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    A door can be heard opening and closing after the person as they walked over to the computer monitor. Sitting on the desktop is a headset that scans and replicates the person's brainwaves that puts it on their head as the person sits down. Quickly waking the computer up from sleep mode, you quickly scan through the website of a highly praised online VRMMO game. The screen flashes as it showed the name of the VRMMO with various characters. Both from the main quest and player models.

    ***Tale of Fantasia***

    You quickly scrolled down to see a server notice.

    ***Update Notice***
    An event will be playing for all players who are currently logged into the game during the update period. Those who are online when the update completes will receive an one of a kind event item. More information will be made public as the update completes.

    "A limited item." You muttered as you skimmed through the notice, looking for any information about this mysterious item.

    No luck. It looks like you will have to enter the game itself to find out this information. You take a look at the update ending time and realized that the event ends in five minutes.

    With a gasp, you quickly put the VR headset on as you verbally command the headset.

    "Open link. Connect: Tales of Fantasia!" You called out with confidence.

    Before your eyes, you see various flashes of light as you feel your real world self melt away as you slowly started feeling your Fantasia version of yourself.

    As you logged in the game, the computer refreshed itself as a new notice replaced the event update notice.

    Due to various bugs entering the system, several functions has been removed from the game. The most prominent of the functions is the loss of the Logout. We advice against going into the game and also advise not to remove the VR Headset that comes with the game. More information will be made available as we investigate the issue.
    Eile felt herself regaining her five senses as she walked over to the closest reflection. She was in a bustling town that every other players has called Hometown. An apt name indeed since this is where the main meeting are.

    The green clothed Drow saw a fountain as she looked at herself. Instead of a dark skin that most Drow are known for, she had light skin. An oddity at itself. On her back, her favorite weapon sat. The Devil Slayer. She shrugged it off with a wry smile as she then noticed everyone else whispering.

    "Is that her?"
    "Yes it is."
    "The Green Reaper"
    "Don't look at her. They say one glance is enough to kill you."

    Eile sighed as she walked away from the fountain looking for something to do.

    "I wonder what that new rare item is." Eile muttered as she pulled up her inventory.

    One quick glance told her she didn't get her new item.

    "That's odd. Why didn't we get the item yet? The company has always been on time with their events." Eile muttered as she overheard some voices shouting.

    "HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! WHERE'S THE LOG OUT FUNCTION?!" Eile heard one man yelled.
    "What?! You too?" A woman asked.
    "Same here." another man stated.

    Eile was confused by this sudden outburst as she decided to take a look for herself. She opened the main menu and lo and behold, the log out function was indeed missing. The green Drow reeled back a bit as she took a deep breath, trying to steady her slowly shaking hands.

    "That's impossible." Eile muttered as she walked back the way she came.

    Soon enough, she reached the fountain as she sat down, trying to digest what just happened.
  2. The familiar silence of her room got eliminated by the chattering of the other players of Tales of Fantasia. Akira opened her lavender eyes and looked around, noticing that she had been summoned in the game's Hometown.Some people notice her log in and gave her a gesture that meant "hello", and Akira returns it with an expressionless nod.It was never a new thing for people to get the cold shoulder from her, and not much people dared to actually approach her.Some men did to try and hit on her for their own advantages, but Akira quickly caught on and endended up giving them a few virtual scratches or two with her rapier.

    'Just need that new item so I can go on with that one quest I was planning to go to..' she thought, crossing her arms across her chest.Noticing that the 5 minutes have passed, she opened up her menu to check her inventory.Maybe the item was suppose to be automatically added there.Nothing new.

    She was about to close her menu when she heard someone yell from the crowd.


    'Huh..?' Akira pressed on some buttons and searched for the log out function.It isn't where it should be.She felt her heart start beating faster as shesearched for it elsewhere.The commotion slowly started to increase as more time passed.She felt the shift of emotions in the crowd, from excitement to panic and fear.

    Unlike the rest though, Akira kept her calm and cool appearance and emotionless expression, but on the inside she felt like screaming.She wanted to run away,to run to someone.Anyone.But she doesn't have anyone in the game.No ally.No guild.Just herself.She crossed her arms a bit harder and just imagined it as a hug

    She stood there in the center of the crowd, holding her breath waiting for an explanation.
  3. Lilith

    Blinking slowly as her sight fully came back, and the view of the marvelous havens came into view. She looked around and stood up spreading her wings. She was just about to start walking when a roar came to her, she looked up to see her pet, Iris, flying to her. Iris landed and almost looked panicked "What is it" she asked and the Griffin only roared back, Lilith jumped on his back and flew to where the problem was.

    "No log out"
    "There has to be a log out"
    "But there isn't I've checked"
    "No log out function!!"
    Came all the voices of the angels.

    Lillith's eyes widened at these panicked voice "No log out" she said to herself, no worries I'll be able to solve this she said to herself, trying to be positive eveb if she was panicking.


    Hearing the sounds of a river flow, Chire' opened her eyes to see she was sitting against a tree by a river. She quickly got up and sprinted into the woods where she would find her friends "Hey what's going on here" she asked them in a panic.

    "There is no log out!!" Yelled a young girl.

    "What that's crazy" said Chire' checing for herself "Oh dear" she said wide eyed "What now, what do we do without a log out" she asked one of the others, no not at all sure what to do but wait until something happened or some news came.
  4. Evangeline looked around and spotted a Tellurian wolf male and she gave a smile as she made her way over to him.
    "Adolpho is that you-"

    "the log out button!"
    "Where is the log out button!"
    "Why isn't there a log out button!?"

    Evangeline turned to look at the cries and the male spoke in a gruff voice.
    "Looks like we can't get out... Well... It is nice to see you evangeline even though in a situation like this it isn't ideal."
    Grinning at the Tellurian, Evangeline chuckled.
    "I completely agree with that. Now... Let's look at this problem..."
    Opening her menu she looked at the bottom and frowned as she did not find a log out button.
    "Well what do you know. There isn't one..."
    Adolpho rolled his eyes and his sword on his back clinked as he moved slightly to shift his weight.
    "And you thought it would be there because...?"
    "I just thought it was a possibility... Let's see if there is anyone around here who can tell us what is going on..."
    Looking around Evangeline's gaze went from one person to another.
  5. Today was supposed to be the day when everyone were supposed to be enthusiastic since there was a new update for Tale of Fantasia; a critically acclaimed VRMMORPG with a massive player base, and you will supposedly receive an exceptional item if you're online when the update is finish but somehow everyone seems so gloomy. It was the first thing Ashelia noticed who just came back from a high level dungeon and wanted to relax in a nice and quiet place but from the looks of it she does not have the luxury to do that. The hometown that was supposed to be a bustling town with an uplifting noises everywhere telling that this is the beginning of a great adventure and you are in the world of fantasy but all of that were swallowed by an eerie atmosphere that engulfed the town like some kind of wild fire although it is still a fairly noisy town but somehow she knew that this was not the same hometown she grew to love.

    "What the hell is this? Did I somehow got transferred in a horror game?"

    Joking aside Ashelia look around a bit more to confirm if this was just a hallucination because of playing Tales of Fantasia like there will be no tomorrow, but everywhere she looked it was always the same thing, miserable looking people. Unable to hold her curiosity any longer, Ashelia approached a green clothed player who was sitting on a fountain who appears to be in deep thought.

    "Hey, what just happened here?"

    @The Cyborg Ninja
  6. [BCOLOR=#000000]Eile[/BCOLOR]

    "Hey, what just happened here?"

    Eile looked up to see a red head sword-woman with a white coat and her sword hanging beside her. It looked like she doesn't know the news just yet and wouldn't like it.

    "You know about the update that was supposed to give us all an item for being on? The 'item' we got is the loss of the log out function. We don't know what happened or why it happened and that has everyone bummed out about it. I plan to find out why we are locked in this game after that update and perhaps a way out of here." Eile muttered as she got up a bit before opening up her inventory again. Apart from her Devil Slayer and clothing she was using as armor, he had only a few recovery items as well as some food in her inventory.

    A flap of wings was what Eile heard before she looked into the sky. She saw her succubus pet Irene landing beside her.

    "Master. Did you miss Irene?" the succubus asked.

    "Not really. I just have a bigger problem on hand. I need wings." Eile replied as the succubus nodded before hugging Eile.

    Irene merged into Eile as Irene's wings sprouted from Eile's back.

    "If you wanna come with me to the message board, we can find out what's happening so far. I'm Eile. What's your name?" Eile asked as she flapped Irene's wings a bit.
  7. Ashelia don't know what to say when she heard what the green clothed player had just said to her.

    "we cannot log out?"

    Ashelia open the game menu with a confused face to see if this is really true and to her surprise there really isn't a log out option. At first she thought that this was just some kind of prank by the dev team but she remembered that the log out option disappeared quite a while ago and Ashelia was sure that the developers won't make a terrible joke such as this; this is why it just confused Ashelia even more. Ashelia’s hands started to shake and she immediately put her hand on her chest as clenched her fist, Ashelia can feel that her heart was beating fast.

    "What is this.... feeling?" She silently said to herself.

    Ashelia considered herself as the greatest game addict, she spend more time in "Tales of Fantasia" than in real world and she always find herself asking what really is real? As the line between her realities began blur. Ashelia knew that this reaction wasn’t normal and yet her heart was racing and filled with excitement because at last she is truly part of “Tales of Fantasia”. She looked at the green clothed player, who just introduced herself as Eile; Ashelia crack a smile inside her head as she closed her eyes, and said “I see” in her mind; She heard that name somewhere before. Once again Ashelia looked at her with a fiery smile.

    “I am, The Crimson Flash Ashelia.”

    Ashelia put out a consumable item that will let her teleport near the message board due to not having a pet mount. She turned around and once again she look at Eile.

    “I’ll wait for you there, Devil Slayer.”

    Ashelia disappeared still wearing her fiery smile as a lightning animation struck her.
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