Talents or hobbies?

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  1. Writing is one of them obviously, but aside from that what other hobbies does everyone have? I do a lot of ceramics and plan to get better at felting if you want to donate an Amazon gift card you are more than welcomed to.
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  2. I like to read and write. I like doodling and colouring. When I have Photoshop, I like making different pictures, photo manips, banners, etc. I can also crochet blankets though I haven't in a couple of years.

    Edit: And watching different television series and certain YouTube channels.
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  3. Video games.

    Other than that, I have a job and university. I do not have any time for much beyond two hobbies. :ferret:
  4. If I'm not working, I'm doing one of three things: writing, video games, or running.

    Reading, too, when I can find a good book.
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  5. I write code for a living so sometimes I like to look at website issues and see if I know what the problem is. I also like sewing, baking, playing video games, crocheting, and walking.
  6. Writing, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, ummm... deep conversation ahah!
  7. Video Games, Tabletop Roleplay, Occasional TV Show/Anime Binges and Sleeping.
  8. Does banging my girlfriend count? *Total bro fist* *pops up collar of my polo* *kick flips away*
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  9. Does showing your face count?
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  10. Art, watch movies and anime, play video games, and researching.
  11. Lots of drawing : |

    That's...literally my only talent : ||||
  12. Talents: I'm a 3-point shooting sniper in basketball, confident baseball pitcher (fastball, changeup, sinker), play the piano, semi-professional photographer, and brew some addicting coffee.

    Hobbies: Music, sports (Yakult Swallows baseball, Pittsburgh Steelers football, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey), travel, photography, dancing, running, and others.
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  13. I'm into music a lot ! I play the violin, piano and the drumkit 8)

    I'm also a big outdoors person! I want to be a paleontologist (A dinosaur expert lmao) So I will be spending a lot of time in the dust lmao. I go running and hiking, I used to do a lot of fieldcraft and orienteering too.
  14. Video games, books, binging on TV/movies, listening to music, etc
  15. Hiking, traveling, costuming, writing (obviously), reading comics, and I run a review website that is catching steam.
    Also is Reddit a hobby? Because I certainly go on Reddit probably far too often than I should.
  16. [​IMG]

    I finished carving this two days ago.
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  17. Um, I wouldn't say that I was particularly talented at any one thing. But I have tons of hobbies.

    The typical stuff:
    Reading, Writing, Drawing, Coloring, Singing, Dancing (mostly in my kitchen), Cooking, Video Games, Occasional Netflix Binges.

    The New Stuff/Stuff that I'm just figuring out:
    Bullet Journaling, Hand Lettering, Crocheting, Watercolors, Working Out, Programming/Coding

    In general, I just like learning new things... I pick up things that might seem interesting and the stuff I enjoy I keep doing. A jack of all trades, and master of none...
  18. I guess one of my talents would be sensitivity to written texts. It can be pretty bad at times, like it makes me feel like I was violated when I read certain texts with horrible grammar and spelling errors, including my own when I fuck up.

    My main hobby would be editing. I like making pictures in photoshop. I know how to use indesign. I've edited a few shorter movies. I edit longer texts. It's just stimulating to me to mess around with details until it's good. It's likely the obsessive perfectionist in me, even if she's never satisfied. I really like drawing too. I love music, going to concerts, but I've no idea how to play an instrument. I wish I did, but then I'd get obsessed with getting good at that, and lose time for the rest.
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  19. video games

    also hiking, foraging, and taking pictures of nature. I don't have a great camera yet, but I still take pictures. Especially of mushrooms. I love mushrooms.

    The only thing I feel remotely talented at is writing, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  20. I absolutely adore the outdoors and hiking (living right next to the Rocky Mountains helps), but I could not begin to tell you what mushrooms are safe to eat or not or what kind they are. I kind of suck at most plant life lol.
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