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Takkun's Testing

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ™ T A K E N O B U, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. I see many things I need to test and here is where I will be testing them.
    DON'T JUDGE ME! ;;A;;
  2. Character AppThis is a character application for TWEL∇E WITNESSES, created by Nemopedia. Profile code belongs to it's respected creator and corresponding roleplay.

    Tierney's Color Palette
    Tierney's Personality Test


    ▉▉: / / FILE ON SUBJECT #996644 !

    D.O.B.: 15 / SEPTEMBER / 48 YRS.
    HEIGHT: 5 FT10 IN
    WEIGHT: 160 LBS


    Humble: Tierney would definitely seem like the last person that would get on his hands and knees to scrub floors, but as a man that has had to scratch and scrap his way to recognition, he has proved himself to be very humble. He knows his roots, he knows his prestige (or lack there of). He understands his place in the world and even though he agrees that society is cruel, he can find it in himself to be modest and not let his spite and hatred float his ego.
    Observant: They say wisdom comes with age, but more than that, it comes with seeing the world for what it is. Tierney, is very observant of this. Rather than brashly plunge into a situation, he is more likely to stick to the walls and be the outsider looking in. He is very perceptive because of this, and tends to pick up a lot of information about a person.
    Practical: One thing that Tierney is not, is a dreamer. He is focused on the here and now, knowing exactly his position in society and what it would take to advance up the social ladder. Though he has goals, he remains in the practical spectrum. He holds no beliefs in a higher power, nor believes in fate and destiny (though he may quite often mock it). The only thing that matters is success through physical action. He is a 'actions speak louder than words' man at best.
    Meticulous: Whatever Tierney does, it's done with a particular kind of attentiveness and precision. He never half-asses anything, and his dedication to a task may seem almost mocking or sarcastic, however, Tierney doesn't exactly have the sense of humor people thinks he does.
    Amoral: In order to be the kind of man Tier is, morals must be left at the door. From a young age, he had learned that morals were not only a crutch, but a hindrance to true liberation. Though he may acknowledge other's moral codes, he himself, can't seem to abide by them.
    Deceptive: Being around Tier is like seeing the calm before the storm, except, the clouds don't seem too threatening. You can't tell what kind of storm or it's intensity. Though he doesn't go out of his way to deceive others, he does use it to hide himself. Through sarcastic remarks and slightly over-exaggerated gestures, he may seem much more playful than he actually is. His tone may be the most deceptive. He hides himself through subtlety.
    Resentful: As understanding as Tierney is, he still can't shake his unyielding bitterness toward communal gatherings. Organized religion is also something he hates. Pack mentality, though is instinctual, he would rather be alone. As much as he desires living a free life, he can't seem to get away from a life of social binding. Instead of fighting it, he dived right into it. Contracts are his double edged sword, much to his displeasure.




    ɢ ᴇ ɴ ᴇ ʀ ᴀ ʟ

    ███ ▃▃▃ STRENGTH
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ ENDURANCE
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ AGILITY
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ CHARISMA
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ INTELLIGENCE

    ᴀ ʙ ɪ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ɪ ᴇ s & ᴘ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ s

    █ ▃▃▃ CONTROL
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ POWER
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ CREATIVITY
    ██████████ ▃▃▃ DEFENSE


    ᴘ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ s
    Wolf Form: Tierney has the ability to turn into a large gray, black and brown wolf (light colors, not so contrasted). In this form, he is roughly around the same size he is in human form, and maintains his consciousness. He is also has the ability to communicate with other werepeople through a kind of were-telepathic link. Speaking to others in this form is limited, however, he has learned other ways to communicate.
    Weakness: Even though Tierney keeps all of his intelligence and sense of self, he does become a bit more instinctual. He is prone to growling and snapping more than he would be in his human form. Also for a short time after transforming back into human form, he retains a strong taste for blood.
    Heightened Senses: Per usual to any werefolk, Tierney's senses are heightened to that of a wolf's. However, his sight is far less, and his nose and ears are exceptionally stronger.
    Weakness: Just like any other werefolk, any overstimulating sense could hurt him, or even temporarilty shut him down. Though, Tierney has trained to focus his senses, he is still prone to being overwhelmed. Moreover, Tierany's sight is only half as good, seeing that he only has one good eye. His peripheral vision on his right is non-existent, and he must rely more on his other senses to compensate.
    ᴀ ʙ ɪ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ɪ ᴇ s
    Instinctual Perception: Tierney has had to live most of his life on trusting his instincts, lead by his perception of the situations at hand. Though he is very intelligent, sometimes the body knows better than the mind does. More often than not, Tier's instincts have saved his ass.
    Weakness: Tierney is prone to neglecting these instincts by thinking and analyzing too much. When he does, he often makes a mistake or misplays his hand. It's then that he has to improvise.

    Silent Steps: Tier has trained himself to be so light on his feet that he barely makes a sound when walking. He is also quieter by nature, making it seem like he ghosts around.
    Weakness: He still has mass, and so no matter how silent he is, surely someone could still sense him nearby. They might just not be able to hear him.

    Fear Reduction: The fight or flight trigger is natural in a person to protect them in threatening situations. However, Tierney doesn't seem to have the 'flight' switch. Fear is something he hadn't felt in a very long time (it potentially could have started with the situation in which he lost his vision in his right eye), and instead, where fear generally should be, it is replaced with anger. Where fear would make him retreat, his explainable anger makes him stand his ground. His mind allows him to think up a logical response.
    Weakness: Tierney's lack of fear also affects his intuition. Where he should know fear to exist, he simply can't feel it. Sometimes he forgets, and it could get him into very difficult if not dangerous situations.



    Born into Autumn's suburbs, all Tierney and the pack he was born into knew was poverty.
    They were publicly known as a werefolk community previous to Tier's birth, and because of it, became an introverted community.
    In order to cope or save face (whatever the real reason was, it wasn't accurately specified), they developed not only pack mentality, but a cult mentality.
    Tierney was raised with the words and praise of the Great One shoved down his throat. Being an intellectual soul, he hated every bit of it.
    He was a trouble child, always asking questions where questions were not welcomed and getting into things that he shouldn't. Extreme measures were taken to cease this behavior.
    It wasn't until his early teen years did he get his first taste of blood. It was an act of self defense against his 'beloved pack nanny,' whom seemed to love Tier's boyish looks just a little too much.
    Wish shock and adrenaline still pumping through his veins, he ran. For three years Tier survived on his own in the rugged streets of worst areas of Autumn's suburbs.
    By sixteen, he was forced back to his pack after a hidden witness was able to convince the pack leaders that the crime was all in self defense. Tier was never looked at the same, never trusted the same, and was constantly monitored. He was forced to attend daily meetings to appease the cult.
    Tierney couldn't tolerate it. He had come back to be liberated, only to find it was the exact opposite. He was being detained. A prisoner in his own community. By twenty, he disappeared.
    During his disappearance, Tierney learned about the world, and how it really operated. He learned through experience (good, bad, and tragic) what it truly meant to be free, as well as true to one's nature.
    Tier showed up once again on the radar, this time, with the beginnings of his own pack. Three other individuals followed him, only to call themselves "business operators."
    Tierney explained his new business to his old pack (letting his new pack understand the gravity of his work), and fulfilled the contract he had made with an unnamed member. He killed the alpha and disintegrated his old pack.
    Those that decided to follow him thereafter, were assimilated to his pack, loyalty-bound till death. Those who didn't... well, Tierney got to enjoy blood once again.
    Currently the pack is laying low--scattered until the time is right to come together again. Tierney has been seeking independent job opportunities under the guise of an 'odd jobber' that makes contracts with potential employers. His loan sharking contract is soon to expire.



    ▌ QUESTION #001

    Hm? Well why wouldn't I be wearin' tese socks? Is a perfe'ly good pair, if I do sey so m'self. Got a problem wit'it?

    QUESTION #002

    A Genie, ya sey? Tha' fok would I wan' a genie for? I'da shouve it's arse righ' back were it caeme from. I don' need a genie ta' get wat I want.

    QUESTION #003

    Movie title'd be somethin' leik 'RETRIBUTION'. An action flik if ya know wat I'm talkin abut. Wit' tha' budget given t'it, it'd prolly 'ave bad reviews. Hahah.

    QUESTION #004

    Ta' be honest with ye, I was prolly tha une tha' started it. If tha's the caese, then I'll be doin' nothin' abut it. But if it weren't me, then I'd prolly jus' be standin' there watchin'. Let tha' wurld burn. Is more fun tha' way, eh?

    QUESTION #005

    Wouldn't really care une way or tha' other. Is it them standin' be up or is it me them? Coulda been both. I'd be able ta' muve on with na care in tha' wurld. Never 'appened, as far as I'm t'be concerned.

    / / ☆★ ⋮ —
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  3. Venn's ProfileThis is for ADVOCATE'S rp, whenever it'll show up.



    feet and inches only
    pounds only
    current hair color
    normal eye color

    minimum of 1 paragraph, write our your character's physical characteristics. tattoos, scars, piercings, etc. use this section to describe any unique physical changes your character undergoes if they are inhuman/tapping into their inhuman side. this section can also be used to describe any health aliments your character has.

    a general list of your character's combat and passive skills. make sure that they go hand in hand with powers and/or any race traits your character has.

    maximum of 3 powers, briefly describe your character's power(s). for inhuman races, pick up to 3 possibly powers that is stronger/their mostly used abilities. for those that are a broad spectrum of powers (i.e. psychics, magic-user, etc) focus on a single field such as a character being telekinetic only (psychic). if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or tag me in the OoC. make sure to mention a fallback/some sort of flaw with their power (such as longer casting times, temporary shifts, etc.).

    the following section is a general list of a character's strength and weakness. this section is to list out situations that are best suitable for your character or their worst, weaknesses and shortcomings as a certain race, what skills they fall flat on, etc. use the listing format below and delete this description section once filled out.
    • yo! i am a strength don't delete me.
    • look! i'm a weakness. you can have as many as needed.
    • keep things brief and to the point here.
    • delete the directions above once this section is filled out

    a general list of your character's personality. use personality terms to describe your character

    minimum of 2 paragraphs, write out your character's history. if they are a part of the agency, how did they wind up getting in? feel free to PM me and others that have turned in agency position characters to finish off the profile.

    the following section is a general list of random facts about a character. feel free to add and remove as needed for this section. delete this section (aka the directions) once filled out.
    • yo! i r a fact.
    • check yo facts, son!
    • i could be a fact
    • delete the directions above once this section is filled out
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  4. [​IMG]


    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla hendrerit neque nec hendrerit dictum. Suspendisse fermentum neque at sagittis varius. In dictum libero quis urna sollicitudin tempor. Integer vehicula, massa nec placerat imperdiet, metus ipsum sodales velit, in dictum odio sapien sed eros. Phasellus nec efficitur velit. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. In bibendum odio a egestas interdum. Integer lobortis, velit sodales tempor maximus, erat nulla sagittis tortor, vel elementum ligula justo sit amet lorem.

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  5. [​IMG]
    LINKS in character || out of character || profiles
    Politics, Anarchy and Nukes, oh my!

    So the world has made it to the years 2116. Well, technically. Of course, this isn't without it's ups and downs. The world as we know it had ended very badly. Something about the United States doing some ridiculous things, North Korea got a little too bold, Russia decided it was time to show off their prowess. And China thought that they could monopolize the situation! Over the span of fifty years most countries had found themselves at the losing end of a long and gruesome world war. Economies collapsed, resources became scarce. Sickness rolled through zombiesattacked jkjk, no zombies. Just a really terrible epidemic. Small populations were completely wiped out.

    But just as evolution continues on, so did the world. Countries rebuilt--some stronger than they had been before. The United States, though they lost the entire west side of the country, managed to regain itself ever so slightly. New York managed to stay relatively in tact. Laws, treaties, bills and acts were passed in order for the east side to sustain and rebuild the population. Though they tried to expand westward again, they simply could not deny that there was a large scar on their country from shoddy nuclear warfare. Just like Japan had a long since remaining scar from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States would have to watch as California, Washington and Oregon fell into the ocean. Whatever remained died slowly and faded into a jungle of silence.

    Now... getting back to current times, New York is thriving. Technology is at the highest it's ever been. Sure, there is a strong influence from the large East Asian countries (practically everything is Chinese, Japanese or Korean), but you've also got your healthy dose of European culture through the strong hand of the UN! New York and surrounding areas had become THE cultural and technological melting pot of the world. Now completely commercialized, it's definitely a place of the bright tech-savvy future. However... even paradise has it's faults.

    For whatever reason, you were picked to head west. It's about time we go back and explore what once was. The radiation should be at an all time low by now. Whether you were assigned to go out there, or ended up joining the party out of attempt to run from the law, you are now in a group of strangers, heading west. The chances of finding life are slim, but that doesn't hinder your ambition. There's so much potential when rediscovering land. What will you find? What won't you find? You've only seen what used to be there in the history books. This is the adventures of six travelers into a land that has long since been abandoned.

    concept + rules
    the concept of this roleplay is fairly simple: go forth and survive. Whatever reason (I won't restrict you on WHY your character is there besides the fact that they have "role titles", but they don't exactly have to define what your character is or does), your character is in this group of travelers heading to an abandoned western front. They will most likely have no knowledge of what they might find, and even if they do, it's all covered in overgrown plants from years of being left untouched.

    There will definitely be a huge clash between the technologically advanced characters and the surrounding habitat. A lot of their technology won't work like it's supposed to. Any form of GPS would be disrupted from the lingering radiation. Though it is low enough to where one could breathe without too much harm, it seems to do strange things to electrical devices. At that same rate, animals that may be seen within the area seemed to be mutated.

    Now, of course this isn't just a random exploration and survival thread. There will be something to find. It's simply up to the characters to make the right decisions to lead them down a safe and successful path. They will be the ones uncovering a story underneath the surface layer.

    I'm going to be pretty lax on posting, but I do need activity. I need people that will be willing to talk on a near day-to-day basis. Because this is a small group, I'd like to make friends with the people that are actually in my rp. Minimum posting requirement is two paragraphs at all times, and in third person. Even if you can't exactly get multiple posts out in a week, I do require at least talking to people in the ooc more than three times a week. If I have to chase you down, I will not be a happy Takkun.

    I know, I know, this seems like a perfect thread to have real pictures as face claims, but unfortunately I've already establushed this as a drawn/illustrated/anime picture thread by it's banner. Therefore, I'll only be accepting characters with drawn/illustrated/anime pictures. However, I would still like a sense of realism to them.

    In this world, it's in the distant future. High tech is a thing. Feel free to poke into all sorts of sci-fi things. Just remember... technology doesn't work very well where your character is going. 8D

    One character per person, since the rp is so small. Later on down the road, I'll be open to adding more.

    This roleplay is going to fall under my signature "cause-and-effect" roleplays. In other words, your character's actions dictate their outcomes. If they go running into the jungles by themselves after hearing a spooky noise, chances are, their life is gonna be in big danger. I'll grant a little bit of plot armor, but otherwise, if your character does something absolutely stupid, chances are, they might die. Yes, characters can die. No, I'm not focusing on death in this roleplay. I'm focusing on the story in which characters must discover. Think of it like something out of Uncharted or Tomb Raider.

    Applying for a character slot is going to be put into two parts: The Sales Pitch and the Profiles.

    First and foremost, I'm a lazy Takkun and hate filling out long applications, only to have to fill out an even longer character profile. Instead, I'll do this. FIRST, PITCH YOUR CHARACTER IDEA TO ME. What this means, is that I'll have a few basic things for you to fill out, solely for the purpose of you to pitch your idea to me. A sales pitch. Tell me about your character, what they are like, where they came from, and why they are where they are now. I need you be able to present your idea to me semi-fully at the least. I need coherent ideas that I can work with you to work with me. I hope that makes sense. You can find the mini app here below.

    Sales Pitch App (open)
    Character Name:
    About the Character: be sure to include a bit about personality, their backstory, and how they got to where they are now. No more than four paragraphs!
    Appearance: image can be posted or linked. Do not crop it to icon size!

    SECOND! If I accept your character, then you will be able to make a profile. Now, usually I like them uniform, but Takkun is feeling even more lazy than normal. So I'm letting you guys make up your own profile. The information you give me in the Sales Pitch must be in the profile. You may reserve a post in the Profile Thread so you can work on it there, or transfer it over from a test thread. Whichever works for you. Below is a list of required information. Once you tag me in the ooc upon completion and I OK it, then congrats, you're part of the rp!

    Profile Required Info (open)
    Personality: paragraph or list form. If you list, please give your own description of how it applies to your character.
    History: this is the background information for your character. Please give some insight from their childhood all the way up to the present. Minimum three paragraphs.
    Appearance: link or post, doesn't matter. Do not use an icon size.

    If you want to add anything to the profile, feel free. This is the mandatory minimum.

    character reserves

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

    Trait || Trait || Trait || Trait

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  6. [​IMG]
    H 1 S 7 0 R 1 4
    STRENGTH  ██████████   PERCEPTION ██████████
    STAMINA   ██████████   WILL        ██████████
    AGILITY    ██████████   POWER      ██████████
    SPEED      ██████████   LUCK        ██████████

    • FULL NAME_
      buster moore
      december 27, 1991
      ascalon, california, usa

      For such a tall guy with his body frame, Buster isn't as thin and lanky as one would expect. He has a bit of muscle to him. Otherwise, he has no scars, no tattoos and no birthmarks. Such a clean slate! He has pale skin and green eyes.
      Surprisingly for such a nerdy guy, Buster is a rather healthy guy. With both a clear mental health and fit physical health, he can be seen as perfectly fine. The only downside is that Buster is nearsighted. He can still see without his glasses, but everything is fuzzy around the edges.
      historian and eastern asian folklorist
      privileged access
      east asia branch
      HISTORY| Specialty in East Asian known and unknown history.
      MEMORY| Photographic memory.
      TRACKING| Locating hidden objects through historical and geographic clues.
      Besides the standard issued weapons, Buster has no need for others. His weapons are his mind, and a pen and paper.
      Again, besides the standard issued things, Buster always has a pen, notepad (paper feels so good~), as well as gloves for handling ancient artifacts and a small camera hidden in a necklace to record and take pictures of his findings. Even though he has photographic memory, it's easier to give evidence through photos.
      I N T R O V E R T| The first thing a person will find about Buster is that he is a complete introvert. He isn't afraid to socialize, but he is perfectly fine with being alone in a room, entertaining himself by his own devices. He is fine talking with himself, or being indoors doing things with little interaction. Not that he doesn't like people, but rather, he understands that he is probably the most functional when alone. He likes his peace, and has no problems otherwise.

      C O N F I D E N T| A stereotype of an introvert is that they are timid or have low self-esteem. Buster, is in fact, the complete opposite. Once he gets to know someone, they will easily find that his shell is paper thin. He jokes, smiles, chatters away. He isn't afraid to tell what is on his mind and what he knows. He may not be the first person to speak up, and he may usually wait to speak until he's spoken to, but he is not in the least a shy person.

      I N Q U I S I T I V E| Being a historian, Buster is naturally curious about the world around him. It wasn't just once that Buster bent rules or sneaked into somewhere that he probably wasn't supposed to in order to look at an object. He isn't exactly the impulsive adventurous type, but he is the type to search for answers to his questions. This fuels his love for researching.

      P E R C E P T I V E| As a historian, one must have a level of perception. Not only was he taught to perceive different worlds around him, he has a natural ability to observe and assess. A photographic memory tends to help.

      A F F E C T I O N A T E| Though Buster is relatively solitary, he is rather affectionate. He has even acquired the title of "puppy" from some of his friends. He is the type to love someone unconditionally. His affection may be shown through physical (hugs, holding, etc) if he is exceptionally close to someone, or through gift giving and interest sharing for a more platonic relation.​

      Buster's mother had rarely been in the picture. His foster father, John Moore, only seemed to have wanted a government check. Life in the Moore household was tough. Under John's roof, Buster was forced to play sports until his legs ached and he was sick from exhaustion. His grades would suffer, and all he would get in response would be "why aren't you studying? Why aren't you trying harder?" followed by a stream of insults including "you're stupid, you're useless, and you'll never go anywhere in life."

      He couldn't handle it.

      He couldn't handle it and for a couple years, Buster fell into a deep depression. He became a complete shut in. The abusive words increased, and even fist fights broke out between him and his foster father. By fifteen, he had enough. He came to a point where he felt the desperate need to make a change for his future. Should he continue to life under his foster father's roof and endure until eighteen? He decided to call the child resources and managed to win his claim, separating himself from the household. But only at fifteen, he was still too young to technically live on his own. Buster managed to win over one of the social workers, and she was able to pull some strings, allowing him to live and get an early worker's permit so long as she checked him with him weekly. The terms were easily accepted if that meant he had freedom and his first taste of independence.

      Buster never turned back after that. He quit sports and dove right into what he loved: learning. He worked part time and finished high school early. He landed himself into a decent college and began working his way through academics, all the while, finding his love for history and artifacts. Research became his one true love in life. He easily became the favorite student of the history, art history and humanities departments at his school. Per request of his professors, he applied for various scholarships that would allow him to travel and study. One of which, would be the perfect setup for Buster to meet a B.O.O. official after one of his professors--a retired B.O.O. operative--made a recommendations to the recruiters.

      The trip to South Korea was meant to be an educational one. Buster had gone to several different museums and by the time he got back to Seoul, the largest museum was coming to a close for the day. Buster was desperate to get to the final exhibit in order to finish off his research. There was an art piece that he knew he wouldn't be able to see it again if he didn't sneak into the museum that night...

      Little did he know that B.O.O. would be there waiting for him.

      Six months later, Buster finished his basic training. He had been stationed to the place of his field of expertise, and now he is attempting to prove not only his worth, but to prove himself as a certified historian and folklore expert.
      Biological Father: unknown
      Biological Mother: Grace MacArthur
      Adopted Father: John Moore
      Current Status: Separated from family; little to no contact.
    • FACT_
      Buster is not only an East Asian historian, he is also a complete and total anime weeb. He loves all sorts of anime, but finds ones that involve some kind of romantic drama to be a bit more entertaining. He has an array of waifus, which he collects in the form of chibi plushies. He even secretly has a couple husbandos, seeing that a few of his anime-crazed friends are avid yaoi fangirls.

      Buster has a terrible fear of public speaking. It's so bad that even when being introduced to new people, he starts to clam up and seems much more timid than he actually is. His mind will shut down, and he may begin to tremble. His voice becomes quieter, and will shake, resulting in breaking voice or mild stuttering. It's because of this reason that Buster had not gotten any of his research papers published for dissertation--in fear that he would have to speak publicly at a conference.
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