Tales from the Mojave: A Fallout New Vegas RP

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  1. The sun beat down over New Vegas. The clamour of Freeside started up, whilst the debauchery on the Strip, having run through the night, continued as it always had. The citizens of New Vegas prepared to see what challenges lay in store for them today.

    Yet along with challenges, the new dawn brought opportunities with it as well. Posters across Freeside and the surrounding areas offered great reward to those willing to get their hands a little dirty in the service of the Van Graffs. An arms caravan making its way north along I95 had been attacked and wiped out, and Gloria Van Graff was intent on revenge. The posters directed all interested parties to the Silver Rush.
  2. Castius had been walking for days now, but he finally arrived, he was in freeside. It was, at a few places, rubble. A few buildings were horribly inaccessible. Others it would take a couple days but the rubble could moved. There were cars on the side of the road, all broken down, a couple were even being slept in. The air was heavy. There was grass growing in the cracks in the ground. A dog howled outside the wall. In was like all the tales he had heard, freeside was broken down.

    Castius walked in the west enterance. He looked at one of the electric polls because the sound of a torn piece of paper was stapled to it. "Silver rush. A place for guns and caps." He said as he scratched his beard. He shifted the giant rifle on his back and walked into central freeside. There was a building with a lot of guys with greased up hair were standing outside. "Weird." He said as he heard a voice say something about silver rush.

    He walked down the street that the flager was standing on. There it was, a sign that said "Silver Rush". He went to the door but was stopped.

    "Do you have enough caps?" A man asked.

    "Yes." He said.

    "I'm gonna have to search you for any weapons...." The man said before he was interrupted.

    "I'm here because of the flyer." Castius said.

    "I still have to search you." He said as he started to search him.

    Castius only had two guns on him. There was the anti-mater rifle that Castius named Brutus, and a riot shotgun which had no name.

    The guard looked at Castius. "Don't do anything stupid." The guard said before letting Castius in.
  3. Tycho was sitting at the bar, sniggering at the Atomic Wrangler's new comedian Hadrian. He thought it was nice that they hired a ghoul, but he doubted their choice was based on charity; Hadrian's act was painfully witty and incredibly entertaining. Last night he was laughing his head off at the other ghoul's act. Granted, the fact that he was high as a kite and drunk as a skunk at the time had a lot to do with his uproarious reaction.

    Today he was sober and a little queasy from the Fixer he popped that morning. He was trying to ease his stomach by nursing a bottle of Sunset Sasparilla, to middling effect. As he finished his drink and Hadrian's act ended, he figured it was time to get going. He slung his sniper rifle over his shoulder and headed out after dropping a few caps on the bar. Heading over to the Silver Rush, he took a poster out of his pack. Approaching the guards out front, he waved the job poster in their direction. “Lemme in, smoothskin. I'm here for this.”
  4. William walked down the streets of freeside while his boots clicked on the ground and his rifle bounced on his back in time with each footfall while the revolver on his hip stayed still, he was the image of the wasteland a rough stone faced man loaded for Yao Guai but now it was time for another job. He had been seeing the flyers all around freeside about a caravan being attacked and the Van Graffs looking for willing and able bodies to find out what happened or in other words find out who did it and make the Mojave their grave. He came up to the Silver Rush and was asked for his weapons as was normal procedure so their was no real fuss since he knew that if anything the Van Graffs treated peoples weapons with care, as he walked in he noticed that he wasn't the first their was a younger man maybe just in his 20s while the other was a Ghoul. William leaned up against a wall as he waited for one of the Van Graffs to address them however many that might be since he felt that more would probably show up.
  5. Douglas was on a morning stroll, once again passing by the Old Mormon Fort, a newly lit cigarette hanging from his lips as he noted the poster advertising an expedition of sorts. A small tingle on his skin reminded him of his young days, and the pull of wander sent him closer to the Silver Rush, the same place where his Defender came from.

    "Now what do we have here.." the old man sighed, inhaling another breath and exhaling the poor quality smoke, these post war cigs were pretty terrible to most of the pre war stuff, although he liked to keep those for special occasions. He made his way down the street, nodding to the atomic wrangler crier. The sweet thing always gave him a show with that leather outfit, and put a pep in his step when he saw the young little thing.
    He agreed to the pat down and deposited his two weapons to the door guard like before and entered inside, uncertain of who or what he might find inside.

    Three others were already there, however, so he gave an old timers smile and said a polite and quiet "Hello." unlike the man closest to him and stubbed his butt of his cig on the heel of his dusty boot.
  6. Roskva had never been near Freeside before. She had, however, seen the posters. She figured it would be good for the caps and might remove some bandits from the world. The only worry at the back of her mind was whether the attackers were just desperate Wastelanders. The Mojave had fewer Super Mutants, but they seemed to lack infrastructure and support. The people could only rely upon themselves. If she had her way, they wouldn't have to live in such secluded circumstances.

    Her thoughts kept her still near the gates. She had probably been standing there for a few minutes. Her height and generally intimidating appearance cleared the way for her. So, rather than stand at the gates any longer, she began exploring. She had to find the sign to the Silver Rush. An added boon was the knowledge of Freeside's topography. It took her about half an hour, but she found the proper turn. The sign rose up before her. Smiling behind her armor's helmet, Roskva walked right up to the door. The guard stopped her as expected. He told her to give him the weapons. After she asked if they would be cared for, the guard's response was genuine enough for an approving nod from the Paladin. She let him stash her heavy incinerator and power fist. Then, she stepped inside the building. She was obviously not the first to be here. Others happened to arrive. For now, she was definitely the most heavily armored. She also towered over them rather handily. No surprise to her.

    To them, she hailed the others quietly. "Here for the job as well?" To any of the others, her Brotherhood markings were obviously, almost proudly, displayed.
  7. William nodded to the old man that had walked in and stubbed out the cigarette, he was about to speak to the man but another walked in this time in power armor but not just any power armor enclave power armor that had BoS markings on it. He walked over to the woman he assumed from the sound of her voice and circled her once before coming to a stop in front of her. "You are the single most confusing person I have ever met, that armor with those markings, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised I always heard rumors that they had better armor." He said referencing the Enclave. "Name's William." He said as he held his hand out to the brotherhood member.
  8. She nodded quietly as he spoke, seeming to have encountered his confusion before. Once he held out his hand, she took it and gave it a firm shake. "Some Enclave armor is better than Brotherhood. Midwest Brotherhood has about the same type as Enclave. This armor in particular was experimental. Hellfire Mk II. I have the first and only production set in existence as of my...falling out. Should have seen the looks on their faces when they learned their most brutal Sigma team member had become one of Elder Lyon's Paladins." Roskva stepped off to the side a bit to allow any more possible recruits in. She leaned up against the wall, looking around. The shop seemed to cater to part of her tastes. Energy weapons adorned the walls and counters. "Seeing as I am new to the Mojave, is this place the only shop for energy weapons? I may need to buy more ammo soon."
  9. "The only reliable shop, you may find some traders that deal in energy weapons but this place will always have stock. It's ran by a brother and sister who we will probably meet soon, the main one in charge is the sister Gloria she's all business while her brother is more of a head of security and may or may not be a psychopath his name is Jean-Baptiste. A word of advice NCR and the Brotherhood have been on bad terms for a long time with the war and all so they may shoot on site if they see your markings it would be advisable to avoid them when possible. Any other questions about the Mojave?" He asked glad to help someone get adjusted to the great hell hole he called home.
  10. She nodded once more to his warning. "Only other one would be if you know of an unclaimed plot of land that could be fortified as a base of operations. You see, the east Coast Brotherhood, despite sharing the same markings as other chapters, is not on good terms with the Mojave and California chapters. Elder Lyons sent me out here to set up a foothold so we could help the wastelanders out here. Before I worry about recruits, I need to track down a place to set up. Oh yes, before I forget, introductions are in order. I am Paladin Roskva Steinvegg." Seeing as no one here was directly hostile, Roskva reached up and removed her helmet. She held it under one arm while reaching into her pack and pulling out a bottle of cactus water, taking a drink of it.
  11. The conversations were cut off as Gloria Van Graff walked into the room, Jean-Baptiste a shadow behind her as ever. She paused, running a critical eye over the motley crew assembled before her.

    "Alright, listen up! An arms caravan of ours was attacked and destroyed to the north. All weapons were taken, and the caravaneers were disintegrated by Energy Weaponry. No trace of the attackers was found." Gloria paused. "Normally we'd suspect the Fiends, but this was outside their territory and the hit was way too clean. We'll be sending another caravan along that road in a couple days time, and I'm looking for some muscle to act as the guards. Travel with the caravan. Find who's responsible. And obliterate them. Send a clear message that any attack on Van Graff property will not be tolerated, and there will be a reckoning. Your pay will be 2000 caps each, 50% paid up front. Disappear with the advance, we will find you. The second half will be payable upon successful delivery of the caravan to Shady Sands and your subsequent return. Any questions?"
  12. "Any information on the weapons used on the dead caravan," Douglas asked, averting his attention away from the Brotherhood member and the mercenary before flicking open his lighter, putting another cigarette between his lips, and lighting it.
    Caravans were always hit and he had plenty of run ins between raiders and his caravans, the fiends were ones he especially knew well enough. When a caravan was hit clean, it was either a gang with steady aim, or an organization. He had heard of energy weapons shipments disappearing into ash when they were taken by the Mojave brotherhood, and even some Caravans falling into tribal hands.
    Whatever weapons were used could point towards how to react in the future, if it's hit again.
    "Like what type of ammo was used or anythin' ?" he finished with an exhale of smoke.
  13. Jean-Baptiste gave a derisive snort. "Like she said, old man, energy weapons." Gloria made a sharp hand gesture, and he stepped back. Turning back to Douglas, she sighed. "Quite a wide range was used. We have evidence of both laser and plasma weaponry being deployed based on the corpses, but no ammunition casings left behind. Even our guys were totally stripped of ammo. Can't tell you any more than that."
  14. William sighed, it had to be brotherhood well their was the other guys but they were wiped out right? He had no time to think on it now. "Well that's all I really need to know for now though where are you sending the caravan out from? Crimson Caravan or do you have another location for us to meet them at?" It would be...awkward for them to miss the Caravan because they went to the wrong location to meet it at.
  15. When Roskva entered, Tycho practically jumped in surprise. “Goddamn, you're a big bastard! Was it your mom or your dad that thought fucking a yao guai was a good idea?” After his surprise he quieted down to listen to the job offer. After listening quietly and digesting the information, addressed Gloria. “Listen up, Van Graff, these guys you're sending us against against are clearly well supplied, well trained and pretty damn smart to boot, and you're sending us as bait. I'd say you owe us a little more than two-thousand caps, eh?” When she snorted in his face and turned away, Tycho stepped forward shouting, “You smoothskin b-” before he was cut off by someone.
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  16. Noting the ghoul's rather abrupt outburst, Roskva reached forward and clamped her hand on his shoulder. He could feel she was being gentle, but it was clear she could snap his collarbone if given a reason. "Calm yourself. If we find the culprits, we can take their equipment and sell it for profit." Looking at Gloria as she explained the hit, it sounded like a military hit, but the Brotherhood usually didn't attack caravans. Mojave chapter might be different, but if people didn't step on the Brotherhood base, they should have been fine. If it were Brotherhood proper, she would make some enemies very quickly. Under her breath, she muttered. "Better not be fucking Paladins."
  17. The old man simply smiled, the cig hanging limp from his lips, and cracked his neck in a roll.
    "Haven't met for ten minutes and already I can see that its gonna be a long way there and back."
    Douglas chuckled, its funny how the old have the most patients but least amount of time.
    His eyes scanned the faces in the room. A friendly merc, a brotherhood knight, a loudmouth corpse, and a withered caravaneer. All he needed was a punchline and he could be doing comedy at the Tops.

    "Also, when are we leaving here exactly?"
  18. Gloria turned back to the group. "Glad you're all on board. The caravan will be departing 8am tomorrow from Freeside's North Gate. Speak to Simon on your way out for your first instalment - we're also offering a discount on anything you purchase here. Take the money and fail to turn up on time tomorrow, my brother will hunt you down and make you regret it." Gloria turned to Tycho. "In future, watch your mouth in here. I'm letting you off lightly because we need everyone we can get, but another outburst like this will see you going home in a jar. You're all dismissed."

    With that, Gloria and Jean-Baptiste started walking towards the back room of the Silver Rush, the latter shooting a particularly foul look at Tycho. Gloria paused at the door. "One more thing. Do not, under any circumstances, tamper with or open the caravan luggage. I trust that should be obvious." That said, the siblings walked out of the room, leaving the would-be mercenaries under the watchful gaze of the Van Graff thugs and cashier.
  19. The next day, a small clamour could be heard around Freeside's North Gate. Van Graff thugs herded people out of the way as a train of 3 brahmin, heavily loaded with high-tech cases, lumbered their way down the streets. By the gates, the hired bodyguards stood, already beginning to feel the heat as the sun beat down on the Mojave. The brahmin, lead by Jean-Baptiste, paused once outside the gates. Turning to the group, Jean-Baptiste snarled "These are your responsibility now. Don't. Fuck. This. Up." Spinning on his heel, he stalked back inside, his retreating back the last they saw before the gates closed behind them. The brahmin lurched back into motion, this time at the bidding of their new keepers.

    It was approaching midday when the keen eyes of Tycho caught sight of movement on the horizon. A small band of 3 raiders approached, observed the caravan and its protectors, and began to pepper the group with submachine gun fire. Given the range, their accuracy left something to be desired, and so the salvo of bullets did nothing but kick up dust around their feet. Seeing this, the raiders began pulling back.
  20. William growled, his hate for raider showing as he pulled up his rifle and aimed he had one of them lined up but didn't fire. It was a gamble to leave those raiders alive, they might simply wait for easier prey or they may come back with larger numbers. "We may have to go dark tonight, I don't what a band of raiders to know where we are if they bring back friends and we have a fire going." He had hunted their kind enough to know that they liked to attack camps right after the camp members ate at night, it was a good tactic one he used all to often when he would take a contract.
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