Tales From Regnum and Beyond (OOC/Signup)

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This is an RP that I made a while ago. Are you interested?

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  1. The world of Regnum is full of magic, fantasy, and bewilderment. Due to cataclysmic events that you cannot recall, you have wound up on the world of Regnum. You do not know where you are, or even who you were before you arrived. You must begin anew, start a new life, hunt for monsters, it is your choice to decide. While you contemplate the nature of your new life, you decide to look around. You are in a small, tattered house, with few decorations and furnishings. This is the starting place of your journey, whether it be starting a small business to becoming a deity, this is only the beginning of your story.
    A new age has dawned upon Regnum. The world is still full of danger, but also hope. The worlds and planes have become more diverse and closer than ever before, causing Regnum to go into a flux of power; mist, the lifeblood of Regnum. This has cause for the world to become greater than ever, and a breeding ground for destruction....


    The world of Regnum has 9 continents to explore. They are Moonfey, Kaeum, Ixanzen, Northern Ixanzen, Tandria, Badaura, Arbris and The Northern Chain. Can you uncover all of their secrets?

    • Moonfey is mainly plains and forests, full of wildlife and unexplored territory
      • The areas you can start in on Moonfey are: The rift, Fey's Plateau, or The Fey Outskirts
    • Kaeum is a dead land. It is ravaged by war and dark magics.
      • You can only begin on Kaeum in The Land of Sanction.
    • Ixanzen is a small continent that is very barren and stripped dry of life, due to its icy expanse.
      • You can start out in: Cave of Res, and The Wastes.
    • North Ixanzen is an Icy tundra, with little life on it, but plenty of icy caves and ruins to explore.
      • You can on;y start out on The Abandoned Mines Outskirts, or The Wastes of Ixa.
    • Tandria is a lush jungle, with danger around every corner. It has large amounts of rare and exotic flora and fauna.
      • You can start out in Zyniaj's shack, Seaside Cove or Hunter's Grotto.
    • Badaura is a dry, barren, desert wasteland. There are many ruins in the dunes to explore, but the place is crawling with predators and scavengers ready to strike.
      • In Badaura, you can start out in The Extremist's Shack, The Spires or te Sandsea.
    • Arbris is a gargantuan forest. The place is home to giant trees that can grow far beyond 100 feet.
      • In Arbris you can only start in the Grotto of Scales.
    • New Kaeum is a mountainous place. It is home to large, cave dwelling beasts and plentiful pockets of valuable ores.
      • New Kaeum is the only place where you can start in a city; as you can start in the Cliffside Villa.
    • The Northern Chain is exactly what it sounds like. It is a chain of islands at the north pole, housing only the most resilient of creatures from its icy embrace.
      • The northern chain is the only continent you cannot start on.

    • You can have up to 5 characters in this RP.
    • One must have at least reached a city or settlement in order for you to make another character
    • Stats determine how your character preforms. There are a total of 4 core stats.

      • Survivability- determines how well you can fight for your life, and how much damage is mitigated when you are hit.
      • Arkaine- determines how well you can resist the effects of thick mist, and other magical effects, as well as how well and often you will learn spells on your own.
      • Diction- determines how often people will listen to you, and how persuasive you are.
      • Finesse- determines how quickly you can move to dodge attacks, how silent you move and how adept you are at interacting with mechanisms such as locks, chests and doors.

    • There are many playable races to chose from. You may choose from any of them.
    Humans (open)
    Humans are the most common, and most influential race in all of Regnum. They outnumber other races 3 to 1 and are fairly average workers, fighters and people with little to no specialty(+ 0 to all stats). They have an average lifespan of 80 years, and are at their physical peak at around 20 years. They are weak individually, but together, they can do almost anything. They usually tend to stay in temperate continents, such as Moonfey, Arbris and New Kaeum, but they can be found all over the world.

    Dryads (open)
    Dryads, or elves as some people call them, are some of the most agile people on Regnum. They have a unique connection to nature through their religion. Due to this, they tend to live in large groups in Arbris, Tandria and Moonfey. They are experts in most arts, especially in combat, but they are not resilient and have easily broken bones.

    Goblins (open)
    Goblins are a reclusive people. They tend to live in places that are secluded and or dangerous, such as mesas, cliffs and the mountains of new Kaeum. They are experts at survival, and are naturally agile, but they have thin skin and easily broken bones, and they do not understand the concept of magic. Despite this they will still always try to fight.

    Orcs (open)
    Orcs ore a proud people of great warriors. They have an impressive stature, and can live on average 70 years. They are experts on any craft that relates to combat, and they are always ready to fight. They usually live in small nomadic groups of 30 that can live almost anywhere. They are very hard to kill, and will never back down from any challenge.

    Kumare (open)
    Kumare are short and stout people that are expert craftsmen and designers. Their small size has led to prejudice among major settlements, so they live in settlements solely founded by Kumare. Though they have technical prowess, they have little belief in magic.

    Kerajh (open)
    Kerajh are a people similar to humans, but they are in no way related. They are the one native races on Regnum, the other being Faeries and the Moursah. They make amazing diplomats, magicians, and inventors, but they usually refrain from the brutality of combat. They live a long life up to 90 years old, and prefer to live in more sophisticated areas with less wildlife, like Moonfey.

    Faeries (open)
    Faeries are a humanoid race that have wings. These wings can vary in size and formation. They can be from butterflies, dragonflies, moths, bees or more rarely; birds. Faeries do not have an average age, but some have been reported to be 400 years or older. They tend to live in places like Moonfey, but they more commonly live their own magically inclined sky fortresses. Faeries ore extremely fragile, but they make up for that with raw vocal and magical talent.

    Moursah (open)
    Moursah are a unique race. They have 3 sub-types, and each of them is different.

    Daura (open)
    The Daura are more lizard-like than Khun, but are not nearly as durable. They are notably more intelligent though.

    Khun (open)
    Khun are more amphibious, but also have a tough shell on their backs, head, arms and chest. They are not as bright as Daura or Vikuan, but they are very hard to kill, and are quick to anger.

    Vikuan (open)
    Vikuan are draconian members of the Moursah family, and are exclusively feamle. They are riddled with larger scales, horns, and sharper claws as well as an adapted meat only diet.

    Moursah can live anywhere except for the colder reaches of the planet, and live for up to 130 years.
    Since they have such a unique variety, Moursah are often seen as 3 totally different races.

    Preatus (open)
    Preatus are giant insects that mainly inhabit the dunes of Badaura and the corrupted lands of Kaeum. They can have many different forms, from humanoid to completely abstract. This disadvantage is countered as Preatus can eat the body of a victim and assume their form. They tend to live abnormally long lifespans, and usually do not specialize in any one vocation. In actuality, Preatus are the combined souls and husks of a soul eater's victims that aren't turned into the actual eaters themselves. Instead, they slowly die, disintegrate and become the key piece to making a preatus, as whenever a soul eater dies, a Preatus is born.

    • Traits are things that define your character. They can effect stats but can only effect them by a max of 3 points; positive or negative.
      • Sub-Races are races that can be added through traits or diseases, and they have a host of their own advantages and hindrances.

    An Application must have a picture of your character, their gender, name, hair color, eye color, stats, traits and equipment. It will look like this:

    Tales Character

    Sub Race(Optional)-
    Image/Detailed description:

    • Eye Color:
    • Height:
    • Hair Color:

    • Survivability-
    • Arkaine-
    • Diction-
    • Finesse-

    • Head-
    • Eyes-
    • Torso-
    • Neck-
    • Legs-
    • Arms-
    • Hands-
    • Feet-
      • Bags, pockets, inventory etc.-
        • Food-
        • Ammo-
        • Magics known-
          • Tomes-
          • By Memory-
        • Alchemy-
        • Quest-
        • Other-
    People you know:

    • Friends

    • Enemies

    • Acquaintances



    You can have an infinite amount of traits, and they can effect your character in any way.

    In this RP you start out with clothing, but not equipment, armor or weapons.

    In your app include what continent you will start out in.

    After you create a character, you can submit it on this thread so a GM can look at it.

    Also include your character in a spoiler/character sheet and update them frequently.

    Sub races are not entirely different races.They only exist if your characters traits override your race.

    Stats start at 5, have a 75 cap and you have 100 points to spend.


    1. Magic, items, charms and equipment are given by GMs, not the player. Any attempts to gain items or magic via non GM will result in a "Psychedelia trip moment" where select posts from your character all happened in their mind.
    2. Battle results, and gained traits are given by GMs. No exceptions.
    3. You can only control your character. Not the environment, NPCs or enemies. YOUR character.
    4. No metagaming and/or godmoding.

    Here is a LINK to the website. If it does not work, try this:https://sites.google.com/site/talesofregnumandbeyond/home
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