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    As morning neared noon, Alena led the way along the dirt road, her eyes glancing back and forth as she walked. The grassy plains between Capua Nor and Gerdren were calm, a light breeze making the captain's cloak flutter to the left. There were ten warriors present, most in her squadron, but even that wouldn't be enough if monsters ambushed them. She turned back to check on the men and women she escorted, making sure no one was falling behind. Everyone seemed to be keeping up, though a small boy near the back looked more like he was almost jogging. She glared at the brunette child before returning her attention to the road ahead. Kyren, that stinking little knife-eared weasel. If he even thinks of getting within arms' reach, I'll wring his tiny little baby neck. The lavender-haired woman took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Nothing got her more riled than a thief, and the fact that it was her childhood nemesis only made it worse.

    As the group reached the midway point between the port and the Dwarven city, a sound like ripping fabric resonated through the air. All eyes raised to see what looked like a giant black split in the sky. Alena's eyes widened as five figured descended from the tear. The captain readied her spear and shouted to her comrades. "Six of you create a circle around the researchers! The rest, prepare for battle!" Alena's voice was authoritative, but a hint of fear could be heard mixed in. If these monsters were high ranking...then a lot of people were going to die.

    As the monsters landed before the group, Alena took in a breath. Thank goodness, just some babies. The five monsters, only reaching to Alena's knee caps, began to cheep. They were a yellow color, looking oddly like canaries, yet had bodies shaped like tadpoles. Their large puffy tails swayed back and forth as they prepared for a fight. The captain scoffed lightly and gave a roll of her eyes. "Oh yeah, that's menacing. Proceed with the plan soldiers, but don't let your guard down. Mama might have snuck in while we weren't looking." Alena twirled her spear vertically and let the pointed end slide against the ground. "Demon Fang!" A blue shockwave materialized and traveled across the dirt, aimed for the chick-like monster positioned dead center. Alena held her spear horizontally in preparation to block any oncoming counter attacks.
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  2. The expedition team wasn't the only group traveling the roads between Capua Nor and Gerdren. Kanade was on her last leg of a tour, finally on her way back home in Altamira. She and her producer were, as usual, traveling by carriage. Can't have her getting tired just on her way between gigs. She idly looked out the window to amuse herself and take a break from going over her lyrics one more time. The familiar scenery was a welcome change from traveling abroad.

    Midway through the trip, the carriage stopped, and the drive called down to the passengers. "We've got a problem up ahead. Looks like monsters."

    "Monsters," Kanade asked in confusion. Even if they were becoming a more common problem, it should be rare for them to be on the roads. This was the first time they'd been held up by them. "I'm getting out to check on this," she said to her traveling companion as she got out of the carriage. The group ahead of them was already preparing for a fight, and clearly the reason they'd stopped rather than tried to turn and flee or push on ahead and hope to outrun any trouble. She took off running as soon as she'd assessed the situation, moving along the side of the road past the expedition group as its complement of troops formed into a defensive perimeter.

    When she neared the monsters and the vanguard facing them, she slowed down. "Wait...that's it?" They hardly seemed menacing adversaries. She turned her attention to the lavender-haired young woman who seemed to be leading the charge. "I'm just passing through, but I hope you don't mind if I join in to help." Without waiting for an answer, she drew her sword and moved right into the thick of things, attacking one of the monsters with a quick slash before bringing the sword in front of her in a defensive stance.
  3. Today was a beautiful day.

    The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a soft breeze playing its way across the verdant plains surrounding him, causing the long blades of grass to whistle faintly for those who had the ears to hear it; truly, it was the kind of day that Quinn lived for. Since they were traveling down nothing but a dirt road, the half elf had opted to leave his sandals hanging from the back of his belt, letting the soft earth move between his toes and fill his feet with the sensations of the world around him. It was true that he had been traveling like this for the better part of 30 years, but somehow he could still find no greater pleasure than to simply walk about the open world and allow himself to take joy in the subtle things most tended to miss.

    Unfortunately, there were still detractors to good days, and those usually came in the form of wayward monsters. The clattering of armor and shuffling of feet caused Quinn to rouse himself from his relaxed state as he opened an eye, observing a small group of baby monsters that had decided to try their luck against their traveling caravan that had seemingly descended from an odd looking black rift in the sky.

    "Regrettable..." he whispered with a sigh as he rolled his shoulders and walked forward. The captain of the guard had already engaged them, as well as a passenger of the carriage looking to help...the monsters weren't apt to back down as it was now, nor would they considering their predatory nature. He let his body tense around his core, fists, and feet, leaving the rest of his body loose and ready to respond as he flew forward. The world seemed to slow around him as he delved into his own world of focus; he could feel every strand of his muscles strain against the effort exerted, hear the blood rushing through his veins, and through these his world began to fall away.

    Everything he knew was now encased in a tight bubble, everything that was and would be condensed in this singular moment in time. He saw his allies move to draw their weapons and their bodies coiled as they followed through with their attacks and made note of where they were before locking his eyes on the monster second to the right. He put all of his weight on his left leg and allowed his foot to slide along the dirt road as he allowed the tension he'd built in his body to flow seamlessly into his right foot; all of the force multiplying as he brought his body down into a crouching spin. With a mighty heft, Quinn pushed his body upwards at the apex of his spin, sending his foot flying full force towards the baby monster's beaked face, though he left his body tensed enough that should he miss, he could land on his other foot and propel himself into a roll to dodge any coming attacks.

    It was a shame such a beautiful day had to be marred by such an unfortunate turn of events.
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  4. Kyren was having a great day so far. Not only was he getting an all-expense paid trip to the dwarven capitol, but he was to be traveling with his most favorite mark of all time, the Captain of the Meltokio Guard. He'd been waiting for another chance to steal from her. When was the last time I nabbed something from her? he pondered to himself as the convoy moved towards Capua Nor. Ah yes, she was dining at one of those upscale places, and I was able to nab her dinner. It has been too long. He had instigated a fight between two of the patrons. And when the honor-bound knight had gone to settle the dispute, he had struck. The food was delicious. He returned the plate afterwards, with a small card thanking her for the meal. Slipping into that place as a waiter was the key to his success. He was lucky that he wasn't asked to serve her table though, she would have noticed him for sure. But he wasn't and she never suspected a thing until it was too late. Seeing the human girl crumple his thank you note and violently chuck it against the floor was extremely satisfying. From a safe distance, of course.

    And now they were traveling together again. Oh the fun they would have. Or rather, the fun he would have. But first he would have to remove himself from the group of researchers at the center of the convoy to make his way to the edges where the good captain would be. As he worked his way towards the front, he heard several people remark on the distinct shape of his ears. No good things, never anything he would like to hear. Knife-ear, half-breed, dirty rat. That's a new one, though I don't know how half-elves are similar to rats.They should be remarking on my dashing good looks, dexterity, intelligence. Kyren made a mental note to acquire some reparations from these individuals. Without their knowledge.

    He was halfway to the front when Kyren heard the sound that indicated a battle was beginning. "What timing," he muttered under his breath. Even he wasn't reckless enough to try and steal from Alena when she was in battle. I might end up skewered through the heart. The battle had already begun when he finally muscled his way to the fore. I guess it can't be helped. He removed his pendant from around his neck and twirled it around expertly as he focused on his spellcasting. "Freezing winds of the soul, manifest! Icicle!" he shouted as ice sprouted up beneath his target. Hopefully it would be a good chick monster and not dodge it. He then primed himself to dodge the inevitable counter-attack. He would roll to the left so that he would be behind the more durable Alena. If successful, he would say from behind her, "Ah, Guard Captain! So nice to see you again. I'm so glad we'll be travelling together!"
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  5. M1 - Kanade

    A slash from the Amarcian rattled the small chick as it cheeped in pain. A clear gash ran along the front of its head, and it began to quiver in fury. Its tail began to swirl around, and Kanade would be able to feel a small surge of Mana build up. With a furious meep, the small monster swung its tail, sending out three sharp feathers in Kande's direction. They were dead on, but thanks to her position, the Amarcian was able to deflect two of them. However, the third sliced her exposed left thigh, and a trail of blood began to trickle from the wound. It wasn't serious, but it would certainly cause some pain. The bird had enough time to turn back to face its opponent. It slapped its tail against the earth, mocking the girl it faced.

    M2 - Quinn

    The yellow monster reeled in shock as a foot came crashing into its beak. On instinct, the chick gave a horizontal swing of its tail, but to no avail. Quinn had already used the force of the hit to push himself forward, behind the monster. Luckily for the chick, the swing of its tail had cause it to turn around, meaning it now faced its target again. This time, however, it wouldn't be caught off guard. It gave a confident cheep to indicate its resolve to its enemy.

    M3 - Alena

    The center chick almost fell back as the blue wave slammed into its body. Dazed, the fledgling cheeped in anger and gave a shake of its tail. It began to bound forward and then charged. However, the tiny monster was still suffering from the previous hit, and happened to be seeing double. It charged past Alena on her right and rolled once when it made contact with the earth. The chick had missed its mark.

    M4 - Kyren

    The bird-like monster shivered once before a sharp icicle skewered it from below. The ice knocked it into the air, and it attempted to take this opportunity to use gravity to its advantage. It twirled once in the air before slamming its tail downwards. However, Kyren was no longer there, having already dodged to the left to hide behind another human. The small creature hopped in place, trying to taunt the small half-elf boy.

    M5 - NPC

    Mirboro had stepped in to fight the monster and had successfully landed a sword strike on the monster's tail. However, this seemed to only anger the chick as it spun in place, adding extra force to its tail attack. Mirboro had miscalculated, and when he dodged to the right, he was met with the full force of the monster's tail. The power of the attack, mixed with the chick's perfect positioning right in his solar plexus, caused Mirboro to fly backwards, knocking him out in one hit. The yellow creature wag its tail in delight at taking out its enemy as it searched for its next opponent.
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  6. Kanade winced as the feather's sharp edge cut into her thigh, and grimaced at the monster's taunt. "You want to play, is that it," she asked it. She didn't expect an answer, but it's sitting nice and still for her, while it thinks it's clever. She glanced around to see how the others were doing, and with the exception of one of the poor guards, it seemed like this was definitely a group who were used to dealing with monsters. Good.

    Kanade quickly stepped in toward the monster and pressed the attack with a low sweeping slash, followed by an upward slash and a straight horizontal cut. "It's not over yet...Rising Phoenix!" she shouted as she brought her sword around for another strike, before launching herself into a leaping uppercut with the blade. When she landed, she quickly leaped backward, putting some distance between herself and the monster chick, in an attempt to avoid its counterattack. She stumbled a bit on the landing. The cut on her leg may not be deep, but it clearly bothered her and all the moving around wasn't helping.
  7. [​IMG]

    After Alena's first attack, an oddly dressed Amarcian jumped in, offering to help out. Alena gave a quick nod of thanks before eyeing how the others were doing. The defensive circle around the researchers was nicely executed, however, it seemed like there were too many soldiers and not enough researchers. "Ugh." Alena heard Kyren cast a spell nearby and frowned. Stupid kid's going to get himself hurt. She looked to her left. The Amarcian had given her chick quite the slash, but had gotten hurt herself. The wound on her leg didn't seem serious, and the girl had continued her assault, so Alena simply made a note to have one of the healers tend to her after the battle. The black-haired man seemed to be getting along fine. He had nimbly gotten behind the monster and was surely in good shape.

    Alena's eyes flicked forward as she saw the movement of her enemy. She tensed her body to try and hold off the attack, only to watch the small creature bound past her. The situation caused Alena to lower her guard momentarily, and she ended up flinching as Kyren began to speak. Her face reddened from embarrassment and slight anger at the boy's nonchalant attitude. Alena took a step to the left to spin around Kyren and face her monster. She twirled her spear as she moved, and when she was right behind the brown-haired Half-Elf, she jabbed him in the back with the butt of her weapon. "Fight or hide. Pick one."

    Now facing her enemy again, Alena rushed forward. The monster had turned around by now, and was rushing at her as well. Wanting to get the monster away from the researchers, Alena jumped over the charging monster and upon landing, pivoted in place. Using the momentum of her turn, Alena pushed her spear forward towards the chick. "Sonic Thrust!" The arte caused the monster to roll forward, back to its original place. Small clicking sounds could be heard as Alena's spear began to morph. When it had finished, Alena formed an arrow out of Mana and shot it at the chick with her bow. She took a few steps forward to get more distance between her fight and the circle of researchers. As she did so, Alena glanced to the right to see Mirboro laying on the ground. Whether he was unconscious or dead, she couldn't say. Alena's brows furrowed. "Dang. Someone cover that monster!" Returning her attention back to her own monster, Alena began to bend her knees in preparation to jump, assuming that the monster would attempt to sweep at her feet with its tail.
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  8. Kyren laughed at the chick’s antics safely behind Alena. Sure they might seem like harmless pushovers with an over-inflated opinion of themselves, but who knew with these monsters and Alena had always been better at taking hits than he had. But his hiding place didn’t remain safe for long. One of the chicks had bounded past Alena, completely missing her but was now on the other side of her, where Kyren was. But before that fact dawned on the little chick Alena had jabbed Kyren in the back and out of the way. “Oh you really do care,” Kyren quipped while being shoved. He would have given her a hug (while deftly fishing out her wallet), if it wouldn’t get him stabbed. He turned his attention back to the chick he was dealing with. He doubted that the small bird-like thing would give him room to cast another spell, at least not without being preoccupied by something else. Kyren spun the pendant, gathering momentum before yelling out, “Collision!” He threw the pendant outwards hoping to strike the chick in the chest and knock it back to give him some more breathing room. If it succeeded Kyren would shout,”Icicle,” again, hoping to follow up his attack with another spell. If he succeeded he would return the chick’s taunt with one of his own, “And not another peep out of you!” he added a dismissive wave at the end of his taunt. If the chick attacked he would try to dodge again, this time to the right.

    Alena is too dismissing of my prowess, he thought to himself during the battle. I'm not called the Magic Thief of Meltokio for nothing! Besides she should know my skills are top-notch. Kyren didin't want to admit it but Alena's brusque attitude while fighting was irritating him. She should be reluctantly complimenting my finesse and arcane prowess, not barking orders. He wanted to see her frustrated face, not her battle face. He sighed, all the more reason to end this battle sooner, so he could play more pranks on his childhood friend. She needs more witty banter, he mused to himself. He made a mental note to leave a reminder in her belongings then next time he "borrowed" something from her.
  9. Quinn rolled on the ground and got back up to his feet, his body spinning quickly as he righted himself towards his opponent once more. For a baby monster, these ones were certainly durable, though considering the dubious nature of their arrival, he was less surprised than he would have been normally.

    The small creature turned on its heel, shaking off the blow he'd struck it with, and ruffled its feathers as it swished its tail and gave a confident chirp as it prepared itself for another assault.

    Quinn couldn't help but give a small smile of acknowledgement. This creature was a warrior, young as it was, it was here to fight and no matter the circumstances, it would have been outright rude to deny such a formal challenge, even in a tongue that wasn't his own.

    Quinn held open one hand and placed a fist into it, bowing towards the creature while keeping his eyes firmly locked on it. A warriors acknowledgement of a proper duel. From here on out, he would be holding nothing back from his opponent and would be giving this fight his absolute. Anyone who challenged him deserved nothing less than his best after all.

    "Give no quarter, for none shall be given."

    With the same kind of speed as before, Quinn shot forwards towards the monster. He stopped dead a few feet in front of it, predicting a preemptive swipe of its tail before shifting that momentum into his hips and throwing himself at the creature headlong with an overhead swing.

    If that connected, his second shot would be an uppercut which would bring it up into the air. His last move would be to crank back with whatever momentum he had left and to let it fly, energy gathering around his fist and exploding into the mighty visage of a lion's head upon impact.

  10. Ealazhar had just recently begun his solo trip to Gerdren from the port of Capua Nor. He had figured it would have been better to travel with a group or at least one other person, but he was sure that he would be fine. He didnt' think it was too far a walk to the other city and he was more than capable to take care of himself.

    As he continued his calm, silent walk donw the road, he heard an odd sound coming from not too far ahead. He glanced up and stood in surprise as he watched monsters descend from a seeming crack in the sky. "Oh no!" Ealazhar quickly rached for his scythe on his back and pulled it into his hands as he took off quickly towards where the chicks fell. He got there just in time to hear someone, obviously the leader of the group, shout out for someone to cover a monster that just knocked some poor fellow out.

    He quickly rushed over and positioned himself behind the creature, hoping to draw its attention. He held out one of his hands in the direction of the chick as he readied a spell. "Burn! Fireball!" As he finished the name of the speel, three small orbs of fire shot out at the back of the chick. As his fire was flying through the air, he grabbed his scythe with both hands and swung it in a circle and let it scrape against the ground and shoot off a small blue wave of energy. "Demon Fang!" That should be enough to get its attention... He then held out his scythe horozontally in a guard, readying himself for any counterattacks.
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  11. M1 - Kanada

    The three normal slashes from Kanade's sword stunned the chick. As it reeled from the attack, the monster felt a sharp pain as it was hit upwards by the Amarcian's arte. It bounced twice when it landed and shook itself to try and regain its composure. It swung its tail vertically in front of it, but by that time its enemy had already taken a step back. There was nothing the monster could do, it wasn't going to live through this battle. But it wouldn't go down without a fight. The chick charged at Kanade will all the force it could muster.

    M2 - Quinn

    The chick readied itself, preparing for the black-haired man to charge at it, however, the chick wasn't prepared for the sheer speed of its attacker. The man avoided the sweep of its tail and brought his foot down hard upon the monster. The force caused it to bounced into the air, which the Half-Elf took advantage of. The chick was kicked farther into the air, so the chick attempted a counterattack. It spun itself vertically and tried to bring its tail down on its enemy using gravity to its advantage. However, whether he anticipated it or not, the man sent out a large burst of energy from his hands and sent the chick flying backwards. It tumbled along the ground for a few seconds before skidding to a stop. It was struggling to get up, its energy nearly spent.

    M3 - Alena

    The monster tumbled after being hit with the captain's arte. As it was repositioning itself, a sharp piercing pain caused it to stagger slightly. Fully facing its attacker, the monster now saw that the Human was using a different weapon. Though slightly confused, the chick hopped forward and gave a swung its tail as hard as it could in an attempt to bring the Human to her knees, or better yet, fully to the ground. However, the Human had predicted this, and pounced over the chick's attack. The chick couldn't stop its momentum, and continued to spin in place.

    M4 - Kyren

    The boy had taken the monster's taunt, however, the chick hadn't been prepared for the boy to use that ridiculous crystal as a weapon. The clear rock slammed into the chick's forehead and it topple backwards in response. A cold sensation caused the chick to stiffen as a sharp icicle protruded beneath it. The monster was knocked into the air and came crashing down onto the icicle again, shattering the spell. As the chick rose, it saw the boy taunting, and appeared to turn red with fury. It charged at the boy and turned to bring its tail down onto the enemy. However, the boy was too quick and dodged to the right. Still furious, the chick lunged at the brunette, attempting to nip his ankles with its beak.

    M5 - Ealazhar

    A searing heat brought the chick out of its victory taunt as it turned to face a fireball. The spell hit its mark, the three fireballs consecutively hit the monster. The chick rolled on the ground as it attempted to put out its burning feathers. Before it could finish putting out the flames, the small monster was hit with a blue energy wave, staggering it for a moment. With its feathers still on fire, the chick attempted to fight back. However, the flames were frightening the creature, and it merely swung its tail in the opposite direction of its enemy. The Elf took no damage as the chick continued to slam its tail against the ground in terror.
  12. [​IMG]

    Alena's prediction had proven accurate as she easily jumped over the monster's tail. It continued to twirl in place, and the captain saw her opening. Timing it right, she brought her right foot down onto the chick's tail before it passed. She slammed her left foot onto the chick's head, successfully pinning it down. Mana formed into a line as she drew her bow. Wind swirled around her and proceeded to condense, taking shape around the tip of her mana arrow. "Penetrate my enemies. Piercing Line!" The arrow released from Alena's grip, and with great force penetrated the chick's body. An odd sound, like the popping of a bone, rang through the air as the monster underneath Alena's feet simply dissipated into nothingness.

    With her battle over, Alena returned her weapon to its spear form and scanned the battlefield. Her companions were either already done with their fights or wrapping up, so she relaxed her body. She motioned for one of the researchers, who happened to be their healer, to attend to her fallen soldier. Alena examined the other soldiers and researchers, making sure that no one had been injured while she had fought. Once she confirmed that they were unharmed, she faced the battlefield yet again. Now everyone was finished and she stepped forward to address them. "Thank you all for you assistance. Your skills are impressive to say the least." She eyed the black-haired Half-Elf. "Your speed," she faced the Amarcian, "your power," and gaze at the blonde Elf, "and your magic," she returned her eyes to the crowd of four, "it was thanks to your abilities that we had such few casualties." Alena perked up slightly at her own words. "Ah, which reminds me..." She turned to the Amarcian girl. "You are in need of medical assistance. I will inform the healer when he is finished with his current task." Alena smiled and gave a nod. "In a few minutes my company will continue onward to Gerdren. Should any of you who were not a part of my group wish to proceed with us, it would be a pleasure to escort you." Alena gave a bow of her head before she finally made eye contact with Kyren. Alena's kind demeanor diminished as her nose scrunched ever so slightly and her eyes narrowed. "You. Get back in with the researchers. Kids shouldn't be playing hero." With her mind spoken, Alena walked towards her downed soldier to learn of his condition.
  13. Kanade met the chick's charge head-on with a charge of her own. As she passed the chick, she made a single slash with her sword, striking it cleanly. The monster began to disintegrate before it even touched the ground. She flicked the blood off of her sword and sheathed it. The fight was over, for her.

    She nodded at the guard captain's words. "Thank you. I really appreciate it." While she wasn't that badly injured, there was no reason to turn down the offer. Besides, she had a show that night, and it would be much easier to dance for a few hours if she's not worrying about a few cuts and bruises. "I was heading to Gerdren myself, so I'd be happy to travel with your group. I hope I don't delay things too much." She looked at the others ash she waited for her turn with the healer. It was quite the unexpected group, but everyone was quite clearly skilled. It reminded her a bit of her own past, especially the young lady leading the soldiers.
  14. Ealazhar rushed forward at the chick and slashed at it with his scythe, looking at it's disintegrating form with a prideful look. He strapped his weapon back onto his back and turned himself to listen to what this woman had to say. It was obvious she was the leader of this group and had some amazing fighting experience. "It was my pleasure to help you all. It was one of the things I was taught in my childhood. I'm to help all of those that I can." The elf turned to Kanade when he heard that the woman was hurt. "Oh, you're injured? Please, allow me. First Aid!" A small, green glow encompassed Kanade and her little cuts and small bruises disappeared as if they were never there in the first place. "There, all better." Ealazhar finished his sentance with a small smile.
  15. Kyren laughed lightheartedly as he lithely leaped out of the chick’s attack. Oh, he’s mad now! he thought to himself as the chick furiously ran towards him once again. And Kyren was okay with that. Casting a spell directly beneath him, he waited until the last possible second before jumping backwards shouting, “Stone Blast!” He then watched as rocks and earth burst from the spot where he had been standing, where the chick was now. The small creature was battered from all sides until its body began to disintegrate, one last angry cheep managing to escape the doomed monster’s mouth before it dissipated completely.

    “That was an egg-cellent finish, if I do say so myself. Which I do.”

    He looked around and saw that everyone else was cleaning up their own respective fights. Alena in particular had devised a rather gruesome end for her opponent. Kyren was a little irritated, her finishing blow had been more spectacular than his, he would have to outdo her later. As the group collected itself after the battle, treating wounds and getting the convoy back into order, Alena addressed the group who had participated in the battle. She gave everyone compliments in turn, thanking them for their assistance in the fight. Kyren waited for his turn, eagerly awaiting the reluctant admittance of his own contribution, the look on Alena’s face when she would have to thank him would be priceless. But no such thing happened. In fact, Alena’s words were very harsh towards Kyren.

    “I’m a kid now? Fine, fine don’t thank me. A kid doesn’t deserve thanks, I guess. Sure, this kid will be going now, he turned and started to make his way back towards the researchers, and as he went he said to himself, loud enough so Alena could hear, “But I guess I can’t be held responsible for anything I do, then. I am a kid after all, I don’t know any better. My mental and emotional immaturity might get the better of me.” He turned and flashed a wicked grin at Alena before sauntering into the convoy. He would get her back for that comment, eventually. And he knew just what he was going to do.

    But revenge aside, quite the interesting group had formed around Alena. And as Kyren always said (to himself and anyone who would listen), The best way to find out about a person, is to see what’s in their pockets. Of course, as a skilled thief, he knew he could not make any moves right away. The Amarcian girl was good with a sword, Kyren didn’t want to end up on the wrong side of it. The other Half-Elf was probably physically stronger, Kyren guessed he had formal training at some point. While Kyren could probably match him for speed, he lacked the discipline the other Half-Elf possessed. And finally, the pure Elf had those two scythes and a fearsome control of the arcane at his command. Kyren was no slouch when it came to magic ability, but again he was primarily self-taught. If he wasn’t careful he could end up tenderized, barbequed, and skewered by the lot of them. So he was going to bide his time and “borrow” from them when their guard was down. This would be a trial run, to see if any of them gave reactions as good as Alena did. He smiled as he rejoined the researchers, which made many of them check their pockets nervously. “I can’t wait to get to Gerdren guys!”
  16. Kanade signed in relief as she was healed. "Thank you." She looked Ealazar over, studying him carefully. "You're...not part of the expedition group, are you? I guess that makes you another good samaritan like me." She gave him a well-practiced smile. "There aren't too many people who run toward the fight when monsters show up. I'm...former military." She fidgeted a bit after making that statement. It might be true, but it was a far cry from what she was doing now, even if her skills haven't been completely rusted. "Anyway, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Kanade." She really hoped nobody had heard of her. Dealing with a few fans wouldn't be a problem, but shattering some of their illusions about her was never something she enjoyed. Still ,she offered her hand to the elf. "Nice to meet you."
  17. [​IMG]

    An image of Alena strangling Kyren popped into the captain's head as she watched Kyren walk away. She refrained from lunging at him, and instead lightly cursed under her breath. "Stupid knife-eared brat." However, Kyren's words were not only causing anger, but also succeeded in flaring up Alena's paranoia. Her things were important to her, no matter what they were, and all the memories of Kyren stealing them flooded her mind. Alena patted her armor, making sure her wallet was still on her person. Feeling only slightly relieved, the captain walked to Mirboro and knelt down. The healer held his glowing staff over the soldier's stomach and after a few seconds ceased. "He'll be fine Captain. He had a little internal bleeding, but nothing serious." Alena gave the healer a nod, both of understanding and thanks. She rose and approached one of her more burly men. "Please carry Mirboro to Gerdren, I don't want to wait around here for him to awaken. We're completely exposed." The man saluted his captain and left. Alena paced around the group, keeping an eye out for any more monsters, as well as ensuring that no one needed further assistance. She noted that the scythe-wielding man had healed the Amarcian, which she appreciated. After seven minutes had passed, Alena moved to the front of the group and cupped her mouth with her hands. "Alright troops, time to move out!" She watched as everyone bundled together and they began their march to Gerdren.

    The rest of the trip was quiet. No more monsters were met, and the weather stayed agreeable. As they neared Gerdren, the massive stone city seemed to grow larger and larger. They reached the Farm Division, and a few of the farmers gave a friendly wave as the travelers proceeded down the road. Some of the farm kids trotted alongside them, asking several questions about where they came from and what they were doing. Soon the group made it into the Forest Division, and the sun was blotted out by the canopy above. The sound of chopping could be heard in the distance, and the squeal of a boar rang out. After an hour of walking, the trekkers finally reached a large gate, and a Dwarf at the entrance asked their business. Alena stepped forward, but kept her distance from the Dwarf so she wouldn't have to look too far down at him. "We travel from Meltokio. These are the researchers that are to be delivered to the Information Hub." Alena pulled out a letter with the seal of Martel on it, and the Dwarf waved them through. Giving the being a nod of thanks, Alena too motioned for the group to follow her within.

    The Trade Division was bustling with life as everyone seemed to flow through the streets. The stone buildings were reserved for larger businesses or multiple small ones, while the rest set up stalls along the lanes. The researchers and soldiers paused to await Alena's direction. She motioned to one of her soldiers, a Dwarf who had moved to Meltokio from Gerdren a few years back. "You know where the Information Hub is, correct?" He nodded. "Then please take the lead, we will follow." The Dwarf gave a salute, and yelled for the group to follow. Alena weaved through the men and women and stopped before the newcomers. "Again, thank you for your assistance earlier. With our safe arrival at Gerdren, I assume we will part ways. However, I would like to know your names so I may put in a good word for you both to my superiors. Who knows? It may help repay your kindness in some way. And should either of you require any aid in the future, please look me up, Meltokio Captain of the Guard, Alena Wilder." Alena gave a salute and awaited their response.
  18. Ealazhar smiled and nodded at Kanade. "Oh, no. I'm not of this caravan. Just traveling the world, helping those I can. My name is Ealazhar. Ealazhar Ryouga." Giving a slight bow to Kanade, he faintly addressed the fact that this might be that performer he had heard about, but never encountered this woman himself. He was about to speak, but he turned to listen to the captain speak. With a nod, Ealazhar continued walking with the group, speaking to few as they walked.

    Looking around, Ealazhar was amazed by the changing of the scenes. From farm, to forest, to the trade center for the Dwarvish capitol. Being snapped out of his reverie by Alena speaking, he nodded and stepped forward, giving a slight bow to her.
    "Ealazhar Ryouga, of the Ryouga House of Elves. It is a pleasure to have met your acquaintance, Miss Wilder." With a kind smile, Ealazhar righted himself up. He didn't know if the Ryouga house was a world-known house of elves, but he didn't even think of that right now. "Forgive my quick departure, but there is information I seek, and this is my next stop. May the Goddess Martel watch over you all." With another bow, the Elf began walking away.
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