Taking my cake, eating it in my face...


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Around three months ago, I got into a car accident. It was bad, a person pulled into my lane and slammed on there brakes. No big deal, right? Just hit the breaks.

Except when they pulled into my lane, they were only about a foot and a half away. No time to react, except to yell "NO". While trying to slow down from 70mph to 0 to not die.

Black out!

So I wake up, engine somehow running still. I shut off my sexy beast for the last time, my hair caught up all over the place. Couldn't get out. : /

So, they cut my hair to get me out (from my knees to my shoulder blades, 8 years of growing gone...

My neck hurt so they took me to the hospital. I thought I was going to be okay. I'm pretty tough.

Nope. c7 vertebrae fractured in two places, and two other vertebrae were "impacted".

Other various injuries I don't feel like talking about, but you get the idea.

3 weeks later aaaaaaaaand... Still no work (aside from my drawing, which brings in very little)

And I have until Nov. 15th to move out of where I am. Despite having no money left or anything...

They did give me a car though! So sweet! Time to (as of an hour ago from writing this) get insurance.

Except... And this reaaaaally takes the fucking cake........

They wont let me add it to my policy because the accident claim STILL hasn't resolved the incident.