Tales of Aether

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  1. Long Ago...

    A great fire rages in the hearts and the minds of the human race. They destroyed everything. At first, they realized not what they were doing, but in time, they became aware. Many attempted to help, but only slowed the process. They called it: "Global Warming". We, the gods, scornfully watched from above, but we could not intervene. We only watched, and cursed at our mistakes.


    The world. Every city has been leveled. The Gods, they decided to speed the process up. They did more damage than the damn flood would of. The entire earth is a clean slate now. None of us remember how it happened, the only thing we know is we were lucky enough to survive whatever caused this. We aren't the only ones who inhabit this place now. We are accompanied by those.. things.

    The Things...

    We created them, on purpose, but by mistake. They were supposed to be our protectors, but they were far to savage for these things. They, made of the strongest and darkest souls in the Aether. Not even we, the Gods, could control, these foul beasts. We imprisoned them. We left them in cages for millennia. We released them now, to wipe out those who survived our destruction. They will succeed.

    Human Character Sheet

    Age: [Almost all humans under the age of 16 were killed]
    Appearance: [A picture or description will do. Perhaps do both!]
    History: [Normally, I don't do this, but i'd prefer these to be around the 100 word range, more or less]
    Weapon: [Remember, all material objects were pulvarized, besides the items a survivor had on them.]​

    "Thing" [Aetherium] Character Sheet

    Age: [ Minimum is about 700 years since they were imprisoned for so longed]
    Appearance: [Human Form]:
    Appearance: [Aether Form]:
    History: [Same rules apply]
    Weapon of Choice: [They have Magical weapons]
  2. Name: Daemon Stray
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: Cold, Discerning
    History: Born into a low class family, Daemon struggled to find meaning in life. Both of his parents died, and he was left a street urchin. A small Iaido dojo took him in, and trained him in the art of the sword. He trained there for his entire teen life, and left when he was seventeen, to join a life of gangsters and streetfights to earn money. He found gangmembers on the street, and destroyed them with his sword. They said his skill rivaled that of the gods.
    Weapon: It happened during a fight, so he carries a sword.