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  1. Driving through the misty Boston morning, Jackson Blackwell found his way to one of the local gas stations. It was a Tuesday morning and he was running late to work. Lola had taken extra long this morning to get ready and it resulted in Jackson having to do her hair. "You know your mother is going to kill me for being late." He said as he pulled into the gas station and parked next to a red Chevy equinox. Getting out of the car, Jackson walked around to the said and opened up the child locked door, letting Lola out. "Why can't I just stay with you? Mom's new boyfriend is..." She started before hearing her mother ask, "What are you saying about Doug?" Michelle was a brunette with a serious attitude, on occasions Jackson didn't understand what he saw in her six years ago. Without saying a word she motioned Lola to go to the equinox and she glared at Jackson until she heard the car door shut. "How dare you try and take my child away from me." She said in a low and serious tone which caused Jackson to roll his eyes. "She's mine too, and you barely want her to see me." He said before walking past her and to his car door. "I got to go." He mumbled before getting in and pulling out of the gas station.

    Reaching work, Jackson pulled into his designated parking spot. Grabbing both his bag and jacket, Jackson got out and walked into the building. He could tell the moment he got into the room that there was something going on, probably a murder or shoot out. Cops were bustling around, calls were ringing out. By the time he reached his desk the chief was motioning him and his partner over. Glancing at the clock as he entered the chiefs office he noticed he was maybe forty minutes late, better than some other days. "I've assigned you two to the alleyway murder. Your debriefings have been delivered to your desks." Chief Ryder informed. So he was right. Working five years in the force seem to give Jackson some special intuition of knowing what was going on. "You leave now." Ryder said. Jackson nodded and left the room. He was tired and it was easy to be seen. Fighting with Michelle was wearing him down and making his nights restless.

    This was the fresh start Layla needed so badly, far away from Spain and far from her family. It was nine months ago that Layla had turned her own sister in for drug smuggling and countless murders, and it was four months since she had escaped Spain and came back to America. Thanks to a friend that she met as she was in medical school, she was able to have a place to stay. Carson was a nurse at the local hospital, and Layla was the new medical examiner at the morgue underneath the police station, they went well together. Today was supposed to be Layla's first day on the job and well she was slightly nervous. There was so many things that could stand in her way, her accent, her gender, etc. back in Spain in was almost unheard of to be female and have a job like being a medical examiner, at least the town she grew up in.

    Grabbing her jacket and shoulder bag, Layla left the high end apartment and went to catch a taxi. Boston was a nice town and she seemed to get along with it; however, drive through the place was another story and she had wrecked her car weeks prior to this morning. She was a good driver, but some other people were not. The air was humid due to it being a foggy, misty, morning and Layla worried that her hair would frizzy, but then she figured she might as well go with it. Catching the first taxi she could she instructed the driver to take her to the BMPD as quickly as he could and if she was there before eight she would give him a tip. Thanks to throwing the tip part into the conversation the driver was able to find the fastest route to the police department and let Layla out. Looking up at build the blonde haired blued eyed girl inhaled deeply, first days were always the worst.

    As she entered the building she noticed the immense amount of officers ran around, one almost hit her with a cop of coffee. Trying to dodge she ran starting into a tall dark haired man that was coming out of a office. "I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed as she fixed herself. "It's okay, can I help you? You seem lost." He said looking at her a little worried. Layla smiled and sighed in relief, "Oh, yes. Could you point me to the morgue? I'm the new M.E. and this place is really well big." She told him before holding her hand out. "I'm Layla Bello." She said introducing herself, her accent thick. The man nodded, "I'm detective Jackson Blackwell and this is my partner detective Valhalla..." Detective Jackson said shaking her hand, "The Morgue is through those doors and down two flights of stairs, go down the hall and it's the only big door down there. Good luck." He told her before parting ways and going to grab his jacket. Calling a quick "thank you" his way, Layla exited the bull pin and went down to the morgue.

    Pushing the heavy metal and glass door open, Layla noticed a man in a white coat going over some paper work. "Hello. You must be Dr. Iling, I'm your new assistant Layla." She said before walking in and put her stuff in the shelf and racks he had designated for belongings. The doctor nodded and motioned her to come in, "Come on in, grab the coat with your name on it Miss. Bello and come get your assignment. I want to see what you can do, even though you come highly recommended." He said. Layla did as he asked, grabbed her coat and joined him.

    There was an middle aged male lain on a cold metal table, he had bullet wounds through out his body and a tattoo of a blue cobra on his neck. "Gang affiliated I see." She said before beginning her work.
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    Alexandra had slept in late, she never got days off. She was always working, sure she spend time with her partner and his kid, but even he got time to spend with his beautiful daughter. Alex worked round the clock and slept little. She took her cases seriously and made sure she followed every lead to the ground. She had a side project her main task was running down the man who raped her mother. She woke to the sun slowly coming through her window. Alex moved and shielded her eye's as she sat up. She looked at her phone and the time. She jumped up cursing to herself. Alex ran to the bathroom to shower and dress. Alex threw on jeans boot and a tshirt. She put her gun and badge on her hip as she ran through her apartment grabbing keys and her helmet. She waved to Rogue her dog after feeding him and kissed his head. She locked her door and basically flew down the apartment steps. She hopped on her bike starting it.

    Alex drove to work quickly dodging in and out of traffic to make it on time. She did finally and parked her bike shutting off the engine. She took her helmet off and placed it on her bike with her gloves in it. She moved quickly to her seat and sighed. She looked at the time 5 minutes late and still beat her partner. She figured he was dropping off his daughter. Alex went to grab some coffee for both and came back to work on paper work. Her head was down and she was ignoring the hustle and bustle. Alex didn’t look up till she felt a hand on her back. She nods to her partner and sees their Captain calling them over. Alex let out a sigh and walked into his office. She closed the door behind her partner and stood listening. She sighed and nods. She followed after her partner and grabbed her file and his.

    Alexandra bit her lip and followed him to the car. she got in his car and sighed." How is Lola?" She asked. She looked over at her partner and smiled gently. Alex liked him he was nice and sweet.


    Drew was already at the scene of the crime. He was picking things up and bagging them. He dusted for finger prints and sighed looked over at his partner. " Man I was watching Game of Thrones when they got the idea to call me in for thiss. The killer could not have waited till it was over. He joked and shook his head. He stood when he saw the detectives pull." Oo Hello Ms. Daisy." He said upon seeing Alex in the car.

    The man next to him" Don't even try that girl beat your ass with a pebble." He said. Drew walked over when the detectives got out. "Hello detectives, Lovely day for a murder? is it not." He asked and got a look from Alexandra." Alright tough crowd. So what we have so far is what seems like and open and Shut case. However their is more then meets the eye. Let me show you" He said and walked over to the crime scene to show them.
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    As Jackson began to pull out of the police station, he heard his partner ask, "How's Lola?" Th typical answer would have been fine, but truthfully Jackson wasn't sure. Until this morning he didn't even know that his ex-wife was dating some dude and from the sounds of it Lola wasn't very approving of this new found love. He gulped and then gave a dry laugh. "You know, I'm not really sure." He started off as he turned onto Main street, "I mean she is fine physically, but...Michelle is dating some guy now and I have the feeling Lola isn't too keen about him." He admitted. Through out the past year and a half, Jackson felt like he could trust Alex with his life and well he even invited her to birthday's and barbecues with his family. To him it was just the friendly thing to do, but his mother thought that there could be more to the partnership than just friendship, each time she'd bring it up Jackson would laugh it off. In truth, Jackson wasn't sure about dating with all that he had going on in his life being custody battles, co-parenting, his mother's illness, and his job he didn't find time to date. "I don't know, maybe I should look into this guy to see who the hell is hanging around my kid." He said before pulling up to the crime scene. It was funny how close it was to the police department, murderer sure had some guts.

    Getting out of the automobile, Jackson noticed Drew eyeing Alex and made a quite joke, "Looks like someone has an admirer." He noted before walking over to Drew. Following after him, Jackson surveyed the crime scene around him. It was dirty, musty, and down right gross, but even these kinds of places left clues behind. Hearing what Drew had to say, Jackson looked closer at the female victim. There were too all together, a male and female. "The female's strangulation wounds look to be caused by a belt or cord of some type." He said pointing to the rough edges and clear patterns around the neck. Looking over to the male he noticed a bruise on the shoulder towards the back. "It was a blitz attack...probably looking for a weaker un-sub." Jackson announced to his partner.
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    Alex sighed and shrugged" Why not. You know what they say kids are the best judge of Character and so are dogs." She said. Alex groaned as they got to the crime scene. Drew was their. He was such a massive egotistical flirt. She sighed and put the briefs in the back. They did nothing for her. She liked to see the scene before she started to work on the case. she had told her captain that a million times. Alex got out of the car a day the wind blew her hair gently. she used it back and put on gloves as she rolled her eye's at her partnerside comment." Your so funny." She said Sarcastically.

    She walked over and knelt looking around, she picked through the trash and under it. " Perfect She pulled a purse out and went through the contents and frowned. This was the female on the ground, but why kick the purse under the trash bin. She noticed blood on the ID and had Drew tag it. She went back to the trash bin and moved some of the boxes.

    Alex covered her nose as she dug deeper. She let out a small choking noise. The smell of the trash was gross. It smelled like vomit and fecal matter. She stopped digging," Umm Jackson this was definitely them walking into a crime. They were not the intended. She pointed to the small body of a girl in the trash. "They just walked down this way and stumbled on the crime." She said and stepped back taking her gloves off. She went to go puke out of the crime scene. The smell had bugged her and the way the little girl looked was to much. She normally could stomach it better but that was to much.

    She rinsed out her mouth and came back." Drew get those bodies to the morgue and hers as well. Tell the EMT I want the girl examined first." She said and breathed in. She watched them pull the girl out and shook her head. She stopped them when she caught something. She put in new gloves and looked at the girls hand and rolled her to her back. Girl looked like she been through hell and back. Her hand clutched something" Come on baby girl give me that, you know you want to." She said and took the rosary from her hand gently and bagged it."no one came." She said looking at the necklace.


    when they got back to the office Alex went to brush her teeth and wash her face. She sat found in her chair and stated at her desk as she bit the back of a pen. she was deep in thought, her eye's stared at the rosary in the bag. Alex couldn't figure out why any one would mutilate a girl like that. She jumped as she heard a voice and looked up." Hmm yeah I am good." She said to her partner.


    Drew walked over. " well she wasn't killed here not enough blood for the way she looks."He said." I will get that over." He nods to the detectives. He looked at Alex." You okay?" He asked. She nods and sends him off.

    Drew made his way back and walked down to the morgue." 3 bodies coming in Detective Valhalla says to make sure you work on the child first." He said and brought the body's in. He went to the lab next and started to slowly pull out all the evidence. He looked it over and worked diligently. He almost never messed anything up especiallywith testing. He had winked at the new girl, but works on his mind especially after seeing that dead girls body.
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    Jackson noticed Alex's change in atmosphere as he knelt over the bodies, but when he looked up to see her throw up he knew for sure that what was inside that dumpster really bothered her. However, as soon as the on sight EMT's pulled the girl's body out it made Jackson a little nauseous. There were just certain things that shouldn't be done to little girls. Standing, Jackson pulled the blue gloves from his hands and walked over to the medical disposal bags next to the ambulances and dumped them in there before getting in his car and returning to the office with his partner.

    Once back at the police station, Jackson went into talk with his captain. This wasn't a closed and shut case that Drew and the captain thought it would be, and the captain wasn't too happy about that. "So Valhalla found the body in the dumpster?" Jackson nodded in confirmation. "Well it looks like we have a serious case on our hands, not that the two bodies weren't serious, but this feelings like we are diving into something much bigger." Ryder commented as he took a seat in his leather desk car. "I'll keep you informed, sir." Jackson said before being dismissed.

    Walking over to his desk, he saw that Alex had returned to her desk. "Are you okay?" He asked. Seeing something like that was nerve wreaking and he knew it, despite how many times the two of them saw death seeing someone innocent died was just too much at times. "Hmm...yeah I'm good." Alex confirmed. Jackson nodded before taking a seat at his desk, he wanted to check the traffic camera's around that area to see if he could locate anyone that was going in and out of the alley around the last day, especially to see when the victims went in there. Logging into the network, Jackson put in the coordinates and began watching the footage.

    Having just finished up with the gang member, Layla wasn't too shocked to find more bodies being brought in by the EMT's and a guy whose tag read Forensic specialist. "3 bodies coming in Detective Valhalla says to make sure you work on the child first." The brown haired male said. Taking some of the files from a EMT, she looked at them. "Okay, I'll get her done first." She said as both her and the forensic lab guy departed. Layla almost did not see the guy wink at her, but she caught it at the last second. She smiled, but thought it was a little ridiculous. He was cute, but easy to tell he was a flirt.

    Since her boss was out on break, Layla would have to start without him. Sitting the other bodies, older female and male, in the chambers she began her work on the little girl. It was a shame to see such a sweet girl dead on her examine table which was why she felt the need to figure out how she died. The lack of wounds on the girls body was suspicious and caused Layla to automatically think of poisoning. Though before she could crack the girl open she needed to do an exterior exam. Taking her chart she started to write down her finds: Swelling of the eyelids, blisters periodically around the body, and fever rashes. Sitting her clipboard, and chart, down she grabbed her instruments and began the interior examination.

    Cutting her abdominal area open to her thoracic part she opened the girl up. Some part of her felt extremely bad, doing little ones was always a had thing to do, but she needed to complete her exam. Looking at the tissues just inside the stomach her theory was becoming real, bu she needed to reach the lungs and take a sample over to Forensics. Take a bone saw, she cut the thoracic cage open and separated the ribs. The lungs had a unique discoloration to them, a yellowish black tint, causing Layla to think that the girl was around smokers for quite some time. Taking a scalpel she opened the lungs and took a sample of the alveoli out, if there was poisoning these sacks would reveal it with a close examination under a microscope. Placing them into a sterile bag, she finished up her interior examination and closed the body. Looking at the clock it read 11:30, she realized that took almost two hours to fully complete her exam she sighed. She was getting faster, but she still didn't like how long it took her. Her boss new her quickness is what got her recommended besides her skill.

    Taking off her white coat and gloves, she took the bag over to forensics. Knocking on the door she realized that there wasn't many guys in there, probably because of them being out at crime scenes. "Hey, I got her finished, but I need you to check these for me..." Layla said as she walked in and looking at the guys name tag, "Drew." She said handing over the alveoli. "Look for poisoning. It's probably mustard gas, but we need to be sure." She said before walking back to the door. "I got to go start on those other bodies, so I'll see you around." She called before walking down the hall.
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    Alex wiped her eye's and sighed. She turned to look at the screen and looked through old files. She had taken it upon her to look up her partners ex wife's newas boyfriend. She just looked up street photos of earlier and zoomed in on the man and looked him up in the database by photo. She kept looking and dug deeper. She printed the file and got up. She grabbed it and set it on her partners desk." If I were you I fight to keep your daughter, especially with that hanging around." She said and taps the file. When he went to grab it. She shook her head, "not here, wait till later. Now what do you have here." She said and stopped his scrolling. She made the image bigger. Her eye's stopped a minute. It couldn't be, she clicked and sighed." Come on I know exactly where to look." She said. She grabbed his keys and smiled I am driving. She nod to the file." Take it."She said and walked for his car.

    Alex started his career and when he was in backed out. She drove for the clubs, she stopped outside a strip looking club more like a burlesque bar. She walked in and nods to the ticket taker. Since it was the afternoon they wereally just practicing. She walked over to the bar and sat down, she wite til the bartender said they were not open and turned." Hello Damon miss me, how's your probation officer. Should I tell him where your working or do you have some info about the alley way?" She said showing a picture she printed of him before he could weasel out. She dragged him over the counter to a booth with Jackson and pushed him in the booth." This is my partner Detective Blackwell and Detective Black this weasely slimy Skelton of a thing is a old friend of mine from middle school. Now what did you see?" She asked." Nothing Alex I swear." He said she pulled her gun" I am sorry what?" She asked pushing the picture at him." Okay look I saw them only dead I took off as fast as I could." He said." I swear Lex." He watched her." She sighed, keep your ear to the ground tell me what you see and know. You know this little girl?" She asked." Yeah ashley she lives in the building next to me I haven't seen her in days. Please put it away." He begeed. Alex nods." Thanks Damon." She said standing.


    Drew looked up at her and nods." Yeah I can do that." He said and took it. He nods to her and gets started on everything. It took him half the day to finish the reports. He walked into the morgue next door." So you were almost right about it all. It wasn't mustard Gas it was a homemade gas of bleach and a few other products. Here it is all in the report I am going to go call the detectives."He said. he had finished all labs with clothes and all. " Before I do have your report on the two older?" He asked her. When she handed it over he nods." Thanks. He goes to his lab to call jackson. He rings him and stops a minute as he looked at stuff. He hangs up and went back into the morgue.

    " Hey Loyal come look at this." He said. He showed her and matched things up in the scope and pictures. He typed in and went searching new I saw something like this before. " This isn't random it has happened before. look all the same even matches the mo. Oh hell have to call the detectives now." He picked up his phone to call them." Come on pick up." He said. when they did he spoke." Come back to the station get out of where ever you are and get back here. drag Alex if you have to just get out of siht." He said and tapped his fingers hanging up.

    He went over some stuff again waiting as he wrote down on his note pad quickly. He looked at Layla and nods she could go, if she wanted.
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    Standing at the edge of the booth, Jackson watched Alex's method of interrogating someone, although he didn't agree with it he knew there was no way of stopping her once she got started. A few times Jackson noticed the body guards looking his way and just by the look Jackson gave them it was clear they shouldn't mess with him. As he listened to Alex and Damon converse, Jackson heard the sound of his phone going off in his pocket. Stepping a little bit away he looked at the name illuminated on his phone screen. Drew. Picking up the phone, Drew spoke quietly, "What is it?" He questioned. Hearing Drew's concern and instructions, Jackson remand calm. After hanging up, Jackson looked at Alex and spoke a little louder, "Chief wants us back." He lied extremely convincingly as he walked next to her and out the door. He had this feeling like someone was intensely watching him, but he kept going to his car. Getting in, he started the ignition and drove off towards the station.

    Layla nodded. She could have sworn it was mustard gas because all the symptoms match perfectly, she didn't know how this gas was able to mimic the same symptoms, but she could always find something else out. Listening to him call the detectives back she wondered how close of friends they were. His tone was a lot more worried than just a co-workers was. However, when Drew asked about the other two reports she smiled, "Typical gun shot wound and stabbing was the cause of death. Nothing points to poisoning for them. Just witnesses to something bad." She said handing over the reports. "If you have any questions, I'll be in the morgue finishing up any work I have." She said before walking out of the forensic lab and back to her own work space.
    Once she returned to the morgue she realized that her boss hadn't come back in quite some time. Walking into his office she noticed a note on the desk instructing her to finish the reports and that she would see him tomorrow. Strange, she thought to herself. It was her first day and she was already left in charge. She shrugged it off for the time being as she went out to begin cleaning some of the tools she used to examine the bodies.
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    Drew hung up and went back to work. He looked it over. He could not figure out what he was missing he hated that he could not figure it the hell out. He was glad Jackson picked up and left with Alex. Alexandra would be curious and pissed most likely. She was not one to be taken out of the feild. She was like a hound and wouldn't sleep for days till she was forced to go home, even then she just stay in the beds at work or with Jackson. Drew had hung out with them a lot, he knew them well and like to make sure they were okay. He looked at the woman and nods his head at her." Oh thanks." He said and took the files. He watched her leave and sighed as he went back to work and waited on the detectives to come back. He had to talk to them it was serious.

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    Alex looked at Jackson in disbelief." What no way, we have a lead. Jackson come on." She begged him gently. She sighed as they got in the car and went back. Her head leaned back on the seat as she kept the folder closed. She didn't want to look at the photos any more then she had to. She normally got what she wanted even if she had to use some force to make them tell her. She got out when they got their and went to sit at her desk. She was confused as to why they were back the captain didn't seem to want to talk to them. she looked at Jackson confused. " Okay what's going on?" She asked him, she was very confused now.
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    As he drove, few specks of rain droplets began to pour on to the windshield. Clouds began to move into the area from the east, probably a standard thunder storm. Luckily, the crime scene had been taken care off and processed. The car was silent, the tension was high as Jackson knew that Alex was frustrated with him. Pulling her away from a lead wasn't something he was accustomed to nor did her want to, but something in Drew's voice made him worry about the location they were in. Pulling into the station, Jackson parked near the side entrance before getting out of his car and entering the precinct.

    The strong aromas of coffee, mixtures of perfume and cologne, and of course the low lives waiting to be charged. Jackson navigated his way behind Alex until they reached her desk. "Okay, what's going on?" Alex questioned him. Jackson looked down to her and then to the captain's office. He chuckled. "Guess you found my lie." Walking towards the stairs he motioned her to follow behind him. As he did he added, "Drew wants to see us, somethings going on." Going down the two stair cases, he entered the bottom level of the police station that held the morgue and forensic lab. Walking through the dimly lit hallway, he entered the lab. Locating Drew he walked towards him and stopped a few feet away. "So what is it?"
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    Alex looked at Jackson as he started to head down to where the labs were." You pulled us out on Drews say so we had a lead. This better be good." She said very upset with him. Lex walked down with him to the lab. She noticed their was a new girl in the morgue and was frowning where was the normal Mortician. She looked away and went to the lab and gave drew a what the Hell look. Alex was more then un happy. She looked like she was about ready to punch Drew.

    " Drew this had better be good I swear to.." She was a little hot under the collar with this,but she calmed herself and sighed." What do you have that was so urgent?" She asked her arms crossed as Drew told them to come over.


    Drew looked up when the detectives came in. He cringed Alex was a little mad. He sighed and waves bother detectives over." Okay so this is all the lab work for all 3 however. This is like a case that went cold before the unit was put together. However I looked through the database. Their are 20 different cold cases same model. All over the east coast post dating back to 1990s. He pulled up photos and a map. However the reason I had Jackson pull you out was because of this. He pulled up a video.

    The video played and it was a small girl bruise marks on her. She was pretty beat up. A man in a mask held her up and laughed." Come out and play Alex you missed your chance at this age Detective. Meet me at the corner of Elmwood and Hellenworth or this girl and many others will be blood on your hands and I will make sure it is known. 8 pm tonight don't be late and no back up.That means you Detective Blackwell. "The video went blank and Alex bit her lip and looked at the time. She had to go. She wasn't going to let another little girl die. She went to walk to the door." Woah where you going?" Drew asked her." Drew move I have to go." She said.
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    Jackson looked at Alex as she tried to leave. "Alex, you have no idea what is waiting for you." He said slightly worried about the safety about his partner, but more worried about the fact that Alex was way to heated to be in her right mind. Looking at the computer monitor and playing the tape back a couple of times, he looked over his shoulder at Alex. "We have sometime to figure things out, and even then you're not going alone." Noticing the morgue girl stand behind the duo, he smiled. "Layla, right?" He questioned as she walked to him asking to see the tape. "Um, sure." He said before showing her. Hearing that Layla kind of recognized the mask he spoke, "Really? Try and remember, okay? Could be a big help." He told her before walking over to Alex and having a stern voice. "You're not going until we find out more about this." He said.

    Something just wasn't settling quite right with Layla and she couldn't figure out what. She sighed placing down her tool, she turned and looked at the clock. It was almost 1. Maybe, just maybe she could possibly go and speak with Drew again. Finding herself exiting the morgue and rushing down the hallway, she caught the end conversation between Drew and the two detectives. "Looks like I'm interrupting." She said to the three. She was getting ready to leave when she noticed a video playing on a computer screen, the male she had met earlier was running over it a few times. Pushing past the female, she remembered as being introduced as Vahalla, she walked to the computer screen. "Would you mind rewinding just a bit?" She questioned Jackson. He did as she asked. Something about the mask seemed familiar to her, but she couldn't quite place it. "Something about that....never mind." She said as she starred at the picture.
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    Alex sighed and put her hair behind her ear."Okay so get Bello our new Mortician on recognizing who that is. I am going to go pull the old case files on all of these." She said. Drew watched her a minute and let her go. He believed her, and Alex sighed as she went down the hall to the elevator and up to the case file room. She went to the computer to start pulling all cold cases. Her fingers were like ghosts over the keys. She moved quickly and pulled the cases up. Alex stopped when her phone vibrated. She saw a restricted number popped up calling her .' Nice jeans, you won't find anything in the files.' the voice said. she turned to look around her confused. Her heart was racing she looked down at the pone.' Meet me at the time tonight or I will ruin your career.' He spoke." Wait who is this?" She asked.' Do you not know me detective I know you.' He said.' See you soon.' The phone clicked. Alex looked out the window and ran out of the file room. She ran outside looking around, who ever it was, was gone. Alex put her hands in her hair and shook her head. She walked back in and her eye's looked around before she went to go tell Jackson. She stopped a minute. Alex wasn't sure she should, she decided she would. Alex went to go find him and bumped into him. She jumped." Oh god Jackson it's you." Alex breathed in as she went to tell him what happened. When She was done "find anything?" She asked

    Drew watched Alex go and sighed as he looked at Jackson and the new woman. He went over to work and just watched his team work. He looked up when Jackson left." Think of any one you know.Maybe list where you think you know the person from and it might come back to you. " He said to her and brought over a pen and paper." We kinda need you to do this quickly." Drew said and smiled." No pressure he still joked. He tried to keep it light
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    Looking at the mask repeatedly did little help for Layla, she just couldn't remember anything about it, but it did still look familiar. "No pressure...right?" She spoke softly as she looked over to Drew. It was weird, and stressful, to think that the importance of her remembering was large. Think, Layla, think. She kept thinking to herself. This time Layla played the tape back with sound, the words and the way the male acted sparked something in her mind. "Oh god, please anything, but this." She said before bolting out of the room and down to the morgue. She could feel Drew extremely close behind her. Entering the morgue she grabbed a blue glove and walked over to the wall full of refrigerated bodies and opened one of the victim's in the alleyway murder, the male. Without realizing that Drew was standing across from her, she opened the dead male's mouth and peaked inside at the front of the roof. There it was. "Shit." She said before looking at Drew. "I remember now." She told him as she pointed to the upside down pentagram. "For most people, that would symbolize satanism or, for the ignorant ones, wicca. But..." She paused as she shut the corpse's mouth and pushed it back into the wall shutting the door behind it. She looked at Drew. "In Spain, the symbol was adopted by a cult like gang. The Crimson Cross is like the mafia, but imagine worse. They're who the mafia in Spain goes to if they want something done." She said breaking away from the area and walking over to her belongings. It was her break time and she might as well use it to help her new co-workers. "I don't know what they are doing in America, but they are doing something which means someone high up really wants Alex dead." She bluntly stated before putting her jacket on and her satchel. "I need to go grab somethings from my apartment. You're welcome to tag along." She offered before leaving and going up the stairs to police station and then out the door. She would inform Alex and Jackson as soon as she went on got her journal.

    After hearing about Alex's mysterious call Jackson became a little ill-tempered. "You're not going alone tonight, I don't care. I'll stay my distance, but I will have eyes on you." He stated before walking to his desk and sitting on the edge. There was no way that he was just gonna to let his partner fly solo on some mission for a girl, even if she could save her, Alex could just be walking into a trap that could get her and that girl killed. "I didn't find much out in fact nothing at all, but I did got an interesting call from Michelle's lawyer." He chuckled a bit. Maybe he was so upset about the whole Alex situation because he was already steamed about that phone call. "I'll give that woman an 'A' for how fast she can contact a lawyer. She is filing for full custody. And with all the interesting wounds I have attained in the last two months, she might actually have a chance in proving I am a unfit parent for Lola." He sighed and shook his head. "Anyway, enough about my problems, lets start finding out about this. Do you have any idea why someone would be doing this?" He asked her. It was vital to know everything he could that could link to the case.
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    Alex swallowed her snap back at her partner as he told her she wasn't doing this well at least not alone. She had to swallow the anger and bit back an almost Sarcastic retort." Like I said after you read that file on her boyfriend later you will be the most fit parent to have custody of the child their is and with your job and badge they won't take your daughter away" Alex told him. She sighed when he asked and shook her head"No I don't even know how I connect to this." She said. Alex sat down and started to tap her nails on the desk. She stopped and pulled up the search engine. she stopped on a page." Jackson look at this. Something I learned being an Islander their are legends that circumvent certain things other Island the legend of the Island Queen from where I am from says the right one the chosen woman who is the reincarnate of her will ascend and bring those deserving with it. He thinks I am that Island Queen reincarnation. I am the connection." She said. She was biting her lip.


    Drew lifted and eyebrow He listened to her. He wasn't totally sure it was that. Alex hadn't pissed any one off in spain." Wait a minute that would have nothing to do with Alex. May be this is about where she comes from, a legend or something." He said and sighed. She offered for him to tag along. He went with her. Drew was fascinated by this girl. He followed her and waited in the car as she went to go get something.The man just kept an eye out as a just in case.
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    Layla, entering her home, was surprised to see her roommate was home. "Hey, can't talk, busy." She informed her good friend before going into her bedroom and pulling an old case file from Spain out of her closet. Sure she wasn't supposed to take these with her, but she did it anyway. Exiting, the apartment she returned to the car and got in. "Okay, so you miss read me before." She stated bluntly. As she pulled the case files out of her back pack and handed them over to Drew. "Crimson Cross does much more than your standard mafia. They can be bought to do anything, anyone, asks. Say you needed someone killed, you lived in Australia, and had enough money to pay to Crimson Cross to do it for you. Bam it's done." She tried to explain. As she looked over the case files with him. "Who ever wants Alex probably hired them to help with his dirty work, leaving complete access for whatever legend B.S you are talking about." She told him. Maybe, it was just Layla, but she wasn't too big of a fan about legends and shit. She found it complete bogus. "However, their too sloppy leave their mark behind like what we saw on the victims. They most likely didn't count on me being here, which is odd since my sister runs around with them." She noted before changing the subject. On occasions Layla would ramble when she found someone attractive and was in a close space with them. She had a bit of social anxiety which was why she liked working with the dead.

    Jackson listened to what Alex had to say, before laughing a bit. "Seriously Alex, this?" He asked before noticing she was serious. Personally he thought she was trying to lighten the mood, but he was completely wrong. "Well we have determined we are dealing with a nut case. Great always wanted to meet a loony in full murderous swing." He said leaning on the desk a bit. This was bad news, if this guy really was a nut job than even if they caught him he could always plead insanity. He sighed. Could this day get any worse?
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    Alex sighed and leaned back in her seat rubbing her eye brown. Jackson didn't take her seriously at first. She looked at him with a raise eye brow." Jackson I am not kidding look at the descriptions and girls deaths." She showed him. She sighed and ran her hands through the her hair time was just ticking away. She looked at the clock and at Jackson. She was getting anxious and was very worried about this. Alex leaned back and groaned. Their Captain came out and asked where they were she told him what they come up with and what has happened. Captain looked at them." Well Alex I don't want you going alone sorry Jackson is going with as well. Also if you unsure I would be extra sure before you do it" He told both.

    Alex looked at him and bit back a retort. This was her captain." But captain, this just isn't girls dying this is my name on the line. I mean I know this isn't my fault, but you think the media will think that. Thats my name and then I will have to talk to internal affairs." She said and looked at Jackson for help. She was worried about her job being on the line as well as these girls dying. it wasn't right she was backed into a corner on all ends.


    Drew lay back in the seat as he waited on the new girl. He yawned and looked over when she got back in the car. Drew took the file and looked at it. He frowned and shook his head." I mean I guess I can see it but how? I mean you might have to explain this more to me I am very confused." He said as he read it over.

    " Also your sister?What do you mean she is running with them. Like she is a part of this?" He asked her and looked over at her. the new coroner was good looking. Also he was still curious where the other corner went to. that man never left. They get a new girl and bam all of a sudden the guy was a ghost. That seemed odd and fishy.
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    Layla blushed, maybe it wasn't okay to have blurted out facts about her sister like that. "Um...how do I say this...She's an idiot." She confessed. It was too late not to just tell him about her sister, Layla had already made the man curious. "Long story short, she got into heavy drugs and became a member." Layla said looking forward for a moment before looking at the case files. She didn't quite know how to explain this is a version he would understand. It wasn't that easy to explain the works of a mafia styled gang to someone who hadn't experienced them first hand, but she tried again. "The Crimson Cross is like an organization for hire. Say Bill, that's who we'll nickname whoever is after Alex for now, needed some help getting a job done, he'd pay the Crimson Cross to help. They in turn would send out one guy, a representative, to help Bill complete the task. It's a black market operation that spans out across the world, not just in Spain." She said looking at him, unclear if she had lost him somewhere along the way. Sure she didn't provide the greatest example, but she hoped that he know understood because coming up with scenarios was not that easy anymore.

    Jackson understood that Alex felt obligated to do this, that it was her name on the line, but it was also her life as well. With no knowledge of who this was or their physical strengths, there was no humanly possible way to prove that she could come out on top. Sure Alex was in amazing shape, but even then there was always someone better, faster, stronger. "I'm sorry, Alex, but I am with captain on this. Despite your name being on the line, we just can't send you in there with no back up." He said, knowing that she would be angry with him for at least a good portion of the day, but he would live. If this psycho really thought that Alex was some reincarnation of some island queen, she wasn't going to go face him alone.
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