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  1. PLOT

    On June 5th, 2045 the Japanese gaming company Tri-Game released the Tri-Wear. The new and latest technology in gaming. The Tri-Wear allows players to enter the games they play. The newest game on the market is Tales of Fantasia. It's a High-Fantasy world with a unique feature, the money you earn in game you can exchange for real money. It seems shady but it has become a hit with young teens and young adults. Easy money from gaming, seems like a dream, right?

    Or so it seemed.

    Five months after it's release some bugs got into the system. Unfortunately it also caused the log out function to be disabled. Over a thousand players are trapped in this world, with no way out. A group of unlikely players form together in some way or another, all with one focus: Get out of the game. They figured if they beat the final dungeon it would unlock the option to log out. So they set out to beat the game. Somethings aren't as easy as they seem. Many things will stand in their way. Corrupted players, death penalties, and something perhaps.....deeper.


    Skill System Tales of Fantasia's skill system is unusual. Mainly because the way you rank up skills is by using them. You'll suck pretty much when you first start but, the more you use it the better you get. Practice makes perfect is the name of the game. So say you choose a bow, you'll use it better then you would a sword since the sword will be less used.

    There is several life skills you can use and rank up as well.

    -Music (Composing, Performance, Magic Music)
    -Monster Taming (Nothing to do with the Pet System)

    Pet/Mount System Pets are bought from Pet shops. Pets and mounts are extremely useful. Not only are they used for companions they are useful in battle or just with life skills. There are three types of pets.

    Life Skill- These pets help with ranking up life skills, they can also provide supplies. Ex: Spiders give cobwebs for silk.
    Support- They raise stats, fight by your side, or heal you.
    Mounts- Self explanatory. They help you travel places faster.




    Drow, also known as dark elves, are a dark-skinned sub-race of elves that predominantly live in the underground. They are generally evil, with some exceptions. They are shorter than many other sub-races of elves and, in common with most Underground-dwelling creatures, have a tremendous resistance to magic. They also have a much higher birthrate than most other elves, but strife tends to keep their numbers down. Females are higher then men in Drow society, the men are seen as lowly only used for warriors or slaves.

    Special Skill- Night Vision


    Orcs are brutish creatures that terrorize the countrysides of Fantasia. They are primarily used for brute strength. They are a race of primitive, savage and barbaric humanoids. They have proved a threat to the people of Fantasia for as long as anyone can remember. Though some Orcs are intelligent and prove civilized enough to be among the people without people fearing.

    Special Skill- Smash (Can smash the ground pummeling several enemies)


    Halflings, also known as hobbits among themselves or Good-folk by other races. Halflings are humanoids in similar shape of humans, but in half their size. Halflings get along well with most of the other races and are known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things. The term halflings are due to the fact they are similar in appearance to humans but half their size.

    Special Skill- Detect (can detect and collect hidden treasures)


    Vampires are undead creatures of the night. They are highly capable of blending in with the other races. They are manipulative humanoid creatures that have pointed ears and sharp teeth. They live off a diet of blood and normal food.

    Special Skill- HP drain (Through the use of blood magic they can drain a enemies HP by 10%)


    Elves are a beautiful race, very elegant in appearance. They are humanoid and make their homes in the forests along with the Tellurians. They are a very intelligent race and are advanced in nature magic. They have light colored skin unlike their Drow cousins. Their hair are normally light colors and male Elves are not capable of growing facial hair.

    Special Skill- Increased Intelligence


    Humans as the dominate and most advanced race are widespread. They can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas.

    Special Skill- High Charisma



    Tellurains are humanoid creatures of the forest. They resemble animals in all shapes and sizes. They live in houses in trees and tend to act more animal then human. They love collecting shinies and hoard them in a stash in the middle of their village. They specialize in nature magic and healing.

    Special Skills- Shift (they can shift into the animal they resemble)


    Angels are celestial beings that make their home in Paradise. They're creatures of the holiest kind, warriors of the Gods themselves. They normally don't have an evil bone in their body, and are goody goodies.

    Special Skill- Holy Magic (Magic of the purest kind)



    1. BE NICE, I don't need to be mama Nico and give ya'll time out >:c
    2. No Overpowered characters, no godmoding, powerplaying, or sues.
    3. At least three sentences, something to go by is always awesome.
    4. Don't start drama outside the roleplay. Or I swear I will kick you.
    5. Don't turn this into a 1x1 let others in and don't ignore them.
    6. HAVE FUN!

    Character Sheet

    (Delete everything in parenthesis)

    [Appearance IG]
    IGN (In Game Name):
    Skills: (In a percentage of 1-100%)

  2. This sounds awesome!! XD Would it be okay if I joined? ^_^
  3. I would like to reserve a spot. This kind of RP has been very popular for awhile, but every time I try to sign up I see to many people already did.
    P.S.: Do we have a character limit?
  4. [​IMG]
    IGN (In Game Name): Akira
    Title: "Yuki-Hime"(Snow Princess)
    No,Akira doesn't have any special ability that involves snow or ice.She got the title because of the cold vibe she gives out and the color combination of her avatar.
    Race: Human
    Age: 17

    Though appearing rather innocent, she may seem cold and distant at first encounters.She is rather hot-headed and would not be afraid to hit you without thinking twice.Despite all of this,she is actually very gentle and somewhat sweet on the inside.She is protective towards those she cares for and is also very caring in general,but she doesn't like showing this to people,thus making excuses whenever she helps them(i.e.,saying that she did it for herself,or maybe just insulting the person afterwards by calling them an idiot/weak,and the like).She is also very sensitive and can easily be embarrassed,which is usually the reason why her cold-as-ice image breaks to a gentle little...cat ((couldn't think of anything else to compare her to so yeaa...xD))

    90% Swordsmanship||70% Monster Taming||80% Cooking||Lower if not exactly 50% everything else

    Weapon: a customized rapier a blacksmith friend made for her that she calls"Hikari"
    Pet: her dragon Shiro (see dragon in her appearance)
    Other: She is afraid of the dark.​
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  5. I'd like to reserve a spot as well.
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  6. How many people will you accept? I cant join or play with really big groups..
  7. MAKE SURE TO RESERVE ME A SPOT AS WELL~!!!! *coughs* Sorry for the caps lock guys~
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  8. Can i join? I don't have a lot of experience in RP but I hope you will accept me. By the way does magic exist and what does the skill percentage means?
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  9. IGN: Scarlet
    Title: Vixen Shadow
    Race: Tellurian
    Age: 15
    Personality: Scarlet is usually is a very cheery player. She teases others often and generally tries to keep the atmosphere lifted, not so heavy and oppressive as it becomes when bad things happen. The little fox girl is very compassionate (helpful to heal those in need,especially with her magic) and observant most of the time, but she does bite if provoked. She is a beneficial ally and vicious fighter. If she is ever sad or teary, you know something is wrong. Scarlet is brutally honest, sometimes sarcastic and tough. Though you'll usually see her hyper and optimistic.
    Skills: 55%
    Weapon: claws, teeth, nature magic, and a dagger she calls Fang
    Other: Shifting into a fox is fun!
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  10. So if someone dies in the game, do they die in real life?
  11. Horizon- It's just how experienced are you with your skills

    Raven- They do not, they respawn with penalties. Loosing dropped items, lowered experience, ect and you are accepted.
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  12. Am I also accepted?
  13. I don't see your character sheet...
  14. Oh sorry I can't make anything proper at the moment since I'm on my phone but I just want to confirm if spell caster is available in this game? (EDIT: nevermind I just read raven's character sheet I guess that confirm my question)
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  15. You can make one your phone. Its what I did. If you need pics the way I put mine, check the BB codes in the help section up top for URL. Its the blue words that lead to pics you can look up online.
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  16. Are you still accepting?
  17. Yes I am.

  18. IGN (In Game Name): Evangeline
    Title: Aria Magician
    Race: Elves
    Age: 18

    Evangeline is very friendly and loves to talk to others, being a little too chirpy has always been sued to describe this overly friendly female and she can be rather a little intrusive and can at times not read the tension in the air. Furthermore despite being a natural klutz and being a natural air head, she is able to help others if they are up front to her and tell her everything that is in their mind.

    Skills: 55%

    ~ The bow and arrow that you can see in the image.
    ~ The tips of the arrow have a special power to them (I am still not sure what but I can I decide during the RP?)

    Evangeline has a pet dragon who can fly around and also breath under water. Most of the time it is flying around above or near Evangeline making sure that no harm comes to her owner.


    IGN (In Game Name): Adolpho
    Title: The Wolf
    Race: Tellurian
    Age: 21

    Adolpho is a lone wolf and doesn't go out of his way to speak to others. A man of few words, Adolpho watches and listens carefully and can notice things that others don't really notice or hear. Talking to others is something he does very often and when approached by another who tries to spark a conversation they might end up thinking that he is rather rude. This is due to Adolpho not really having that many social skills and being a lone wolf.

    Skills: 65%

    ~ The sword that can be seen in the appearance.
    ~ He tends to use only one sword but if needed to he is able to use two swords hand in hand.
    ~ Furthermore, the sword is heavy for others apart from Adolpho. So it means that only Adolpho is able to use this sword in particular.

    He has a hawk who is named, Sitka. Being more of a messenger than anything Adolpho sends long distance messages through Sitka.
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