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  1. It was foretold that Amaranthine would be purged into an opaque darkness that would engulf the world. The world would shake with earthquakes, storms, and fires that would be unending. People would die in mass quantities and there would be no hope for anyone. That is, if no hero was to tame the darkness and send it back to where it had come from. There were six heroes that were to rise up and face the darkness. One was a mage who learned a forbidden art, one was a rogue that had committed a heinous crime, one was a warrior looking for revenge, one was a priest who had started to doubt the religion practiced, one was a ranger who lost a dear friend, and one was a sorcerer who started to lose one's touch. Together these ordinary men and women would band together to destroy the blight that would scar the land that it touched. These heroes would unlock their true secret power and be able to blanket the world in their protection. And what they would do afterwards, well, that is another story.

    one was a mage who learned a forbidden art - Taken
    one was a rogue that had committed a heinous crime - Taken
    one was a warrior looking for revenge - Taken
    one was a priest who had started to doubt the religion practiced - Taken
    one was a ranger who lost a dear friend - Taken
    one was a sorcerer who started to lose one's touch - Taken

    World Map
    Cities and Countries

    So I want to see who would be interested in taking a part in this role-play. I will list the requirements in a second but I plan on this being at least two paragraphs per post. Just come in, tell me what you are wanting to play. And if I have enough interest I will make a profile for the characters. So everyone knows this is not a first come first serve basis, samples help you get in to prove that you can do the required paragraphs.

    -Two plus paragraphs per post.
    -Plotting with other members.
    -No Godmoding unless given permission.
    -No auto hits unless given permission.
    -No out-of-thread drama.
    -You post at least once a week.
    -You can post after three people posted after you.
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  2. No one is interested. O , O
  3. Hi... I am. I would like to take the ranger please.
  4. @Crono
    I put you up for the ranger. Do you have some idea of your character's back story?
  5. I don't want to spoil much... She lost him in a very dangerous hunt that was important to the both of them. The hunted in question is still alive, though she denies it.
  6. @Crono
    I understand not wanting to spoil something. But that sounds very interesting!
  7. And dude, don't expect to get people in a day. They will come but you gotta wait.
  8. That is very true. I think I am just a little too excited.
  9. I am interested in playing either the Mage or the Warrior, but I have a question regarding the world before I choose between them. Is any place on this planet Chinese- or Japanese-like in culture?
  10. That's something that always puzzled me in games. The one snowy Japanese level that's just there for some reason.
  11. What sorts of games have that? I do not play many, so I have not come across it.
  12. I'm interested, I'm curious though what's meant by sorcerer that's losing his touch... is that like his touch with reality maybe he's going nuts? Or is it that he's losing his touch with magic?

    Either way I'd be up for the sorc. :)
  13. RPGs usually. Others as well but mainly RPGs
  14. @KageKaioh
    There is no specific place that I have planned out for a Chinese or Japanese setting, so if you would like to claim a place for that culture feel free to do, except for Amaranthine, I am going to have that a continent of mixed cultures. Also

    Either would work I think, it is to be interpreted by the role-player.
  15. Oh that sounds great!
  16. @Chrono Ah.

    @Tarot Hm... I think I will take the mage. I was asking about Asian influence for the warrior, so you can nix that idea if you want.

    Are there any parameters as to what a mage is/does in this world? It will make it easier to come up with that forbidden art. Using my D&D knowledge, I know a mage is basically the book-learned magic user while the sorcerer is able to cast without the limitations of spell components, incantations and memorization. Is that the case here?
  17. I'd be interested in taking the warrior position if Kage isn't. :3
  18. @KageKaioh
    As far as mage and sorcerer you got it. I was going by D&D and Pathfinder guidelines for creating these character classes.

    The warrior is yours.

    One more person and I will make a profile skeleton/character sheet for us all to fill out.
  19. Excellent! Eagerly awaiting the profile.
  20. Perfect. I shall plot out the forbidden magic whist I await the CS. Also, I have a friend who is very interested in playing the Priest. She will be getting on a bit later tonight to ask questions and the like.
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