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  1. IC Thread

    Set in the province of Skyrim in the year 4E 208, just seven years after the events of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The Stormcloaks defeated the Imperials in the civil war, and the Thalmor influence in Skyrim was greatly reduced. The Dragonborn, notorious for his efforts in the war, went into hiding soon after and tranquility was restored for a while. However, after only seven years through his reign, the High King Ulric has fallen ill and is on his deathbed, and the hunt for a worthy successor has left Skyrim on the verge of war.

    Your characters should preferably be no-marks in this world, and there are no Dragonborn characters, thus no use of any skills which come with the Dovahkiin, e.g. the thu'um (in most cases).

    Any NPCs who did not die in the canon main story arc in ESV:Skyrim can be assumed to be still alive, albeit aged by seven years. So all children characters such as Braith are now between 16 and 21. You can also RP as an NPC from the game, provided they are still alive.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Race: (Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, Redguard)
    Occupation: (Assassin, Thief, Mage, Thalmor, Warrior, etc.)
    History/Background: (Backstory of your character)
    Appearance: (The look of your character. You can uses description or picture or both. Any of those would be fine.)
    Abilities: (The powers and abilities that belongs to your race, and any other special power or ability your character may have. You can click here if you don't know the default abilities for each race.)
    Skills: Skills found in the game such as marksman, alchemist, etc. and any additional skills you'd like to add.)
    Additional notes: (Any additional information I missed or you might want to add.)

    If there is anything you think I missed that I should add to the character sheet just let me know. You can change your character sheet at any time.

    You may only have MAXIMUM three main characters at a time. Also, any questions and you can contact me or post here to the thread. Feel free to ask me anything!

    Damien NyrKetty EbonheartFemale22Imperial/NordHelgen
    AStarvingNigerianKararq ZzerasszMale23RedguardBlizzard Rest
    caligariLoïc DruadachMale28BretonHelgen
    Lady of the RealmLachlan AlderMale20ImperialHelgen
    HillanCecreal "Cecil" HarveyMale24Reguard/ImperialHammerfell
    AravhornSi'Basha RamasheMale37KhajiitSolitude
    mahiganYlvaFemale20NordBlizzard Rest
    AStarvingNigerianJo'Dara "Haze"Male23KhajiitFort Haze
    VisenyaVivietteFemale23BretonLeaving High Rock
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  2. I'm going to go ahead and reserve myself a spot! I'll have the character sheet done within a few hours!
  3. Name: Nattog

    Nickname: N/A





    Warrior, Companion

    Nattog once lived in a small Orc Stronghold on the Northern edges of High Rock, being the second oldest child of the Chief she grew up in her brother's shadow. As a young girl she fully intended on going on to defeat her father in mortal combat and replacing him as chief, despite being told that her job in the Hold was to be married off to another Chief and produce strong children for him. Nattog furiously batted this plan away, and at the age of twelve her brother defeated their father, replacing him as Chief. Nattog, furious with this and with being told that her place would never be as chief, snuck into her brother's cabin that night and slayed him in a final one on one combat. With his dying breaths he told her that despite her actions she would never achieve what she wanted. Tired of this she went and slayed all other men with in the camp, laying their heads in the center of their Stronghold. As dawn came she stood before the remaining women, beseeching them that this was not the way of life they should have to put up with, that they deserved better than what they had been given. They had a chance to rule themselves for once and not just be a wife to some chief.

    Despite her pleas she was exiled from the Stronghold, never to return again, and for years she spent wandering Tamriel selling herself as a mercenary or joining small bandit groups, finding solace in violence.

    Personality: Brash, harsh, aggressive, confident, a show off, charitable.

    Her tall and muscular build gives way to a harsh cold face. She keeps her hair shaved on the sides, and her hair long on top, pulled back into a ponytail on the back of her head. Her nose is wide and crooked from the many breaks she's endured, one of her tusks is broken, her eyes are light blue, and across her face is a smattering of thick orange war paint that bridges across her nose and up onto her forehead.

    Berserker Rage

    Skilled in Double Handed weapons and blacksmithing.

    Additional notes:
    Nattog is hydrophobic.​
  4. I would like to join if you'll take me.
    I have a CS idea ready.
  5. Name: Kararq Zzerassz
    Nickname: None
    Age: 23
    Race: Redguard
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 150
    Occupation: Spellsword
    History/Background: Kararq hails fromStros M'kai. His mother a mage, his father a guardsman. From a very early age, Kararq was exposed to magic and had great potential. He practiced each school individually. He soon showed his prowess in destruction and healing magic. When his mother wasn't training him in magic, he practiced his swordmanship with his father. Kararq dream dreamed of being an Ansei, or sword singer like in the days of old. After his father died during a raid on a bandit camp, he travelled Tamriel with his mother, who was a mage. They traveled, and she taught him, until her death, at the teeth of a saber cat in the Pale. After that, he joined the Legion, as he had no home.
    Personality: Kararq is very cynical and jaded. He often makes lewd comments but he is a seasoned veteran. His sense of neatness and organization was instilled in him during his time in the Legion.
    Appearance: A tall lean man, Kararq has numerous scars on his arms, torso, and legs. He has a scar that stretches from his chin to his ear, the result of a knife wound. His hair is cut short and shaved on the sides. His goatee has a ring around it. Kararq has many 5 earrings in his right ear, and 2 in his left, all on the earlobe.
    Abilities: Kararq has no special abilities worth noting other than his prowess with his scimitars and his destruction magic.
    Skills: Destruction magic, Restoration magic, one handed weapon.
    Additional notes: None
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  6. Name: Raura

    Nickname: "The Silent Raven"

    Age: 19

    Race: Imperial

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 120

    Occupation: Assassin, alchemist

    History/Background: When Rura was little her she lived in a small village in Cyrodiil soon when she became the age 15 she was sent for marriage to a man in Skyrim. It was a few years before she would be able to marry but her father still felt she need to meet and live with the man. While she was preparing for Skyrim she became curious of a group known as the Dark Brotherhood. Once she arrived in Skyrim she continued to wonder about them but she hid this from her soon to be husband. As she lived with him he wasn't very nice he abused her but not in a way to ruin her face so the scars were never visible. She wanted him dead and had read a book on the black sacrament. Once she preformed the sacrament in secret soon an assassin arrived. At first she though it would be the only time she would meet them but then latter when she had began learning alchemy and how to fight she saw them again but didn't report anything. Latter when she was 17 she had accidentally taken one of their contracts clients but she did not know until after the fact but she gladly joined.

    Personality: Quiet she prefers to listen than talk. Curious. Charitable at times. Not very social but can be when she needs to.

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Blue eyes. No red strip of a war marking but instead it's white. She wars this armor when she is not on a contract mission but she wears the Dark Brotherhood Armor for contracts.

    Abilities: Imperial Luck, Voice of The Emperor

    Skills: Sneak, Light Armor, one hand, block, restoration, destruction, alchemy.

    Additional notes:
    Hopes to meet or be the listener.
    Wishes to please the night-mother in anyway for she will follow her every command.
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  7. Name:
    Loïc Druadach

    The reachman/the young eagle



    1 meter 70

    85 kilos


    Originally from the Reach, Loïc was raised as a Forsworn and pushed to the extent of his capabilities even at a young age for he was destined to become a briarheart. Everyday he was trained with sword, axe, bow and magic so he could one day help liberate the reach. In his youth, the fellow forsworn began calling him "the young eagle" partly because he was constantly training in and near sundered towers, partly because the red eagle was one of young Loïc's heroes, but mostly it was because his family claimed to be direct descendents. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but most likely not.

    Then, mere weeks before he was to become a briarheart, he returned to an old nordic ruin near Rorikstead he and other forsworn had claimed as it held a vital location for many reason; it was close enough so they could raid rorikstead from time to time and was located between bleackwind and serpents bluff creating a powerful supply vein for these strongholds. However, when he returned to their new outpost, he found his brothers and sisters in arms slaughtered and feasted upon by vampires. Enraged, Loïc charged in and slaughtered all of the vampires, their thralls and even their dogs. Once the battle was over Loïc understood what had to be done and what was more important; it was pointless to liberate the reach from Skyrim if they would all become thralls and food for the vampires the day after. So, he turned his back on the Forsworn and headed east toward Riften and joined up with the dawnguard and has been wandering Skyrim and fighting vampires ever since.

    Cold and distant, as a former member of the forsworn, he believes it to be better that way.


    Dragonskin, magic resitance, the lord stone

    One-handed, archery, light armor, destruction magic, restoration magic

    Additional notes:
    Despite having left the Forsworn life behind he still strongly believes the Reach should become free, especially now that the stormcloaks have declared Skyrim independent. If skyrim can become free of the Empire, why shouldn't the Reach become free of Skyrim?​
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  8. Well thanks for the quick responses, I accept all of your characters. I like the variety in your characters' stories and personalities already.
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  9. Btw, Thuúm can be learned by anyone, albeit it takes a very long time. Ulfric and the Greybeards know Thuúm and they aren't Dragonborn!
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  10. I also have an idea for the plot. To put it bluntly, Nords are racist. When first enter Windhelm in the game, 2 Nords are harassing a Dunmer woman. The Argonians are restricted to dock work and you NEVER see them leave their district of the city. For Pete's sake, their battlecry is 'Skyrim is for the Nords! So say there is unrest in Skyrim. Non-nords are already tired of the Stormcloak regime. Imperials and those known to have supported the Imperials are especially rebellious. So say Ulfric didn't get ill of natural causes. Say, an organization of Non-nords and Nords who favored the Imperials hired an assassin (Raura maybe?) to kill him, but he poison is not potent enough and Ulfric only falls ill. As soon as he dies, the people rise up against the Stormcloaks and the Nords. Even as they fight, the Rebels, who call themselves the Skyrim People's Army, have divisions in their ranks. Not only do some races particularly not get along, (Dunmer and Argonians because the Dunmer have a history of a slave trade kidnapping and selling Argonians) but some members prefer restoring Skyrim as an Imperial province, while others want to keep Skyrim independent, just under different rule. While all this is going on, say an Imperial Legion moves in from the south and the Thalmor also take advantage of the turmoil. This would allow for a plethora of factions and options for what to do, rather than 2 factions.
  11. Thanks AStarvingNigerian for the correction, I almost forgot that I spent so long learning the thu'um from the Greybeards and how I strenuously worked to escape Windhelm Jail as a werewolf and continuously was shouted across the room by Ulric.

    Also, ironically, I intended to include something similar in the plot. My own character, an Imperial, was going to have instigated a conspiracy to rebel against Nord rule as part of her backstory and used the illness to take advantage of the situation and attempt to place an Imperial in control of Skyrim. The only reason why I refrained from using the Legion to invade Skyrim again was to avoid having a second Imperials vs Stormcloak war, it would just be a repeat of the game's story. However, taking your idea into consideration, I guess if the various races and factions were involved too, it could throw a little extra into mix and be a refreshing story.

    Also, what would you guys say about the dragons? At the end of the main quest, following Alduin's death, we could either have the dragons being banished or leave of their own accord, or we can keep them roaming as they do remain post-main quest. It depends on how much you guys care for their existence in the rp, I have no quarrel with them being present or absent.
  12. I wouldn't mind dragons being present, though perhaps a bit more infrequent what with several years having passed since Alduin's defeat.
  13. Sure then, that's fine by me
  14. If Paarthunax is still alive many dragons are probably following him and his way of the voice. Many dragons originally refused to accept the mastery of his thu'um, as stated by Odahviing, but since it's been nine years and Paarthunax is the only worthy succesor to Alduin it would make sense to have them follow him. This was also predicted by Paathunax and supported by Odahviing after you defeat Alduin.
  15. I've no problem with dragons, though of course there would be few attacks.
  16. By the way, when can we expect the IC?
  17. Once we have one more person join the rp.
  18. I like the sound of dragons and I don't really have a preference on frequency.
  19. Still got a spot open?
  20. hi, is this still open? :]
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