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  1. What are yours? Share them with the world, but if you do be sure to be open to questions! Especially if someone needs/wants help in that area. :)

    Everyone knows mine! I'm a makeup artist and I do marketing, I help kids sell things for fundraisers and sell makeup as well. I do budgeting and work at a income tax business as well so I know stuff in those areas too!
  2. doctor
    parkour traceur
    martial artist
    mentor/teaching physician
    hospital administration
  3. I am an EEFF ing world class salesperson. I don't so much sell as tell people what they want and wave as they walk out the door with it.

    I'm also like a robot for editing fiction; MISUSED COMMAS I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!
  4. none of you put writer! D: j/k

    Piano player (casual)
    Occupational Therapist I enjoy pediatrics mostly with a bit of sensory integration, but I also work with adults and geriatrics...
    Oh I like to cook/bake too when the mood strikes me :3
  5. My talent is... not have talent!

    Naw, I'm just kidding. If I had to pick, I guess my talent would be fast learning skills, as I seem to be quicker to understand a subject than most people are; at least for the most part.
  6. I like to think I'm pretty good with typing, both speed and accuracy. And then I am also rather good with grammar and such. I'm a...word person? I guess. Well, it makes sense working at a call center.
  7. I am a badass Community Administrator. O_O That is my special talent and the one thing in the world I am best at. It's my greatest passion and something I take a lot of pride and joy in.

    My SECOND best talent is improvisational muse engineering. Aka roleplaying and plotbunnies. 8D I am very good at just winging shit and creating interesting plots from anything. Roleplaying is my love.

    And third, I can do the same thing with food. >> I can take minimal ingredients and make fabulous dinner without the need for instructions or recipes.

    Stuff I have a natural talent for but I'm not really GOOD/educated/practiced at

    Writing: I have a voice and style of my own and fabulous story telling skills. But when it comes to organized writing, technical writing, etc. Not so great. O_O This is prolly why I am a roleplayer and not a writer.

    Art: Specifically drawing, painting, color theory, and so on! I don't have the passion to become a polished artist. It's just a side hobby I play with.

    Graphics & Coding Design: I have just enough skills to make it LOOK like I know what I'm doing, but I actually don't know much more than the basics and what simple tutorials can teach you. D:
  8. Writing is a given.

    Singing (though with how this virus has hit me, it's changed my voice and now I have to get used to it all over again.)

    Art (pencils/soft pastels/digital)

    Give me choreography to follow, and I can dance up a storm.

    I'm good at reading and retaining information that doesn't concern numbers.

    I got a selective memory. What I deem personally important will be remembered forever.

    I've been told I'm a fairly talented actor/actress.

    Maybe this isn't considered a talent, but cats love me. Like legit, I tamed this one cat who's owners couldn't even get near enough to pet.

    I'm an amateur Pianist, taught myself a few songs on the guitar (by ear), and while I don't own one, I can play a mean trumpet.
  9. Cooking. The only thing I'll accept a compliment about is my food.
  10. I once ate a giant bag of Skittles and only threw up twice.
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  11. I can punch things in such a way that they stay punched forever.
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  12. I can kinda write, but I doubt I'm very good at it XD
  13. Do you work in sales?
    Your talent is just being an all-around great person, I think you should just teach everyone else how to do that. I could certainly use a few tips.
  14. I can accidentally a whole Coke bottle.
  15. I learn languages within speed of light and with minimal effort. Sure, I still make some mistakes, but I grasp the basic grammar rules very fast and vocabulary really isn't a problem for me anymore because the more languages you know, the easier is to realize everything is connected. English isn't my first language and I was better at it than my teacher when I was in... sixth grade thanks to playing video games/reading books in English. (Granted, that speaks more about her incompetence than about my skills, but still :D) I started learning Russian circa year ago and now I'm able to read books like Crime and Punishment in original. I've never taken Italian classes and yet I understand it for the most part because I speak Spanish fluently, etc. etc.

    Now, this is probably closely related, but I have a pretty good memory. I don't really remember practical things like when I'm supposed to pick up laundry - I forget that as soon as my mom tells me - but exact quotes from books remain in my mind practically forever, as well as snippets from different conversations. It's perfect for studying and thanks to that particular ability, I don't really have to do much aside from listening in the classes unless there's a big test approaching. I'm also very outspoken, so if it's an oral exam, you can bet I'm gonna talk my way out of it. More than once, I've convinced my professors I knew everything by telling them the same thing over and over until they gave in and told me what they wanted to hear without realizing it, at which point I just repeated it. I guess this is a good thing as I'm studying Psychology :D

    I like to think I'm good at writing and multitasking, and I know for sure I'm very good at poker. My friends literally refuse to play with me. Also, not sure if this counts as a talent, but it's almost impossible to get me drunk.

  16. gotta say, hard call on which talent is cooler
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  17. I'm pretty good at drinking beer.
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  18. I don't think this is a talent, but I'm very sensitive to voice inflections and can memorize peoples' tones very easily.

    It sucks when I'm watching murder mystery shows or playing games with a mystery element to them- even if the screen is blacked out, if the culprit says something and I hear their voice later on, I know right away it's them ; - ;

    Spoiler system built into my brain.
  19. Creativity and imagination. Endless worlds live inside my head, and characters running around having adventures and other pleasant things. If you ever need help with thinking of ideas you can come to me, I'll be more than happy to share some ideas and try to spark your imagination.