INTEREST CHECK "Tales of" Roleplay?

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  1. Would anyone be up for a "Tales of" rp? I'm thinking of using the plot from VS so allll the wonderful Tales characters are involved. =D I have a summary of the storyline.

    The world of Dailantia has diminished from what it once was and only four countries remain, fighting for limited resources. The countries are the Holy Kingdom of Hazel (Kingdom of Heidr), the Knight States of Fleswelg (Knights Kingdom of Hraesvelgr), Free States Alliance of Dyne and the New Imperial Nation of Niddshogg. Mana is the key element to energy in Dailantia and, unfortunately, the World Tree only releases mana, the energy of the world, every couple of years. This dilemma would undoubtedly lead to war, but the countries have found a way around the bloodshed and created a tournament known as the Yggdrasil Battle, to decide who gets the resources. Representatives are selected to travel from land to land claiming special flags. The nation with the most flags is given the rights to the Great Seed.

    Canons and OCs would definitely be part of the game! I was thinking of apping Yuri Lowell, myself.

    Any takers? :3
  2. I love Tales of but don't think VS does too well with mixing canons and non canons. Its really expansive and less structured than a setting dedicated to a single series, plus being focused around a tournament takes away from the plot which is most of the Tales magic.
  3. Considering the game is packed with awesome routes and character interaction, I think it would work well as an RP. Adding more structure to the setting would be great, too. I am up to suggestions, though! It's always fun to plot with other Tales of fans! =D Have you played Versus?
  4. I haven't actually been graced with playing VS but I've gone on the net and watched a good chunk of the playthrough. My main worry was the tournament becoming the central part of it. Sure, there's the great routes but it is unlikely to have the full canon cast and the OCs don't have a place in a lot of those routes so it'd diverge pretty quickly on that basis alone, leaving you to sort things out after. My suggestion would be to take your pick of any of the main series which allows the OCs to get into more central plot as opposed to having a higher chance of being peripheral, following a more segmented skeleton but that's me, I suppose. I just feel that the OCs can get most involved when the plot is not as fighting centric and more goal centric.
  5. I could see that being tricky. I pondered which game (that installs all the characters) would prove most fun for a group rp. Perhaps Tales of the World would be better? It's got a very fun plot and character classes, which would be fun for OCs! =D

    And Versus is AMAZING! >w< I am soo addicted to playing it! I really suck with Colette in it though... ;__; And I can't wait to grab Tales of Heroes!
  6. I haven't gotten to watching the stuff for Tales of the World but I'd certainly join up (and avoid watching so I could have fun with the little plot twists). So I haven't a clue about the details of it but it sounds like its more directioned than Tales of VS so its all good with me.
  7. Awesome! Let's go with Tales of the World then! =D I've only played a bit of Radiant Mythology (got it for my sister's bf, so I've only played it when we hung out because I don't like spoilers myself XD). Here's a good sum of the overall story line (just from Wikipedia):

    The world of Terresia is under assault by a "devourer", which seeks to consume its mana and leave it barren. Although the residents of the planet are unaware, this is actually a result of the actions of two entities named Widdershin and Aurora, the descenders of other worlds. As a last resort, theworld's life-giving tree (the World Tree) uses the last of its power to create a defender - the player's own character. The hero, after being awakened by a strange creature named Mormo whose own world was destroyed by the same threat, learns of the danger to this world's World Tree. Upon hearing a scream, the player rushes to discover that a girl is being attacked by a soldier. After rescuing the girl, she introduces herself as Kanonno, a member of an organization named Ad Libitum. This guild seeks to help the people of the world, fighting injustice and oppression. With no better leads, the player and Mormo set out to join Ad Libitum, hoping to learn more about the location of the devourer.

    I'm thinking about dropping Mormo's character and solely basing it around the players' characters and their history and their relationship with the world. What do you think? <o:p></o:p>
  8. Taking out the guide sounds good. I imagine the guide was more so you wouldn't be alone. The world tree itself can explain the basic starter part or some of it just before it croaks and dies. How many characters would you want created by the tree? I think it'd be fun to keep that number limited and build a group along the way, typical of every other tales game, most likely Tales of the World included.
  9. Agreed about the guide! XD And, yes, limiting the number of characters created by the World Tree would add a very fun element! =D It's also hard to decide if we should play the plot of protecting our World Tree or playing with the plot line of the Devourer having already merged the worlds together and our heroes fighting to protect this new world from their evil leader.
  10. I think the former would be better since it allows for more random adventuring as opposed to outright war.
  11. Good point, lol! XD I'll start working on rewriting the basic plot line. :3
  12. It may be just my idea but maybe we should use another Tales of Story then VS
    That way you wouldn't have to rewrite much and spare yourself some work.

    My thought are circling around Vesperia, Phantasia and Eternia. ((wow they all and with "ia"))
    Oh but i am in anyway. Just let me know when the sign up is made.
  13. Yay! Glad to have another on board! =D I'm thinking of going with tales of the World because it's got a fun storyline and allows the other "Tales of" worlds to be connected. I'm thinking this should work for the plot:

    The World Tree of Terresia is under assault by something known as the “Devourer”, a ruthless entity which seeks to consume Terresia of all mana—the energy that flows through the world. The “Devourer” supposedly takes the form of a man and is accompanied by a woman called the “Conjurer” and those who pose a danger to the world of Terresia. With the last of its power, the World Tree created a line of Defenders, fated with supreme powers designed to protect the mana of Terresia and stop the “Devourer”. The Defenders are awakened by a select few “Descenders” of previous worlds swallowed up by the Devourer who come to rectify their failure in hopes of protecting another.

    The Descenders would be the canon characters from Tales of. :3 I've written up the classes from Radiant Mythology and collected info on the different races. I'll be posting the IC thread soon! =D
  14. Just to make sure: Could we still use our own characters?
  15. Definitely! =D OCs will be the Defenders. Here are the classes for OCs (as seen on Wikipedia)

    · Warrior — Starter Class. Excels in melee attacks, and can equip powerful axes as well as swords, similar to Reid Hershel.
    · Thief — Starter Class. A professional in quick attacks and stealing, like Rutee Katrea.
    · Priest — Starter Class. A healer that uses light and healing magic.
    · Mage — Starter Class. A magician that uses offensive magic to smite foes, like Genis Sage or Arche Klein.
    · Swordsman — Elite Class. Uses sword-based artes used by many other Tales characters, like Cress Albane, or Luke fon Fabre.
    · Fighter — Elite Class. Their most powerful weapon is their body. Like Senel Coolidge or Farah, they attack with their arms and legs rather than with weapons.
    · Ninja — Elite Class. Assassin who specializes in stealthy strikes. Similar to Suzu Fujibayashi.
    · Magic Knight — Elite Class. A warrior who masters physical and magical Artes. Similar to the likes of Zelos Wilder or Kratos Aurion.
    · Bishop — Elite Class. An elite magician who masters offensive and healing magic. Similar to Mint Adenade, or Raine Sage.
    · Hunter — Elite Class. Marksmen who snipe enemies with the bow. Similar to Chester Barklight.

    I'll be tweaking them some, getting rid of Starter and Elite class and making them balanced out.
  16. The magic knight is close to my main characters abilities. If you want i can pm you his data and attacks.
  17. That would be awesome! =D Have you played him in a Tales game before? Or will this be his first time?
  18. This would be his first "Tales of" styled rp.
    But his Physical attributes and attacks do fit somehow.
    His profile and his attacks were PM'ed to you. Let me know what you think.
  19. Well, let me ask this of you two first. What power levels are you two going with (beginner, novice, veteran) and who is planning to have the character created by the world tree?
  20. I was thinking beginner for any of the Defenders (one of each class from Tales of the World), and that they would all be the ones created by the World Tree. Do you think that's too many? I have no problem slimming them down. (I don't think they'll all get filled anyhow. XD That would be... wow!)

    @Lusterless Nova Awesome! I'll check him out! =D