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  1. In the criminal Justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous In Salem, Massachusetts , the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad kwown as the Special Victims Unit.These are their stories.

    Captain: @MST3K 4ever

    3 females( this includes me so two spots open )
    - @Satan's Mistress
    - @MST3K 4ever

    3 males.( all open)
    - @Infinite_Darkness
    - @LogicfromLogic


    - @B l u E s
    @Shin-Ryu Lightning

    (Starting posts if you have been accepted if not you can when your Cs is done.)

    The Beginning
    New York had a special victim's unit and they we're the best at what they did. How ever now there was another needed now in Boston Massachusetts. There had been an increase of Heinous crimes. Now there are a group of detective's trying criminals and putting them away.

    There we're 6 Detective's and One captain. The 6 Detectives are doing there best to protect Salem from the storm that is coming.

    It was late and the rain was falling down lightly. When the phone rang in the BMPD SVU. A place white hand grabbed for the phone." This is detective Hail" she said." Yes, this is the special victims unit. " she wrote on a piece of paper and stood slowly. She hung up and grabbed her Jacket. She walked over and nudged her partner."we have a case come on." She said. She stretched it had been a long day.

    Just a the two we're heading out the phones rang on the other four detectives desk. She sighed they had gotten many calls. They we're always going sexual crimes had increased it seems since the unit was made or maybe there unit just finally shed light on the horrible hidden secrets of Boston. Detective Hail walked pat the captain's " Cap we got a case in the park we're heading now, looks like you got two more cases as well." She pointed to the other detectives desk.

    Across the city 3 woman's bodies had been found not clothed and hands bound behind there backs. The case's we're related the 6 Detectives will have to work together. They had gotten and anymous call about the bodies.

    Belle got in the car with her partner and let him drive. She sighed as she put her hair up and watched the roads past she was tired, but this was her job. When they pulled up. She pulled on glove and knelt. She shook her head looking under the sheet. She can't be more then 16." She said.

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    The problem with pulling an all day shift was the fact that Jackson barely got sleep. Most nights he stayed up arguing with his ex, Michelle, about what they considered was best for their daughter. It started to feel like Michelle was purposefully making him stay up late so when ever their court date came around he looked like he couldn't handle life. However, thanks to the invention of coffee and energy drinks he was doing fine.
    Jackson sit at his desk, the dim lighting was slightly making him nod off. His phone was ringing on and off, some where ridiculous calls like one was from a lady who thought her neighbor was being raped, but then she noticed it was her neighbors husband. Jackson couldn't help but laugh after that phone call. Though he felt that call should have been directed towards the patrol cops more than him seeing that they were already out and about. So when he felt his partner nudge him and tell him that they had a real case, he was more than happy to get out of his chair. "You know that chair is not comfy when you sit in it for hours." He complained, a little cheeky as he got into the car and pulled out of the BMPD parking lot.

    It took about twenty minutes to reach the crime scene, which gave Elle enough time to debrief him on all she knew about the scene before arriving. A women had been bound and unclothed, then left for dead in some alley way. A shame, really. Theories in Jackson's mind started to surface as he got out of the car, but of course the coroner would have to examine the body for sexual abuse. Placing a pair of blue hospital gloves on, Jackson walked over to the body and bent down to get a better look. Noticing that there were a few bruises on the victim's neck, Jackson lifted her shoulder up to check her back. Even more bruises where located on her back. "Looks like she was beat with some sort of weapon before she was killed." He noted aloud, also informing Elle of his suspicions. Jackson stood and walked around to the other side of the girl, bending down once again. Lifting the white sheet, he looked at the sides of the victim's legs. "There's no bruising." He commented, a little bit shocked. Looking over at Elle, he wore a questioning look. "But who is she?" He asked rhetorically, knowing that Elle wouldn't know yet either.

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  3. Captain Ryder was putting the finishing touches on a review of the case work for the last three months for Commissioner Roland. As a general rule Ryder hated doing this kind of reports, but this would be presented to The Mayor by the Commissioner. Not to mention the Commissioner was one of the few people in the chain of command that Ryder actually not only tolerated, but he actually liked and respected him. So Ryder was willing to go the “extra mile” on this one and not do a cut and paste job on this report. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a nice evening, but then he heard the phones started to ring. Ryder knew he wasn’t going to get his nice evening anytime soon.

    He had heard Elle state what she was doing and Ryder didn’t even look away from the screen. He merely nodded and replied, “Go.” Ryder knew he would hear all about the cases when everyone reported in. The review was done by most standards and in many cases people would say it was stellar, but most people weren’t Captain Ryder. He wanted this thing to be perfection on many levels, because he would often go toe to toe with the City Hall Politicians and Police Chain of Command concerning SVU, so he made sure that they could have no complaints. Ryder scrolled down to the bottom of the screen and said, “Done.” With that Ryder e-mailed the review to the Commissioner’s secretary, and then called dispatch to get the locations of the other crime scenes. He took down the information and sent out text-messages to his other detectives Davenport, Ragen, Palmer and her partner. Ryder told them what to expect from the preliminary reports, that uniforms and forensics were on scene, and that since these calls all came at the same time and from the same anonymous tip chances were better than average the cases were connected. They were to get to the scene, get the information, and get back to the office so everyone could compare notes. Ryder didn’t like texting Palmer especially since she was already home and done for the day.

    Ryder walked over and closed his office door. He sat back at his desk, rubbed the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed, and dialed on his cell phone the number of Penny McKenzie. She answered, “Well hello there Captain Ryder I was just thinking about you.”

    Ryder asked, “And what thoughts were going through your head?”

    Penny replied, “You, me, and doing certain things to you that they only show on Animal Planet.”

    Ryder let out a low chuckle and a head nod as he said, “Interesting. I’m afraid though that thinking and showing are two different things right now. We just got calls on three cases in a row I’m guessing they’re connected we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Penny said, “Sounds like a long night followed by many longer days and nights.”

    Ryder replied, “Yes. Rain Check?”

    Penny said, “Absolutely for you. Keep in touch.”

    Ryder replied, “I will. I love you Penny.”

    Penny said, “I love you too Jessie.”

    Ryder hung up his phone and stared out at the window as the light rain was beginning to cover the city.

    Interaction: @Satan's Mistress Elle
    Mentions: Davenport,Ragen, and Rhiannon's partner.
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  4. Work was getting increasingly difficult for Tasha over the past several months. Stacking Forensic work on top of the impending birth of twins was a bit tougher than she had anticipated. She had to be careful around the Lab, especially since her belly had gotten so big and she didn't want to knock things over or whatever the case may be. But if there was anything she hated doing, it was dropping things onto the floor and having to pick them back up. But it was a good thing she didn't have to work on her own. At the moment, she was just finishing up a Lab Report for the most recent murder case that she had been working on. In the Foresics Lab, Tasha was the Weapons Analyst and Expert, so if a Firearm or any conventional weapon was involved, she was the go-to person. As she was typing up her Lab report, the mother-to-be started rubbing her swollen belly, feeling one of the babies kick, but was unsure which one.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Birch had been at home when his phone went off. He was watching Tasha and Anita play their game system. The two had put their money together after doing chores around the house to buy it; Birch had been so proud that they had saved up enough for the system. He was proud of them for saving up like they did; they'd not just used the money that they had earned through chores but their allowances. Looking at the phone, he heaved a sigh. He texted his babysitter, asking her to come in and watch his kids. She of course said yes, being as she loved watching Anita and Tasha. He got to his feet and headed into the bedroom, pulling his work clothes on. "Daddy, your buttons are all screwy," a soft voice spoke from behind him. Turning, Anita stood there looking up at him with curious eyes. Tasha was looking over the couch, the game paused. Birch knelt and let Anita fix his shirt, smiling at her. Tasha hopped off of the couch and over to Birch, watching them. "Do you have to go to work tonight?" Tasha asked, tipping forward on her toes. Birch hated having to leave when he had so little time with his family. "Yes but when I get back I'll bet I'll beat you both in a game of chess," he teased, looking at Tasha. She had always been very competitive. "Or we'll beat you and you'll have to bring us out to dinner because you lost," Tasha piped up, a smirk across her face. Birch gave a chuckle and agreed. The babysitter finally knocked on the door. Birch welcomed her inside and hugged his kids, heading out.

    He gave Ryder a call, telling him that he was on his way. "Hey I'll be at the office in less than twenty minutes," he told him, stopping for some coffee real fast.

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  6. Rhiannon Palmer leaned forward licking her lips and saying, “He’s gonna go deep. I just know it go long Ryan. Come on you can do this for me. Time for the Home Run Ball.”

    Then a voice from the TV said, “Draw play up the gut and Minor gains 15 yards to convert on 3rd and 12 from their own 5 yard line.”

    Rhiannon leaned back on the couch and said shaking her head, “I never saw that coming. Wow good call dad.”

    She looked over to laptop which had Skype running as Rhiannon was talking to her dad Edward. He said, “Thanks Rhiannon I figured if it didn’t work then if nothing else it would give their punter a little more room to work with. So that puts me ahead 7 plays to your 5 plays.”

    They were engaged in one of their favorite pastimes trying to guess the offensive play as they were watching the Buffalo Bills take on the Miami Dolphins.

    Rhiannon asked, “Hey where’s mom tonight?

    Edward replied, “She is at a wine & dine for the University for the perspective new Chancellor.”

    Rhiannon shook her head and said, “Oh I bet she’s loving life right now.”

    Edward chuckled and replied, “Oh yeah she just loves the whole schmoozing thing. She’s so happy that last month when they talked about her moving up into the Administration she threatened to resign on the spot.”

    Just then Rhiannon’s phone began buzzing she picked it up and said, Aw Shit!”

    Edward replied, “Hey language young lady I’m still your dad.”

    Rhiannon looked at the text message from Captain Ryder and said, “Sorry about that dad work just contacted me. I gotta go in right now. There's a body that was found in the parking lot at Fenway.”

    Edward replied, “Okay then Rhiannon get going. Be careful and talk to you Sunday night. I love you sweetheart.”

    Rhiannon looked back at the lap top and said, “I love you too dad. Tell mom I said love you.”

    Edward nodded and replied, “Will do.” With that Rhiannon closed her lap top up and made her way into her bedroom.

    She changed out of black tank top and sweat pants into something a bit more appropriate for a SVU Detective. She slipped on a pair of blue jeans, a white oxford cloth shirt, and her Nikes. Grabbing her leather jacket, shield, and her 9mm sig Rhiannon turned back to the TV where the Dolphins were facing a 3rd and goal from the 7. Rhiannon looked at the screen and said, “Stills curl over the middle.” Just then the announcer said, “Tannehill to Stills touchdown and the Dolphins take the early lead.”

    Rhiannon smiled and said, “Oh yeah this girl is good.” As she started to walk out the door she lightly petted her sleeping cat Jarvis and said, “Keep an eye on things here and no wild parties.”

    Rhiannon got in her blue Mustang and took off for the crime scene. As she arrived Rhiannon saw the forensics teams and the uniform cops as well. She said, “It’s gonna be one of those cases. Glad I get paid the big bucks.”

    Rhiannon got out of her car and made her way to the hub of the activity.
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    Elle sighed as she looked at the girl she frowned and looked at the body. She k elt next to her partner an looked over at her partner. She stopped her gaze back on the girls body. She saw something in her jaw. She frowned and pryed the mouth open. She sighed." Come on sweet heart, I know you have something for me." She said and sighed and pulled out a dog tag. She sighed." Well this will give us a clue as to who she is." She said. Elle looked at tags and read the name "Lyn hill 14." She said. She sighed and looked at the girl and frowned. She bagged the dog tags and gave it to the corner. She picked up her phone as it rang.

    "Detective Hail. Yes yes we got it we are on our way." She said as she hing up." Jackson we have to go upstate we have another body same mo." She said. She walked back to the car and got in the passenger side. The body bugged the he'll out of her, why would some one do that to a poor girl like that. She let her partner drive up state as she bit her finger. She was annoyed, how could any one do that. She turned her head when she felt his hand on her arm. She let out a small smile and put her hands on his.

    When they got there she put her gloves on. She walked up to the taped off crime scene and walked under. She showed her badge."Detective Hail this is my Partner Blackwell. What do we have?" She asked the officer on duty. He walked and explained with what they found. She sighed as he said something."great so you contaminated the scene get out." She snapped and walked over. She knelt checking the girls throat. "Anne Taylor 15 ." She sighed another dog tag. She looked at Jackson and shook her head." We should call cap" she said " tell him we're coming back" she said to him

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    Birch got a text from one of the members on the forensic team to head to the scene. He paid for his drink and drove his blue 2006 Honda Accord to the scene. Among the detectives he was known for staying calm under the worst pressures, kind of came with the job he figured. Stepping out and making the decision to leave his coffee inside the car, he walked over to the group of agents gathered around a poor woman that looked to be in her teens Birch sighed and pulled some gloves on so that he didn't mess with the evidence. There were multiple bruises all over the woman's chest, the obvious reason that the SVU was called out was because this was a sexual assault.

    "So when was the body found?" Birch asked one of the police officers. The officer looked over and shook his head. "Damn shame. She was found about an hour ago, but nobody saw anything," the larger man replied. Birch was practically dwarfed next to most people, he wasn't a tall man. Birch nodded, looking down at the body. The body wasn't warm, so that showed that she wasn't killed recently, at least not within twenty four hours. The corner would be here soon to pick her up.

    He looked up as he saw Riannon pull up. He got to his feet and walked over to her, heaving a sigh. "Young woman around the age of fifteen, name's Maureen Willis." He looked over at the body. Two other women had been attacked, the other detectives investigating them. This woman had red hair and blue eyes, something that he would keep in mind just in case there was a pattern.

    He gave her a smirk and wondered who was playing tonight.

    "So, who's playing?" He asked casually.
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  9. Interaction: @LogicfromLogic (Birch) & Ryder.

    Rhiannon was used to Birch and his gallows humor. Everyone had their coping mechanism to help deal with the horrors that they were seeing. For Rhiannon she would usually say a quiet prayer while approaching the crime scene to steel her resolve, and to guide her during the investigation.

    She replied to Birch as she approached where the victim was, “Same game as always Psych. The sleaze puppies versus the SVU, and in this one the visiting team got three in the top of the first.” She looked over to Birch and said, “Now it’s our turn to play some offense.”

    Rhiannon slipped on a set of rubber gloves and she as she was within two feet of the victim Rhiannon stopped. She bowed her head, said a short prayer for the victim, for guidance, and then crossed herself as she knelt down. Rhiannon began examining the victim and said, “Around the vaginal area there’s a lot of bruising she was assaulted at least three times, and all indications are that she was a virgin. The bruising wasn’t recent meaning a rape kit might not be that much of a help.” Rhiannon looked at Maureen’s fingers and said, “Check this out Psych.” She pointed to the right ring finger and said, “A bit of a tan line she was wearing a ring probably.” Rhiannon looked around Maureen’s head and said, “Pierced ears too the earrings are gone though.” She waited for Birch to give out any observations that he had as well.

    Once they were done with their give and take, or what Rhiannon called “spit balling”, Rhiannon stood up and looked at Birch. She said, “The perp is sending us a message that he is in control. Dumps the body in a public place but no witnesses, leaves a few crumbs for us but not enough to point us in a serious direction towards who he is.” Rhiannon looked around a little more and said, “Not to mention with the light rain coming down any solid forensics is gonna be difficult to decipher or washed away.” Rhiannon looked back at Birch and said, “This guy is smart he’s not just a sicko with a van probably. We’ll know a little more once we get together with everyone else and find out where they are and what they got. I’ll meet you back at the bullpen.”

    The bullpen was where morning briefings and meetings were held in the squad room. It was a conference room mainly but it provided everyone room and had all the latest tech for them to use in terms of presentation and databases.

    Rhiannon was en-route to HQ when she stopped off at the Starbucks around the corner from the HQ. The barista Jeff was a 16 year old kid in high school who loved to flirt with her, and for the most part Rhiannon didn’t think too much of it. If he was lucky occasionally she would wink at him, and that always made him blush. It was those little moments of peace that helped Rhiannon cope with what she was seeing as well.

    Jeff handed Rhiannon her usual Chai-Latte and Rhiannon smiled as she said “Thanks Jeff.”

    Jeff blushed as he replied, “You’re welcome Detective.” Rhiannon just looked at him for a second and he smiled as he said, "I mean Rhiannon."

    As she left she saw Jeff and a couple of his male co-workers gather around and start giggling. Rhiannon shook her head as she made her way to the HQ.

    Rhiannon entered the bullpen and Captain Ryder was already sitting at his customary spot with a cup of coffee from the same Starbucks. He was sipping his coffee just staring at a space on the blank dry-erase board knowing soon it would be full of details pertaining to the case. Rhiannon sat down and began to sip her drink.

    Without looking at her Ryder said, “Palmer.

    Rhiannon replied, “Cap.”

    Ryder said, “Sorry I had to call you back in.”

    Rhiannon replied, “It comes with the territory Cap.

    In most cases Rhiannon would be on her phone checking the score to the game, or texting her dad. However taking out a phone, unless it pertained to the case, while Ryder was around was a sure-fire way to get on his bad side.

    Ryder nodded and said, “By the way the Bills are leading 17-13 at the half. Watkins caught a 73 yard bomb.”

    Rhiannon chuckled and replied, “Thank you sir.
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  10. After concluding her lab report, Tasha saved the Document and proceeded to go print it so that she can turn it over to the boss and get started on the new case. After each page of the report printed, she stapled them together before straightening out her dress and lab coat. The main reason why she wore dresses now was because they were easy to put on and were more accommodating to the growing belly. Not to mention she couldn't really fit into her pants anymore. Placing the Report in the Case Folder, she proceeded to waddle over to the Boss' Office and placed the folder on her desk, smiling and then exiting curtly. Reentering the Lab, she sighed before sitting down again, because it was tough for her to walk and stand.

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    Upon arriving at the second scene, today, for the pair, Jackson could hear the irritation and appalled tone in his partners voice. She really was taking this close to heart. Sure Jackson was upset and wanted to catch who ever did this horrific things to these young girls, but he never let that mess with his way of being. He'd remain calm until there was no reason to. Being calm under pressure wasn't easy, but it allowed him to think clearly and notice things that someone acting out wouldn't. He'd notice the mistake. "Try and remain calm, Belle." He spoke calmly as they approached the victim, this time she was maybe a year or two older than the last one they saw, Lyn. "Cops like him would be willing to tell Cap that you may be showing signs of breaking." He mentioned as he bent down next to the body, putting gloves on once again. Jackson really didn't feel like getting a new partner, even if it was temporary, so Belle could have time to collect her emotions and come back calmly and ready to work again.

    While Belle examined the dog tags, Jackson looked over a deceased Anne. She had the same bruising pattern as Lyn did. Bruising around the chest, arms, and neck, but nothing below the abdomen. Strange. However, upon lifting the body, ever so slightly, he noticed a bruise on her back in the shape of a thumb. Jackson motioned over one of the crime scene investigation workers, and informed him to take a picture real fast. The body wouldn't lose bruising, but the preponderance of it would fade quickly making it harder to judge whether it was a thumb that pressed too hard, or a random bruise. Either way, Jackson now knew that his victims were also raped.

    Standing up as Belle mentioned Captain, he nodded. "On it." He spoke before pulling his gloves off. Walking towards the car, he crossed under the investigation tape, dialing Captain's number. After a few short rings, Cap's voice came through. "We're on our way back to the office." He informed Ryder. By now, Jackson had reached the car and pulled the driver's door open and got in. Hanging up the phone, he placed his seat belt on and looked at Belle. "We'll catch him, we always do." He told her as he pulled off from the crime scene and back on to the road, towards the BMPD.
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    Belle watched her partner stay calm and sighed. She looked at him and shook her head. she hated when people messed with her crime scene. she had not come unglued. She was just annoyed and appalled by the way the girls looked. when Jackson drove back to the precinct Belle walked in with him and Looked over at the captain. " Cap were back." She said. she got out the photos and started to put them up on the dry erase board. she sighed and looked at the photos. " So it seems we have two cases that co inside." She said. She looked over at Jackson and sighed."No evidence but the dog tags, No trace. The bodies just dumped. we're definitely not dealing with an amateur killer. I think we should definitely notify the families to see what the link is, could be military, However if that is the case we have to tell the military even though they will try to say it is their jurisdiction." She groaned and rubbed her head. Belle sat at her desk and waited for the other team to come back with their case. she kinda hoped it wasn't related she however had a sinking feeling it might be.

    Belle looked at her partner as she yawned. she hadn't slept much in the past few days."
    I am going to grab coffee want some." She asked him with a small smile. She got up slowly from her chair and went to grab some coffee for both of them. She came back setting the cup down. she starred into the dark liquid. Belle sipped it slowly and went to turn on her screen. She typed in dog tags to do a little research. she sighed and frowned. she decided it be best to see what was said about the bodies. her he head went up when she heard the heels of the DA come in. she looked up at the woman and saw the other two detectives come in. Belle went to go stand next to her partner.
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    Evidence Found:
    Blonde hair belonging to none of the girls (one ginger the other a brunette), semen, smashed down door, BDSM tools used (strap on)

    '' I must say, the murderer did a fantastic job at keeping the murder clean. ''

    '' That's kind of an odd thing,... to say?''

    '' Well, I am just saying. Look at how there is no blood, no hair of his or ripped clothes. Still haven't seen the apartment though. ''

    Martin said to his co-worker that seemed slightly traumatize by his comment. It wasn't exactly the type of things someone would normally say, but for Ravi Martin. Oh no, the oddest things would come out of his mouth. Let's just that he doesn't actually know what to say at the right moment.

    '' AH HA!'' he then said and his cute co-worker looked at him and at the corpse, '' What is it?'' she asked puzzled as he stretched the anus of the girl laying face on the ground like a pyramid.

    '' Semen, of course. Not as smart as i thought he would be. '' he said and the girl with who he works smiled, '' That's already quite a bit evidence. Surprises me a bit. Not as prepared as we thought he was. '' she said with a chuckle as she stood up to crack her back. '' Urg, such a pain to kneel. '' she then commented and he just chuckled.

    '' I'll go see inside her apartment and look at the second corpse. '' she then commented looking up at the balcony.

    '' Sure! '' he said as he collected the semen from the penetrated rectum.

    That man surely didn't go easy on her.

    He thought disgusted by the act itself.

    She had no clothes below her belly. Her ass was bruised and of a dark blue. Her eyes still open and empty. Honestly, quite horrific. He turned a bit and saw some blood on the pavement from the opening on the head.

    Must have fallen or thrown out of the balcony and crack her head on the step.

    he said before taking a sample of the blood. He then found a blonde hair that didn't quite match the ginger head.

    He finally collected all he needed leaving the others to do their job. He stored everything before looking at his co-worker. '' Found anything dear?'' he asked out loud as he walked up the stairs to see the second corpse.

    '' Not really... But they must have had a lot of fun until an intruder came in. '' she said as she looked at the door completely smashed down and plenty of BDSM tools in the grungy looking apartment.

    '' Yup, a lot of fun. Young college girls. '' he said as he knelled to grab a strap on covered in lubricant, '' Wanna go have diner with me after?'' he then asked out of the blue,

    '' No.'' the co-worker simply said and Ravi simply raised his eyebrows not to surprised. Afterall, it was the third time he asked.

    '' Well then. '' he said rejected and the girl simply laughed as she winked at Ravi playfully.

    '' Just co-workers Ravi. I like to keep that way. '' she then said with a smile.

    ~ * ~

    An hour later, Ravi was walking back into the headquarters and went directly to the lab with all of the evidence. '' TASHA~ '' he then shouted with a bag of McDonald burgers and fries. The lab was white with a main table in the middle. Clean as always, and had plenty of equipment. He looked at the morgue in front of him before turning to his left and leaned on the door of the chill room. The first corpse was supposed to come in soon enough, but it was still a bit late and he was starving.

    '' Got food for us!'' he shouted once more as he walked towards the tiny resting room of the lab where they usually ate and relaxed while watching TV after a hard day of work.

    It was quite a good day today. Busy, but good nonetheless because they found a lot of evidence and hopefully, the case would be closed quickly. Of course, he didn't like jumping to conclusion. They have yet to figure out everything happened, but it seemed as if it was a breaking and lead to rape and murder.

    '' So, i got a Big Mac, with an extra large fry. A large coke, wasn't sure which drink you wanted, so i got you that. '' he said with his heavy British accent as he walked in and looked at her with his grin.

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  14. I will reply hopefully sometime this coming week. My mom has had a stroke so I am a bit pre occupied at the time.
  15. Oh fuck, take your time no worries at all I hope all is good.
  16. I'm sorry to hear that, hope things go better for you.

    @Scorpio Queen I should get a response up tonight or tomorrow along with Ghost Hunters.
  17. so your back?
  18. Yes but slowly. I am trying.
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  19. Devin Satchel. The newest member of the Boston SVU team was just getting home from probably the worst date he had ever been on. How had he let his buddy talk him into that damn online site? He couldn't believe how terrible it had gone. He had signed up for the site a month ago and had been constantly bombarded with all kinds of likes and shit like that however he had only been able to get a message back from a few of the girls that actually liked his profile. Then he had only been able to actually secure a date with one of the girls and the date itself..it was just a disaster.

    The girl was pretty enough and nice but..she only wanted to talk about herself and the latest fashion blogs and drama from things like Times magazines and stuff like it. Devin had no clue half the time what she was even talking about. They had gone out for dinner followed by a few drinks and his wallet was crying afterwards. The girl "forgot" her money at home and so he had to pay for everything that night and of course she had to buy the most expensive meal the joint offered followed by the most expensive drinks.

    Then it only went downhill from there. She of course got drunk off her rocker and after she threw up countless times on the side of the rode he had to carry her back up to her apartment. Where she then tried to seduce him into sleeping with her. Of course him being the gentlemen that he was and the profession that he was in thought better of it. Too many times had he dealt with cases of a girl getting drunk sleeping with a guy then regretting it the next day and calling rape. He wasn't about to let that happen to him. That of course got her pissed at him and after she threw up all over his clothes she said she didn't want to see him again and stumbled inside.

    So..here was at home changing into a new suit because vomit had completely stained the old one when he got a call from HQ. After listening in for a moment he merely nodded "I'll be at the station shortly" Wasting no time he just threw on a pair of jeans a button up shirt and a black coat and hopped into his car again and drove to the station.

    Once inside he looked about the hustle and bustle of everyone and managed to locate his fellow detectives. Walking up to them he nodded a greeting to all of them before getting straight to business "alright so what do we got? Dispatch didn't give me much info when I called so I'm walking blind at the moment"

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