Tales of Gaia:The Human-Ragon war

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  1. Part one of a planned series.

    The Gaia Defense force. Defenders of Justice.

    In a word-overworked.The Empire of Gaia is spread across several solar systems, a galactic arm, to be correct.They thought they where alone in the galaxy, only finding ruins of some ancient civilizations, and evidence of an ancient war. Oh boy where they wrong.

    Meet the Ragon, a war-like spartan espy species of Red-skinned humanoids, who can never have enough war.The freighter, lights of Gaia, reported contact with a alien race, acting like school girls, the Gaian government jumped with joy, and sent messages to the Lights of Gaia for them to report back.

    They never responded.

    Then, they came, in the Epsilon five system,with a massive armada, called the Black Armada.This armada is dreaded to this day because of all the death it caused.

    The GDF never stood a chance, fighting the Ragon, who used Man-portable Coilguns, vs the GDF's 7.62mm M85. The tank battles where even, mainly because of both sides tanks using Railguns, and Ship battles where normally one-sided, mostly do the Black Armada's massive size.

    After five months of war, the Ragon offered peace, under one condition, the Humans become their slaves. The humans refused. Now the Ragon have no qualms with killing human prisoners.

    But there is hope for the Humans. Specters, the special forces of the GDF, a volunteer force, they are power armored soldiers, and are rumored to being able to take on even a Ragon Lord.

    Hello their everyone, Cpkeyes here with a new RP. This RP, is set in my finest creation, the Gaiaverse, in this RP, you will be playing as Humans and Ragon during the Human-Ragon war, and decide the course of war until it ends.

    Equipment of both force (open)
    M85 7.62 Assault rifle.

    GDF Marine.

    GDF pilot/Tank crewman.

    M-178 IFV_armed with Rotary Coilgun,Anti-Tank missiles and .50 Caliber machine gun.

    M-179 Main Battle tank-Armed with Railgun and .50 Cal machine gun(s)

    M-156 SPAAG-Armed with Rotary Railgun.

    I will add more later.

    Ragon ranks (open)
    Warmaster-The Supreme commander of the Ragon military.

    Lord-The Generals of the Ragon forces, are normally nobles, and wear power armor, they are skilled melee combants, and tacticians.

    Pysker-The Sub-Commanders in the Ragon Military, they are people with superpowers,and are only under the command of a Lord.

    Kusr-The second form of Sub-commanders in the Ragon Military, they are either ranged or melee combatants, and are skilled at defensive tactics.

    Berserker-Mentally unstable Ragon who are furious in melee combat. Bersekers are not commanded,but released on the enemy.

    Aspiring warrior-The squad leaders.

    Warrior-The Rank-And-File soldiers.

    Kirmets-The recruits who are their final stage of training, real life combat, they are to test their metal through combat.

    Branches of the GDF (open)
    Marines-The Rank-And-File soldiers.

    Mobile Infantry-Space paratroopers, come in from drop pods.

    Specters-Power armored super soldiers.


    Air force.

    Office of naval intelligence

    Note:Humans can be pyskers, they just don't know yet.

    And the Black Armada will be be plot thing, no one controls it/


    Character name:
    Side(Ragon or Humans):
    Equipment(Please wait until I complete the equipment list):
    If Lord/General Army/Fleet size:
    If so,what powers:

    So, anyone interesting?