Tales of Lilith : The Iscariot Assault

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  1. Lilith was tired. Not physically, for she had great endurance, even in the desolate landscape with minimum rations.

    She was mentally tired, of hearing Tishra complain about the desert, not taking a shower, and having minimum amount of hours of restful sleep.

    Her normally black and velvet hair was now dull from not enough sun, her scythe was getting dull cause her last sharpening stone was broken and torn to bits, and though she despised fashion, her clothes were beaten and tattered.

    But soon, she began to watch a form in the distance, but wasn't sure it was a friendly figure. The tribes were bad down south in the desolate landscape, with the heat rising to over a hundred degrees.
  2. (I have been walking for days, my feet hurt, my energy drained, im tired of this sand. And now im talking to myself, yeah that's great, im losing it.)
    Adrias drops to his hands and knees, the travel had been far to much for his young body. slowly grabbing sand and sifting it through his fingers he looks up. (I am going crazy, i see the damn grim reapers silhouette)
  3. As Lilith came closer to the silhouette, she realized it was a man. Not taking any risk, she told Tishra to hide herself in a glamour. She wasn't hoping to start a fight, but it sounded pleasing to her.
  4. Adrias begins to crawl to the silhouette, slowly.
    (If this is the reaper im done for, if not then im damn lucky, though they could just take advantage of my feeble state..lets hope. )
  5. She came upon what seemed to be a worn man, tired and helpless. She decided it'd be best to move along but her morale kicked in.

    "Do you need help?" She asked. "Or will you try and fight me for my supplies?"
  6. He looked up slowly, face full of sand, words tired and beat"H-elp.."
  7. She saw the man collapse in front of her. She then picked him up and took him off to somewhere they could set up camp.

    Once she found a suitable place, she started a nice warm fire, for it was getting dark soon. She then proceeded to give the man some water. Even if he was semi-conscious.
  8. Adrias was slipping in and out, he touched the hand of the silhouette, he mutters "Angels"
  9. Lily giggled. "Of coarse not. Well, once." She smiled warmly. "I'll be back in a few seconds. Have to get supplies." She smiled warmly, "rest."
  10. Adrias woke up, feeling completely full of energy, small bits of Rock begin to float around him, whats more interesting is HE begins to float, he hops down and stretches and smiles. "OH YEAH! 100% BETTER!" his stomach growls, "Uh well Almost hehe"
  11. "Are you hungry?" Lily asked, seeing the look of starvation in the odd man's eyes. "I brought more supplies. You were out cold for hours." She smiled warmly.

    This was the first contact she's made in months. Well friendly ones that is. Tish wasn't very fond of that last encounter. But of course, she always made it out of tough situations. She was a survivor. And more than that, she was a mother, per say. Tish always looks up to her, and could never let her down.
  12. " I AM STARVING!. when im hungry my abilities get..weird."

    And with that his left foot started to float like a balloon, soon enough Adrias was hanging upside down, smiling big, face going red from the blood rushing to his head. The hood of his coat covering his eyes. His white hair dangling and swaying. His stomach growls violently.
  13. "Here you go" she said cheerfully, smiling at how curious this person was. Floating in the air, without control. She giggled "So where are you from? Would you like to tag along?"
  14. Adrias gladly took the food, eating it upside down, his control finally took hold, after eating he whipped right side up and floated to the ground. "My names Adrias Summerset, im 16 and im from that direction!" He points off randomly, unable to remember much at all. "I think".."Of course, with me on your side no raiders will harm you!" That statement was true Adrias had a very powerful ability, somtimes speratic, somtimes chaotic even.
  15. Lily giggled. Tish was still silent and invisible. But she heard tish giggle too. "Ok then, your strong?" She then stepped in a frame of time, and saw him shoving down food. She decided it'd be funny to mess with him. So she put him upside down and moved his hand so he'd miss his mouth and put the food on his forehead. She thought that would put a smile on Tishra's face.
  16. Adrias was shocked, then laughed, as he did he slowly spun. "Im going to like it here". the last bit of food shot at his new friend teasingly
  17. Lily saw the food flying at her and dodged it. But only by a little. She sneered at the kid and then smiled. She needed friends. "Tish, you can show yourself. I'm sure he's safe."

    Then Tish removed her glamour. "Hi" she said, in that natural angelic voice. Of coarse, fey are part angel and part demon. Luckily she inherited more of the angel side.
  18. Adrias shot back fast in surprise, hitting his back on the ground."Ahhh!, Who are you and why are you invisible!"
  19. Noises in the distance, bad news to him. Ren had always been one to shy away from noises, especially this close to night fall, it usually only meant a fight and the use of energy he didn't feel like sparing for violence. Something however drew him closer somewhat, the smell of food. He'd had his own but this smelled better than the lizards he'd killed earlier. Crawling up a dune, he focused in on a woman and a kid, and with his somewhat special eyes he zoomed in on them like binoculars, watching them almost scanning them with his eyes.

    In his boredom, he decided he would startle them a bit, and stuck his arm into the sand. His arm began to shift underneath the sand robotic parts moving into certain positions into an array of shockwave generators and with the sonic emitters aimed towards the others' general position, triggered a strong sonic shockwave pulse that would make them feel as if they were in an earthquake.
  20. Adrias felt the ground shake, this could be an Attack he thought. Focusing on the other two and himself, with all his ability he brings them off the ground, keeping them safe. Closing his eyes his nose begins to bleed as he surrounds them all in a bubble of force energy. These are his only friends out here he thought, I need to protect them.