Tale Making

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  1. Good evening, I am looking to make a few tales with a twist: We are both in charge of the characters, with none of them exclusive to either one of us. Think of it as a dual authorship of either a small original tale or a fanfiction, with character eitheir of our own making or the brainchild of someone who actually got paid to write. Now, I will outline what I can and cannot do at this time, and let youchoose how to proceed from there in either contacting me or letting things lie.

    What I won't do:

    Mature RPs,
    Fandoms not listed bellow the appropriate section,
    High School or College Slice of Lifes or Romances,
    Text Talk,
    One Liners.

    Fandoms I will do:

    Inu Yasha
    Pandora Hearts
    Skip Beat!

    Dragon Age
    Persona 3 & 4
    Radiata Stories
    Tales of Symphonia
    Elder Scrolls
    Vampire: The Masquerade / Requiem

    Harry Potter
    His Dark Materials
    Sherlock Holmes
    Tales of the Otori

    What I would love to do:

    Visual Novel-like Plots
    Lore Building
    Fictional Biographies of Fictional People
  2. Hello, I may be able to help you out with this one! I've been wanting to do a story with a shared protagonist and host of minor characters for quite a while now. I would rather do an original story than a fandom, seeing as that gives us more freedom for plot-creation and lore and world-building.

    I don't have any posts on this site yet, so if samples are a thing here I would be very willing to give one.
  3. No need for samples, I'll contact you through a PM and we'll discuss and plot this further. :)