Tales of Destiny

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Do you believe in the concept of fate, and destiny? Are our lives written in stone, waiting for us to live out these events that have already been pre-ordained?

Or do we make our own fate, our lives carved out as we live them?

Or do you believe in some combination of the two, perhaps moments in our lives are pre-ordained, but it's up to us to do what we will when we arrive at these crossroads?
Not in the sense that some otherworldly being has a perfect plan for us, But fate in the sense of Karma, who you are now determining who you will become and where you will be in life. Yes.
I think that there may be fate and a defined plan for our lives, but i also believe that it is easily changed to what we want out of life with.
Zero belief in any of that. Don't see any reason to believe in it, so I don't.
I believe that the choices we make are our own.
In my mind, everything that occurs is by choice -- my choice or the choice of another person. This is not fate, simply each human working individually and unable to help the fact that we alter the lives of those we come into contact with each day.
If I chose to attack the passerby, he could end up paralyzed. From there, he might overcome adversity through willpower and achieve some ground-breaking technology that aids those with paralysis everywhere. Or, I could hand him money. This could be the final amount of a sum he needed to purchase a gun with which to take the life of his ex girlfriend. Who knows? But it's all decided by people, by who I am and who he is.