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  1. A friend and I have been working on an RP that will be based heavily on the Tales of Series. Fans would be great to see, but I have been working to make it friendly to all people!

    The plot is still in development, but being a Tales of rp, expect it to be a Fantasy rp with a mix of tech. I do have some information to share, mainly the battle system. I would love to hear opinions, suggestions, and of course, hear people's interest! The rp isn't set for OOC just yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

    Anyway, without further ado, some of the information on the rp. (sorry for the possible double spoilers, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the problem)

    Show Spoiler
    Humans - The most diverse of the races, humans are round-eared beings with the most potential. They can learn most trades and can use magic. However, their skills probably won't be able to surpass a different race that would specialize in that skill. Humans make up the greatest percentage on Morelia.

    Elves - Pointy-eared beings with weaker constitutions but a strong connection to Mana, this race is known to produce the strongest of magic-users. Elves are the only race capable of summoning the Summon Spirits. Elves tend to look down on humans as lesser beings and prefer to keep to themselves. Elves live for thousands of years, and grow slowly. A 100-year-old Elf would only appear to be 10 years old.

    Half Elves - With both elf and human blood in them, half elves are rejected by both. These beings have pointy ears like elves, as well as a stronger affinity for magic, but are a bit more durable than their Elven relatives. Half Elves age slowly, but not as slowly as full-blooded Elves. A 20-year-old Half Elf would look around 10.

    Dwarves - Short, bearded beings with excellent crafting skills, this race is filled with talented blacksmiths. Though they have little magical abilities, they still possess the ability to craft extraordinary magical items. When it comes to working with stone, metal, and wood, these are the beings to turn to. They have their own city that is open to the world for trade, making it the central trading hub. Dwarves have a code known as the Dwarven Vows. This list of sayings are memorized by every Dwarf, whether they like it or not. Dwarven women are actually bearded as well, but some choose to shave. Dwarves are the second most common race.

    Amarcians - A technologically advanced race, Amarcians are whizzes at anything mechanical. Their use of Mana and machine has helped them build a futurist enclave that can only be reached through a teleporter. This race looks identical to humans and can only be identified by their hair with the top being white and the ends transitioning into shades of green or red. Amarcians have been commissioned at times to help produce more advanced weaponry. Due to their extremely recessive genes, Amarcians are few and far between.

    *Note: While a human and elf produce a Half Elf, the same does not apply for Amarcians or Dwarves. When it comes to Dwarves and Amarcians having a child with either a human or each other, the child will be the dominant race. (Least dominant < dominant = Amarcian < Human < Dwarf) [sidenote, a Human or Dwarf with an Amarcian parent WILL NOT have multi-colored hair. Only full-blooded Amarcians do]

    *Additional Note: When does human/elven blood dilute? The best way I can answer that is this: When an Elf and a Human have a child, it is Half Elf. If that child marries a Human, they will still have a Half Elf. If that one marries a Human, they too will produce a Half Elf. If that last child has a baby with a Human, the baby will now be considered Human. In more technical terms, the least amount of Elven blood can only be to 1/8th. Once it becomes 1/16th Elven, the child will be Human. This can also work the other way if the Half Elves can continue to nab Elven lovers. If that explanation was as horrible as I think it was, feel free to ask and I'll try to explain it better.

    The World of Morelia:
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    Elements: Morelia is made up of eight elements total. The relations to them are as follows:

    Light <---> Darkness​

    Fire <---> Ice​

    Water <---> Lightning​

    Wind <---> Earth​

    In other words, they are effective against each other. If an elemental attack hits an enemy of the same element, the damage will be half.

    Summon Spirits: The Summon Spirits are entities completely comprised of Mana. It is said only one with a strong affinity for magic can summon them. However, this is mere speculation, for no one has been able to make a pact with them as of yet. The known Summon Spirits are listed below:

    Efreet - Summon Spirit of Fire​

    Undine - Summon Spirit of Water​

    Sylph - Summon Spirit of Wind​

    Luna & Aska - Summon Spirits of Light​

    Celsius - Summon Spirit of Ice​

    Volt - Summon Spirit of Lightning​

    Gnome - Summon Spirit of Earth​

    Shadow - Summon Spirit of Darkness​

    It is believed that there are others out there, but they are surely the strongest of their kind and are hypothesized to only appear to those who are worthy.

    Battle System:
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    In General = The battle system will be based off from Tales of Graces. Everyone can have two fighting styles that they can switch between. The following are the three types of basic styles you can choose from:

    1) One weapon with two 'modes' = An example would be having one sword with a sheathed mode and an unsheathed mode (like Asbel from Tales of Graces)

    2) Two weapons with their own styles = An example would be dualblades that can turn into guns [don't ask me how] (like Hubert from Tales of Graces)

    3) One weapon and magic = An example would be throwing daggers and being able to cast spells (like Cheria from Tales of Graces)​

    You must pick one style and stick with it. If you are unsure which fighting style your weapon falls into, feel free to ask!

    Weapons = The Tales of Series is known for having both common and fantastical weapons, so go wild! However, I ask that people try to avoid having carbon copies. (as long as your style is different enough though, the same weapons are okay) Also, the GMs might have to nerf your weapon, so please be understanding.

    *Note: In this world, guns don't use bullets, but instead use mana blasts. If I need to explain this more, please ask!​

    Artes/Spells = Artes and spells must be assigned a low, mid, or high rank. Low ranked artes/spells can be used multiple times in one *round, while only one high rank skill can be used within the same amount of time. You can either use pre-made artes/spells from the Tales of Series, or you can make up your own. It is also acceptable to edit existing artes/spells to work with your fighting style. [Ex: Turning "Sword Rain" into "Spear Rain"]

    Artes = Artes are special weapon attacks. Artes can simply be physical, or can have an element associated with them. Though more powerful than just using your weapon, they can sometimes leave one open for a counter attack if not careful. {if anyone would like example artes for a weapon/fighting style, I'll see if I can find a suitable example or three} It is a rule that artes must be yelled out when executing or a phrase that goes along with that arte (because we love our unneccesary shouting in battle)

    Spells = Spells are magical attacks powered by Mana. Mana doesn't run out, so it is the caster's own willpower and inherent skills that determine how many spells they can use and how powerful they are. Spells take time to charge, needing a chant to use them. During that time, said person cannot move without interrupting the spell. The higher rank the spell, the longer the person must concentrate. {if anyone would like example spells, maybe for a specific element, I'll see if I can find some suitable examples} It is a rule that the chants must be said aloud, and the name of the spell must be uttered upon using it (because we're dramatic like that)​

    *Round = A "round" in this rp will basically be a single post from everyone.​

    To begin with, everyone can start with 2 special attacks for each 'mode', meaning 4 artes for non-magic-users while magic-users will have two artes and 2 spells.

    Guard/Magic Guard and Evading = These are inherent abilities that everyone will start with.

    Guard = Using a weapon or shield, a person protects himself/herself against physical attacks. Guard will not null all damage unless there are very special circumstances.

    Magic Guard = Encasing himself/herself in a small mana barrier, a person will protect himself/herself against magic and bullets. Magic Guard will not null all damage unless there are very special circumstances.

    Evading = You must state exactly where your character is dodging to (direction-wise). The plan is to have some (if not all) enemies have a side-swipe attack, a short distance frontal attack, a long distance frontal attack, and a back attack. I will use magical GM rolling to see how the monster will attack to determine whether you evade it or not. If the attack misses, you take no damage. If the attack hits, however, you will take all the damage. (if you say you jumped sideways, I will assume it was either left or right and a side-swipe attack WILL hit you)​

    *Note: These abilities listed above WILL NOT count towards your artes/spells limit.​

    Elemental Limits = There will be limits set on the possible elements a person can use.

    1) Non-magic-users can have a max of 3 elements associated with their artes.

    2) Common magic-users can have a max of 6 elements associated with their artes/spells.

    3) The summoner can use all 8 elements.​

    Though magic-users/summoners can use more elements, artes/spells will be limited. Because of this, they will certainly have weaker elements. [if this doesn't make sense, please ask me and I'll try to explain better]

    Accel Mode = After a certain plot point, everyone will have access to an ability called Accel Mode. Accel Mode can only be activated once per battle, and I will be secretly rolling to determine whether people can enter it or not. When you are given the okay, you can either activate it then, or wait until the next battle. However if you save it for the next battle, you can still only enter the mode once in that battle. After Accel Mode is used, I will not begin rolling to see if you can use it again until the next battle. (I may automatically give everyone/some people Accel Mode for plot reasons).

    Accel Mode for the Summoner - The summoner's Accel Mode is the ability to summon the Summon Spirits to help in battle. It will take a round to recite the entire chant, but you cannot be interrupted. Different summons will have different affects, most (if not all) will have two (either being an attack and buff, attack and heal, or buff and heal). The Summon Spirit will be there for the entire 2nd round, then disappear at the end of it. The summoner must recuperate the 3rd round. The first summon received through plot will already have its ability planned, but all the others can be collaborated on if you would like to have a say in your Summon Spirits abilities. (or I can just make them up)

    Accel Mode for everyone else - For every other character, Accel Mode will last 1 round (possibly two later in the rp). It can be a buff to your character, a change to your fighting style (which may include new artes/spells), or a giant attack (that either does medium damage to all enemies or large damage to a single enemy). However, you can only pick one! Be creative and have fun!

    *How Accel Modes are Fair: Though the summoner has a multitude of summons which are going to be pretty powerful (minus the plot summon), there is balance. The Summon Spirits must be found and a pact must be made. It's possible that the summoner won't find all the spirits or that he/she can't convince it to make a pact. Not to mention the 2 rounds of semi-idling about. Non-summoners will have only one ability, but said ability will grow stronger with their character.​

    Buffs and Debuffs = During battles, there will be a possibility of being afflicted with or afflicting enemies with status ailments. They are common debuffs, such as lower attack/magic power, lower defense/magical defense, and lower speed. Buffs will raise the previously mentioned parameters.

    Battle Items = Everyone will start with 3 Apple Gels and 1 Life Bottle.More items can either be bought in towns or dropped by enemies. The items are as follows:

    Apple Gel - Heals 30% of max HP to one ally.

    Lemon Gel - Heals 60% of max HP to one ally.

    Life Bottle - Revives one knocked-out ally with 30% of max HP healed.

    Panacea Bottle - Cures all status ailments for one ally

    *Note: Though the items give percentages for healing, they are more to give you an idea of how much they heal.​

    Character Creation Rules:
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    One character per person! I want us to focus on developing one character and interacting with each other. Also, if a person decides to drop for whatever reason, it's easier to write out one character than multiple.

    Canon characters cannot be played in this rp. However, you can make pretend descendents. What do I mean by this? You can create a character that looks like a child of an existing character(s), even give them the same last name. However, please do not mention any events that your ancestor/parent might have done involving the plot of their game. In fact, try to avoid talking about the characters too much in your history section. Try to be subtle! {My character is an example of using canon characters as parents, but trying not to be too blatantly obvious.} And please keep in mind that differing Head-canon is okay because the plot allows it! (hooray for making weird multi-verse plots that break time and space!)

    Due to plot reasons, there can only exist one summoner (and said summoner must be a full-blooded elf). I am sorry, but it will most likely be first come, first serve.

    No multi-color hair unless you are Amarcian, and make sure to follow the rules on that please.

    People in the fandom, feel free to comment if you feel something is odd (a race is being used improperly, etc). I am by no means an expert on all things Tales of, and it's possible we will have rpers who aren't familiar with the fandom. However please be respectful with your comments and understand that there might be slight editing of such things in order to work with plot.

    People not in the fandom, please understand that those of us in the fandom might be a bit picky. This is nothing against you. We just don't like seeing things changing in a way we don't think fits. We will do our best to be respectful and work with you to make everything work out.

    And there you have it! Again, any feedback would be great! And if anyone would like to help in any way with possible sub-plot or locations, shoot me a PM!

    Thank you to any and all who may have read all of this!
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  2. Hello, I've been helping Xylime with plot and world-building for this idea, and while I would love to give a complete rundown on what we have planned should this idea ever get off the ground, it is hard to talk about plot without giving away the twists and turns in the story.

    Needless to say, we are trying very hard to keep with the spirit of the "Tales of ..." series, this means that although the RP will get pretty serious at some points, there will also be a lot of humor. So if you tend to play serious characters, be prepared to be the straight man. And if you play the goofball characters, you will probably feel right at home. Both Xylime and I hope that it will be a fun experience for those familiar with the games as well as those who aren't so familiar with them.

    Anyhoo, here's a prologue or intro or something along those lines to give an idea of the starting scenario you might find yourselves in, should this take off.

    The world of Morelia was once home to many differing forms of life. They coexisted, sometimes resolving their differences through negotiation and sometimes through conflict. However, the appearance of a comet in the night sky threw the order of the world into chaos. Powerful creatures fell from the comet and began to wreak havoc upon the land. The threat of this new enemy forced the different races to form an uneasy alliance..

    The leaders of the three largest races, the humans, elves, and dwarves, fight a tenuous battle against the monsters, hoping to stall their advance until a method for effectively combating the creatures is developed.

    Our story begins during one of these defensive maneuvers, a number of “volunteers” have been hastily assembled into a force to stall an oncoming monster attack while the researchers who have been studying how best to combat the monsters escape to the fortified dwarven capital with their research.


    I haven't even read everything in detail. I just glanced over and saw "Graces," "Artes," and "Gels" somewhere in the text and just fangasmed.

    I know I''d be up for this, especially if I read this through diligently, lol.

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  4. I want in! I only have Tales of Symphonia, but I loved it, and this sounds like lots of fun! <3
  5. Yay! A reaction! When Xylime first posted this up and no one responded we were getting worried. I've only played Tales of Symphonia myself, so that's why Xylime's the head honcho, she's so knowledgeable.

    I guess you can count Tales of Vs. Though I don't really know what's happening half the time in that game (it's in Japanese).
  6. Mhm, I hope this gets off the ground!
  7. Thank you both for your interest! I'm relieved to know that there are other fans out there.

    I think our current obstacle is world building. So, do you two have any favorite towns/dungeons/etc that you would like to see make appearances? (Can list multiple) They just might be made a part of the world!
  8. Well, I love the idea of a desert oasis city, and the need for a ship to go to another continent or two seems neat.
  9. As we work on stuff leading up to the official OOC, Liam and I will try to give you guys update to keep interest.

    We have 3 things today:

    1) I forgot to mention, the currency in this world is referred to as Gald.

    2) Here is a list of the current cities (more will be added, everyone can feel free to suggest some):

    Tales of Symphonia = Mizuho / Meltokio

    Tales of Graces = Amarcian Enclave / Yu Liberte

    Tales of the Abyss = Akzeriuth

    Tales of Xillia = Fennmont / Kanbalar

    Original Cities = Calmeer {Human} / Gerdren {Dwarf} / Hahlniel {Elf} / Fasimiel {Half-Elf}​

    *Some cities might be a little different from the games. If you want any specifics on any of the cities, questions are more than welcome!

    3) Character Sheet Skeleton
    Show Spoiler
    General Information:



    Actual Age:

    Apparent Age (if applicable):



    City of Birth:




    Battle Information:

    Weapon(s) and Fighting Style:



    Accel Mode:

    If you guys have any additional suggestions for the CS skeleton, please let us know! Also, if you would like to get started on your character sheets, feel free to PM any ideas (or your finished CS) to Liam and me.
  10. We have received through PM our first interest for the summoner. If anyone else was interested in being the summoner, please let us know ASAP! For now, at least say you are interested & your CS can come later. I just want 2 give people a chance in case they were working on a summoner CS but didn't say anything.

    *For future reference, please include both Liam and me in the PMs if possible. Thank you! (^.^)
  11. Okay, so Xylime and I are still finishing up world-building and the OOC, but we had a few updates to share with you all.

    1) We have one CS for the summoner spot, if no one else expresses a desire to be the summoner within the next two days, our summoner will be decided upon.

    2) On a related note, while there can only be one summoner (plot reasons), and the summoner has to be an elf (plot reasons) this does not mean no one else can be an elf. Xylime and I weren't sure if that was clear, so now it is.

    3) Xylime and I were discussing weaponry and came to this conclusion, we will not be allowing weapons that passively are attuned with any specific element. This is to prevent people from using elements outside of the ones they have chosen. Since we are kinda limiting how the summoner can be customized we wanted the summoner to be able to do something no one else could (aside from summoning stuff), so only the summoner can wield any element.

    Again thanks for your interest and Xylime and I will try to have the OOC up soon.
  12. Another update-ish for those watching. One, since there were no objections, we have our summoner! Two, I found out that I will be internet-less from April 26 to around the 3rd of May. So the goal during my mini hiatus is to:

    1) Finish world building (I am jealous of people who are good at it)

    2) Give each town/city a description so it's easier for people to pick their hometowns.

    3) It may not be pretty, but hopefully we will have a map to give everyone an idea of what Morelia looks like and where places are relative to each other.

    And with those done, the OOC should be created in early May! Thank you everyone for your patience! If anyone has any questions/comments/suggestions, voice them here or in PM!
  13. I'm a fan of Tales of Symphonia, although that's...pretty much it for Tales series games I've really played. I do like the idea of all this, although I do wonder just how you'll be instituting the battle system, as it seems quite involved. I'm...not sure if I'd join in for fear of accidentally butchering something of the setting, but it does sound really cool overall and I have an idea or two that might be fun.

    ...and I might as well actually share those ideas. One is a general idea of a mage who, borrowing a bit from another series I like, doesn't so much chant their spells as sing them (or is at least some sort of singer, which would mostly be fulff/titles). The other is that some previous character art I made coincidentally might fit the Amarican race, so I might look into playing one.
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  14. I am a highly avid fan of the Tales series and I've been following it since Phantasia on the good old SNES. Consider me definitely interested in this once its up!
  15. @R-9 Pilot Actually, a lot of this RP will be based off of Symphonia. Xylime and I are trying to explain everything so that even people who haven't played the Tales of series before would be able to join in the fun. As far as the battle system goes it will mainly be RP based, but Xylime and I will be doing some behind the scenes rolling for hits and misses, but that's just to help prevent godmodding. We don't want to stifle anyone's creativity, but we don't want any one person wiping out an entire army with their pinky finger. Unless it's plot-related.

    And the idea of a singing spellslinger isn't too world-breaking. Tear from Tales of the Abyss actually does sing some of her higher level spells, so that would be fine. If you want you can send any ideas you have for characters to me and Xylime and we can help sort out what would be considered world-breaking.

    @ReaperOfFlames Glad to have another fan on board!

    And everyone who has expressed their interest so far, thank you for your patience and your continued interest.
  16. That's cool. Glad it's not as unusual an idea as it seemed, although clearly going too far toward its source (Ar Tonelico) likely would be. I suppose I'd also have to decide whether I'd want to focus a mage character on being either a "pure" spellcaster, or more like Kratos or Zelos and keeping that even mix between front line combat and magic.
  17. My internet returned early, so Liam and I had a long meeting to get everything sorted out, and we are sooooo close I can taste it! (It tastes like apple gel)

    We have all our towns decided on and Liam is working to make a nice map! Which believe me, will look so much better than my horrible attempt at drawing it >.<

    If anyone has any questions while Liam and I finalize things, don't be afraid to ask!
  18. Alright, I PROMISE!!! This will be the last update to this thread before the OOC begins! Liam has been hard at work making the map fancy while I've been writing out a boat load of city descriptions. (...okay, not thaaaat many)

    So here it is, the list of continents and their cities along with some descriptions. (A map will be included in the official OOC)

    Continent and City Descriptions: (open)
    Continent of Leio = Leio is not only the largest continent, but also the most diverse of the three with its snowy terrain, large mountain range, expansive plains, lush forests, and sandy beaches. The capitol of Leio is the Dwarven city of Gerdren.

    Akzeriuth - Nestled in the mountains, Akzeriuth is a natural mining city. It is crater-like and has natural walls surrounding it. Akzeriuth descends into the earth, and contains numerous mine shafts for excavation purposes. The living residences are built into the wall itself. The minerals surrounding the area of Akzeriuth are highly valued, raw materials needed to make various weapons and armor. Gerdren takes advantage of this and has a direct trade link with the city. Akzeriuth is filled mainly with humans and dwarves, though an Amarcian or two may be found there developing mining equipment.

    Altamira - Altamira, the Seaside Paradise, is a seaside resort popular for the Lezareno Company's headquarters, large beach, shopping center, casino, and theme park. Its mascot is the Klonoa, and attendants in the casino work in bunny lingerie. The Lezareno Company works closely with the Amarcians to create machinery for Akzeriuth, as well as other cities around Morelia.

    Capua Nor - Capua Nor is a port city on the western side of Leio. Though not as lively as Gerdren or even Altamira, Capua Nor has its fair share of ships coming and going. Capua Nor is commonly linking with its sister city, Capua Torim, on the continent of Pell. The easiest passage to be found is between these two ports. Capua Nor's main commodity is fish.

    Gerdren - The capitol of Leio, Gerdren is a massive Dwarven city. It is the main city for all trade in Morelia and if there is anything one wishes to buy, chances are it's in Gerdren. Gerdren is filled with subdivisions surrounding the core part of the city where the trade commences.

    The Plains Division where farmers grow their crops and raise animals. This division is commonly filled with Humans and Half-Elves.

    The Forest Division is filled with hunters and lumberjacks, as well as craftsmen who use those resources to create accessories and weapons. This division is filled mainly with Humans and Dwarves.

    The Mountain Division is a small mining community, and though it may not be as large as Akzeriuth, it still is a large contributor of gems and common materials. Some craftsmen also live in this division. The main bulk of this community consists of Dwarves.

    The Trade Division is the central hub of Gerdren and the largest division. Traders from all over Morelia gather here to sell their wares This part of the city is surrounded by a large wall to keep monsters out. Within this part of the city is also building devoted to the collection of information, for that also can be sold. To the back of this division lives the ruler of Leio, the King of the Dwarves.​

    Kanbalar - On the far reaches of northern Leio is Kanbalar. This frozen city is the most isolated one in Leio, and the residents wouldn't have it any other way. Preferring more solitary lives, the people of Kanbalar are hardy folk who believe in survival of the strongest. They live off from fish and tundra animals, and don't much care for material things. That isn't to say they don't appreciate the hard work and beauty that is put into these things, and this shows at their annual ice sculpture festival.​

    Continent of Pell = Pell is the second largest continent and is home to the Ymir Forest, which spans most of the land mass. The Elven city of Hahlniel is the capitol.

    Amarcian Enclave - Hidden in the southern part of Pell is a teleporter which leads to the Amarcian Enclave. The enclave itself is a technological wonder, being a giant dome underneath the frozen wasteland. Using their Mana machines, the Amarcians have created a giant light source that also radiates heat. All the buildings are infused with Mana, and aside from more knowledge, the Amarcians want for nothing. Many Amarcians have leave the comfort of their homes to research Morelia and better their technology. Whenever they return home, it is customary to bring something with them to better the enclave, whether it's another food source, a blueprint for a new machine, or a new book to add to their vast library. It is a rule that no Amarcian share the location of their enclave with anyone.

    Capua Torim - A port on the northern side of Pell, Capua Torim is a fishing community like its sister port. Unsurprisingly, Capua Torim has many Half-Elves due to its close proximity to the Elven city of Hahlniel.

    Fennmont - Situated on the very tip of northeastern Pell, Fennmont is best known for the Talim Medical School, the Laforte Research Center, and its unique climate. It is always night in Fennmont, and thus the city is always lit. Fennmont developed a magic specifically made to use small trees as street lamps. Oddly, only the city of Fennmont has methods of combining Mana and nature. The Laforte Research Center is devoted to developing more ways to use Mana-infused nature, ranging from natural comforts to weaponry. The Talim Medical School is an institute where any race can learn to enhance their healing magic through study. A clinic is connected to the school where the students intern to become full doctors and nurses. This clinic is said to be the best in all of Morelia. Fennmont also has its own port known as Fennmont Seahaven which is directly connected to the city.

    Hahlniel - Within the center of the Ymir Forest is the Pell capitol of Hahlniel. This Elven city is home to the Lord of the Elves and houses the most number of Elves in Morelia. Hahlniel was built in a clearing within the forest and is completely surrounded by a wall of trees except for a small opening in the southern part of the city. In the northern part of the city is where the Lord resides, along with the more prominent Elven families. On the outskirts of the city near the entrance lies a tiny hamlet. This hamlet is where Elves who have chosen non-Elven lovers are placed, along with their families. Elves who live here are stripped of any influence they may have had and looked down upon by most of the city dwellers. Though socially outcast, the residents live in relative comfort.

    Pure Elf Colony - Long ago Hahlniel isolated itself from the other races, refusing to allow entrance to anyone who wasn't an Elf. However, as time went by, the Elves became more lenient of their neighbors, and started allowing entry into the city. A faction of the Elves despised this new leniency and hence broke off from Hahlniel. The Elves moved closer to the mountains where they found a large waterfall and created their colony here. The town builds its homes in wood with rooms of thatch on elevated shafts of wood. Numerous rivers cut through, requiring the presence of bridges. It is a peaceful place where its inhabitants live a quiet life. Other races are strictly forbidden to enter unless they acquire a seal from the Lord of Elves.​

    Continent of Arl = Arl is the smallest of the continents and the only one to possess a desert. The capitol is the Human city of Calmeer. Due to how separated the cities are from each other, there is no set ruler of Arl.

    Aurnion - Aurnion lies within a valley nestled next to the mountains. It is known best for its vast orchards where a large variety of fruits can be grown. The inhabitants are free-spirited and open, welcoming any and all who take the time to travel to their humble town. Despite their openness, the town gets few visitors other than the occasional traveling merchant. There is no true authority figure in Aurnion, however it is commonly the town elder that is turned to in a crisis.

    Calmeer - The Human city of Calmeer is the capitol of Arl. Though open to all races, there is an air of Human supremacy, though rarely is there full-blown discrimination. Though there is a class system, the lower class is by no means poor, nor is the upper class exceedingly rich. Calmeer has strong ties to the Lezareno Company. The leader of the city is a nobleman known as the Arl of Calmeer. There is also a Council filled with the most influential nobles of Calmeer.

    Oul Raye - Oul Raye is the main port of Arl. Anyone who wants to get to Yu Liberte would be smart to take a boat to Oul Raye and follow the trail connecting it to the desert city. Oul Raye does quite well by supplying travelers with the supplies needed for a trek through the desert. Alternatively there is a special transport crafted by the Amarcians that can carry travelers to Yu Liberte. However, the vehicle only makes the journey once every three months and costs a large amount of gald.

    Yu Liberte - The desert city of Yu Liberte is a rundown place. It was said that once water flowed plentiful in the city. Supposedly there were fountains of water that arched over walkways like rainbows. However, nowadays all that remains is the oasis in the government district. Luckily it has not dried out, but water is limited. While other cities worry more about the monster attacks, Yu Liberte instead worries about their water crisis and measures are being taken to try and fix the problem. Yu Liberte has a democracy where they vote for the leader with the title of President.​

    Isles of Mir = The Isles of Mir are the most unique land masses of Morelia. They consist of three islands that are connected by a small strip of land. This strip is only passable during a specific time of the year, the rest of the time it is below the water. The small island in the center is a rainforest wrought with danger, so it is unadvised to travel that way. The Half-Elf city of Fasimiel located on the largest of the islands is the capitol.

    Fasimiel - The capitol of the Isles of Mir, Fasimiel, was created long ago as a haven for Half-Elves. Though other races are allowed to visit Fasimiel and trade, none may take up residence unless they are the parents of a Half-Elf child. Fasimiel suffers from reverse discrimination. Since Elves and Humans looked down upon the Half-Elves in cities like Hahlniel and Calmeer, the Half-Elves of Fasimiel look down upon any Humans or Elves that find their way into the city. Only the parents of Half-Elves are spared from the borderline cruel treatment that many Humans and Elves run into in Fasimiel. The ruler of Fasimiel is the Matriarch.

    Meltokio - Meltokio, situated on the western side of the Fooji Mountains, is split into four districts. The Slums are filled with dirt poor humans, with a few unlucky Half-Elves mingled in. The houses are made of clay and the streets aren't paved. The middle class is filled with merchants and researchers who live at ground level in the Commoner's Quarters. Shops and the central square are in the Middle District. The nobles who live in the Upper District in the highest part of town can get away with doing little to nothing and yet still possess large quantities of gald. Meltokio has four places of note.

    The Coliseum located in the Middle District is where warriors fight for the amusement of commoners and nobles alike. A prison is connected directly to the coliseum, and sometimes the prisoners are sent to fight the warriors and can have their sentences lessened if they win. Some nobles actually train fighters in hopes of betting on them and winning big. Warriors who can prove their mettle win large sums of gald and sometimes unique weapons, along with recognition. There are two tournaments types held, solo battles and group battles.

    The Elemental Research Centre is located in the Commoner's Quarters close to the Slums. This facility researches the summon spirits of Morelia as well as the monsters plaguing the world. Most of the researchers are Half-Elves, though it is rumored that the lead Human scientists tend to take credit for the discoveries made by their Half-Elf subordinates.

    The Martel Cathedral can be found in the Upper District of Meltokio. The worship of the Goddess Martel is only practiced in this city. Many historians question why only Meltokio possesses this unique religion, but no answers can be found. The Pope is supposedly the messenger of the Goddess and has been trying to spread her word to the other cities to no avail.

    Situated in the noble quarter of the city is the royal palace where the supposed King of Mir resides. The King of Mir and the Matriarch of Fasimiel have been in a longstanding feud over who the rightful ruler of the Isles of Mir is.​

    Mizuho - Hidden on the northwest island of Mir is the village of Mizuho. This village trains ninja, people known for their secrecy and acrobatic feats. No outsiders know of the location of Mizuho due to the maze-like Gaoracchia Forest that surrounds it, not to mention It is forbidden to bring strangers into the village. Mizuho has agents they send out to perform tasks, commonly for the city of Meltokio. Though there are rumors that they have been used for assassinations, the ninja of Mizuho are more commonly used as messengers. No one keeps a secret better than a ninja. It is important to note that everyone in Mizuho has two names. One name is their alias that they use with everyone except family. The other name is their birth name and is only known to family members. When residents of Mizuho marry, they will usually share their birth name with their significant other as a sign of trust.​

    *World Tree Island = This island is situated far from all the rest of the world, for good reason. The World Tree, which supplies the world of Morelia with Mana, resides on this land. The tree takes up most of the island, its roots jutting out of the ground in most places, making settling there impossible. On top of the lack of inhabitable land, the climates are sporadic and impossible to read. One day it's below freezing, the next it's a stifling humid day. Few creatures can adapt to such an environment, and those that have are forces to be reckoned with.

    *Note: No one can come from World Tree Island. Also, no one before the start of the rp could have traveled there.

    If anyone wants a certain "Tales of" city in the rp, please say so now because it will be easier to add them now rather than later. Also, if anyone has a certain dungeon they'd like, let us know! Those should be a little easier to add in whenever.

    Like always, thank you guys for sticking with us! Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome~! (as is constructive criticism)
  19. Interested, I can't say I know too much (I.E. anything) about the plot of the games though. I'm confident I can get around by playing as a character who's largely oblivious to everything.

    I'll PM you two a few questions once I'm done with finals and stuff.
  20. Relish Rock those finals! Literally two minutes before you posted I put up the list of continents and cities (if you didn't already notice). Once you're done with your finals, take a gander at them in case you have any questions about locations and such.
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