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    Tl;dr version: Fairy land!

    One-sentence: Play the part of Fey, half-Fey and others in the wild and alien lands of Faerie.

    Full: The lands of Winter and Summer have ever been at a tense peace, though the Kings and Queens have tried and somewhat succeeded in keeping the relationship mostly peaceful. Time does not flow there as it does in the land of mortals; one may enter young and leave but a second later older than the hills, or enter once and leave no older, yet find the world completely changed. The Fair Lands are connected to mortal lands in many places still, for those who keep to the Old Ways. The Enchanted Woods appear on midsummer's eve and midwinter's morn, the Floating Island comes when sun and rain fall together upon the sea, and since the First Day the Sacred Pillars have ever been a gate between the worlds, for those who know the pass-key.

    Lest any forget, however, Faerie is most certainly not a safe place as mortals use the term. Certainly everything is polite, from the Forest Gentry and the other Fair Folk to the smallest Pixie, Wisp and pebble. Yet the politeness is not simply a tradition as mortals know it, but truly a Tradition, an Old Way, and in Faerie the Old Ways have a power few mortals can guess at. True Names command, Oaths bind, and Hospitality gives the Threefold Return in the most mysterious of ways. The Fey are not like mortals; they weave nets with words yet never lie, spy upon humans yet curse those who watch them, eat entire harvests of grain and are never satisfied yet are full with a saucer of milk. They prank humans by taking away their mouths without considering the implication, and are shocked at human's flesh-eating nature despite their occasional appetite for children's hearts.

    The door is open, the gate is unlocked. The Tales of Ice and Vine are about to be told.



    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    No mountain-moving or forest-burning level powers, keep your powers limited to a region within 50 feet of your character.
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue, never take it beyond conversation.
    Be polite.
    Nobody has higher rank than anyone else besides the GM and the assistant GMs, either in or out of character.
    Please do your best not to swear, and if you must try to limit it.
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No summoning anything larger than twice your size, and never anything greater than your power. Summons cannot summon, and you can't summon yourself or another player.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all Gentle Folk here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster either in Faerie or in the Mortal World. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. I will be making an OOC thread, separate from this one. Please use it.
    Have fun!


    Current Gentry:

    Prince Andrea di Chimici (aniday) - Half-Fae, Half-Wizard - Summer
    Alfonso Cagliostro (The Wandering Magus) - Half-Fae, Half-Alchemist - Summer, Italian, Irish
    Fay Liliana (kikinki) - Half-Fae, Half-Human - Summer, England
    Nyx (Silver) - Black Dog - Deep Wilds
    Thalia Reed (PPBG) - Kelpie - Summer
    Leita (Mufi) - Selkie - Winter


    It is Midsummer, and Summer is in its strength. The Eternal Sun hovers above, close enough to touch, farther than the rainbow. You are at the Enchanted Woods, and Fortune and Fate and Luck would have it that old, wise Baba Yaga chooses not to eat your heart today.</insert>
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  2. Alfonso Cagliostro whispered through the Enchanted Woods, gliding along the grass as though made of air as flowers blossomed beneath his feet and butterflies flew about him. He slowed as he approached the two great trees where worlds collided, and lightly stepped to the side as an invisible rush of air went past, leaving whispers in its wake. He closed his eyes halfway, murmuring words of greeting as he bowed low before the opening and walked the narrow path that was not there a moment ago. He had been careful not to get his feet wet crossing the stream, fortunately, and the shudder as the gate-wardens observed his passing did not become the banshee screech of those who failed to observe the Old Ways.

    It was literally a hop, skip and a jump along the path, which he made sure not to step off of, just like Baba Yaga said. A bow and a gift to the skulls on the bone-fence, and another greeting to the tree-like chicken feet of the Wise One's house, and the young half-fey was there...
  3. A soft breeze drifted through the forest and into Nyx’s face, bringing different scents to her. Red eyes glanced around cautiously. She’s heard that Baba Yags’ hut had been spotted in the area recently. She wasn't looking for trouble and planned to steer clear of it if at all possible. She straightened up from her crouch and leaped over the small stream with ease as she wound further into the forest, careful to avoid branches, as per habit. She was trying to find a certain band of idiot red caps who thought it’d be funny to try and irritate an old ogre with a terrible thinking capacity.

    Apparently the fools had stolen something from the ogre. However the ogre thought she’d done it, seeing as she happened to pass within fifty feet of his discovering it was gone. So now she had to find the blasted thing. She inhaled again before the scent of old blood assaulted her. She turned to follow the lingering scent in the new direction. She’d already been thrown into a tree a few times today and by now she was fighting off the urge to turn canine and to sniff them out the good ol’ fashioned way. Her hair started to rise as she caught sight of a house with chicken legs in the distance to her right.

    “Don’t lead over there.” She growled at the scent trail quietly. Her steps became even more cautious as she started to creep closer to the house with caution, if she got close enough, she might be able to circle around and re-catch the scent. Hopefully the red caps weren't IN the house, or she didn't know how she was going to get the ogre off of her back short of killing him.
  4. Alfonso nearly grimaced as he smelled human blood upon reaching the threshold and stopping to knock, as any polite fey did. Grandmother must have had another encounter with the mortals. Not that he felt any remorse when it was a group of mean house-breaking children or murderous men in armor going after the dragons, but it was still blood, and that of his father's race at that. He did feel sorry for the little girl that one time, but she had not been like the others, and she did fulfill the old, old contract that Mortal had made with Fey.

    "Grandmother, Grandmother, please, may I come in? I bring you bread and fruit, Grandmother."

    The door creaked open and the crone peeked out with her old, old eyes, a crooked smile on her bony face.

    "Bread to gnaw and fruit to suck, and hearts and marrow I shall not need. Come in, Grandchild, Alfonso dear. But first tell the Black Dog beyond the fence her quarry is here, and she won't be harmed. I have had my fill today."

    Alfonso did so at once, bowing politely to the old witch before hurrying to the bone-fence.

    "Black Dog, Black Dog, my Grandmother has a message for you: your quarry is here, and you won't be harmed, for Grandmother has had her fill today."

    He wondered what Baba Yaga meant, but decided not to ask. Quarrels between such powerful fey were not something he intended to enter into. Let the elder ones have at it! Perhaps Grandmother had given the brigands a tongue-lashing about trampling over HER domain, and gotten whatever it was the Black Dog was looking for as penance. On that note, perhaps the bloody smell wasn't from Baba Yaga's cooking at all, but from those little old faeries' caps.
  5. Fay had heard that the hut Baba Yaga's hut was seen near by. To a young half-fey like her it was sort of a interesing chance. She had no duties at all for the time being, so when she had heard some leprechauns talking something about that hut, she immediatly decided to have a look. To see the hut of the sort of infamous Baba Yaga! She told her mother she was of to the forest to collect herbs of some sort. Her mother was sort of busy then, and didn't even listen to her. Okay, Fay had basically whispered her intentions behind her mothers back and sneaked away.

    She had wandered in the forest cautiously for a while already, for she was still a little afraid of the rumors she had heard. All of that talking about dead human children gave her the goosebumps. But it still had the sort of a adventurous feeling to the whole thing. A sort of a wierd scent wandered around with the wind. `The scent of old blood? I must be close.´ she sniffed the air. The scent was barely noticable to her, but She slowed down her speed, she only wanted to have a look at the hut, not get too near it. As brave as she was those nasty rumors didn't make her want to make closer contact with the hut's owner.

    There it was. She hold her breath as she finally saw the chicken leged house in the distance. Completely stopped for a moment, then slowly started to proceed towards the hut, she kepther eyes on the hut. Something crackled in the forest. She froze in the middle of her stride. `What if the Baba Yaga isn't in her hut?`the nervous thought came from her spine. She almost jumped when she heard voice of a boy coming from over at the hut. Curiosity won and she sneaked a little closer. The voice didn't sound scared at all and he was calling someody a grandmother. `What's going on in here?` She hunkered behind the trees tryind to stay out of sight but curiosly trying to see what was happening at the hut.
  6. Nyx entire body went ramrod stiff as the boy called out to her. Her hackles raised lightly in defense. Backing a step backwards, her hand dropped to the hilt of the sword glittering black at her side before shaking her head. Stepping out from the brush and into sight she studied the one before her. Forcing her posture to relax she inclined her head slightly.

    “Would she be kind enough to let me have it? Or would she like to work out a bargain, perhaps?” She inched closer, sparing but a glance at the skulls upon the fence. She inhaled the smell wafting from the halfing before her, sunshine and grass. So a summer boy? Or just a strong plant inclination? The wind, fickle thing it was, shifted direction for but a moment, just long enough to smell daisy’s and sun, her eyes shifted over towards a patch of trees, then away. If someone wanted to hide out in the woods, who was she to stop them. Her eyes went back to the boy.

    “May I speak with your grandmother?” She asked, walking closer yet. “I haven’t anything to follow the old ways with me and I will leave if she so wishes.” A small, wry smile lit her pale face; her red eyes sparkled with a tad of humor. “I’ve no interest in making enemies with Baba Yaga.”
  7. Alfonso's ears perked as the trees whispered to each other, and he turned his deep green-brown eyes into the forest. Was there a human somewhere nearby, trying to spy in old Baba Yaga? They should know better than to try sneaking up on her. Should he speak? Grandmother would be pleased, but the listener may not fare so well.

    He decided to keep silent, though with an effort of will he caused a thistle to spring up and bloom where the trees were, within view of whoever hid there, as a warning that if he could sense them, so too could old Auntie.

    Hoping whatever hid there had the sense to either show itself or walk away, he turned to Nyx and bowed.

    "I do not presume to know Grandmother's mind, my lady. Baba Yaga's whims are Baba Yaga's own, and none other's. She has given her word not to harm you, my lady, and a Fey's word is a Fey's bond. Perhaps she will give you what you seek, perhaps she will ask a bargain. But..."

    He smiled slightly.

    "I have given Grandmother her fill today, and she shall hunger not till the sun is set again. Perhaps she will be more inclined to give freely than usual. The choice is yours, my lady."

    Having delivered his message to the Black Dog, Alfonso returned to Baba Yaga's house. Before walking in, he took the time to give the door some much-needed oil, and to leave the mouse and the cat some food as tokens of kinship. He turned at the last moment to call to Nyx.

    "I left a single berry on a stone by the gate trees. Look for the hole in the root and turn, and follow your nose. You might use that to bargain with, if you need it. I give it freely without cost."

    "Grandmother" Baba Yaga was picking her (literally) iron teeth carefully with an old marrow-bone, while a group of red caps in their typical little-old-men form cowered beneath her gaze. It was a wonder the creature could stand the touch of iron, but as she often said, it "wasn't COLD iron", whatever that meant. Cold iron or not, the red caps were suitably terrified of them, and for good reason.

    "So you thought it would be funny to sneak into my domain, eh?"
  8. Fay was surprised to see a woman talking with the mysterious boy. The woman had obviously been hiding as well, and now they both glanced over to her hiding place. `Yikes, they probably spotted me`she couldn't but think. But the person that boy called grandmother hadn't shown herself, and the boy even said his grandmother had had her fill today, so coming out might not be that harmful. And if it was relatively safe for that woman to go in he hut, maybe she might be safe if she entered with her. Now that she had seen the hut, her curiosity towards the person who lived in the hut was waking up.

    Sneaking past the trees Fay decided to approach the girl first. She didn't ant to get too near Baba Yagas house, even though the reason why she had stepped out was that she wanted to see her. But she wanted a good and hopefully safe distance, not in her cottage without a chance of escaping. "Hey, you!" she exclaimed quietly to the girl. "If you arer going to the house, mind if I join too? After all, I can't let a chance this good to see Baba Yaga herself slip through my hands. I'm not brave enough to go alone, and I swear I won't do anything stupid to make her angry. So please?" she grinned pleadingly to the woman.
  9. Nyx watched the boy turn and walk back towards the odd building. He stopped and fed animals as well as oiled the gate. Her red eyes trailed him till he closed the door behind him. Hearing alight rustle her eyes shot over to the once hidden figure. She watched the girl approach quietly, barely moving.
    The Black Dog listened to the other girls plea to accompany her. Her eyebrow rose at the oddity.

    “Baba Yaga is an old fae, known to oftentimes be dangerous.” She pointed out to her before she turned to follow the instructions the boy had given her. Spotting the hole in the root, she turned and just as the boy said followed the trail of the sweet berry scent. She paused to bend and pick up the berry before turning back to the other girl. “If you really wish to endanger yourself, than I have no objections to you accompanying me.” She finally caved to the others girls request. She didn’t understand the need to purposefully put oneself into a foolish situation, but she wouldn’t deny anyone the freedom to do so. She turned to walk towards the chicken legged cottage, swallowing as her heart started to pound abit to fast for her taste.
  10. The eyes of the skulls seemed to glow a bit more brightly than usual, though that was always the case when Baba Yaga was in her hut. The cat and the mouse looked up lazily as the two came forth, sated in their hunger with the magic food of the Fey that Alfonso had given them. The door opened on its well-oiled hinges, now silent and quite pleased with itself for it.

    There before them stood the red-caps that Nyx had tailed, their blood-stained caps quivering as they tried to answer the wiry crone that stooped over them, iron teeth grinning wide.

    "W-we c-come as guests, g-good Auntie," one stammered. "W-with no intention of doing you or yours harm."

    "Did you indeed?" asked Baba Yaga quietly, with a chuckle as old as the hills. She looked at the two newcomers with a light in her old, old eyes. "Ah, here is a hunter come to her prey... and here is a kitten caught in its play."

    Fast as lightning she crossed the room, seeming to vanish and reappear beside Fay with a manic smile on her face. "Heart to gnaw and bone to suck, my pretty Niece! What a beautiful little girl you are, to come to my hut!"

    A green light of concern came to Alfonso's eyes. "Grandmother."

    The smile froze on Baba Yaga's face, and her long claws pulled back. "Yes... but I am sated... for today. What do you seek, Nyx and Fay, that you have come to my hut?"

    Her tone suddenly shifts formal as she regarded the two, and a greedy light comes to her eyes as she eyed the berry. The red-caps, for their part, shoot glares and frightened looks at Nyx, but say nothing.
  11. Fay was already questioning herself if this was a good idea after all. Even the woman warned her of how dangerous Baba Yaga could be, which gave her a shock. `She looks kind of tough, and she seems to be a little scared, maybe this was a bad idea. But no backing out anymore.`she tried to encourage herself. Fay stared as the woman walking to some kind of hole in a root and picked up some kind of a berry. `Wonder what's that? Something she talked with that strange boy?` Fay was glad the woman had agreed to take her with her, if it had taken any longer, she would had chickened out and run no matter what she would have though of her afterwards. But now that she had agreed, there was no choice, and she was sort of glad for it. Now she would have no excuses for not seeing the infamous Baba Yaga. seeing the woman was already going she swallowed and followed her to the chicken legged house.

    The door opened silently,`the oiling must have been delayed for too long, `Fay thought to herself still unsure of what they were going to face and thus a little dumbfounded. Inside the she almost screamed as Baba Yaga suddenly appeared next to her. Standing stiff, not daring to move, she was sure that this was the biggest mistake in her whole life. And probably the last one as well. She could have hugged the boy, who somehow managed to her give up on the idea of eating her. `So her is Nyx... wait, how did she know my name?`the worst fear was over and Fay was getting a little curious again. But then she froze again. `That`'s right, I should have some proper reason for coming in here, shouldn't I? Hurry up and think of something. And fast.`"A love potion...?" `Wasn't that a good enough reason to come to the Baba Yagas hut? They are hard to make, or that's what I've heard. Or maybe it was just a story that they even exist? At least it should be a common one. And there are some people I could be using it on.`She was gaining more and more confidence in her answer every second. Already thinking of who to give the potion to, she was sort of happy with her quickly thought out answer. `But wait! What if wants too much as a payment? Please don't let t be favor like I'm going to eat your firstborn or that I should be killing someone.`Once again she hoped she would have just keeped her mouth shut and thought before speaking.
  12. Nyx glanced over as the girl next to her requested a love potion. Her dark eyebrow rose before she returned her attention back to the powerful being in front of her, her heart still pounding.

    “As you said, Wise One, I’ve come in pursuit of something taken.” She paused to reach into her bag, her arm disappearing up to her shoulder as she leaned into it to find the piece of cloth. A light of success shown in her red orbs as she pulled back out and unfolded the cloth. It had an illustration of a small pendant on it. “These redcaps are thought to hold this item. I need the item to return it to its original owner.” The Black Dog paused as she glanced over at the red caps, her eyes dispassionate. “As for the thieves themselves, you are welcome to them or I can take them off your hands, the choice is yours.” She inclined her head to the old crone. Her eyes caught the green orbs of the boy from earlier. She wanted to talk to him as well, she would return favor for favor, it was one of few things she seemed to have caught on to rather well, but she’d take care of that after she left the hut of the powerful old witch. Her eyes zipped back to Baba Yaga.

    (this looked longer on MWord lol)
  13. Baba Yaga grinned as the girl requested a love potion, and even wider as the Black Dog requested the pendant and offered up the redcaps. The wee little men wee shaking even harder now, half in rage and half in terror. The crone's claws shook with glee and she cackled most abominably as she glanced hungrily at the intruding fey.

    "A love potion, eh? And a pendant, tee-hee! Ooh, this is a happy day for old Baba Yaga, it is! So!"

    Like water poured over a candle, her glee became dead seriousness, a shift that would be deemed mad by mortals, though leprechauns had similar shifts themselves.

    "My guests request something of mine, rightfully mine, as the Old Ways dictate, eh, my pretty Nephews?"

    The redcaps started, and felt frantically about themselves as Baba Yaga cackled and rubbed her old, old claws over the pendant that suddenly appeared about her neck.

    "An arm and a leg would be my price, and a virgin's heart and a babe's sweet gut! ...on a normal day," she smiled wickedly as Alfonso grew pale. "But I am feeling generous today, for my Grandchild has sated my endless hunger and thirst today. So instead, I shall allow thee to bargain with me."

    She grinned, iron teeth gleaming sharp and hard in the flickering light.

    "You hear my price! Now bargain with me. What counter-offer would thou have? Both of you! We'll make this quick today, for the sun is setting, and my hunger grows as the day's light wanes. Two at once! And I'll give you both what you request, if we would settle on a price."

    And indeed, to their terror, they see the sun is already moved quickly across the sky, for Baba Yaga's hut is Baba Yaga's domain, and she commands the time of her hut, and none other. A thousand years within may be but a day without, and a moment inside may be a hundred years. Alfonso dared not move, but only tried to meet Nyx's eyes, and glanced down at the berry she still held. His eyes held only fear and sadness as he looked at Fay, though his mind worked quickly, trying to think up some bargain the old witch might settle for.
  14. Fay was certain that she was doomed. `Think think think. What kind of favor am I ready to do? What could she want? She wondered why was Nyx getting that pendant for someone else. Was it really worth of trading with Baba Yaga? But as like was the one to speak, coming to the hut out of curiosity, and now stuck doing some sort of favor to her. `Help in making the potion? No way, it could be made human body parts or so. Gathering herbs? That will probably grow only in the land of the dead or something.` Deep in thought she glimpsed around the hut for clues. She nervously noted that the boy seemed more worried about her than Nyx. `Well, Nyx does look a lot more confident and independed than me. But that can't be the only reason. Did they talk about something outside? The berry! So maybe herb gathering after all.`

    Fay went through all of her knowledge of rare herbs, only counting in the ones she would actually have chances of getting. The list wasn't long, and all of the herbs were from Summers side of the fearie land. No that she would had wandered anywhere else yet. `Loiria? It's sort of rare, or at least I think so. There was some growing that rasen tree. Oh, and aren't rasen's flowers rare too? Though I'm not sure if it's blooming anymore. But is Loiria still a little too easy to get?` Thinking hard to figure a plant in a not so obvious place, she finally figured something. `Tyrmin! It only grows on thick and rough swamps, but I should be able to get if I use enough of fire. Swamps are wet, so I shouldn't be able to create too much of damge. And besides, I've already been to one swamp where they grow in.`"I can get you some Tyrmin." She still wasn't sure if it was rare enough, or even needed for anything, but it was the best idea she could come up with. `Or wait, maybe the magical flute I got as a birthday present? But why would she want it? And I don't really want to give up on it either. Well, worth trying anyways.` "Or would you prefer a flute that plays beautifully regardless the players talent. And what ever song you want too." She was sure that both suggestions were stupid and useless, but it was the best she could think within so little time.
  15. Closing her eyes, Nyx counted to three. She had seen the look the old witch had given the berry she held from the boy. She opened them again and her eyes looked over at the other girl as she offered an herb and a flute for a love potion. She keeps digging herself into more trouble The Black Dog refocused on Baba Yaga.

    “How about the collection of the herb she offered and this berry for her potion?” Nyx held the berry up the boy had given her. “And a future hunt for the pendant?” Nyx offered. She hated owing things, especially to dangerous old fae. But she could handle going around most of feary. “Sometime in the future you can call on me to hunt something down for you.” She reached back into her bag to grip the toy dog engraved with the word Nyx. Sh clutched it and felt magic work over it. A copy of the toy produced itself and she pulled the copy from her bag to show the old witch. “To call me all you need to do is hold this and whistle.” She paused and tilted her head, regarding the old witch. “I will come. No matter where you are, this dog will beckon to the one in my bag.” She paused again. “However, after the hunt is over, this dog will turn to blood and ash.” She tossed the dog toy replica over to her other hand. Nervousness tied at her. But she felt fairly confidant it was a fair trade. That, and if the old witch really did mean her harm, she could always shift over to her canine form. Sure, she might be dead instantly, but even the old witch had to die sometime, and her canine form would pull the time within the year. But that means the girl, Fay, and the nameless boy would suffer as well. last resort She came to the same conclusion she always did in regard to shifting over. “Would these be acceptable deals, wise one?”
  16. "A weed, a flute and a berry for a potion which makes any heart you desire your own?" smiled the old witch mockingly, obviously enjoying this little game. "Ha! Next you'll offer a ball of string, and an acorn from a tree!"

    She cackled as Alfonso winced at her description of the situation, then paused and thought a moment. "But I am feeling generous today... and perhaps a little quest would do you children some good, hmm?"

    She lifted herself up, her aged stoop suddenly turning to a menacing, towering shadow as her iron teeth glowed in the dying light of the sun.

    "A Tyrmin from the Kelpie's Cove,
    The flute that rats it rabid drove,
    A berry from Alfonso's hand,
    A string from good old Bull-Head's sand!

    An acorn from the Rat-tusk's Tree,
    And then shall I you pretties free.
    A potion sweet for love I'll give,
    And you your pretty lives will live."

    She smiled sweetly as the band of half-fey took in the price Baba Yaga was asking. "And of course... those who break into a lady's hut will pay their price in full."

    The red caps shook and shuddered and wept as their little old feet refused to move and the oven blazed brightly in its corner as the old witch grinned and licked her lips.

    "And for the pendant... that will come later, hmm? But I'll gladly keep your little toy, for when you seek for this..." she smiled as she fondled the pendant.

    "What say you?"
  17. Fay would have never suspected that she would ruin Nyx's chances of getting her pendant back. But it was most likely too late to back away now. She had no idea what most of those things were, but since she was the one who got both of them into trouble, she decided to do her best in getting those thing, what ever they were. `If she know's what they are, and from where, maybe I can offer to go get them, sort of like an apology? And I'll help her with that pendant. This is all my fault after all.` she was feeling guilty of ever coming, but sort of exited as well. This seemed to be forming into a more of a sight seeing rip that she would have ever suspected. Dangerous of course, but she had never seen a `Kelpie's cave`and she didn't have even the slightest clue of what was a `Bull-Heads sand` but she was going to do her best anyway. "I'm fine with it, but only she accepts. " she tried to keep her voice from shaking as she answered Baba Yaga. `She said she'd let us live with this, so I sure hope she agrees.`Fay sweated. "I'll help getting your pendant back." she promised turning to Nyx and endeavored to look reliable and helpful.
  18. Nyx resisted the urge to growl, getting tired of standing still in an obviously dangerous place. She didn’t want to go on a quest. She wanted to go to the closest thing she had to a home in this part of feary and chuck the pendant at the ogre so he’d leave it in peace. She nodded sharply. The sooner she finished all of this the better. But she was starting to wonder if just killing him would be less of a hassle.
    She glanced over at Fay and closed her eyes for a few seconds. The girl was looked like she honestly meant well. Letting her tromp all over feary by herself almost made her cringe. The whole thing had the dog feeling guilty for even letting Fay come into the old witchs hut. Herhand clutched at the dog for a few seconds.
    “Your terms are agreeable.” She tossed the small wooden dog at the old witch. “May we have a piece of parchment to write down the task, wise one?” She asked. She’d prefer to be able to refer back to it when she needed to.
  19. Alfonso's eyes widened slightly as Nyx actually REQUESTED a GIFT, but Baba Yaga simply smiled. "You wish for a parchment, hmm? Most certainly!"

    A scroll was on the table to the side that wasn't there before. "Take it, if you wish, my Niece!" cackled the witch.
  20. Nyx pulled out the rope she kept in her bag and the hunting knife before glancing at the old witch.

    “Foot for foot, use for use.” Was the only thing she explained as she walked over to the table and measured the parchment with her eyes, she cut an extra foot for the offered rope. “I’ve nothing else to trade fo the parchment, wise one.” She let the cut rope coil up on the table next to the parchament and turned her eyes back to the witch. “Will it be acceptable?”
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