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  1. Welcome to the world of Morelia! This rp is heavily based on the Tales of Series, but is open to fans and newcomers alike~! Please read through everything before joining. Thank you!

    World of Morelia:
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    Humans - The most diverse of the races, humans are round-eared beings with the most potential. They can learn most trades and can use magic. However, their skills probably won't be able to surpass a different race that would specialize in that skill. Humans make up the greatest percentage on Morelia.

    Elves - Pointy-eared beings with weaker constitutions but a strong connection to Mana, this race is known to produce the strongest of magic-users. Elves are the only race capable of summoning the Summon Spirits. Elves tend to look down on humans as lesser beings and prefer to keep to themselves. Elves live for thousands of years, and grow slowly. A 100-year-old Elf would only appear to be 10 years old.

    Half-Elves - With both elf and human blood in them, Half-Elves are rejected by both. These beings have pointy ears like elves, as well as a stronger affinity for magic, but are a bit more durable than their Elven relatives. Half-Elves age slowly, but not as slowly as full-blooded Elves. A 20-year-old Half-Elf would look around 10.

    Dwarves - Short, bearded beings with excellent crafting skills, this race is filled with talented blacksmiths. Though they have little magical abilities, they still possess the ability to craft extraordinary magical items. When it comes to working with stone, metal, and wood, these are the beings to turn to. They have their own city that is open to the world for trade, making it the central trading hub. Dwarves have a code known as the Dwarven Vows. This list of sayings are memorized by every Dwarf, whether they like it or not. Dwarven women are actually bearded as well, but some choose to shave. Dwarves are the second most common race.

    Amarcians - A technologically advanced race, Amarcians are whizzes at anything mechanical. Their use of Mana and machine has helped them build a futurist enclave that can only be reached through a teleporter. This race looks identical to humans and can only be identified by their hair with the top being white and the ends transitioning into shades of green or red. Amarcians have been commissioned at times to help produce more advanced weaponry. Due to their extremely recessive genes, Amarcians are few and far between.

    *Note: While a human and elf produce a Half Elf, the same does not apply for Amarcians or Dwarves. When it comes to Dwarves and Amarcians having a child with either a human or each other, the child will be the dominant race. (Least dominant < dominant = Amarcian < Human < Dwarf) [sidenote, a Human or Dwarf with an Amarcian parent WILL NOT have multi-colored hair. Only full-blooded Amarcians do]

    *Additional Note: When does human/elven blood dilute? The best way I can answer that is this: When an Elf and a Human have a child, it is Half Elf. If that child marries a Human, they will still have a Half Elf. If that one marries a Human, they too will produce a Half Elf. If that last child has a baby with a Human, the baby will now be considered Human. In more technical terms, the least amount of Elven blood can only be to 1/8th. Once it becomes 1/16th Elven, the child will be Human. This can also work the other way if the Half Elves can continue to nab Elven lovers. If that explanation was as horrible as I think it was, feel free to ask and I'll try to explain it better.

    Continents and their Cities:
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    Morelia World Map
    Continent of Leio = Leio is not only the largest continent, but also the most diverse of the three with its snowy terrain, large mountain range, expansive plains, lush forests, and sandy beaches. The capitol of Leio is the Dwarven city of Gerdren.

    Akzeriuth - Nestled in the mountains, Akzeriuth is a natural mining city. It is crater-like and has natural walls surrounding it. Akzeriuth descends into the earth, and contains numerous mine shafts for excavation purposes. The living residences are built into the wall itself. The minerals surrounding the area of Akzeriuth are highly valued, raw materials needed to make various weapons and armor. Gerdren takes advantage of this and has a direct trade link with the city. Akzeriuth is filled mainly with humans and dwarves, though an Amarcian or two may be found there developing mining equipment.

    Altamira - Altamira, the Seaside Paradise, is a seaside resort popular for the Lezareno Company's headquarters, large beach, shopping center, casino, and theme park. Its mascot is the Klonoa, and attendants in the casino work in bunny lingerie. The Lezareno Company works closely with the Amarcians to create machinery for Akzeriuth, as well as other cities around Morelia.

    Capua Nor - Capua Nor is a port city on the western side of Leio. Though not as lively as Gerdren or even Altamira, Capua Nor has its fair share of ships coming and going. Capua Nor is commonly linking with its sister city, Capua Torim, on the continent of Pell. The easiest passage to be found is between these two ports. Capua Nor's main commodity is fish.

    Gerdren - The capitol of Leio, Gerdren is a massive Dwarven city. It is the main city for all trade in Morelia and if there is anything one wishes to buy, chances are it's in Gerdren. Gerdren is filled with subdivisions surrounding the core part of the city where the trade commences.

    -The Plains Division where farmers grow their crops and raise animals. This division is commonly filled with Humans and Half-Elves.

    -The Forest Division is filled with hunters and lumberjacks, as well as craftsmen who use those resources to create accessories and weapons. This division is filled mainly with Humans and Dwarves.

    -The Mountain Division is a small mining community, and though it may not be as large as Akzeriuth, it still is a large contributor of gems and common materials. Some craftsmen also live in this division. The main bulk of this community consists of Dwarves.

    -The Trade Division is the central hub of Gerdren and the largest division. Traders from all over Morelia gather here to sell their wares This part of the city is surrounded by a large wall to keep monsters out. Within this part of the city is also building devoted to the collection of information, for that also can be sold. To the back of this division lives the ruler of Leio, the King of the Dwarves.
    Kanbalar - On the far reaches of northern Leio is Kanbalar. This frozen city is the most isolated one in Leio, and the residents wouldn't have it any other way. Preferring more solitary lives, the people of Kanbalar are hardy folk who believe in survival of the strongest. They live off from fish and tundra animals, and don't much care for material things. That isn't to say they don't appreciate the hard work and beauty that is put into these things, and this shows at their annual ice sculpture festival.

    Continent of Pell
    Pell is the second largest continent and is home to the Ymir Forest, which spans most of the land mass. The Elven city of Hahlniel is the capitol.

    Amarcian Enclave - Hidden in the southern part of Pell is a teleporter which leads to the Amarcian Enclave. The enclave itself is a technological wonder, being a giant dome underneath the frozen wasteland. Using their Mana machines, the Amarcians have created a giant light source that also radiates heat. All the buildings are infused with Mana, and aside from more knowledge, the Amarcians want for nothing. Many Amarcians have leave the comfort of their homes to research Morelia and better their technology. Whenever they return home, it is customary to bring something with them to better the enclave, whether it's another food source, a blueprint for a new machine, or a new book to add to their vast library. It is a rule that no Amarcian share the location of their enclave with anyone.

    Capua Torim - A port on the northern side of Pell, Capua Torim is a fishing community like its sister port. Unsurprisingly, Capua Torim has many Half-Elves due to its close proximity to the Elven city of Hahlniel.

    Fennmont - Situated on the very tip of northeastern Pell, Fennmont is best known for the Talim Medical School, the Laforte Research Center, and its unique climate. It is always night in Fennmont, and thus the city is always lit. Fennmont developed a magic specifically made to use small trees as street lamps. Oddly, only the city of Fennmont has methods of combining Mana and nature. The Laforte Research Center is devoted to developing more ways to use Mana-infused nature, ranging from natural comforts to weaponry. The Talim Medical School is an institute where any race can learn to enhance their healing magic through study. A clinic is connected to the school where the students intern to become full doctors and nurses. This clinic is said to be the best in all of Morelia. Fennmont also has its own port known as Fennmont Seahaven which is directly connected to the city.

    Hahlniel - Within the center of the Ymir Forest is the Pell capitol of Hahlniel. This Elven city is home to the Lord of the Elves and houses the most number of Elves in Morelia. Hahlniel was built in a clearing within the forest and is completely surrounded by a wall of trees except for a small opening in the southern part of the city. In the northern part of the city is where the Lord resides, along with the more prominent Elven families. On the outskirts of the city near the entrance lies a tiny hamlet. This hamlet is where Elves who have chosen non-Elven lovers are placed, along with their families. Elves who live here are stripped of any influence they may have had and looked down upon by most of the city dwellers. Though socially outcast, the residents live in relative comfort.

    Pure Elf Colony - Long ago Hahlniel isolated itself from the other races, refusing to allow entrance to anyone who wasn't an Elf. However, as time went by, the Elves became more lenient of their neighbors, and started allowing entry into the city. A faction of the Elves despised this new leniency and hence broke off from Hahlniel. The Elves moved closer to the mountains where they found a large waterfall and created their colony here. The town builds its homes in wood with rooms of thatch on elevated shafts of wood. Numerous rivers cut through, requiring the presence of bridges. It is a peaceful place where its inhabitants live a quiet life. Other races are strictly forbidden to enter unless they acquire a seal from the Lord of Elves.
    Continent of Arl = Arl is the smallest of the continents and the only one to possess a desert. The capitol is the Human city of Calmeer. Due to how separated the cities are from each other, there is no set ruler of Arl.

    Aurnion - Aurnion lies within a valley nestled next to the mountains. It is known best for its vast orchards where a large variety of fruits can be grown. The inhabitants are free-spirited and open, welcoming any and all who take the time to travel to their humble town. Despite their openness, the town gets few visitors other than the occasional traveling merchant. There is no true authority figure in Aurnion, however it is commonly the town elder that is turned to in a crisis.

    Calmeer - The Human city of Calmeer is the capitol of Arl. Though open to all races, there is an air of Human supremacy, though rarely is there full-blown discrimination. Though there is a class system, the lower class is by no means poor, nor is the upper class exceedingly rich. Calmeer has strong ties to the Lezareno Company. The leader of the city is a nobleman known as the Arl of Calmeer. There is also a Council filled with the most influential nobles of Calmeer.

    Oul Raye - Oul Raye is the main port of Arl. Anyone who wants to get to Yu Liberte would be smart to take a boat to Oul Raye and follow the trail connecting it to the desert city. Oul Raye does quite well by supplying travelers with the supplies needed for a trek through the desert. Alternatively there is a special transport crafted by the Amarcians that can carry travelers to Yu Liberte. However, the vehicle only makes the journey once every three months and costs a large amount of gald.

    Yu Liberte - The desert city of Yu Liberte is a rundown place. It was said that once water flowed plentiful in the city. Supposedly there were fountains of water that arched over walkways like rainbows. However, nowadays all that remains is the oasis in the government district. Luckily it has not dried out, but water is limited. While other cities worry more about the monster attacks, Yu Liberte instead worries about their water crisis and measures are being taken to try and fix the problem. Yu Liberte has a democracy where they vote for the leader with the title of President.
    Isles of Mir = The Isles of Mir are the most unique land masses of Morelia. They consist of three islands that are connected by a small strip of land. This strip is only passable during a specific time of the year, the rest of the time it is below the water. The small island in the center is a rainforest wrought with danger, so it is unadvised to travel that way. The Half-Elf city of Fasimiel located on the largest of the islands is the capitol.

    Fasimiel - The capitol of the Isles of Mir, Fasimiel, was created long ago as a haven for Half-Elves. Though other races are allowed to visit Fasimiel and trade, none may take up residence unless they are the parents of a Half-Elf child. Fasimiel suffers from reverse discrimination. Since Elves and Humans looked down upon the Half-Elves in cities like Hahlniel and Calmeer, the Half-Elves of Fasimiel look down upon any Humans or Elves that find their way into the city. Only the parents of Half-Elves are spared from the borderline cruel treatment that many Humans and Elves run into in Fasimiel. The ruler of Fasimiel is the Matriarch.

    Meltokio - Meltokio, situated on the western side of the Fooji Mountains, is split into four districts. The Slums are filled with dirt poor humans, with a few unlucky Half-Elves mingled in. The houses are made of clay and the streets aren't paved. The middle class is filled with merchants and researchers who live at ground level in the Commoner's Quarters. Shops and the central square are in the Middle District. The nobles who live in the Upper District in the highest part of town can get away with doing little to nothing and yet still possess large quantities of gald. Meltokio has four places of note.

    -The Coliseum located in the Middle District is where warriors fight for the amusement of commoners and nobles alike. A prison is connected directly to the coliseum, and sometimes the prisoners are sent to fight the warriors and can have their sentences lessened if they win. Some nobles actually train fighters in hopes of betting on them and winning big. Warriors who can prove their mettle win large sums of gald and sometimes unique weapons, along with recognition. There are two tournaments types held, solo battles and group battles.

    -The Elemental Research Centre is located in the Commoner's Quarters close to the Slums. This facility researches the summon spirits of Morelia as well as the monsters plaguing the world. Most of the researchers are Half-Elves, though it is rumored that the lead Human scientists tend to take credit for the discoveries made by their Half-Elf subordinates.

    -The Martel Cathedral can be found in the Upper District of Meltokio. The worship of the Goddess Martel is only practiced in this city. Many historians question why only Meltokio possesses this unique religion, but no answers can be found. The Pope is supposedly the messenger of the Goddess and has been trying to spread her word to the other cities to no avail.

    -Situated in the noble quarter of the city is the royal palace where the supposed King of Mir resides. The King of Mir and the Matriarch of Fasimiel have been in a longstanding feud over who the rightful ruler of the Isles of Mir is.
    Mizuho - Hidden on the northwest island of Mir is the village of Mizuho. This village trains ninja, people known for their secrecy and acrobatic feats. No outsiders know of the location of Mizuho due to the maze-like Gaoracchia Forest that surrounds it, not to mention It is forbidden to bring strangers into the village. Mizuho has agents they send out to perform tasks, commonly for the city of Meltokio. Though there are rumors that they have been used for assassinations, the ninja of Mizuho are more commonly used as messengers. No one keeps a secret better than a ninja. It is important to note that everyone in Mizuho has two names. One name is their alias that they use with everyone except family. The other name is their birth name and is only known to family members. When residents of Mizuho marry, they will usually share their birth name with their significant other as a sign of trust.
    *World Tree Island = This island is situated far from all the rest of the world, for good reason. The World Tree, which supplies the world of Morelia with Mana, resides on this land. The tree takes up most of the island, its roots jutting out of the ground in most places, making settling there impossible. On top of the lack of inhabitable land, the climates are sporadic and impossible to read. One day it's below freezing, the next it's a stifling humid day. Few creatures can adapt to such an environment, and those that have are forces to be reckoned with.

    *Note: No one can come from World Tree Island. Also, no one before the start of the rp could have traveled there.

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    The currency is tiny gold coins referred to as Gald. Gald is both the singular and plural form of the word.

    Summon Spirits:
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    The Summon Spirits are entities completely comprised of Mana. It is said only one with a strong affinity for magic can summon them. However, this is mere speculation, for no one has been able to make a pact with them as of yet. The known Summon Spirits are listed below:
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    Efreet - Summon Spirit of Fire

    Undine - Summon Spirit of Water

    Sylph - Summon Spirit of Wind

    Luna & Aska - Summon Spirits of Light

    Celsius - Summon Spirit of Ice

    Volt - Summon Spirit of Lightning

    Gnome - Summon Spirit of Earth

    Shadow - Summon Spirit of Darkness

    It is believed that there are others out there, but they are surely the strongest of their kind and are hypothesized to only appear to those who are worthy.

    Creatures of Morelia:
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    Animals - Animals are the common critters you'd find on Earth (boars, squirrels, etc.) Most are much more docile than monsters and some are domesticated. Though generally animals have little intelligence, there can be some that are on a Human level of intelligence and some that can even use Mana.
    Mythical Creatures - Mythical creatures are evolved animals. All of them have at least a Human level of intelligence (if not higher) and all of them can control Mana. However, mythical creatures are few and far between. Some mythical creatures are open and friendly to the other beings of Morelia, while others prefer a solitary life.

    Monsters - Monsters come from the comet that is now orbiting Morelia. They are dangerous and vicious creatures that are generally hostile to everything that is not a monster. (they also fight amongst themselves at times too) Some monsters may look like animals, but there is usually something about them that makes it obvious that they aren't.
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  2. Battle System:

    In General:
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    The battle system will be based off from Tales of Graces. Everyone can have two fighting styles that they can switch between. The following are the three types of basic styles you can choose from:

    1) One weapon with two 'modes' = An example would be having one sword with a sheathed mode and an unsheathed mode (like Asbel from Tales of Graces)

    2) Two weapons with their own styles = An example would be dualblades that can turn into guns [don't ask me how] (like Hubert from Tales of Graces)

    3) One weapon and magic = An example would be throwing daggers and being able to cast spells (like Cheria from Tales of Graces)​

    You must pick one style and stick with it. If you are unsure which fighting style your weapon falls into, feel free to ask!

    Show Spoiler
    The Tales of Series is known for having both common and fantastical weapons, so go wild! However, I ask that people try to avoid having carbon copies. (as long as your style is different enough though, the same weapons are okay) Weapons cannot have an element associated with them. Also, the GMs might have to nerf your weapon, so please be understanding.

    *Note: In this world, guns don't use bullets, but instead use mana blasts. If I need to explain this more, please ask!

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    Artes and spells must be assigned a low, mid, or high rank. Low ranked artes/spells can be used multiple times in one *round, while only one high rank skill can be used within the same amount of time. You can either use pre-made artes/spells from the Tales of Series, or you can make up your own. It is also acceptable to edit existing artes/spells to work with your fighting style. [Ex: Turning "Sword Rain" into "Spear Rain"]

    Artes - Artes are special weapon attacks. Artes can simply be physical, or can have an element associated with them. Though more powerful than just using your weapon, they can sometimes leave one open for a counter attack if not careful. {if anyone would like example artes for a weapon/fighting style, I'll see if I can find a suitable example or three} It is a rule that artes must be yelled out when executing or a phrase that goes along with that arte (because we love our unnecessary shouting in battle)

    Spells - Spells are magical attacks powered by Mana. Mana doesn't run out, so it is the caster's own willpower and inherent skills that determine how many spells they can use and how powerful they are. Spells take time to charge, needing a chant to use them. During that time, said person cannot move without interrupting the spell. The higher rank the spell, the longer the person must concentrate. {if anyone would like example spells, maybe for a specific element, I'll see if I can find some suitable examples} It is a rule that the chants must be said aloud, and the name of the spell must be uttered upon using it (because we're dramatic like that)​

    *Round = A "round" in this rp will basically be a single post from everyone.
    Arte/Spell Usage Limits:

    Low rank = Max of 3 or 4 per post

    Mid rank = Max of 2 per post

    High rank = Max of 1 per post

    Low and Mid ranks can be combined like so = Max of 1 Mid rank and 1 or 2 Low rank.

    To begin with, everyone can start with 2 special attacks for each 'mode', meaning 4 artes for non-magic-users while magic-users will have two artes and 2 spells.

    Guard/Magic Guard and Evading:
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    These are inherent abilities that everyone will start with.

    Guard - Using a weapon or shield, a person protects himself/herself against physical attacks. Guard will not null all damage unless there are very special circumstances.

    Magic Guard - Encasing himself/herself in a small mana barrier, a person will protect himself/herself against magic and bullets. Magic Guard will not null all damage unless there are very special circumstances.

    Evading - You must state exactly where your character is dodging to (direction-wise). The plan is to have some (if not all) enemies have a side-swipe attack, a short distance frontal attack, a long distance frontal attack, and a back attack. I will use magical GM rolling to see how the monster will attack to determine whether you evade it or not. If the attack misses, you take no damage. If the attack hits, however, you will take all the damage. (if you say you jumped sideways, I will assume it was either left or right and a side-swipe attack WILL hit you)

    *Note: These abilities listed above WILL NOT count towards your artes/spells limit.​

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    Morelia is made up of eight elements total. The relations to them are as follows:

    Light <---> Darkness
    Fire <---> Ice

    Water <---> Lightning

    Wind <---> Earth

    In other words, they are effective against each other. If an elemental attack hits an enemy of the same element, the damage will be half.

    There are also two other "elements" known as 'Physical' and 'Non-elemental'.

    Physical = This means regardless of what element your weapon is imbued with, the arte will do normal, physical damage.

    Non-elemental = For artes, this means that normally the arte will do physical damage. However, if your weapon is imbued with an element through a different arte/spell, then the non-elemental arte will be the element your weapon is imbued with. For spells, it's just labeling spells that don't necessarily have an element. Status buffs/debuffs are commonly non-elemental.

    Elemental Limits:
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    There will be limits set on the possible elements a person can use.

    1) Non-magic-users can have a max of 3 elements associated with their artes.

    2) Common magic-users can have a max of 6 elements associated with their artes/spells.

    3) The summoner can use all 8 elements.​

    Though magic-users/summoners can use more elements, artes/spells will be limited. Because of this, they will certainly have weaker elements. [if this doesn't make sense, please ask me and I'll try to explain better]

    Accel Mode:
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    After a certain plot point, everyone will have access to an ability called Accel Mode. Accel Mode can only be activated once per battle, and I will be secretly rolling to determine whether people can enter it or not. When you are given the okay, you can either activate it then, later in battle, or wait until the next battle. However if you save it for the next battle, you can still only enter the mode once in that battle. After Accel Mode is used, I will not begin rolling to see if you can use it again until the next battle. (I may automatically give everyone/some people Accel Mode for plot reasons).

    Accel Mode for the Summoner - The summoner's Accel Mode is the ability to summon the Summon Spirits to help in battle. It will take a round to recite the entire chant, but you cannot be interrupted. Different summons will have different affects, most (if not all) will have two (either being an attack and buff, attack and heal, or buff and heal). The Summon Spirit will be there for the entire 2nd round, then disappear at the end of it. The summoner must recuperate the 3rd round. The first summon received through plot will already have its ability planned, but all the others can be collaborated on if you would like to have a say in your Summon Spirits abilities. (or I can just make them up)

    Accel Mode for everyone else - For every other character, Accel Mode will last 1 round (possibly two later in the rp). It can be a buff to your character, a change to your fighting style (which may include new artes/spells), or a giant attack (that either does medium damage to all enemies or large damage to a single enemy). However, you can only pick one! Be creative and have fun!

    *How Accel Modes are Fair: Though the summoner has a multitude of summons which are going to be pretty powerful (minus the plot summon), there is balance. The Summon Spirits must be found and a pact must be made. It's possible that the summoner won't find all the spirits or that he/she can't convince it to make a pact. Not to mention the 2 rounds of semi-idling about. Non-summoners will have only one ability, but said ability will grow stronger with their character.​

    Buffs and Debuffs:
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    During battles, there will be a possibility of being afflicted with or afflicting enemies with status ailments. They are common debuffs, such as lower attack/magic power, lower defense/magical defense, and lower speed. Buffs will raise the previously mentioned parameters.

    Battle Items:
    Show Spoiler
    Everyone will start with 3 Apple Gels and 1 Life Bottle.More items can either be bought in towns or dropped by enemies. The items are as follows:

    Apple Gel - Heals 30% of max HP to one ally.

    Lemon Gel - Heals 60% of max HP to one ally.

    Life Bottle - Revives one knocked-out ally with 30% of max HP healed.

    Panacea Bottle - Cures all status ailments for one ally

    *Note: Though the items give percentages for healing, they are more to give you an idea of how much they heal.​

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  3. Synopsis:

    The World As It Stands:
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    The world of Morelia was once home to many differing forms of life. They coexisted, sometimes resolving their differences through negotiation and sometimes through conflict. However, the appearance of a comet in the night sky threw the order of the world into chaos. Powerful creatures fell from the comet and began to wreak havoc upon the land. If not for the barrier encompassing the world, generated by the World Tree, Morelia would have been overtaken long ago. The threat of this new enemy forced the different races to form an uneasy alliance. The leaders from each continent fight a tenuous battle against the monsters, hoping to stall their advance until a method for effectively combating the creatures is developed.

    Chapter 1: A Party is Born
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    Our story begins near the port of Capua Nor. A group of researchers from Meltokio are making their way to the Dwarven capital of Gerdren with their latest monster research. Little do they know, there will be...complications.
  4. Character Cast:
    Show Spoiler
    Character names below the pictures link to their respective character sheets.
    Click pictures to get the direct link for the icon. (for optional use in the rp)


    Alena Wilder

    Liam van Alkema
    Kyren Irving

    Incubus Prince

    Ealazhar Ryouga

    Quinton Velheim

    R-9 Pilot
    Kanade Kondou



    Darude Marstin & Chumi

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  5. Character Creation Rules:
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    One character per person! I want us to focus on developing one character and interacting with each other. Also, if a person decides to drop for whatever reason, it's easier to write out one character than multiple.

    Canon characters cannot be played in this rp. However, you can make pretend descendents. What do I mean by this? You can create a character that looks like a child of an existing character(s), even give them the same last name. However, please do not mention any events that your ancestor/parent might have done involving the plot of their game. In fact, try to avoid talking about the characters too much in your history section. Try to be more subtle. And please keep in mind that differing Head-canon is okay because the plot allows it! (hooray for making weird multi-verse plots that break time and space!)

    More clarity for those wanting to use pretend descendants in the spoiler below (those not making one can skip this spoiler):
    Show Spoiler
    Basically, though canon characters can in a sense exist in the world of Morelia, we will never meet them in-game. They will only ever be mentioned in a person's history. Example: My character will be the pretend child of two characters from the Tales of series, however they are only ever referred to as parent(s)/mother/father (never by their actual names). There should never be mention of their game roles at all, they are just merely playing the role of parent. That way, people who are fans of the game can have their "child OC" and those who haven't played the games won't get confused by people throwing out weird plot stuff that might mess with the actual rp's plot.

    In other words, there should only be clues of a canon character (mentioning a parent's hair color, having the same last name, maybe commenting on the parent's personality). The plan is for OC Children of Canon Characters to be subtle and only recognizable by other fans.

    Due to plot reasons, there can only exist one summoner (and said summoner must be a full-blooded elf). I am sorry, but it will most likely be first come, first serve. [Our summoner is taken, sorry]

    No multi-color hair unless you are Amarcian, and make sure to follow the rules on that please.

    People in the fandom, feel free to comment if you feel something is odd (a race is being used improperly, etc). I am by no means an expert on all things Tales of, and it's possible we will have rpers who aren't familiar with the fandom. However please be respectful with your comments and understand that there might be slight editing of such things in order to work with plot.

    People not in the fandom, please understand that those of us in the fandom might be a bit picky. This is nothing against you. We just don't like seeing things changing in a way we don't think fits. We will do our best to be respectful and work with you to make everything work out.

    I have created a color coding system for the elements, so it would be suuuuuper helpful if you guys could use it, at least for you character sheets please! (I will be using it ICly as well for battle clarity) It goes as thusly:

    Fire - red
    Water - medium blue
    Earth - brown
    Wind - green
    Ice - baby blue
    Lightning - purple
    Light - light yellow
    Dark - dark grey
    Physical - light grey
    Non-elemental - white
    Healing - pink

    Please give a general description of your artes/spells. They can be one sentence or a paragraph, I just want to know what your arte/spell does (and so others know what your arte/spell does)

    Character Sheet Skeleton:
    Show Spoiler
    General Information:
    Name: (generally first and last, however last names aren't required)

    Race: (obvious)

    Actual Age: (how old is your character?)

    Apparent Age (if applicable): (how old does your character look?)

    Appearance: (Pictures and/or words, however Height, Eye color, and Hair color MUST be in words)

    Personality: (This one is important. The more you can share about your character, the better!)

    City of Birth: (obvious)

    History: (Doesn't have to be too in-depth, and you can keep some of it hidden if you wish, but the more the better)

    Likes/Dislikes: (obvious, explanations for/of likes and dislikes are encouraged)

    Fear/Paranoia: (Everyone has something, whether it's physical or mental)

    Battle Information:
    Fighting Style: (review the battle section for "rules")

    Weapon(s): (review the battle section for "rules")

    Elements: (review battle section for how many you are allowed)

    Artes/Spells: (review battle section for how many, please specify element of arte/spell)

    Accel Mode: (review battle section for "rules")
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  6. OOC and IC Rules/Suggestions:

    Show Spoiler

    - I'm not a stickler for tense (though I prefer past), but I am particular about the point of view. Please only use third-person. First-person makes it sound like your character is the main character, and there isn't a main character in this rp.

    - No one-liners if possible. Liam and I will do our best to give you a ton to respond to, so respond with as much as you can! Battles will probably be where the shorter posts may pop up, which is understandable. Just do your best!

    - Inside jokes, winks to the fourth wall, fan references, etc are encouraged, but please don't go overboard.

    - Please stay as true to your character as possible. People aren't just one trait, but we do have certain traits that will generally define who we are. If your character goes against one of their main traits, give us a reason for it.

    - No OOC comments in the IC. Period.

    - As GMs, Liam and I may have to slightly God-mod to get people where we need them so we can continue with the story. We will try our best to keep it short and general so you guys can give your actual responses in your posts.

    - There is no set deadline for posts, but I'd like to shoot for once a week (at least). Please let us know if there is any reason why you can't post for an extended period of time (writer's block, vacation, busy with life, etc). If you can't post when we are close to moving the plot or during battle, please understand that Liam and I may slightly Godmod to keep things rolling.

    - No one take offense in the IC because we are supposed to be playing our characters.

    - Like most rps, romance is allowed, but no baby-making. Eeeeeeeew.
    Show Spoiler

    - I understand life can get in the way, which is why I will allow people to go inactive and return. HOWEVER! Three strikes and you're out. I will not give people strikes if they PM me and Liam with reason why they are gone and ask to be dragged along in the party until they return.

    - Have fun! (this is a light-hearted adventure after all)

    Show Spoiler

    · Be respectful. Think carefully about a comment before you make it.

    · I am perfectly fine with debates, I love me a good debate, but try not to fight.

    · We are by no means perfect. Liam and I want to hear if we're not doing something right! It helps us grow as GMs. If you are frustrated about something, PM us! We want to know if our dear players are having issues with something. Inversely, feel free to let us know if we are doing something right! It boosts our confidence and ensures that we keep doing what we do.

    · If you have an rp related question/comment/etc. the easiest way to ensure people read it is to color it yellow (like this text is).

    · I don't require people to be active on the OOC, but please read all yellow posts (especially mine and Liam's) because those will be related to the rp.

    · Just for fun, let's see how many people got through all of this! Put "Two swords are better than one" at the bottom of your CS.
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  7. General Information:

    Name: Alena Wilder

    Race: Human

    Actual Age: 23

    Alena stands at 5'5" and weighs 120 lbs. She got her lavender hair from her mother, though it's a lot lighter than her mother's, and got her grayish blue eyes from her father. Alena's breast size is average, small enough to not be a hindrance but big enough so as not to be mistaken for non-existent. It is rare to see Alena out of her uniform, but if she is it's probably for a social gathering. Alena usually doesn't wear the green cape attached to her breastplate unless she is sent on an assignment outside of Meltokio.

    Alena is generally laid-back, much like her father. However, when someone hits just the right note, Alena's temper is fierce like her mother's. Having grown up as a noblewoman, Alena has a love for material things, yet hates to throw anything away. Also due to her upbringing, Alena is quite social and can easily strike up a conversation with anyone about almost anything. That isn't to say she likes everyone, she just knows how to talk to people. Alena isn't afraid to use her title to get what she wants, though she really can only use it in Meltokio.

    During work, Alena acts differently. She tends to be serious and tries to remain emotionally unattached to things, just like she was taught by her superiors. However, Alena finds this difficult and has been struggling to understand the concepts of professionalism and honor. What do they truly mean? Are there times when they should be ignored or followed closely? These questions, along with others, have been floating around in her head during her latest assignments.

    City of Birth: Meltokio

    Alena was born into a noble family of Meltokio. Though her mother wasn't around much, apparently due to work, Alena didn't mind since her father made up for it. She was pampered and loved, and she enjoyed every minute of it. The most frustrating part of her childhood was a Half-Elf boy who constantly stole her things. Alena was raised like most noble girls were, being taught etiquette as well as studying about Meltokio and the rest of the world. At the age of fourteen, Alena finished all her studies and had little else to do.

    It was then that Alena decided to enter the military, if only to drive away her recent boredom. Her father was surprisingly supportive and invested money to help her. Alena was given a personal trainer, though she always preferred to learn and train with her father, and by the age of sixteen she was ready to officially begin her life as a soldier. Though Alena's skills were average, she used her title and the money that came with it to move up in the ranks faster than most. As of now, Alena is Captain of the Guard, a title given more for her social skills than for her fighting abilities.

    -Gifts = Alena is very materialistic and loves receiving gifts. A skill somehow attained from her father, Alena can simply talk to a guy and chances are he will give her a gift. However, she didn't receive all her father's charm, because it doesn't work on every guy.

    -The Way She Looks = Due to her father's constant praise, Alena is a bit of a closet narcissist. She's not vocal about her belief that she's good-looking, but she often thinks it.

    -Parties = Alena enjoys attending parties because they take her mind off work. She also loves dressing up, but feels she needs a reason to do it now that she's a soldier.
    Martel = Surprisingly, Alena is a devoted member of the Church of Martel.​

    -Thieves = Being materialistic, Alena hates getting her things stolen.

    -Trap Doors = Alena has an uncanny ability, somehow passed down from her mother, to trigger trap doors. This started at a young age when Alena fell into the Meltokio Sewer when she stepped on a manhole cover.

    -Cold Weather = Alena despises the cold and is far less productive when she is cold.

    -Secrets = Alena hates having information kept from her and hates withholding information from others. Don't trust Alena to keep a secret, because chances are she'll spill it if anyone asks her about it.​

    Fear = Alena fears that she will one day have to choose between fulfilling her duties as a soldier and protecting her family/friends.

    Paranoia = Due to her childhood "friend", Alena is constantly paranoid that people will try to steal her things, especially Elves and Half-Elves.​

    Battle Information:

    Fighting Style: Two weapons with two modes

    Weapon(s): Alena's main weapon is a spear, but she also took up archery as a child. Upon becoming the Captain of the Guard, her father had a special weapon created by an Amarcian. Alena now has a weapon she labels a halbowd, a spear that can shift into a bow and vice versa. The spear form is self-explanatory, she stabs things with the pointy end of the stick. In bow form, Alena channels mana into the weapon and can shoot energy arrows. Alena specifically calls her weapon Astrosigil.

    Elements: Wind, Fire, and Lightning

    Spear mode

    Demon Fang = Physical (Low): After making a slashing motion with a weapon, a blue energy shockwave is sent along the ground towards an enemy.

    Sonic Thrust = Non-elemental (Low): A piercing stab with a weapon that pushes an enemy away from the user.​
    Bow mode

    Piercing Line = Wind (Low): An arrow is pushed by wind, making it possible to pierce two enemies in a row.

    Love Shot = Non-elemental (Low): An energy arrow is shot to the sky and rains healing magic onto one target. (the priority of this arte is based on Alena's like/dislike for the people in the party)

    Accel Mode:
    "I will fulfill my duty!"

    All doubt is erased from Alena's mind as her body surges with energy. For one round, all of Alena's attacks do twice the amount of damage they would normally do.
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  8. General Information:

    Name: Quinton "Quinn" Velheim

    Race: Half-Elf

    Actual Age: 50 (25 in Human Years)


    Quinn stands roughly at 5'8" and weighs 172 lbs, possessing a thin, yet well built and defined muscular frame. His long black hair is kept in a rather unruly ponytail that hangs down to the middle of his back and his bangs hang low on either side of his face down to his chest, while the hair in the middle keeps his soft, amber eyes well hidden along with his long, tapered ears; however, this only serves to bring out the softer features of his cheeks and jawline, giving him an overall warm and friendly appearance. When not being hidden by his usual tan traveling cloak, he can be seen wearing a white, baggy overshirt with long sleeves, accompanied by soft blue cloth pants and wooden sandals to boot; all things marking him as a monk in the Church of Martel.

    For being a Half-Elf, Quinn is a far cry from his usual sullen or aloof brethren, possessing a lackadaisical demeanor that would almost borderline on outright borderlines on content laziness if it wasn't for his impeccable work ethic and belief in not only enjoying life to the fullest, but also in putting as much into it as one expects to get back. However, this isn't to say that he doesn't occasionally slip over that line and spend a day or two imbibing more than perhaps he should, but to him its all in good fun. When you're destined to live twice as long as any human, you have to look for the joy in all aspects of life, lest you become bitter and resentful. Quinn is also a notoriously curious individual and enjoys learning about new things with an excess amount of enthusiasm, especially when it comes to things such as mythology or lore.

    Quick with a laugh, honest to a fault, and completely unafraid to be candid with those he's around, its always a safe bet not to ask Quinn a question you don't want a truthful answer to unless you're not of the easily offended disposition. In battle, he tends to slip into a more focused state of being in contrast to his usual laid back attitude and even if he hides it behind his jests and japes amidst the flow of a fight, his almost cold and calculated scrutiny of an opponent is enough to make even the most hardened of fighters feel mildly uncomfortable. Unavoidably sometimes, he worries deeply on how his aging will affect him; the thought of outliving friends and potentially loosing his zest for life, while for now motivates him to live every day to the fullest, often leaves him with serious doubts about his future.

    City of Birth: Hahlniel

    Life can be difficult when you're born into a world where it feels like no one wants you, and to say life was any different for young Quinton Velheim would be a lie. Shunned by elves and rejected by humans, the only companionship Quinn found as a child was from his parents and the few children that grew up in the village of Hahlneil along with him. It wasn't easy by any means, but thanks to the efforts of his mother and father to make him feel loved, as well as the odd sense of cultural pride he managed to gain from the tight-knit community in which he was raised, Quinn grew to be a rather happy, if not just a tad lazy individual with a keen sense of wonder for the world he lived in...especially its history.

    Stories of the Goddess Martel kept the young half-elf enraptured many a night in his youth, so it wasn't any surprise that when he came of age that he set out with the support of his parents to join the Church of Martel. In a twist even more stunning to him, he found that despite the stigma that followed most half-elves, he was welcomed into the church with open arms. Here he was accepted for who he was rather than what he'd been born as, and out of gratitude he threw himself into the faith with gusto, serving the church with whatever it was they needed. As his time with the church drew on, he used its vast resources not only to sate his desire to learn more about the history and lore of Morelia, but also to hone his own natural talents with magic.

    In the beginning, he focused solely on honing his magical abilities, but quickly found that while magic had a great deal of power, it left him woefully open to close quarters combat. Seeking to remedy the situation, Quinn began to look into the most effective method of handling enemies close to him and settled on good old fashioned hand to hand combat. His ultimate answer was to work a seamless transition between his magic and his unarmed skills, focusing on high maneuverability and evasion to throw the enemy off balance before blowing them away with precise strikes in order to give him the time and space needed to cast his spells to their fullest effects.

    With his solution reached, Quinn volunteered himself to the life of a wandering monk, an individual who would travel about Morelia on behalf of the church in order to provide help to those who needed it; this was mostly out of a desire to spread the word of Martel further across the land, but might have been equally as influenced by his desire to see and learn about the world as it was. With that in mind, the young half-elf set off on his journey and has been traveling for roughly a year now...though as of late, his sleep has been plagued by terrible nightmares while his waking hours are dotted with worries for the future, though he does well in keeping such things from those around him.

    - Mythology and Lore: Having grown up practically hanging off the edge of his father's bedtime stories, that in conjunction with his natural propensity for learning has left Quinn with an insatiable appetite for lore and mythology. If someone has a story from ancient times to tell the party, you can easily expect Quinn to be sitting front and center, listening with the attention of a man possessed.

    - His Family: Knowing their son would grow up in a harsh world, his parents Joachim and Maria did their best to raise Quinton with as much love as possible. They were strict, but always fair and took the time to answer all of the inquisitive boy's questions, leaving him to want for very little. As such, his family is a very important part of his life and its not uncommon for him to drop in order to write to them.

    - Parties, Festivals, Ect.: Any excuse to eat, drink, and be merry is good in Quinn's book, and there's no better excuse than a party or festival. According to Quinn, you'll never find food or drink prepared with as much care or precision as when it is meant to be served for hundreds of people...thought at the time of this quote, he may have been a tad too intoxicated to have been thinking straight on the subject.

    - The Church of Martel: Being the first people to show him any sort of acceptance outside of his village, the Church of Martel holds a special place in Quinn's heart as a sort of second home and will treat anyone wearing its garb with the utmost respect. While he will respect someone's choice to worship another deity, talking ill of Martel or her church is a quick way to get a stern response from Quinn.

    - Extreme Pessimism: While Quinn can understand the need to be sad about some things in life and even being the first to admit that a good cry can often solve a number of problems, excessive pessimism is quick to make him uncomfortable. Due to his worry about his own future, he dislikes anything that brings his mood down for longer than a day at most barring someone's death or serious injury.

    - Sickness: Being a half-elf has given Quinn a stronger disposition to most physical sicknesses, however this does not mean he's immune. Due to rarely being sick, the times he is sick are considered by him to be the absolute worst moments of his life, as he's built up almost zero tolerance for the effects that come with it. Even a simple cold is enough to leave him a whining mess curled up into a blanket with a warm, stiff drink.

    - Racism/Elitism: Quinn might have decided to move past the trials he faced growing up as a half-elf, but that doesn't mean his experiences didn't leave a bad taste in his mouth. If he encounters someone who seems to believe a certain stigma, he will attempt to educate the person to the truth...any further insistence towards it being true is more apt to earn his ire. Looking down on someone because you believe you or your people are above another race is something he tolerates even less and will either outright ignore the person or snap at them outright.

    - Restriction or Suppression of Free Knowledge: Quinn has only ever seen this once in his travels, but nothing has ever made him more livid than discovering a small hamlet being forcibly kept from gaining knowledge to keep them compliant with the town leader's totalitarian regime. Never before had he been so quick to apply his fist to a problem and even if he is ashamed of his actions to a degree, he will never fault himself for doing what he had to do in order to make sure the people were capable of learning of their own free will.

    - Fear: Quinn fears that one day he will simply have outlived too many people and experienced so much that he'll no longer be able to enjoy life, leaving him a dull, almost lifeless shell of who he is now.

    - Paranoia: Due to a traumatic incident involving a deceptively small opening in some tree roots, Quinn has been left with a nasty case of Claustrophobia and will become almost non-responsive in tight quarters unless his life is in immediate danger.

    Battle Information:

    Fighting Style: One Weapon and Magic

    Weapon: Quinn's weapon of choice are a pair of gauntlets and greaves forged from strong, reinforced iron. His gauntlets extend slightly past his wrist and are domed around his knuckles to ensure that they aren't broken on heavy impact. His greaves protect his ankles only, but are wrought from the same kind of steel, giving his kicks even more destructive potential than his heavy wooden sandals do. All four items have mana focusing crystals embedded into them at central points, allowing Quinn to more easily focus his magic in the heat of battle, though this does nothing to cut his casting time.

    Elements: Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth, and Fire


    Gauntlets/Greaves Mode

    Beast: Physical (Low): After striking an enemy with a normal physical blow, a second strike is delivered with enough force and energy to produce a manifestation of a beast's head which knocks the stunned enemy back a few feet.

    Swallow Dance: Physical (Low): A three hit combination that consists of two powerful kicks that raise an enemy into the air before a powerful downward smash is performed to send them crashing painfully back to the ground.

    Spell Mode

    Lightning (Low): Magic is gathered above a target and released in a powerful bolt of electricity with strikes a small area below; while this can hit multiple enemies, they must be clustered extremely close together in order for that to occur.
    Wind Blade (Low): Energy is gathered around an enemy until a vortex of wind has been created, it slashing the enemy violently twice before dispersing.

    Accel Mode:
    "Elemental Stances"
    Quinn completely harmonizes himself with one of his chosen elements, boosting the effectiveness of artes of the same element and imbuing his physical artes with said element. During this state of focus, he also shifts his fighting style to match his chosen element, giving him a much wider variety of options for attacks, even giving his current physical artes new attributes to make them less predictable.

    Earth Stance: Quinn focuses the power of earth throughout his body, giving his skin the same durability as solid stone as he takes a firm, unmoving stance. While he can only move slowly while he's in this stance, it is almost impossible to move him from where he's grounded himself and his punches carry that same weight behind them, making him an impressive wall of pain between an attacker and his allies.

    • Stone Beast (Low): The manifestation of the beast's head after his first strike becomes carved stone, striking the opponent harder, sending them farther, and even allowing it to block projectiles.
    • Laden Swallow Dance (Low): With Quinn's legs now heavier, his three hit combination becomes only two consisting of a low sweep into a heavy axe kick aimed for the fallen enemy. While it lacks a third hit, it does knock the opponent to the ground and the strength of the strike still does almost as much damage.
    Water Stance: Imbuing his body with the power of water, so too does his body follow suit. His movements become fluid and adaptable, allowing him to bend, twist, and contort his way around an opponent with relative ease, leaving them winded and frustrated in their attempts to hit him. As well, his attacks become all the less predictable, seeming to come from almost every angle imaginable...and even a few that stretch that imagination.

    • Illusionary Beast (Low): The first punch of this arte is used as a decoy to make the opponent raise their guard, allowing Quinn to slip around behind them to deliver the heavy energy blow to their back, putting them even more off balance than normal.
    • Rising Swallow Dance (Low): Instead of sending the opponent up into the air, Quinn quickly circles the enemy, striking them three times with vicious roundhouse kicks from all angles, leaving the enemy hard pressed to predict where the next strike will come from.
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  9. Name: Ealazhar Ryouga

    Race: Elf

    Actual Age: 326

    Apparent Age (if applicable): 20

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Ealazhar is a very quiet and calm person, barely ever raising his voice. When he does raise his voice, something must seriously be wrong with him to have upset him so much. He likes to help all of those that he cares about and he hates it when people get hurt because of him.

    He has a habit of trying to do everything by himself. He hates asking for help from people, it makes him feel weak. He sometimes goes a little overboard and will ocassionally get himself hurt.

    He is very sweet and nice and loves to help out with anything, especially children. He has somewhat of a soft-spot for the little tykes.

    He refuses to let any personal emotions hinder his judgement on something, no matter what it is he is doing.

    City of Birth: Hahlniel

    History: Ealazhar grew up a pretty normal elven life, despite being the only child of the Ryouga House, a house of the elves known to have had many summoners throught the millenia, the summoner being the every fifth down the line. His mother and father were very kind and caring parents, letting him do almost anything besides leave the city. He was a relatively frail child, so they didn't want anything befalling him.

    Ealazhar really only had one friend as he was growing up. The two of them were always found together, running around playing about the city and the halls of Ryouga Manor. Though, the fun abrubtly came to a stop as Ealazhar grew up and became of age to begin his so-called 'training' to become the next of the Sommoners.

    Soon, less and less was seen of him around the halls and the city untilhe was almost never seen, his parents and teachers/emntors practically keeping all of his attention. Summoners were well respected in the city and great things were expected from those with the gift, so he was expected to get them all, causing the young, in elf years, elf to gain his own little paranoia.

    When he had finally learned all that he needed too to begin his journey, he was set off, staying in Hahlniel for a while, hoping to find some others to help him along the way.

    -Those he cares for
    -Practically everyone and everything

    -Unneeded confrontation
    -People getting hurt for him

    -Hurting those he cares about
    -That he's not adequate enough to make meet his parent's expectations and hopes that he will make pacts with all of the Greater Summon Spirits

    Battle Information: Ealahzhar prefers to hang back in battle and cast, not being quite physically strong himself. His scythes are normally imbued with some form of element, hopefully giving him some form of edge in most battles when he is forced to fight up close.

    Special Skill:
    -Imbue: Ealahzhar is able to imbue any weapon he touches with one of the eight elements for one battle, giving others in his party an elemental bonus in the upcoming fight. The effect lasts for the whole battle and cannot be changed in the middle of battle.

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style:
    Fighting Style:
    -One Weapon and Magic

    Elements: All

    -Demon Fang: Physical (Low): After making a slashing motion with a weapon, a blue energy shockwave is sent along the ground towards an enemy.
    -Grave: Earth (Low): After stabbing into the ground with a weapon, small spikes of earth jut out of the ground to pierce the target.

    -Fireball: Fire (Low): The user conjours three small balls of fire that target one opponent, strking three times in quick succession.
    -First-Aid: Light (Low): A small light encompasses the target, ivigoration the target with positive energy, restoring a small aount of health.

    Accel Mode: Summoning

    (sorry. forgot)
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  10. Name: Kyren Irving

    Race: Half-Elf

    Actual Age: 20

    Apparent Age: 12

    City of Birth: Meltokio

    Appearance: Bright blue eyes and messy brown hair, standing at 4’ 7”. He generally wears a light blue cloak over a red tunic and black pants and boots. He also has the typical pointed ears that Half-Elves and Elves have (although my picture does not show them).


    Personality: Kyren is a very intelligent individual, but also extremely brash and reckless. Combined with his desire to be the center of attention, this leads to Kyren performing deeds that err on the wrong side of the law. He styles himself as the Magic Thief of Meltokio, and specifically steals things of historic or scientific value. Although he is completely aware of the possible consequences that may arise from his less than legal activities, he feels that he is too smart to be caught, so he will never have to deal with them. As far as his Half-elf heritage goes, Kyren has never tried to hide it, he feels that it adds to his "Magic Thief" persona. And people who do jeer him for his race mysteriously lose their wallets soon after, so he isn't too bothered by it.

    History: Kyren’s parents were well-known in their own right, so they were often called upon to do various tasks, like monster extermination, or the investigation of ancient ruins and artifacts. And while they tried to shower him with love and affection, there were times when Kyren was unable to get their attention through normal means. Oftentimes, when they were called to research ruins, his mother would become so absorbed in her work that she would fail to notice traps and enemies that were in the same room. His father would be so focused on defending her that he wasn’t able to keep an eye on their son.

    On one outing, when he was around 10 years of age, Kyren decided to slip off unnoticed into the ruins his mother was studying. He thought that if he could find the artifact they were looking for, he would be praised by his parents. Confident in his intelligence, he figured he could avoid all the traps and monsters inside the ruin, and make it back out before anyone even noticed. In fact, he wondered if his parents would even notice he was gone.

    Kyren was able to pick his way past all of the traps except one. The last trap was an enchantment on the artifact itself. If anyone picked it up without dispelling it, the ruin guardians would seek out and kill the would-be thief. Kyren had no way of knowing this, however, and triggered the trap. He was immediately set upon by the guardian monsters, and fled deeper into the ancient maze. Since he was now running for his life, Kyren set off more traps and wasn’t keeping track of his location. Severely injured, he eventually found himself in a dead end and with the guardians slowly approaching his location, he huddled into a ball and began to cry with fear and pain. He didn’t want to die, he had just wanted his parents to pay more attention to him.

    Luckily, his parents were able to track his progress through the ruins and reach him before he died. But as a result of his actions, his parents decided to leave him home when they left on future research trips. He still wanted to find things that his parents would praise him for, or at least notice him for.

    During this time Kyren also met an interesting person. He first met her when he was attending a party with his father. The daughter of his father’s friend, she greeted him politely before proceeding to not pay him any mind. This irritated Kyren, so he gained her attention the only way he could, swiping her belongings. The first thing he stole from her was a flower hairpin, and he found that got her attention very quickly. This quickly became a habit for the Half-Elf, and he found that he enjoyed seeing the various expressions she would make as she realized he had struck yet again. She got better at preventing these thefts, but that just meant Kyren got better at stealing her stuff. He would return them with small sarcastic notes a few days later, and started to enjoy seeing her expressions when she would read them.

    A few years later, at the age of 15, Kyren began trying to get into the various research facilities around Meltokio and “borrow” their artifacts. From his experience with his lavender-haired “friend,” he reasoned that if he “borrowed” something important that his parents would be interested in, they would pay him more attention. When he finally managed to get one, he showed it to his parents, and his mother was excited to see an ancient relic that she hadn’t had the opportunity to study before. But his father recognized that Kyren had taken it from one of the research labs, and made him return it. Kyren, however, was overjoyed that his parents had taken time out of their day just for him, and continued to steal artifacts from the research labs. Every time he succeeded, the next attempt was more difficult, and he began to enjoy the challenge of stealing the artifacts as much as he enjoyed the attention he was receiving as the thief. He returned the artifacts after keeping them for awhile, so there was no lasting harm done. The researchers were just annoyed that Kyren kept interfering with their work.

    But his life changed after one particular theft. A research team was studying a stone of unknown origin that was recovered from a battle with monsters near Meltokio. Kyren worked his way inside and grabbed it, but during his escape through a window, a shard of glass cut his left arm, and the blood that trickled down onto the stone caused a reaction that caused Kyren to fell unconscious a short distance away from the research facility, where he was easily brought into custody. The scientists tried to recover the stone from Kyren, but found that it would always return to his possession after about an hour of separation from him. Since this provided a chance to further their research into the object, they cut a deal with Kyren. He would join the research team, and they wouldn't prosecute him for theft. Granted, there was really only one choice. As a Half-Elf, there was no way that Kyren would have done well trying to get a fair trial. He knew that, if he refused, the courts would probably force him into the deal anyway, and at more of a disadvantage than he would be if he agreed willingly. He has so far spent 3 years as part researcher, part guinea pig.


    Attention - whether positive or negative Kyren enjoys being noticed and mentioned.

    Ancient Artifacts - Kyren is as big of a history buff as his mother, and is very knowledgeable about ancient cultures and their gizmos

    Challenges - Kyren enjoys overcoming difficult challenges and is prone to accepting challenges despite the risks

    Stealing Stuff - Kyren enjoys taking other people’s stuff. and he never misses an opportunity to do so. Specifically, he enjoys stealing stuff from a certain lavender haired knight...


    Being Ignored - Kyren absolutely hates being ignored, he will go to any lengths to have people notice him.

    Dwarven Vows - He has heard them ever since he was a kid, and is absolutely sick of them.

    Vegetables - Kyren is a self-proclaimed meat-atarian, in actuality he just doesn’t like the stringy taste of vegetables.

    People Like Himself - Kyren hates cocky, intelligent people who crave attention. There can only be one Kyren.


    Fear = Kyren is deathly afraid of ruins, dungeons, and any other dark, enclosed, and/or underground space, and will try everything to avoid going into such areas.

    Paranoia = Kyren is paranoid of being left alone and left behind.


    Fighting Style: One weapon and magic

    Weapon: Kyren fights using the crystal artifact that is bound to him, he uses it much like a yo-yo for his standard attacks and uses it as his focus for casting spells.

    Magic Affinity: Ice, Earth, Dark, Light, Wind, Lightning



    Icicle - Ice (Low): raise icicles beneath the target.

    Stone Blast - Earth (Low): raise stones beneath the target


    Collision (Low) - Launches pendant forward a longer distance than a normal attack would. Enemies struck are pushed away from Kyren a short distance.

    Around the World (Low) - swings pendant in a vertical circle, striking enemies in front, above, and behind him. However, this leaves hims open to horizontal attacks.

    Accel Mode

    “Check this out!”

    Kyren fuses with the crystal pendant, partially crystallizing himself. In this state, Kyren’s spells become artes and deal increased damage. However, he loses access to his physical artes. After the mode ends, Kyren is unable to use spells for period of time.

    Accel Artes:

    Icicle Horn: (Low) An icicle forms on Kyren’s forehead, and then he charges and headbutts the nearest enemy

    Kyren Smash: (Low) Earth gathers in Kyren’s hands forming a boulder, which he slams into the nearest enemy, the rock then shatters and deals reduced damage to enemies behind the initial target

    Two swords are better than one. Kyren disagrees, why stop at two?
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    Everything looks great, but two things to mention:

    1) You can have three more elements (but it's fine if you want to just focus on the three you already listed)

    2) Please list the new artes you'd get when entering Accel Mode. To start with, you can have a max of two. They can either be of your own creation or other Tales of artes/spells. It's up to you.

    Incubus Prince
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    Yup yup! Just two things:

    1) Please specify the "imbue" skill we talked about in PM into the battle information of your CS. (that way people understand what you mean when you say your scythe is imbued normally imbued with an element)

    2) Either in your history or in your battle information, please specify that being a summoner, you use magic differently (like what we talking about in PM)

    If you want us to come up with the specific wording, just let us know and we'll deliver ^.^

    Everybody (including those in PM):

    Thanks guys! Consider yourselves accepted once those things mentioned are taken care of! (I will go ahead and post your icons in the Character Cast section)

    I am now going to specify Arte/Spell usage (because I may have forgotten to add it >3< ).

    These are the limits:

    Low rank = Max of 3 or 4 per post

    Mid rank = Max of 2 per post

    High rank = Max of 1 per post

    Low and Mid ranks can be combined like so = Max of 1 Mid rank and 1 or 2 Low rank.
    I will add the above to the battle section for easy reference.
  12. Name:

    Darude Marstin & Chumi (pet)

    Human & mythical rock squirrel (the scientific name for the normal species is Silicper)

    Actual Age:

    26 & 73

    Darude stands 5'9" tall and weighs over 215 pounds. Years of digging in mines has left him with a very solid and muscular build. He has a pair of bright hazel eyes and a bushy head of rust red hair. Darude himself is often accompanied with a thin layer of dust and dirt. This isn't due to his lack of personal hygiene (Well maybe that's part of it...) but rather because he is always digging through dirt looking for neat little rocks to add to his collection.

    Darude's pet and pal Chumi is a unique sub-species of rocksquirrels endemic to the caves near Akzeriuth. Fully grown, Chumi is still small enough to easily be stowed in a bag or backpack Both Chumi's ears and tail set it apart from the rest of its species, being that they are much larger than normal and appear almost fox-like in appearance. Normally the species is a cavedwelling type, and its large light-catching eyes give it an cute aesthetic most would consider cute. Chumi has evolved and is able to tolerate bright lights that would scare frighten most rock squirrels. Most people won't be able to identify a rocksquirrel unless they've been to Akzeriuth before. Chumi is a "Mythical creature" and has live far longer than the average rocksquirrel.


    Darude lives a head strong, all-or-nothing lifestyle. Stubborn as a rock with an iron will, it's not uncommon for him to butt heads with others. Having grown up and worked in the mining city of Akzeriuth, Darude has learned that not even mountains can stop him if he puts enough effort into doing something. As an individual, Darude demonstrates extreme confidence in everything he says or does; This rings true even if he hasn't a single clue what he's talking about or trying to do. Describing Darude as "easily excitable" is the understatement of the century. A more apt description would be "ready to explode with energy." This leads to exceedingly reckless behavior and is liable to land himself in the middle of any troubling going on. He's not the type to actively seek out glory, but he'll certainly get it if he can take it.

    Darude however isn't exactly what one would call book smart. Big words easily confuse him and he has great difficult understanding difficult concepts such as magic. Deceiving or otherwise fooling Darude is more often than not a simple task; tell him anything that's even somewhat believable and he'll probably accept is as fact without a second thought.

    It's a rare sight to find him without his trusted companion Chumi. Unbeknownst to Darude, the word "trusty" doesn't exactly apply to his little friend. At first glance, Chumi appears like any ordinary animal of above average intelligence; Working out a system with Darude, it chews on its master's right ear if it's hungry, when it's thirsty it does so with his left ear and when it's tired it sits on his head. It does what most animals do and acts the way you would expect from a mischievous little pet. And it takes an almost perverse delight in this deception.

    Beneath the guise of this cute and cuddly little creature lies a devious intelligence kept hidden. Chumi is a mythical creature and enjoys nothing more than messing with those who view it as a simple animal. Its favorite activities typically consist of hiding things such as shoes or wallets and generally enjoys making fools of people. A casual observer like Darude won't see anything unexpected, but anybody who spends enough time carefully watching the rocksquirrel might notice some conscience intention behind its actions. Chumi is fully capable of casting non-verbal spells and even speak in human tongue; it keeps the latter hidden simply because it's more fun if people don't suspect too much. So far Chumi has only been able to mess around with Darude to any great lengths and he is always looking to expand its potential victim pool...

    City of Birth:

    Darude was born in Akzeriuth as one of the handful of humans that inhabit the city. He had a simple childhood in the somewhat remote mining city. Much of his free time growing up was spent exploring some of the older parts of the city's mines with his friends. He was never really much into learning, he'd play hookie from school and learn about rocks instead of sitting through a boring history lecture.

    As he grew older, he started picking up the mining trade. He's always had an odd fascination with rocks and ores. Even if Darude isn't the smartest or most observant person in the world, it can be agreed that he sure knows his stuff about stones. He loves working in the mines searching for rare ores that other people can use. If he could have his way he'd never leave Akzeriuth.

    It's been six years since he Darude met his adorable little rock squirrel pet. Their relationship when Darude found a cache of old mining explosives, and like any average sixteen year old he just had to go play with them (Keep in mind that he was almost twenty years old at this time). Naturally, he had to use them as stated by the instructions and to do that he needed a mine. Making his way to one of the most remote parts of the cave network he proceeded to "have a blast" and earned a little pocket change from selling the ores.

    In nearly every case, the sound of explosives scared away the native cave life and monsters alike. That is to say that it frightened off all creatures save for a single rock squirrel. Whenever Darude would venture down and resume his operation, the little rodent would always show up. Rock squirrels are fairly common for the region, but there was something odd about this one in particular. It's ears were much too long and it had a tail like a fox. Darude noticed this and just dismissed it as being some odd genetic trait.

    The two continued to meet up every day when Darude went to mine and Darude even started bring food for the little creature. The little creature always wanted more food and it communicated this by crawling up to his shoulder and nibbling on his ear. Because of that, Darude named the little oddity "Chumi" ( it "chews me"). Chumi stuck around Darude out of a morbid curiosity at first; The man was so strange to the creature. When Darude used the explosives, he often prioritized useful materials such as iron ores over things of value like gemstones. Slowly, they grew closer but Chumi never left the mines.

    It wasn't until Darude tried to use magic did Chumi come home with Darude. That day Darude forgot his matches at home and for whatever reason he tried to light a fuse using his minimal experience with fire magic. The result was catastrophic as the remaining cache of explosives were ignited causing a massive cave in. All the routes Darude was familiar with were now blocked, and it was up to Chumi to lead him out. In the end, authorities determined the explosion to have been caused by natural gas. Both Darude and Chumi were hurt pretty baddy, both needing to be hospitalized and healed but the two bonded over the whole experience.

    Five years later, the two are inseparable and share a bond very few get to experience. Chumi now loves the pampered life of being a pet. Not having to work for food and having a big creature to protect you? What's a highly intelligent rodent not to love!? As monsters started falling from the comet they gradually took up residence in some of the older parts of the mines. Upon hearing that a group was being formed to combat the comet's forces, Darude dropped everything in Akzeriuth to join. Both Darude and Chumi simply want life in their home town to go back to normal.

    <Darude> Likes:

    -"Rocks": Darude absolutely loves rocks and has an obsession with digging to find rare stones, ores and gems. If it were practically possible for him to do so, he would undoubtedly carry bags of nothing but rocks with him. He'll gladly take a rare ore over a more valuable gem anyday.

    -Chumi: Darude loves his little furry friend despite the little rodent always causing some sort of mischief.

    -Good food: Despite being somebody who'll eat something regardless of its taste, Darude absolutely loves fine food when he can get it. Just don't ever let him try to cook...
    <Chumi> Likes:

    -Deception: Chumi loves to trick people into thinking he's no smarter than the average animal. He feels that he is outsmarting the planet's dominant species this way.

    -Darude: His owner is Chumi's favorite target for pranks. He thinks watching Darude flail about after causing trouble is hilarious.

    <Darude> Dislikes:

    -Apples: Darude absolutely HATES apples. Anything with apples in it or apple flavored makes him want to throw up. There's no real reason behind this, he just hates them.

    -People who can't take a joke: If a person has no sense of humor and is a buzzkill then Darude won't bother hanging around them.

    <Chumi> Dislikes:

    -Perceptive people: Chumi doesn't want anybody blowing its cover. Anyone that Chumi feels is a threat to this will become prank target number one.


    <Darude> Fear:
    -Darude is absolutely terrified of heights. Specifically he is afraid of sheer drops.

    <Darude> Paranoia:

    -Sometimes Darude thinks that Chumi premeditates on everything he does. He's just a dumb animal so that's impossible, right?

    <Chumi> Fear:

    -Chumi is afraid of large birds. It's a primal fear of being swept away and eaten in the sky.
    Battle Information:

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style:
    One weapon with two modes.

    Darude uses a new type of mining tool which he calls an Exca-glaive. The Exca-glaive was developed by an Amarcian in order to give the miners in Akzeriuth a way to defend themselves without sacrificing productivity. The exca-glaive is simply two rock drills mounted on a pole. In most cases, the exca-glaive is swung and used in combat like a normal blunt staff. The drills themselves are quite powerful, capable of drilling through almost every natural occurring rock formations. The drills however only spin if they are in contact with earth (dirt or rock). This is to prevent overheating and overall decay of the weapon. The weapon requires constant maintenance.

    Darude's fighting style by itself is very slow and cumbersome. Typically Darude tries for a "one hit, one kill" fighting style. Missed artes leave him wide open.

    It just recently came to light that Chumi is in fact able to cast spells. Darude thinks this is completely normal for some reason... Darude can fight independently in battle or he can have Chumi help him out.

    Elements: Fire, Earth and Light


    I was trying to go for a theme here :3

    Solo Venture
    (Base fighting mode)
    This is Darude's base fighting mode without Chumi. Allows the use of basic Artes. Without Chumi, Darude's magic guard is greatly less effective.

    -Bites the Dust - (Mid) Darude drags one of the exca-glaive's drill points along the ground or any nearby stone/earth surface causing the drill spin for a few moments. He swings spinning drill head twice at the enemy for physical damage. The first hit slightly lowers the target's physical defense.

    -Soft-Core Rock: (Mid) Darude channels fire through his weapon for a single two handed blow with the blunt side of the exca-glaive. The impact bursts into bright flames.

    Miner's Union
    (Chumi assist mode)
    Provided Chumi is present and in condition to help, he is able to cast some earth and light spells in tandem with Darude's brutal swings. Darude's fighting style adjusts slightly to accommodate Chumi's spell casting. As with any spell, Chumi must remain stationary in order to cast a spell. Chumi chooses to do this perched on one of Darude's shoulders. Because of this, Darude slows down slightly just so Chumi doesn't end up falling off. Darude can still move and attack while Chumi is casting, he just cannot do so as quickly as he could normally.

    -Ferrous Wheel: (High) Chumi calls three large stones that orbit quickly around Darude knocking away any nearby enemies.

    -All That Glitters: (low) Chumi focuses hard and causes light to harden around Darude's weapon and he swings three times in succession. A small wave of light emerges with each swing and has a small chance to blind the target's next action. This skill is slightly stronger if it uses the light from Darude's Soft-Core Rock. (Note: Chumi has kept this skill hidden from Darude.)

    Accel Mode:

    "Let's rock'n'roll!"

    Darude's drill malfunctions causing it to spin uncontrollably for a single round. During so, his damage doubles plus his weapon ignores as well as lowers a monster's physical defense on hit. Afterwards any arte that involves the exca-glaive spinning cannot be used for the rest of the battle.

    Two wards are better than one... Or was it swords? Words?
  13. Name: Kanade Kondou

    Race: Amarican

    Actual Age: 19



    Kanade stands about 5'4" tall, and weighs in around 120 lbs or so. She has a slight, athletic build and average bust size. She has red eyes, and wears her waist-length hair in twintails, and it bears the typical coloration that marks her race: fading from white down to pink and finally a deep red at the tips. Her eyes are a Her usual outfit is a specially-made suit of armor which is strengthened with a mixture of mana and technology to be much more effective in battle than it looks. It can also double as a stage outfit in a pinch, but she usually switches to a variety of other wardrobe options when performing, most of which are less revealing than what she usually wears and maintain something of an innocent charm.


    Kanade is a hard-working young woman who takes her job as an entertainer seriously. She devotes a lot of time to practicing everything from choreography to voice lessons. Her schedule is sometimes too busy, leading to lost sleep and juggled responsibilities. She has an earnest and friendly attitude and sees it as her duty to help others. Her sense of humor is often odd, causing her to laugh at situations or jokes that others might not see as funny. She is a careful and cautious sort who often considers her actions before simply jumping in, although she will put caution aside in a crisis situation.

    As an idol, Kanade cultivates a stage persona that is bright, cheerful, and bubbly, compared to her normal self. She's also quite the klutz, often tripping and falling, dropping something, or otherwise managing some form of minor accident on a daily basis. It doesn't appear to be part of her act, either; she's just that sort of person who can navigate through a dance number without messing up once, but trips over her own foot while walking across the office. As much as she loves her work, Kanade will sometimes confide that she finds it extremely difficult, especially when it comes to keeping up the cutesy act.

    City of Birth: Amarican Enclave


    Kanade began her life in the Amarican Enclave, like any member of her race. She had a fairly normal childhood and education, and enjoyed singing to and playing with her older brother. She and her brother both began martial training at a young age, aspiring to be warriors to help protect their people from the growing threat of monsters. They continued to get along well, often egging each other on and fighting alongside each other. A few years ago, there was a major monster attack, in which she was injured and her brother died. She was devastated by the events, and blames herself for her brother's death. She and her parents recently had a falling-out over it, and she subsequently left to make it on her own.

    Although she still carries her survivor's guilt, Kanade continued to sing to honor her brother's memory. She became a cooler, more serious person since the incident, and has left the enclave to see the world for herself. She took along her weapons and armor to protect herself from monsters, of course. Although her education probably is well in advance of most, Kanade doesn't consider herself to be the typical Amarican and avoided the usual technical jobs, drifting from place to place until she ended up in Altamira. She ended up scouted by a Lezareno Corporation producer who overheard her singing, and has been working as an idol ever since. She usually performs in the Altamira resort, but she's currently on tour.


    Cooking - Kanade enjoys cooking and does so often, although it's usually just for herself. She's not half bad, either.

    Singing - If she didn't enjoy singing, she never would have become an idol. Kanade often practices when alone or bored, and is even known to sing in battle, on occasion.

    Sweets - Kanade's a sucker for anything sweet and unhealthy.


    Family - Although she doesn't hate her parents (and they continue to love her very much), Kanade doesn't get along well with them due to lingering guilt over her brother's death.

    Spicy Foods - She just can't handle them.

    Comments on her outfit - Kanade gets enough commentary on her clothes that it easily gets on her nerves if someone brings it up. She's just gotten far too tired of explaining herself over the years.

    Cleaning - Kanade might be a good cook, but she's otherwise a terrible home-maker. Her apartment is usually a complete mess with everything simply left wherever she drops it.

    Fear: Kanade is absolutely terrified of spiders. She just thinks they're horribly icky, with all those eyes and legs and get it away!

    Paranoia: Kanade is always on the look-out for her own fans. As much as she appreciates them, she tries to avoid being bothered while she's out and about in public.
    Battle Information:

    Fighting Style: Two Weapons with different styles

    Weapon(s): Kanade uses two weapons: a katana, and a pair of small, mana-powered drones called Gun Familiars. The drones are stored on the back of her armor, above her hips, when not in use. Her melee fighting style is acrobatic and more about speed than raw strength. If fighting with her gun familiars are range, Kanade can attack from any range, but has a longer wait between attacks for the drones to return to her before they can be sent out to attack again.

    Elements: Light, Dark, and Lightning


    Wight Slayer (Low): Kanade spins in place, striking enemies around her but leaving her open to attack from above, and leaving her in place for a moment.

    Rising Phoenix (Low): A quick slash followed by a leaping uppercut carry both Kanade and her target (if they're light enough) into the air. Despite the name, not a fire-elemental arte.
    Gun Familiar:
    Graviton Cannon (Low): Rather than fire their usual beams of mana, the gun familiars link together to fire a shot of dark-elemental energy which creates a small-area explosion upon impact. It could at best hit two enemies who are clustered close together.

    Radiant Symphony (Mid): A basic laser with a fancy name, the gun familiars fire a beam of energy which can strike multiple enemies along a line in front of Kanade. It has absolutely no horizontal range.

    Accel Mode:

    "Heaven's Wrath"
    A high damage attack to a single target. Kanade leaps high above the battlefield and throws her sword at the enemy. As it falls, the sword transforms into a gigantic blade, which is thrusted down into the enemy with assistance from a kick by Kanade.
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  14. Lots of characters with lightning up in 'ere.

    At least water type monsters won't be an issue :L
  15. We've got a lot of elemental overlap in general. After a while, I think it becomes completely inevitable. At last I won't have to be part of the fight between the mages over who gets to cast Indignation.
  16. Oh lawd.

    I've never (seriously) played a Tales Of game but even I know what Indignation is :L
  17. Indignation.... My favorite spell... Genis + Indignation = DEATH. As does Bloody Howling... Ah... Bloody Howling
  18. *dances in place*
    All the lightning-users~
    All the lightning-users~

    Aaaanyway, it's time to play the accepting game! Our contestants this round are:

    Show Spoiler
    Thanks for the arte edit! I'll get your icon up lickety-split!

    R-9 Pilot
    Show Spoiler
    Good great super! Just two things:

    1) Your personality and history are fine the way they are. If you do decide to change them, let Liam and I know so we can re-review it. Just make sure to have your character finalized before your first post in the IC.

    2) For your "Graviton Cannon" arte, we ask that you either

    a) Change it from a Low rank to a Mid rank if the explosion is on the larger side
    b) Specify that the explosion can only hit two enemies clustered together. (I myself am going to edit my Piercing Shot arte to state that it only can hit two enemies in a row)

    The radius of your arte can get larger as we progress in the rp.

    But you are indeed accepted! I will get your icon up shortly!

    Liam and I were asked a question about the progression of artes through the rp. We...um....honestly we're still working that out a bit. For the time being we are trying to focus on getting everyone's artes to a base level before we think about how/when we'll start letting you guys buff them up. We're thinking it will be a mixture of usage and general progression in the rp. We'll let you know as soon as we decide on an official formula. (if we don't decide to just wing it) If anyone has suggestions, feel free to offer them! We're still new to building a battle system, so any comments are welcome! (experienced or otherwise)
  19. From what I've seen, common practice for progression of powers in a fanbased RP is a "X progression after every boss/chapter."

    Maybe you could use something similarly simple as a base? I mean like after select events in the RP a character can start learning their next arte. They could discover a new spell or come up with a new technique and then practice that further in/out of battle?

    I dunno. I'm just kinda spouting out ideas, don't listen to me >_<
  20. Or for every battle the DMs could up with with a set amount of EXP to be gained and everyone can have a set amount of EXP they have to gain before progressing to the next level, where upon they gain new skills/artes.
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