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  1. RP: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tales-of-ice-and-vine-rp.21112/

    Tl;dr version: Fairy land!

    One-sentence: Play the part of Fey, half-Fey and others in the wild and alien lands of Faerie.

    Full: The lands of Winter and Summer have ever been at a tense peace, though the Kings and Queens have tried and somewhat succeeded in keeping the relationship mostly peaceful. Time does not flow there as it does in the land of mortals; one may enter young and leave but a second later older than the hills, or enter once and leave no older, yet find the world completely changed. The Fair Lands are connected to mortal lands in many places still, for those who keep to the Old Ways. The Enchanted Woods appear on midsummer's eve and midwinter's morn, the Floating Island comes when sun and rain fall together upon the sea, and since the First Day the Sacred Pillars have ever been a gate between the worlds, for those who know the pass-key.

    Lest any forget, however, Faerie is most certainly not a safe place as mortals use the term. Certainly everything is polite, from the Forest Gentry and the other Fair Folk to the smallest Pixie, Wisp and pebble. Yet the politeness is not simply a tradition as mortals know it, but truly a Tradition, an Old Way, and in Faerie the Old Ways have a power few mortals can guess at. True Names command, Oaths bind, and Hospitality gives the Threefold Return in the most mysterious of ways. The Fey are not like mortals; they weave nets with words yet never lie, spy upon humans yet curse those who watch them, eat entire harvests of grain and are never satisfied yet are full with a saucer of milk. They prank humans by taking away their mouths without considering the implication, and are shocked at human's flesh-eating nature despite their occasional appetite for children's hearts.

    The door is open, the gate is unlocked. The Tales of Ice and Vine are about to be told.



    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    No mountain-moving or forest-burning level powers, keep your powers limited to a region within 50 feet of your character.
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue, never take it beyond conversation.
    Be polite.
    Nobody has higher rank than anyone else besides the GM and the assistant GMs, either in or out of character.
    Please do your best not to swear, and if you must try to limit it.
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No summoning anything larger than twice your size, and never anything greater than your power. Summons cannot summon, and you can't summon yourself or another player.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all Gentle Folk here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster either in Faerie or in the Mortal World. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. This is the OOC thread. Please use it.
    Have fun!


    Current Gentry:

    Prince Andrea di Chimici (aniday) - Half-Fae, Half-Wizard - Summer
    Alfonso Cagliostro (The Wandering Magus) - Half-Fae, Half-Alchemist - Summer, Italian, Irish
    Fay Liliana (kikinki) - Half-Fae, Half-Human - Summer, England
    Nyx (Silver) - Black Dog - Deep Wilds
    Thalia Reed (PPBG) - Kelpie - Summer
    Leita (Mufi) - Selkie - Winter
    <insert gentry="">

    </insert>Sign-up form:

    Race (ogre, hob, brownie, pixie, leprechaun, half-Fey, etc):
    Appearance (clothing, body, etc):
    Personality (arrogant, childish, shy, etc):
    Powers (plant control, fireballs, etc):
    Origin (Summer, Winter, England, Ireland, etc):
    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc):
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
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  2. Re: Tales of Ice and Vine Sign-Up

    Name: Andrea di Chimici

    Race (ogre, hob, brownie, pixie, leprechaun, half-Fey, etc): half-fey

    Appearance (clothing, body, etc): Tall and slender. Beautiful enough to make both men and women look twice, but fey enough to make them feel that their attentions would be better directed towards a normal person. Pale and black-haired, long locks tied back at the base of the neck with a ribbon. Arcane tattoos, sharp and inky-black, trace their way from under his left eye down his neck to disappear under his tunic. Pointed ears, eyes a vivid, unnatural shade of green, like leaves in the summer sun. Very long fingers.

    Personality (arrogant, childish, shy, etc):
    Mocking and sarcastic, capricious, suspicious, doesn't play well with others. He's had to put up with scorn from both faerie and human, after all. Kind to those who treat him with kindness. Arrogant, quick and clever and confident, and startlingly vulnerable if you dig deep enough.

    Powers (plant control, fireballs, etc): Magic-- barrier, influencing and changing inanimate objects, summoning the elements, etc. Possesses your normal faery's powers-- spoiling milk, using glamours, influencing plants-- but can't use them as easily as he uses his wizard's magic. And (in human terms) he's allergic to iron.

    Origin (Summer, Winter, England, Ireland, etc): Summer

    Background/Biography: Born of the Queen of the Summer Court and the mortal wizard who managed to snare her favour for one summer's night, Andrea never did fit in with anyone. Even as a child who didn't know any better, he never would fit in with anyone. Maybe it was because of his ears, or his eyes. Maybe it was the way luck seemed to follow him no matter what he did, or the way those who tried to hurt him would be hurt themselves tenfold. Either way, people learnt to leave him and his father alone. This didn't stop the whispers and the hateful looks that stabbed at him when he went out.
    During his childhood, Andrea was his father's apprentice, and at seventeen, he's all but graduated from his apprenticeship. All that's left is the tests that will test his mettle, knowledge, judgement, and power. For now, he has been sent back to his mother, to serve as part of her court and learn about the fey half of him.

    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc): A intricate, magical ring, carved from wood that will never rot, and set with drops of amber; engraved are magical sigils, both in the ancient language of wizards, and in the tongue of the fey. Not much money at all-- a few bits of copper, maybe.

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes.
  3. Re: Tales of Ice and Vine Sign-Up

    accepted, aniday! Welcome to TIV!
  4. Re: Tales of Ice and Vine Sign-Up

    Name: Alfonso Cagliostro

    Race (ogre, hob, brownie, pixie, leprechaun, half-Fey, etc): Half-Fey

    Appearance (clothing, body, etc): Tall, skinny, handsome though troubled. Physically weak and has a soft voice. Pointed ears, never wears shoes unless absolutely necessary and even then only cloth shoes. Deep green-brown eyes, long hair that never tangles, wears only plant-based fiber. No piercings or tattoos or birthmark, neatly trimmed fingernails, dusty calloused soles but delicate skin. Slightly tanned though originally pale, blends in well with natural substances such as stone or wood. Has a pouch of herbs about his neck and several talisman gifts from his mother, father and Baba Yaga.

    Personality (arrogant, childish, shy, etc): Shy to humans, superstitious, disturbed by human consumption of meat, can have fits of anger that cause damage to mortal property as mold, vines or insects come in response to his emotions. Has a slight fear of fire and sharp metal, and of course Cold Iron.

    Powers (plant control, fireballs, etc): Wields considerable uncontrolled power over plants and communication with animals. Friend of all the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, and a green thumb. Tender of the Hedge and a Friend of the Forest. Has the goodwill of Baba Yaga. Retains normal fey powers such as curdling milk and minor glamour.

    Origin (Summer, Winter, England, Ireland, etc): Summer/Italian-Irish

    Background/Biography: When the alchemist Lord Cagliostro first entered the enchanted woods on midsummer's eve against the advice of the hag, the last thing he expected was to father a child with a Fae. Alas, the words of the old woman rang true, and his fate caught him unawares in the misted night. From the fated encounter came a child of the forest, half-Fae and blessed (or cursed, as some say) by the affinity with nature that was typical of his mother's kind. Though reluctant to learn, his father was forced to acknowledge the power of the Fair Folk, and taught the lad as best as he could. Despite misgivings on the part of the man, Alfonso traveled the woods often to speak with his mother and the creatures of the forest, and as his luck would have it, met the Wise Woman called Baba Yaga at her chicken-legged hut in the dark recesses of the wilds. Fae as he was, the hag did not eat him, but rather took him under her wing and taught him of the shortcomings of humankind and the manners and ways of the animals. With such a childhood, the lad became distant from the world of mortals and their ways, running to the woods whenever trouble came and shunning the mean children who threw rocks at him and called him Fae, though Fae indeed he was. He developed fits of emotion and rage at this treatment, and his magic exacerbated the situation, springing to his aid to bring down houses or fill gardens with weeds and thorns. He gained an ill repute among the people of the land, and guards would glare at him with suspicion everywhere he went. After an incident involving an entire hamlet torn to pieces by a sudden hedge of Fae thorns, his father decided that he had had enough with the incidents. With rant and rage and withering stare, the alchemist managed to compel the lad into going to the Private School for the Supernaturally Troubled over the protests of the Forest Gentry, enduring spoiled milk and banshee screams at night for the sake of what he considered his son's well-being. When the Fair Folk realized the man's true love, they ceased their disputes and gave Alfonso what gifts they had, and sent him off with the good will of the forest upon him. He entered the School a frightened and troubled young man with a strange past, though perhaps no less strange than many there. After a short stay, and a chance meeting with the Andrea the Prince of Summer, the lad returned to the Enchanted Forest for a time.

    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc): Plant-based fiber clothing, bronze/stone/wood gardening tools, charms, talismans, a cloth bag of golden coins which turn to flower petals in the Mortal world, padded cotton gloves, small hooded cloak, a pair of cloth shoes he never wears, an enchanted map, an enchanted mirror, to-do list of papyrus, Griffon's Quill given willingly as a sign of friendship filled with endless walnut ink, reed flute, ball of string, bronze dagger for ritual.

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Of course yes, I wrote it!

    Oh, and I accept myself. :smile:
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    Name: Fay Liliana
    Race (ogre, hob, brownie, pixie, leprechaun, half-Fey, etc): half-Fey
    Appearance (clothing, body, etc): She's short and tanned, a little sturdy. Her hair short and dark brown and her pointy ears pierce through it. Her eyes are brown, but look red if you look at them in a right light. She has a soft voice and cheerful laughter. Round, cheerful face that suggests that she laughs a lot. Likes to wear green clothes, and prefers not using leather but she will, if nothing else is easily available. Also likes trousers more than skirts, because she thinks they are hard to move in. Likes the feeling of grass below her feet, so only uses her shoes -that are yes, made of leather- only when she has to walk on the roads.
    Personality (arrogant, childish, shy, etc): Childish and cheerful, perhaps a little arrogant towards strangers. Strong willed after deciding something, but has a habit of changing opinions like clothes. Laughs and makes friends easily, if showed kindness. Usually treats everyone she meets kindly, that is unless she has heard something bad about you. After all, she loves rumors, but she can be trusted with a secret, if you ake sure she swears to keep it to herself that is. Quick to make first impressions about people, and hardly chances them. If she has an idea of you as being an useless idiot, she will treat you like one even if you became the king of the summer. Quickly angered, quickly calmed down. `Allergic` to iron.
    Powers (plant control, fireballs, etc): Can control nearby fire to some point. She can create a bit of fire herself, but it will soon require something like wood to burn or it will vanish. Usual
    Origin (Summer, Winter, England, Ireland, etc): Summer/England
    Background/Biography: Her father apparently was quite wild on his younger days, and ended up being drunk and sleeping with some sort of a pixie. A while later her mother showed up to him and told him to raise the child. Her father had only a faint memory, but he had no choice but to raise her. The elders of the village only approved of her because thanks to her, her father had to stop wooing every girl in sight. The children weren't so accepting, and she soon learned to stand up for herself. One night, there was a fire, and she managed to stop it from completely destroying the village, which slowly earned her the respect of the other kids. Though only for a while, and seeing the hatred towards her growing, her father shoved her back to her mother `to learn about being a woman` or some other lame excuse. She was mad at her father in the beginning, but quickly got used to living with her mother, who serves the the summer court.
    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc): Wears plant-based fiber clothing. Light green short sleeved shirt and darker green trousers held up by a knitted belt. Carries around some healing herb and some money at pouches hanging from her belt. Was taught to use a bow by her father, who would have toughed her sword fighting if she wasn't `allergic´ to iron. Carries it around when outside of the city, along with a quiver and a couple of arrows.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: yes
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    Accepted, Kikinki! Welcome to TIV!
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    Mind if I join? I Make VERY long bios... and it might take a while (just so you know!)
  8. Re: Tales of Ice and Vine Sign-Up

    Feel free to do so! As long as the rules are followed, you're welcome to as much description as you feel is necessary. Don't feel pressured on time either, I often don't have much time myself and can be intermittent in my posts.
  9. If there's still room available, I'd like to play to.


    Race (ogre, hob, brownie, pixie, leprechaun, half-Fey, etc):
    Black Dog

    Appearance (clothing, body, etc):
    Human: She has unnatural red eyes surrounded by startling black eyelashes admist very pale skin. Between her lips, small fangs peek out, one set on her upper teeth, another set on her lower teeth (canine like). Black hair falls in choppy, wild looking layers to her shoulders. Standing at six foot tall, she casts a rather intimidating figure, always wearing black. Her seemingly delicate hands have small, very sharp claws adorning them. Her shadow is always that of a dog’s, no matter which form she takes.

    : Everything she wears is always black. She wears leather hunting boots made from the some poor creatures hide that go up just above midcalf. A black tunic with long fitted sleeves under a vest that covers it. A belt that ha her scabbard attached to it. She wears black leggings. Her vest is made of leather. She has a cloak that’s lined with fur on the inside. And fingerless black glives (her claws put holes in normal gloves) She has a void bag, a bag that carries much more than what it appears to.

    When she shifts over to her canine form, she’s covered in shaggy black fur and her red eyes began to glow. Her canine form stands larger than most dogs, just a little larger than a great dane. Where she steps, tiny, silent sparks appear when her paws are on the ground, but disappear as her paw leaves the ground.

    Personality (arrogant, childish, shy, etc): Nyx is a rather quiet individual who keeps to herself for the most part, used to the idea of people fearing her on some level. However, if someone can get over the fact that she is a death omen, they’d find a sweet, mild mannered and exceedingly loyal girl who can be very protective and kind. But she also isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done. She sometimes has dog like mannerisms (going stiff, her hair kind of raises a little bit, she bares her teeth, ect. ) She won’t tell anyone, but even in human form she likes to be scratched behind the ears or petted. She will never admit to it. EVER.

    Powers (plant control, fireballs, etc): She’s a death omen, but only in her canine form. If someone sees her as a black dog, then they will die within a year of the sighting. If she barks three times for the viewer, she is warning them that their death is coming faster than they think. The two exceptions to this are innocent children and pregnant women, if she comes across either exception lost in the dark, she will guide them home safely. Her howl can call the wild hunt to the area. She can’t control the hunt, she can just attract them to a specific area. If she’s not out of the area before they get there, the huntsmen will collar her and she’ll be turned into a hell hound, forever enslaved by whichever huntsmen collars her.. She doesn’t have either of these “powers” while in human shape. In human shape she has the normal fey glamour and her senses, reflexes, speed, and strength are much more than a humans. But that’s the limit of her powers. She can’t curdle milk, and she doesn't have any control of nature what so ever.

    Origin (Summer, Winter, England, Ireland, etc): the Deep Wilds and neutral lands of Feary

    Background/Biography: Nyx is one of the youngest of her kind. She’d been raised by her father up to her coming of age where she left his home and sought out her own. Instead of going over to the human world like most of her kind had chosen, she stayed in feary, wandering and trying to find a home. She’s stayed in the neutral territories of faery for a long time, occasionally venturing out to the deep wilds. But she otherwise stays clear of summer and winter, not really wanting to take a side, but not necessarily opposed to it either. She knows the big bad wolf, having run into him out in the Deep Wilds. She was friends with a dragon but he died five months after accidently seeing her dog shape. However, he left his home and all of his belongings to her. But the only way to access his home is with his heart stone and a key she keeps on her. (she keeps his heart stone on her at all times. ) Which is why she tends to avoid shifting into a dog as much as she can.

    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc): In Bag: She has: an obsidian hunting knife, a longbow and quiver of arrows tipped in obsidian, a flint stone, trail rations, a water skin, a dragons heart stone, an old stone key, a wooden dog toy with her name on it, A charm that makes something (in this case her bag) only visible to her, about 20 feet of rope, and a blanket for cold nights.

    Main Weapon:
    A backsword with an elongated double edged blade, made entirely of black diamond. The “vines” that form the basket only move according to Nyx’s will. They will open, allowing Nyx to adjust her grip, or they will close and surround her hand completely to protect it. The vines can also grow “thorns” for extra protection. The grips is made of the same black diamond as the rest of the sword, but it’s been wrapped in strands of soft black leather to make it easier to hold. The sheath is made up of an unidentifiable black leather. If you look hard enough every now and then you can see the shape of a white fang in the heart of the blade. ( For an idea of the rough shape: http://www.angelsword.com/photos/european/bk133-1521a.jpg )

    Main Defense:
    She has a gauntlet made of the same leather as her sword sheath, black dragon scales, and black diamond plates. She wears this on her off hand, and uses it much like a shield, to block oncoming attacks and as a blunt weapon.

    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes

    I wanted to double check on a couple of things. Mainly the part about the wild hunt and not belonging to summer or winter. I would've sent a PM about it, but I can't do that yet apparently.
  10. Accepted, Silver! Welcome to the Tales! The Wild Hunt is all right, it's a property of your character's race and doesn't seem overpowered or inappropriate. The neutrality is also allowed. The Fey is well-crafted and well thought out! Thank you for joining!

    Now this has been waiting for players for a while, and I'm wondering: should I simply begin the RP now, or wait a bit for ZE?
  11. Maybe send ZE a pm as a reminder and see if she still wants to play.
  12. I left a visitor message; we shall see how she responds.
  13. apparently no longer interested. All right then! Starting now, if the two of you are still interested.
  14. Sorry if I start posting a bit slow. My mom got out of surgery today so I'll be playing mom for awhile.
  15. So what's the plan after baba Yaga's house?
  16. I was planning on having more player interaction than this, but I can take you on any number of "adventures"/"tales" if you want, whenever you want.
  17. This here is your "call to adventure". Trip through dangerous swamps to the Kelpies' home, where the horse-like man-eating faerie monsters called Kelpies live. Then to Hamelin, in search of the Pied Piper, and the Door in the Mountains, unless you want to try looking through all the realms of Faerie in search of the fey's hideout. Then Alfonso's berry (pretty easy). Then to Crete, in search of the Minotaur's labyrinth and some of the hero's string. Then north to Winter and the Norse gods' realms, through Jotunheimr climbing the Bifrost Bridge to Ratatoskr's nest looking for his Golden Acorn of Yggdrasil. Then all the way back down, and literally "over the River and through the Woods to Grandmother's House" you'll return.

    Sound like a decent adventure/fairy tale?
  18. Sick with pneumonia. Ill b gone for a bit.
  19. Take your time, I'll wait for your post before continuing.
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