Tales of Arda: The Second Fellowship

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  1. Who shall break the grip of Sauron?

    The final days of the War of the Ring have come and gone. In this reality, however, things did not go as planned. There was no happy ending. Middle-earth, Valinor and all of Arda weeps, for Frodo has failed. Sauron the Great has regained the One Ring, and darkness is settling upon Middle-earth. The War of the Ring has been lost, and bitterly. The Dark creeps ever Westward from the Black Land of Mordor. This is a tale of courage. This is the tale of the resistance against Sauron... and the battle for Middle-earth.

    In a desperate attempt to restore Middle-earth and oust Sauron, Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlórien, is summoning the most powerful heroes she can find to conduct operations behind enemy lines in Mordor itself. The Second Fellowship is jointly led by the intrepid Gimli and his sworn battle-companion, Legolas. The goal of the mission is, through trickery, treachery or any means necessary, to wrest the Ring from Sauron. At best, the Ring will then be destroyed; at worst, removed from Mordor to provoke Sauron into massing his forces in one place in the attempt to regain the One Ring.

    Come and help to end the Second Darkness and restore Middle-earth!