Tales of Agganoth

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  1. You push through the crowded streets of Norcrest. It is the first year you have had the opportunity to attend the Festival of the Eternal Slumber, a festival in honor of the many oracles who have sacrificed themselves to hold back the shadows that once consumed all of Aganoth. The past few Festivals have been enormous since the current oracle is none other than Princess Ayalaiah, daughter of King Ikaros Drakon. Whatever your motives for coming to the festival, you can’t help but feel the energy of those around you as they are eagerly awaiting the King’s speech.

    Making your way to the square, you let out a sigh of relief as you notice a spot where you can comfortably stand despite the sheer amount of people in proximity. You grunt as you squeeze through until you practically fall into the space you had been eyeing. A victorious breath escapes your lips as you lean against the wall, your eyes locked on the stage lined with heavily armed soldiers.

    Time passes. You shade your eyes as the sun reaches its pinnacle. You begin to grow impatient when you accidently overhear the conversation beside you.

    “I swear ta ya. I ain’t no liar, Danja. I saw it with me own eyes!”

    “Magic ain’t real, Bruto. It’s nuttin’ more than a story parents tell their children,” the woman you assume to be Danja replies.

    “I’m tellin’ ya, Danja. Harald was beatin’ Ebba when she put up her hand like this,” Bruto thrust his hand out palm extended toward Danja’s face, “He went flyin’ through the air like ole Robert when Etzel’s bull hit ‘em.”

    You watch as Danja studies Bruto for a moment, a smile forming over her lips as you can only assume she is remembering the event mentioned. Suddenly she reaches out and grabs Bruto’s mug snatching it from his hands, “Me thinks you drinking ‘nough,” she says with a smile.

    Bruto’s mouth opens in protest as his hands quickly grab his drink, “Gimme that,” he cries out. Once his drink is safely in his hand and Danja finishes laughing, he speaks up again, “Fine, don’t believe me. But I ain’t no liar.”

    Your thoughts wonder to the tales you’ve heard about magic. The Gods bestowed it to man millennia ago as a tool to help them build, farm, and care for all their creations, but when the Gods disappeared, so did man’s guidance and restraint. Magic, without its teachers, corrupted mankind and spiraled Agganoth into a war that would claim countless in its wake. The stories speak of a group of paladins called the Aegis of Olric that devised a series of seals that locked away the mystical force removing destructive magic from ever being used again. Depending on the storyteller, you have even heard that all magic had been locked away to never be used again. With all the fantastical stories you’ve heard, one seems to send chills down your spine; the one of the Shadowmancer, Kiaros. You recall the nightmares you had when you were a child and had first heard the tale. You swallow hard and them smirk.

    Magic isn’t real, so you have nothing to worry about.

    A sudden commotion grips your attention. You watch as several of the guards step down from the platform and shove their way through the crowd. The curiosity of the crowd silences them enough for you to hear a faint voice coming from a young woman you can only see when people move a certain way.

    “Get away from me! Don’t touch me! I’m warning you!”

    It doesn’t seem like the guards are paying the woman any mind as they continue their march to her. Something tugs at you inwardly warning you that you might want to run, but you push it aside in the name of seeing this event through. You watch as the first guard reaches out and grabs the woman’s arm. She lets out a scream and the next thing you hear is a loud crack. Something slams against your chest throwing, and everyone else around you, back. Your head smacks hard against the streets. You look up through blurry eyes and after a few blinks you are able to raise your head enough to survey the damage. Destruction, flames, and the stench of death flood your senses. If it were not for the ringing in your ears, you could swear you would hear screaming. Suddenly, your vision begins to darken. One thought flashes across your mind as you lose yourself to the darkness.

    Magic is real.
    Our story will pick up hours before this fateful, life-changing explosion. Who knows what brought you to Norcrest for the Festival of Eternal Slumber, but you are here. A normal, joyful day will be thrown down into the beginning of a spiral that will threaten the very existence of life on Agganoth.

    With this explosion, the first of seven seals will be shattered releasing magic into the world once again. People who believed themselves to be mundane or even people in position will find themselves with magic as those who were naturally attuned to it will feel the impact first. Of course, not everyone has this gift as magic has been gone for so long. So many will not feel the impact but be witness of it through the lives of the "gifted". As the seals break, their abilities will grow. Will you wield these new abilities to help others, or to serve your own purposes? Will you defend against the growing shadow, or plunge the world further into it?

    With all the questions that undoubtedly will spin through your head, perhaps the most important one to ask is that if magic is real, does that mean the nightmares are too?
    So if there's enough interest in this, I'll move this into the OOC area and we can start building a group together. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. The more questions you ask, the sharper the image will be! You can leave a message her or shoot me a pm if you're interested!

    @La Reina @Kat
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  2. Very interested!
  3. So, some sort of magic returning to the world? Sounds neat. Though I'd probably need to know more on the setting, and such. What's the setting? Medieval, renaissance, modern day? Are there any alternatives to magic in the form of either science or an alchemy-like system?

    I am not sure if I'd have time for it, but I'll at least express interest and discuss things to get more information out there.
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  4. Um, yes please!!!! Count me in!!!! Thank you for the tag~ <3
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  5. Great questions! It is a Medieval Fantasy setting. There is alchemy and early sciences (agricultural gains and such, not microbiology or anything like that).

    There was a time when every person on Agganoth had the ability to use magic, but because magic has been unavailable for so long due to the seals only the bloodlines with the strongest affinity for magic will be given magic this time around. In essence, not everyone will have it and not everyone in our group has to.
  6. I like the sounds of this, colour me interested!
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  7. Very well written - I wouldn't mind a tag when the OOC is up :)
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  8. I think that four is enough to say that there is sufficient interest. I'll put up an OOC, tag all of you, and we'll go from there. If we have enough then I don't see why we wouldn't be able to get this started in the next few days.
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  9. I'm interested as well!
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  10. Expresses late interest because...pfft. I can.
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  11. I also am curious
  12. I too. Know it seems like a lot of people but I want to squeeze in.
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