Tales of Rebirth, a semi sandbox epic

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I must take a little time to outline the basics of my idea before going into details, so I don't waste the time of those who would not be interested:

    Basic Idea:

    Tales of Rebirth will be the stories of your characters, from the original artificially incubated fetus of a long destroyed humanity to however far this takes us. The setting will start post apocalyptic, in that it will be wild with ruins burrowed under plants and dirt/dust. All choices will be yours to make, as I will be taking the events you create into account for more events, creating hopefully an interactive and entertaining game for us all.

    Extended Idea:

    Humanity was on the verge of its last war when a prophecy of its fall was made. Few took the prophet into account, yet those who did took great care into creating an incubation chamber that would become the rebirth point of humanity a millennium from then. War came to pass, and humanity with it, as prophetised. Yet not all was lost, as deep underground a great countdown commenced, and humanity's last hope awaited the time of Rebirth.

    It had been a thousand years now, and slowly, gradually, life had taken back its place on earth. Underground, the countdown finally reached its climax, and a long forgotten species finally started its true incubation, the beeping of machines and the soft whisper of holograms alike the heartbeat of a mother as each child to be slowly learn of its history... and why the world had to reset. Humanity's folly was outlined clear as day in those quiet night, yet would history repeat itself?

    A latch unlock and light fill the great underground facility. It is time to awaken, to leave this place and leave a mark on this brand new world. Your path is yours to chose. Will you seek a new way for humanity, gather the lost technologies of old, or walk your own path? Only time will tell...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.