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Felix Eriquel

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This would be the first Roleplay that I will DM, ever. I just want to have an interest check to see if anyone would be interested in joining and developing this world that I have in mind. Of course, I have some small story line in place, but I thought that it would be fun to start the Prequel first, have a base set for the future, and perhaps have the children from the heroes of the Prequel adventure on into the main plot line!

The continent of Sylvania has chosen to hold a council every year in the continent's capital. There are two seats for every large settlement in the land. Each settlement is to send two people, preferably of different races, to sit at this council and listen to the land's issues.

A debate is held and a decision is come to at a vote of everyone's thoughts. This year, the council has come to a stand still.. no one knows what to think of the new subject. The increasing of the Capital's size. They had previously agreed on preserving Sylvania's forests. They also must accommodate the new race, the Aetherians. Though small in number, they are slowly growing and adding to the population.

It comes to a decision that a King must be crowned so that they may have a final vote on what should happen. The capital is increased in size, however, the Elves suffer for it. There is now less forest, and less Aether crystals to harvest from it. The Aetherians wish to preserve the Crystals, and thus begin hoarding them in hopes to mass produce their brilliance later.

The King sees this as a treason, wanting to put a stop to them somehow. Instead, he begins to create racist laws that will oppress them. Taxes are increased against their kind. They cannot buy any drink or sleep in Inns. They are forced to become a nomadic race, traveling and living outside in the plains.

There is rumors of a rebellion.. somewhere, the Elves are preparing. Kitsunes are defecting and going against their own race. Human sympathizers are joining them, a civil war is going to break out soon. And all over the stupidity of the king who is now becoming more corrupt.

The king is beginning the order to all of the guards and officials to kill the Aetherians and any who protect them.. There are things that are wrong with the king, and all of his people are starting to realize it. Though some decide to turn a blind eye and follow orders.

Who are you? Are you one to follow orders or are you one to fight for what's right?
The magic will be based on Aether, which will be highly based on the Ether parts of the Xenoblade chronicles. The magic will be cast/infused from the crystals that are found in nature, of course there are only some parts of the continents or world that will have certain colors. There is a draining system that will be put in place so the Aether will have limits and such.
The prequel will have someone limits native races, but if you can work in how a nomad has come to the first continent then by all means I would let you put it in. I've narrowed it down to a Human, Kitsune, Elves, and a custom race that I've created specifically for this roleplay ^^

I will have a Co-DM with this, and I'm hoping that a friend of mine will be online long enough for them to be able to properly DM with me. But, if you are interested in becoming the Co-DM I can give you a huge run down and I'll see if I'd like you to help ^^ If you have any questions you can PM me or post a reply here! Please tell me what you guys think, Thank you!
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You should have Chaos Co-DM this ish man.

But uh, yeh, I'll think about it.
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