name: Ora Six Echo


    Reputation: The Techie/Marooned Time-Traveler

    Bio Enhancement: Chronoton cells. Further into one of many possible futures, Ora was genetically engineered with an affinity for time travel. Without the proper equipment, she’s barely any different from anyone else, but unlike anyone else, her body slowly gathers time-bending particles that allow her to make alterations in the flow of time and space over small areas. She can speed up, pause, or rewind single occurrences in time so long as she has enough chronoton energy stored within her body to do so. But as the same energy is needed to return her to her home time, each use strands her longer in an increasingly unfamiliar past.

    Tech Enhancement: Decodo-Her talking, hand held computer-assistant. It can interface with almost any machine.

    Alien Enhancement: (Anything weird from the friendly aliens)

    Legend: Some say the mysterious Ora harbors secret knowledge of the future that she was sworn to never reveal except under the most severe of secret circumstances.

    Off-Duty: Robot Factory Worker. With her advanced knowledge, she was able to quickly rise through the ranks at a robot factory where she found work after finding herself stuck in the relative past. She’s now a star designer/programmer/advisor for Capek Industries.


    I was drawn to role playing partly through stuff like this.

    Try not to delete this. Three days or less is all I need.
  6. lizard_girl_thingy_by_tr1gg3r117-d4jpegd.jpg

    Lottie Ophelia

    The Muscle of StarGun Defenders
    Even with all the technology available sometimes you still have to get dirty and Lottie is one to perform any jobs that require a little more muscle and brunt force than the average StarGun Defender can provide.

    Bio Enhancement:
    Lottie’s hide is tough as metal and acts as armor.

    Tech Enhancement:
    Embedded in Lottie’s hand is a blue star shaped device that coats her claws in rare substance that allows her to rip through metal like butter, as well as most other known substances.

    Alien Enhancement:
    Lottie has a small u-shaped device implanted beneath her tongue called Orion’s Belt that increases her body’s level of hormones that triples her already enhanced strength. This was her family’s welcoming gift when they arrived to Alphatron from the strange race of man to thank them for their assistance. Lottie received this gift when she joined the StarGun Defenders.

    It is rumored that when Lottie vanishes for her “tri-monthly” that she is shedding her reptilian hide and has a soft human body until her new hide has regenerated.

    Lottie lives with her grandmother Kari Ophelia, a retired diplomat of Alphatron. Kari brought her family from their home planet to help colonize Galamene before they were cut off from the fleet. Lottie and her older brother now support her and themselves by manufacturing armor and weapons made from their shed hide. She also helps her brother as much as possible in his line of work, repairing the city from destruction.
  7. Phi Chisym
    Name: Holly Mason


    Reputation: Planetary Public Relations Manager / Informant on Alien Lifeforms for StarGun Defenders.

    Bio Enhancement: From her Aquilian father (Galactic Mermaid, if you must), she’s gained the ability to breath under water. (When she’s in the water, her appearance changes.) Also, has a very unique way of using that glorious voice of hers - Sonar attacks do come in handy on land, as well as underwater.


    Tech Enhancement: Chemically altered tongue – flat, forked, elastic, and shaped like an hour-glass. It gives her the insane ability to speak any Earth and Alien language like a native.

    Alien Enhancement: Because of her charming personality and sweet-talking verses to the High Leader of the Torradians, they've given her a special little pet - one that is clamped around her spinal cord at the base of her skull. It enhances her mental recognition to what she sees and hears, giving her the ability to literally mimic noises, people’s speech patterns and accents, animal sounds, and even a person's physical demeanor and idiosyncrasies perfectly.

    This little bugger is a demanding creature though, causing her severe headaches at times if it's not fed. And what he eats is not...pretty to gander. She hates the idea herself, but after several years she's found the Torradian delicacy rather easier to muster - when drowned in chocolate. If she doesn't feed her pet, he'll end up feasting on her grey matter and sipping on her spinal fluid. (That was one draw back to the gift that the Torradians didn't really clarify from the start.) The pet can be removed, if needed, but the fear of what the procedure can do to her is far worse than what the creature can do to her while under her charge).

    Pet Food


    Legend: Being a natural Polyglot and Xeno-Linguist, a tongue-twister, many people wonder just how twisted her tongue can really be. People believe that there's a hand-full of prestigious political leaders who personally know the answer to that mystery. (The oldest spy trick a lady holds: butter 'em up, tickle his ear, and listen to him sing).

    A lady never tells...

    Off-Duty: Yes, even when she’s off duty, she’s a bona fide secretary; working with her father at her grandfather’s hovercraft dealership – a very lucrative and boring career. But, sometimes it has its advantages. Oh yea, she's not too bad with a laser gun either and can handle her own, if needed. (Mother passed, no other human family - to her knowledge, only all the thousands of Aquilian family on her dad's side.)
  8. Name: Billy Terrason



    Reputation: Billy is that charismatic young lad who tries to keep positive when things look grim. Maybe that's why he's often the one to fly around and draw the attention of the enemy away from the others?

    Tech Enhancement: Billy's red ryder 'airsuit' has built in rocket boots, a rare gadget more maneuverable than the more commonplace jetpack. It also possesses a low power protective force aura, mostly incase he crashes into something, and it supplies a bit of oxygen. The aura is thought to work against one or two lethal shots at best, but this is still only a guess. The force aura can also act as a pair of gloves for his hands, giving them a minor degree of density, making them good for throwing a mean boxing combo, or maybe just holding certain materials others cannot touch. Keep in mind though, the aura only takes the majority of damage/poisoning/etc and Billy still has to take some amount of it himself.

    Alien Enhancement: A wise alien man was kind enough to forge a special belt from rare metal and cosmic radiation. Through this mystifying combination, Billy simply requires to utter the code-word 'Krakatoa!,' and he can summon the airsuit almost instantaneously (There's a 5-10 second delay). Otherwise, the belt doesn't do much else.

    Bio Enhancement: Billy doesn't like to use it often unless he's flying, but he can project flashes of light. He cannot actually attack with this, in fact, he mostly blinds people with it, especially enemy pilots. The most offensive thing he can do is a focused beam that packs the punch of a pistol. On stun.

    Legend: "Billy Terrason just ain't the kind of kid you run across everyday. Now, by no means was he one with the judgement of a proper adult, but the boy's loyalty to a good cause was fierce. Folks say he earned his stripes in the upper atmosphere, where he put on his fancy airsuit, and zipped around all over the place, distracting a whole bunch of enemy fighter ships with some kind of light show, before being shot down by a stray bolt, and being attended to in emergency medical care. What he did gave the StarGuns a proper chance to get to the battlefield and settle things before they got ugly. First thing in the morning, he was drafted into the defenders, and now all the little ones can't stop making silly exclamations like 'Holy Macaroni!' or 'Jumping Jupiter!' which, supposedly, Billy was shouting left and right when he was doing his thing."

    Off-Duty: When not on duty, Billy works for a store that sells newspapers, magazines, pulp novels/comics, books and other such printed products, every purchase complete with the option of buying a digital copy for your holo-vision. Surprisingly enough, this business seems to do fairly well. This is where Billy will read dictionaries and make new and strange, or just plain childish exclamations ("Great Scott!" "Holy Moley!"), and grab the latest issue of some periodical publication he happens to follow for one reason or another.

    As far as relatives go, Billy has a distant cousin living on Alphatron by the name of Shirley, whom he visits every now and then.

  9. Hell, I don't know why I didn't ask...or think for that matter....

    Terrain! Will there be water, enough to quench a mermaid's thirst? If not, then I'll change her bio with my plan B! (Once I come up with a better one than plan A!)
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    Right, IC is up. Thanks to Ocha and Ares for the Chapter One idea. Any of you who have an idea for Chapter Two let me know, as this first one should be quite brief.

    We have one Saucer attacking the space port, and another in the main street where my character is. They have zappy lazers, abductor rays, troop teleporters and are about the size of a large house.

    Magravore Drones have psychic blasts that can push/immobilse/electrocute. Magravore leaders carry disintegrater rays and wear snazzy coats.

    They come for our cows and our women.

    TO ARMS!

    [Edit: Yes, Phi, we have plentiful oceans on this planet. Where else would the Crab People come from?]
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    We have our Chapter 2 plot.
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