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  1. War of the Worlds type alien invasion. Groups of people scattered fighting against the aliens, whole cities destroyed. Any questions just ask, I'll explain in more detail, I just wanted to give a rough outline of what type of scene I like doing. I have no clue how the aliens should look, I just figure something like the dementors of Harry Potter tall cloaked creatures but wrapped kind of mummified like... I hope that makes sense... Parenthesis for your OOC questions please, after the appointed scene start. Responses as long or short as you like, there is no real limit to this.

    My character: Arianna is five-five, curvy, has rainbow brown hair; meaning the different shades of brown that hair can be are all there, reaches just below her hips. She keeps it braided and wrapped into a bun at the nape of her neck. Her eyes are a blue so pale they're almost white.‚Äč She is a brave, outspoken woman, a hunter that fights with twin swords. A gun at her hip that she doesn't use often, doesn't even like carrying it.

    Starting the scene beyond this point:

    Arianna rotated her shoulders feeling the tension loosen, her blades were in her hands poised and ready for the strike, the encampment was under attack, the women and children that couldn't fight had hidden deeper in the woods. The men and women who could fight were crouched in various positions amongst the trees, she was waiting for the signal from the others before they either attacked or called the all clear. She brought her arm up and wiped the sweat from her eyes, the adrenaline pumping through her veins, she knew the position of every person that was waiting and her eyes kept darting towards them, ensuring that they were still alive. She sent a silent prayer up to whichever spirit was still up in the heavens, if any were at all, the invasion had happened several years before how many though, she had lost count.
  2. Jason was high up in the tree on lookout, he had his bow string pulled back all the way for maximum range. he could hear them and he knew the others could to, they were all waiting for the monsters to attack first