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  1. In the criminal Justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous In Salem, Massachusetts , the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad kwown as the Special Victims Unit.These are their stories.

    ﴾ Belle | 28 | October 31st
    | Russian/ Irish ﴿

    Full Name
    « Belle Lyn Hail »

    « Elle or Lyn»

    « Female »

    Physical Description
    height 5'8
    weight 120
    complexion: pale flawless skin
    eye color: crystal blue
    hair description: long wavy dark brown
    natural markings: none
    piercings: just ears
    tattoos: on her wrist and back

    Detective or DA or captain:
    Detective been working for the SMPD for 7 years

    « + Ambitious
    + smart
    + witty
    + Charming
    + Loyal
    - hot headed
    - sarcastic
    - doesn't take things lightly
    - to focused on work
    - looks to every man except colleagues as a suspect»

    Belle was born to a mother who had been raped. Her father was known but not caught. He always seemed to be close to getting caught. Her mother seemed to hate her. She glared at her and barley spoke to her. When she was 16 years of age. She had to start taking care of her mother. Her mother was loosing it.

    At 18 she graduated and went to college for criminal studies. However at 19 her father still hadn't been caught. She decided to go and be a cop. After a year of working as a rookie. Her first big bust moves her up to Detective. She is now Lead Detective. She had worked her way to the top of the new unit Special Victims. She was glad because she could catch men like her father. The only person to know her past is her captain, and her partner. She works on her mother's case on the side. She also has a brother she has no clue exhisted. She however now shares he time between her Job, Her partner and her partners kid. She always wanted a child. She however never found any one to have one with.

    working out
    Healthy food

    Horse back riding
    Horror movie's
    free time when it is gotten
    Night time
    Her pets
    Her partner

    rude people
    Most men who get to close
    when criminals get away with stuff
    Red meat
    High fructose corn syrup
    Losing a suspect

    And watching a movie when her nights are free


    - Her partner
    - Her dog
    -her squad

    Loosing her partner
    Loosing her dog
    Loosing partners child

    With partner but start out as friends and moves from there.. will see what happens

    Alice Hail deceased
    Father Thompkins Smith unknown
    Brother unknown
    Dog Rogue
    Show Spoiler

    Watch "Evanescence-Hello Lyrics (Fallen)" on YouTube

    Rules (open)

    Obviously follow All The Site Rules, And Whatever I Say and the Co Gm ( to be Determined ) Goes

    Posts and others
    Keep all OOC in this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and Cs sheet here. Please post 2+ Lines And Please Try To Have Proper Spelling I know we all mess up at times I am guilty of this and give others something to work with.
    Please, When Making Characters... Use The Cs Given.
    Rules (open)
    Keep All Of Your Characters Active Please.
    You are not allowed to use anime Or cartoons or drawings in this Rp at all, all images should be real people {or animals} and characters should be Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Asexual. I have nothing against LGBTQ community at all, just my preference for the rp is all.

    No Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, Or God-Modding. No Powerplaying . must write in third person, no first don't know what this is ask me.

    IC and Roles
    Wait To Be Accepted By Myself or my co gm (to be determined) before jumping into the rp. You can not be your own other half sorry guys want it to be even Steven. If someone asks a question, Please feel free to answer if you don't know the answer then let me or Co gm ( to be determined) answer the question.

    Have Fun!
    This is Highly Important and Dangerous... Just kidding on the dangerous part. If your not having fun you shall be put in the stocks for a day till you cheer up. Just kidding again. However RPs are supposed to be fun. I may be strict in OOC but If you should enjoy the story and as title says have fun get lost in the world of detective's.

    Now as for yes' Drama, Romance, action, and death will happen. Just kidding again on the death, well may be. How ever all rules are subject to change if need be.

    To know you have read this I ask that you put your favorite song in your cs in other

    Cs (open)
    Picture Here :: No Anime/Cartoons/Drawings, Real, Human Pictures Only}
    ﴾ First Name | Age <between 25-30> | Birthday <month and day>
    | Nationality/Ethnicity ﴿

    ༼ Full Name ༽
    « Here {First, Middle <optional>, Last} »

    ༼ Nickname ༽
    « Here »

    ༼ Gender ༽
    « Here {Male or Female} »

    ༼ Physical Description ༽
    « Here {include height, weight, complexion, eye color, hair description, natural markings, piercings and tattoos} »

    detective or DA or captain:

    ༼ Personality ༽
    « Here {minimum of 5 traits each positive and negative} »

    ༼ History ༽
    « Here »

    ༼ Likes ༽
    « Here {at least 5} »

    ༼ Dislikes ༽
    « Here {at least 5} »

    ༼ Hobbies ༽
    « Here {at least 3} »

    ༼ Talents ༽
    « Here {at least 3} »

    ༼ Weaknesses ༽
    « Here {at least 3} »

    ༼ Fears ༽
    « Here {at least 3} »

    ༼ Relationships ༽
    « Here {please indicate what the relationship is :: friend, enemy, best friend, crush, secret crush, significant other, ex significant other, etc...} »

    ༼ Family ༽
    « Here {please include the name and relationship to the character at the minimum.} »

    ༼ Other ༽
    « Here {any additional information you would like to add} »
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  2. Captain: open

    3 females( this includes me so two spots open )
    - @Satan's Mistress
    - open
    - @MST3K 4ever

    3 males.( all open)
    - open
    - @Infinite_Darkness
    - @LogicfromLogic


    Captain: @MST3K 4ever

    - @B l u E s
    @Shin-Ryu Lightning

    Belle Hail @Satan's Mistress - Jackson Blackwell @Infinite_Darkness

    - Birch Ragen @LogicfromLogic
    - Rhiannon Palmer @MST3K 4ever


    Captain: Jessie Ryder @MST3K 4ever

    Forensics- partnered

    Ravi Martin
    - @B l u E s

    -Natasha Hwang
    @Shin-Ryu Lightning
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  3. I'm being pretty dumb here but what's a DA again?
  4. District Attorney
  5. Yay! I will send in my cs tomorrow! Looking forward to this
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  6. [​IMG]

    Jackson | Age: 28 | Birthday: December 20th
    | Canadian/ American/ Italian

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Full Name[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Jackson Matthew Blackwell »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Nickname[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Jack »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Gender[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Male »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Physical Description[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Height- 6'2" , Weight- 220, Complexion- Caucasian, Eye color- Hazel green, Hair description-short of the sides/long on the top/ black, Natural markings- scar on his left shoulder from being shot about a year ago, Piercings- None, Tattoos- 1 } »


    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Personality[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « + Brave, Loyal, Friendly, Protective, Athletic, Optimistic, Calm under pressure
    - Sarcastic, Stubborn, Secretive, Hot-Tempered, Jealous, Unforgiving »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]History[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Jackson was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts to John and Cassandra Blackwell. His family wasn't that well off, sometimes Jackson would wonder if they were even going to eat that night. It wasn't until Jackson's father picked up a job, which he kept a secret for quite some time, that they were able to live a decent life. However, Jackson wished that his family could have stayed hungry because that would have meant his father would still alive. One night, when Jackson was fifteen, Jackson's mother received a call from her sister who worked with the hospital. Somehow Jackson's father was shot in a drug deal gone wrong and had gone code blue. His father passed later that night. That night created his fierce hatred towards criminals, which made him pursue his passion as a detective. Now his been on the force for seven years, three in Salem.

    While he was in the police academy, he met a girl by the name of Michelle. She was an Art student at Boston University. Jackson use to go out of his way to see her in the morning and well it worked because he scored a date with her. One date led to another, which led to another and another and they began dating. Jackson hadn't really been in a serious relationship before Michelle, and he dated her for years. About a year before he moved to Salem, Michelle informed him that they were expecting a child. Jackson was more than thrilled and that pushed him even further to make sure that Salem was the safest it could be for his unborn child. However his constant dedication to his job was the very thing that ruined his relationship with Michelle. She wanted a man that was there at all times, but Jackson was gone most to all nights. So about seven months ago, Michelle left him and tried to get full custody of Lola. However the judge sided with Jackson and decided to make a custody agreement between the two. Michelle got her during the week and Jackson got her on the weekends, any other days would have to be arranged between the two of them.

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Likes[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Action & Horror movies, Running, Biking, His job, Baseball, His family, Ice cream, German Chocolate Cake, Baking, Painting, Most fruit, Meat, Dirt bikes, Cars, Four-wheeler(s), Motorcycles »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Dislikes[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « His father, Grapefruit, Sugary drinks, Coleslaw, Mayo, Criminals, Being shot at, Liars. »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Hobbies[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Running, Mountain biking, Working on cars, Dirt biking, Shooting ranges »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Talents[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Baking, Cooking, Painting, Shooting (Sniping) »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Weaknesses[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « His family, Not being too open about his personal life, His shoulder. »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Fears[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Being killed, His family being killed, people not accepting him for who he is, Losing custody of Lola »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Relationships[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Michelle Carson: Ex-significant other, mother of his child, 29, Alive »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Family[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Lola Blackwell: Daughter, 4, Alive »
    « Freddy Blackwell: Brother, 25, Alive »
    « Casandra Fremont: Mother, 57, Alive »

    ༼ [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Other[/BCOLOR] ༽
    « Chloe and Maximis: Maximis is the larger doberman, and Chloe is the mini doberman »
    « Exterior of house; living room; Bedroom (His); Lola's Bedroom; Dining room; Kitchen; bathroom; car; guest room»

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  7. Rules have been added
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  8. Question, can a character have a child? I wanted to know cause I was tossing it back and forth in my mind because of the ages.
  9. Sure thing
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  10. ~ I'll be working on my CS now and glad to know our Character's are allowed kids ^^
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  11. Bummer. I just read the rules and I was planning on an homosexual male... Oh well..
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  12. Accepted
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  13. Sorry doll
  14. No problem. Bisexuality it will be
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  15. [​IMG]
    Age: 34~Korean American
    ༼Full Name ༽
    « Birch Ragen »

    ༼ Nickname ༽

    ༼ Gender ༽
    « Cisgender Male »

    ༼ Physical Description ༽
    « Eyes: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black
    Scars: He's got a few scars across his chest and all over his back from his childhood.
    Tattoos: A four leaf clover on his right shoulder with the name of his father on it
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 140
    Other: He never has a beard»

    detective or DA or captain:

    ༼ Personality ༽
    « +Calm, Understanding, Compassionate, Just, Great with kids
    -Distant, Rude at times, Stubborn, Aggressive when it comes to certain things, Hard Headed»

    ༼ History ༽
    « Birch grew up with his father and twin sister Lenny. His mother died when he and Lenny were eight, killed by a murderer. His father Ben never recovered from the death of his wife, and committed suicide a year after. that drove both of the twins into foster care, but neither were adopted. They grew up away from one another, in home after home. One foster family almost beat Birch to death after he spoke out against their abuse of the system, having not provided the foster children with proper beds, shelter or food, Birch was the only one brave enough to say anything.
    After that, Birch was labeled as a troubled child and sent to a group home. He got through high school and entered college at a young age, excelling in psychology. He graduated with his master's eventually and landed a ob in a district, not getting the forensic job that he was hoping for he still settled with being a detective for the Special Victims Unit. A few years on the job, one of the victims he recognized was his own sister Lenny, who was found dead in an ally. She'd been put into the trafficking ring as a small child; Birch could do nothing to save her, though he tried.
    Both his mother and sister's murders were never solved, and they are part of the reason he chose to reach out and help bring rapists and murderers to justice.

    Three years ago he adopted two kids from foster care, is now a single father.»

    ༼ Likes ༽
    « He loves art. Everything about art and every form he adores.
    Musicals and movies with a lot of songs in them.
    He's a huge outdoorsy person; he loves camping.
    He adores animals; he has one dog Roxie, a cat named Frumpy, and a ferret named Diesel.
    He really likes cooking though he's terrible at it.

    ༼ Dislikes ༽
    «He hates fish; he hates the taste of fish and the smell.
    Not a huge fan of pop music.
    He hates doing math; he's good at it he just really hates it.
    Being touched all the time. He doesn't mind it while at work because that comes with the profession but he normally does not like being handled.
    Having his intelligence insulted.

    ༼ Hobbies ༽
    « He goes to a lot of pottery places and paints. He made most of his cups and plates at home.
    He goes to places like Sky High of Get air to perform flips and other physically challenging feats (trampoline places).
    Art; he paints a lot outside of pottery but never shows anyone.

    ༼ Talents ༽
    « He's a good reader; not just the book kind but facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, everything like that. It was why he joined up as the Forensic Psychologist, he's got an aptitude for behavioural health and actions.
    He's a gifted singer; he can calm a child down with his voice though he doesn't do this on his job.
    While he isn't a good cook, he's a very talented baker (there's a very large difference between the two)

    ༼ Weaknesses ༽
    « He's anemic; his blood doesn't clot well.
    Talking about his past is very hard for him and very few know about it other than the DA, even then he's sensitive to it.
    He cannot swim; if he falls into the river he's probably going to drown.
    He's got a secret hatred for all child abusers, his profession however calls him to be calm around them and he handles himself well.

    ༼ Fears ༽
    « He is terrified that he might mess up on a case. He can't stomach the thought of losing someone because he wasn't good enough at his job to protect them.
    He's scared of the dark; he cannot stand the thought of being surrounded with no light.
    Basements and cellars, he will push himself to go inside of one but won't if he isn't needed to.

    ༼ Relationships ༽
    « The last relationship he was in was with a girl named Eleanor. He since broke up with her, being a full year he still hasn't bothered to even look for love again.»

    ༼ Family ༽
    Pets (open)
    Roxie(Dog), Frumpy (Cat), Diesel (Ferret)[​IMG]

    Tasha Ragen~Daughter
    Age: 9~Race: African American
    (Written Description)
    Tasha has brown eyes and course black hair. She always keeps her hair up in pig tails with blue and purple braids. She's about nine years old, wears braces and glasses. Her favourite outfit is blue overalls with a sparkly rainbow t-shirt, black Converse shoes and three thick gold bracelets. She can often be caught however trying to fit into her father's shirts. Mostly his field wear. She tells everyone how she's going to be a detective with her daddy someday.

    History (open)
    Tasha was a foster child that had been taken from her home when she was four because her parents were killed in a car accident. She spent many months in foster care before Birch adopted her after fostering her and her foster sister for a year. The three are very close, and have been a family for a little over three years now. She's the one that finally got Birch to get a ferret.

    Anita Ragen~Daughter
    Age: 8 ~ Race: Irish/Russian/Native American
    (Written Description)
    Anita has smooth long red hair normally held in either a ponytail or freely. She's got dark blue eyes and freckles across most of her face. She's eight and wears anything she really can get her hands on, whether that is her sister's overalls (which one could imagine doesn't go over well with Tasha), or her purple jeans and white shirts with ponies on them. Birch most days struggles to get her to put her shoes on, but the shoes she always normally tends to wear are these blue sketchers.

    History (open)
    She was born to drug addicts. After her babysitters found out about this, they reported her parents to the authorities and she was taken from her home. For the majority of her life up until she was adopted by Birch at the age of six, she'd lived in a foster home for girls.


    ༼ Other ༽
    Hey Brother»​
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  16. Please just put detective also missing something from rules
    Forgot missing something from rules dears
  17. Fixed, I didn't see that in the rules. Must have just missed it.
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