Taking the Jump

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    What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?​
    How did it pan out for you?​
    Are you glad that you took it?​
  2. Biggest Risk?

    There were two. Both of them ended horribly, and both of them helped shape the individual I am now.

    Firstly. I used to work for a Russian and American based company. I have many good stories from those years. I've had shots with one of the worlds leading experts in Night Vision technology. I've seen raids on a warehouse that involved many crates of illegal porn and eight barrels of human ears for medical testing. I had a good job with those people and was well payed. However a ruinous cold war fell over the company as relations between the Russians and Americans and slowly the company fell apart. I had a choice to make, to either remain loyal to the Russian man who first brought me into the company, or stay with people I wasn't really happy with.

    I had a few lunches with the man I once called a friend, and he told me he wanted to bring me on to his new company. Due to a no competence clause however, I would have to be fired. Now, something about me is that i can be a dick, I have an amazing talent to piss people off should I choose to. Two weeks later, I was walking away with a smile and my boss was already regretting firing me. I went to work for the Russians again, and enjoyed it for a long while as I actually had respect. They were a small company at the time however, and still growing. I had a few roles in the company, and served my purpose well. I got burned pretty bad though, some time after that he hired another old employ of the previous company. A monstrous woman of body and heart that had some seven years of customer service on me. Two weeks later I was told I wasn't needed anymore.

    Sometime after that. I made a move on one of my friends EX's. I adored this girl since the first moment I saw her. She was kind of heart, beautiful, and just a complete sweet heart. This act is what left me in such a jaded state that I in fact still carry with me today. They all turned on me, despite always being the only one with a job, always paying for meals and always doing every thing I could to help my friends. I was told that they had only stuck around because they pitted me, because they felt sorry for me for whatever reason. A statement that still haunts my mind and makes no sense. I lost everyone I had grown to care about in a single night. It hurt, It hurt more than anything else has in my short life. I fell into a fit of depression after that, I contemplated if many things were even worth it. I lived alone, worked alone and generally did not look forward to waking up in the morning.

    I found myself dabbling in drugs and was quickly on a downhill stroke. It was at this time that I found Philosophy, and more importantly Zen. I spent years studying works by people like Alan Watts and Suzuki. Trying to find a deeper meaning to people and the answers that no one can know the questions to. In any case, I was a broken man. I kept writing and delving into different ideas for characters and plots. It's been a steady hobby for me over the years. All in all, the risk I made had horrible results, but I wouldn't have it any other way simply because those choices are the reason I am the person I am today.

    Everyone should take risk, but understand by taking these risk your choices are half chance just like everyone else. Always take risk however, for the bigger the risk the more of a corner stone it makes in your life, and the more it builds you as a person of character for better or worse.
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  3. Well said, Journey.

    I've only ever taken one huge risk in my life, which I've spoken of on this forum, but for the sake of the topic I'll go into a little better detail. When I was 17, I married a guy who was 10 years older than me that I'd only been with for 4 months and moved 600 miles away from my parents to his hometown. It was one of the biggest things I've ever done. When we met, sparks absolutely flew and I felt like nothing could hurt me in the world when he was nearby. He took care of me like no guy ever had emotionally, physically and financially. He had the purest heart I'd ever seen in someone, which only drew me in more. We joked about marriage quite often in our short-term dating phase, and one day he informed me that he had to leave for a month, he had to go back home for a job.

    I, of course, was crushed. My home life wasn't ideal whatsoever, as is usually the case, unfortunately, and I didn't want him to leave me. But he had to, so I let him go. We talked on the phone every single night, and I yearned to see him almost worse than I'd ever yearned for someone before. Eventually he returned one evening at midnight. He knocked on the door and I ran to greet him, he said "You are so beautiful, I cannot believe you're my girlfriend," and proposed right then and there. I said yes, of course. Three days later we were married at the courthouse with my parent's consent. We were married alongside three other couples and my sister and parents watched.

    That night, I packed all I owned into a suitcase and we got in the car and drove to Ohio. This was the most exciting thing I'd ever done, I was enjoying myself immensely. I was also enjoying the idea of being free from my parents, being able to do what I wanted whenever I wanted. I hadn't even thought of what I'd do with my life, as I dropped out of school to do this. That is where the consequence comes in. It's now been two years since I got married. We're still very happy, but I still find myself questioning what my life would be like had I not done it. I wouldn't undo a single thing, though. I'm working on my future, now. Going to school while Jeremiah works.

    To wrap this all up, this was the biggest jump I ever took. I do not regret it whatsoever and would happily do it again if given the chance. I have become the person I am because of it, and I am mature beyond my years because of it. I have unhappy moments, moments where I swear I'd do anything to be on the next bus out of here, but I always come to my senses and realize that this is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and that there's nothing better waiting back home for me.

    Risk is healthy, risk is fun. Certain risk is not. Taking a risk when you're absolutely emotionally wacky is a terrible idea. Think ahead like I didn't. It may have worked out for me, but I swear, it's because of my fantastic luck, nothing else.

    Woo, long post. My bad.
  4. The biggest risk I took was deciding to go out with A.L. ._. It doesn't seem like a very big risk, but I'm not a very outgoing person in real life, I usually tend to stick to myself but when A.L. asked me to first be his escort for our grad and I said yes, a really awesome thing began to happen. :)

    After a few weeks of talking until the early hours in the morning on school nights and him being courageous enough to come to my work and eat at a table by himself to come see me without my family being around, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn't sure if I liked him enough to see us going out for a long time, but I didn't want thing to be awkward by the time grad came along. We kept it a secret for quite a while, finally making it 'Facebook Official' a few weeks before grad. By the time grad came along I'd liked him a little more, and a funny little fact about grad was that we where both called up for the same award and everyone was laughing and made us take a photo together, much to my embarrassment, haha.

    The biggest risk in our relationship came around when we both were leaving home to go to school, both in the same city we are in right now. Everyone was pressuring us to move in together, making up excuses of us seeing each other all the time anyways. I was supposed to be moving in with my Aunt and he was going to move into his sisters' old apartment. By the time summer was ending and it was time for us to move, everyone decided for us that we were moving in together. I was extremely nervous because I still wasn't fully sure if I liked him enough to stay with him, let alone give up my most private personal spaces to begin living with him (anxieties...ugh). We had hardly been going out for 6 months either, which freaked us both out.

    Fortunately, everything worked out pretty great! :) We just recently spent out 2nd year anniversary together and I love him to pieces. I can see us getting married and having children together in the near future and it makes me scared but excited at the same time. I'm glad we took that huge step in our relationship and somehow made it through all the rough spots, because trust me, when you move in with your significant other, you see them in a totally different way! :)