Tales of Arda: The Second Fellowship

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  1. Tales of Arda: The Second Fellowship

    The final days of the War of the Ring have come and gone. In this reality, however, things did not go as planned. There was no happy ending. Middle-earth, Valinor and all of Arda weeps, for Frodo has failed. Sauron the Great has regained the One Ring, and darkness is settling upon Middle-earth. The War of the Ring has been lost, and bitterly. The Dark creeps ever Westward from the Black Land of Mordor. This is a tale of courage. This is the tale of the resistance against Sauron... and the battle for Middle-earth.

    In a desperate attempt to restore Middle-earth and oust Sauron, Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlórien, is summoning the most powerful heroes she can find to conduct operations behind enemy lines in Mordor itself. The Second Fellowship is jointly led by the intrepid Gimli and his sworn battle-companion, Legolas. The goal of the mission is, through trickery, treachery or any means necessary, to wrest the Ring from Sauron. At best, the Ring will then be destroyed; at worst, removed from Mordor to provoke Sauron into massing his forces in one place in the attempt to regain the One Ring...

    ~OOC Notes~

    1. Character Biographies are a requirement. They don't have to be some huge, long thing, but I'll need to know what your characters can do. I have a template below to make this easy.

    2. This game is going to tend to be very violent. There is also a chance at other forms of mature content. That said, please keep the blatantly-sexual stuff out of public view.

    3. This game is bound closely but not rigidly to the bounds of Tolkien's vision of Arda. If it existed or could be extrapolated from Tolkien's work it is welcome. If something posted doesn't fit, I will work with you to find a Tolkien-friendly way of doing something similar, or help you replace whatever it was with something that would be plausible.

    4. Canons are playable. I will have a list of those that are available, and there may be at least one to become available in a later part of the game. Certain very pivotal or powerful characters will have to be approved, and there will be a certain amount of game spoilers involved in their play.

    5. If you need to drop out for a long period, please let us know. I'm willing to 'ghost' someone's character along if need be, but I'll need to know what to do and not to do with them if this arises.

    ~Bio Template~
    -Physical Information-
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos:
    -Personal Information-
    Area Of Residence/Habitat:
    Battle Attacks & Defenses:
    Mundane Skills/Talents:
    Magical Skills/Talents:
    All Special Items Of Interest:
    -Background Information-

    ~List of Available Canon Characters~
    Legolas (on approval)
    Gimli (on approval)
    Gandalf (on approval)
    I am willing to consider other canon characters if plausible reason can be given for their survival.

  2. Race: Human
    Profession/Class: Freelance Bard/Warrior
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 240lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Has a few birthmarks on his body. (Right forearm, right leg, right butt cheek) One scare on the bottom of his foot. No tattoos.

    Family/Lineage: Cenrid Balwine, son of Theorid Balwine, comes from a long line of Rohanian warrior poets.
    Area Of Residence/Habitat: Lived in the Eastfold, until the west fell. His home was about an hour walk from Edoras. He has been traveling ever since.
    Attire/Weaponry/Armor: Outside of combat, Cenrid tends to wear smooth, nicely colored tunics.

    In combat gear: http://24.media.tumblr.com/9f92dd00885f279c5d6b0c9469bc3a51/tumblr_mnmfjfsUyU1reohnuo1_500.jpg (the blade is a longsword)

    Battle Attacks & Defenses: It depends on what weapon he is using. Tends to use environment and creative ways to kill, besides just useing the blade or blunt of the given weapon.
    Mundane Skills/Talents: Proficient with most common weapons (most skilled with a long sword and shield), writes poetry and sings, plays lute, can cook simple meals, quick learner, ambidextrous (prefers left because it is the opposite than what most opponents may fight against), and a good poker face
    Magical Skills/Talents: None
    All Special Items Of Interest: Horse Necklace (Nothing magical, just sentimental)
    Weaknesses: Can be reckless, stubborn, elven women, keeping quiet, doesn't always think before he speaks, also just slightly slow for his size

    History: Cenrid Balwine was born May 2 T.A 2997, to warrior poet father and a stay-at-home mother. They lived in Rohan and lead a simple, comfortable life. His uncle, Theobal, was also a warrior poet whom began to teach him the warrior poet trade at age 4. At age 12, he began to travel with him to perform for strangers and town all around the East and Westfold. He found that the traveling lifestyle was nice but home would always be in his heart.

    At age 16, he traveled home and finely tuned is swordsmanship and even had custom armor crafted. It looked similar to Theoden King's and he loved that. Using all his money on this venture, Cenrid began to perform locally and stayed with his parents. One week, tragedy struck, as his father was mauled by what looked like large wolves.They tried to take care of him, but several days later, he died of infection. His mother was so taken aback by this that she tried to hunt down these wolves, unbeknownst to Cenrid. She never returned.

    Cenrid tried his best to keep what his parent held dear close and alive. For years, he just worked at the local tavern playing for tips. When the Westfold was attacked, Cenrid had had enough of the Folds. It was time to travel. So he traveled east and has been moving around middle earth ever since.
  3. Looks great! I love that there is a lot of detail in his background.
  4. Thank you! Now...who else shall take up the mantle and save middle earth?!