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    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]The kingdom where it all begun and where it all will end.[/BCOLOR]

    The story tells that in the beginning of the beginning, when nothing was yet to exist, there was Yaobol. Yaobol was the king of all demons, a creature whose strength couldn't even be compared with anything existing, and it ruled the whole universe. At that time, people didn't acknowledge their own existence. They didn't even have souls, because every single living thing was a slave and belonged to, Yaobol.
    One day, a young man suddenly snapped out of the dream-like existence which he had been in his whole life, and received a free will and soul. How that happened, no-one knows even today.
    For years this young man wandered around Yaobol's kingdom, hiding from Yaobol's watching eyes, afraid of being caught. He was succesful at hiding, and he got knowledge about many things, such as the weakness of the demon king himself! But he never used that knowledge. He was too afraid.
    He learned magia by himself, and found it interesting. Even so interesting that he traveled through the whole kingdom to find every magic-book and -spell which could be found, and practiced them until he was a master of magia. He still continued his travelling, now seeking to unveil all the secrets of Yaobol's kingdom, but he still hid himself, thinking that he would never ever let himself be found. Until he met her.
    From the very end of Yaobol's kingdom, the young man found a wall so high that the top of it went over the clouds, and so broad that it would have taken 1000 people to stand in line, and it would still continue and continue. And on that wall there was the most beautiful and mesmerizing creature which the young man had ever seen. It was Eugen, the goddess of all women, beauty and knowledge. Her hair was pure gold, and eyes like two sapphires. A perfect, pale white skin, except for the rose-red cheeks. She was so beautiful that it hurt the young man's eyes to look at her. He fell in love immediately.
    The young man tried to get Eugen down from the wall, but she wouldn't move. She said that Yaobol had captured her thousands of years ago, and had held her captive ever since then. She couldn't come down before Yaobol broke the curse. The young man was so heart broken that he almost cried. He asked if there was a way to break the curse, and that's when Eugen told him a secret. Yaobol could be defeated, if someone pierced the demon king's heart with a silver sword. But she warned him. If Yaobol found out about the young man's existence, he would be immediately killed. The young man didn't care about the discouraging words. Once he had learned of a way to free his beloved, he didn't want to wait any longer.
    For 10 years and 10 days he searched for a silver sword, and it was hard since Yaobol knew that it was the only way he could be killed, so he had destroyed all the silver words from his kingdom. Or so he thought. The young man found a silver sword after a long time of seeking, and was ready for his quest. For days he traveled without eating or drinking because he was in a hurry. In a hurry to save the goddess.
    This young man went to meet Yaobol, the king of all demons, and confronted him without fear. At first Yaobol only laughed at the sudden appearance of the young man. Only when he noticed what the man was carrying, he got scared and furious. He shot his most powerful spells at the young man, but the man had learned all those spells and knew how to repel them. The young man attacked instead, but since all the spells were created by Yaobol himself, he too got repelled.
    This battle of theirs went on for days. One shot a spell, the other evaded it and the other way around. It seemed like the end would never come. But as they had battled, Yaobol had gotten careless and forgot to keep his distance from the silver sword's reach. When the young man saw an opening after one spell, he put all of his power into one thrust and stabbed the demon king straight to heart.
    The demon king started to immediately evaporate as black dust into thin air, and just before fully disappearing, he uttered a curse upon the young man:

    "When your semen is in the 10th generation, my powers have been fully generated. When that time comes, I will rise from the depths of mother earth and bring death to every descendant of yours. After that I shall reclaim my throne on terra firma."
    With those words, the demon king left this world.
    After every piece of the demon had vanished all the humans gained free wills, and about the young man's wish, the curse upon Eugen lapsed as well. As quick as he could the young man ran to the wall of the kingdom, but the goddess was nowhere to be found. The man searched till the night came, and still couldn't find her. Then he realized that as a goddess, Eugen must had have returned to paradise.
    Despair hit the man's heart. He had lost his loved one no matter what, so the effort he had made to rescue her had been futile. And above all he had cursed his descendants for that reason. There was nothing he could do... Or was there?
    The young man gathered all the likely humans, who seemed like they held some kind of ability with magic. He taught them pretty much everything he had learned during his years with free will, and told them to never forget the ways of magic. He wanted to ensure that when the time of Yaobol's return comes, his descendant would have an army of skillful magicians who could help him defeat the demon king.
    After years, when he was sure that there were people skillful enough to teach future magicians, he retired. He got himself a wife and settled down to the outskirts of the town. They got 2 sons, and when his sons grew up, he taught them the spells he had learned. Finally, on his deathbed, he told his sons the story about his life, and made them promise never to forget the ways of magic. Because when the time for the demon king to rise comes, people will be doomed if magic isn't taught from father to son.
    Generations came and went, and after hundreds of years the ways of magic had been almost fully forgotten. Only when the demon king's messenger came to deliver the message about his lord's arrival, the few who still knew magic started to panic. Two more generations left before Yaobol would come and snatch back his throne and curse humans back to eternal slavery.
    For the sake of ensuring mankind's future, 3 training mansions were created by the few families who still remembered magic and the demon king's curse. They started searching for the descendants of that young man and all those other ascendants who trained magic with him, and preparing them (teaching and training) for Yaobol's rise.

    Now it's been 2 generations since the mansions were created, and the arrival of the demon king can be noticed from many things: Odd shadow-like creatures are stealing people's souls, fighters who were raised by the mansions have been oddly disappearing, and some of their dead bodies have been found. The demon king has yet to show himself, but that time will be soon. The signs are telling it. The descendants are preparing for the rise of hell.


    That is only the "legend" / "story" and I will give more detailed information about status quo if people get interested in this.
    So what will we be? We will be those descendants who live in the mansions, fighting against those shadows and waiting for the arrival of Yaobol. It will take a long, long time before Yaobol arrives in the rp. His subordinates are trying to take the world first.

    There will be different abilities/areas of magic for each mansion, as well as different positions for people inside them.
    Also different levels of shadows, from weak to invincible.

    This is just a rough idea which I haven't started to work on yet. If people don't get interested, wouldn't it be futile to write everything down already? Or am I just a lazy shit?
    I need at least 4 people to show some kind of interest to start working on this. Because it won't work (or at least it won't be fun) with only few people.
    Feel free to throw in your own ideas as well. Nothing has been fully decided yet.
    Eagerly waiting for some interested souls to come forward.
  2. I'd be interested in joining! Sounds like a neat idea.
  3. I think this a great idea! It sounds super cool and I love the story! Nice job. ;)
  4. @Blip @~Death~

    Great. ^^ I already wrote down some corrective stuff last nigh, and will probably make a proper recruitment thread about this in a day or two. I'll send the link here when I'm done with it.

    Have you maybe got any ideas what to add ? Like I already mentioned in the original post, I'm very open to all ideas and suggestions here.
  5. I like the look of this. Can I just check what the expectations would be with regards to post quality and frequency?
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  6. Oh well my own style of writing is at it's minimum 3 paragraphs. Usually I do 4-6. I'd say that I want people to write at least 2 paragraphs per post.
    And about grammar, as long as it's understandable it'll do. Everyone makes mistakes.
    Frequency... Well I'm not waiting a post from you everyday since I might not be able to post one everyday myself either. But I probably won't make a posting order, just a rule that you must wait until two (or three, haven't decided yet) people have posted after you before posting again. So that will probably let the rp go on smoothly and pretty quickly without having to wait for everyone's post.
    So if you aren't able to post more than once a week, I wouldn't recommend to join this rp. If you can post once in a day or two, then it's pretty good.

  7. Well, this would only be my 3rd RP, but colour me interested :D
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  8. Oh it doesn't matter how many times you've rp'd before. As long as you can write and have a decent grammar, you're very welcome to join this rp ! :)
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  9. Hey! I have some personal issues which is why I can't be online almost at all until 18th of this month. So it's almost 2 weeks before I'm able to fully engage in this rp. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I'll be working twice as hard when I'm fully available again.

    I'll be accepting new players during this time of course, but I'll only make the actual thread after the 18th, so please be patient with me in this :)
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