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    Hi there! I'm a junior in high school, and I'm trying to save up money so that I can take a trip to my state's capital building (five hours from where I live now) so that I may see about becoming involved in politics as a career. Anyway, that's the reason I'm charging real cash, just to be up front and bore you to death. I'd really appreciate any help I can get! This will be my only way of making money, and art is one of my passions, and you get whatever you want painted for cheap! It's a win-win scenario. Thanks for checking out this thread, by the way, and thanks for reading this!


    Sadly, that's the only fully finished piece that I have so far. I had to replace my laptop recently, so I lost ALL of my art (I never uploaded to DA or anything too, sadly.) I'll be adding more as I draw/paint more!


    S k e t c h - FREE

    H e a d s h o t P a i n t i n g - 10 $

    F u l l B o d y P a i n t i n g - 20 $

    Don't be afraid to ask me a question about the prices or how much something is going to cost! Commissions can be confusing, and it's so important that you specify exactly what you want, especially if you're paying money for it. Fill out the form below if you're interested!

    Well, the commissions thing didn't go like I thought it would! So, now I'm taking free requests. I may or may not do it, but it's free, so if I do then yay! And if I don't, sorry. I have every right to deny or refuse a request of something you want drawn for whatever reason I have. Really, I'm just trying to practice art and digital painting, so I might as well be doing art for other people! If your character is interesting or looks fun to draw, that'll probably mean it'll get drawn/painted. Just fill out the forms below and we'll see what happens! Thanks! <3

    Article: What type of art do you want? (Full-body painting, head shot painting, or sketch?)

    Do you have a refence of what character(s) you want drawn? (*Prefered, but if unavialable, describe your character as best you can or link images that resemble your OC)

    Tell me what you want in your drawing. (Everything from the pose of your OC to the expression on their face)

    What will you be using the art for?

    Do you have a preference for the canvas size?

    Do you want a simple background? If so, what? (A solid color with a simple pattern or something like that. I can't do complex architecture or a landscape just yet.)

    Thank you!

    If you've ordered something other than a sketch, I'll inbox you and we can discuss paypal info then. I will be asking for a payment before I present you the art.

    Thanks for taking a look at my thread!​
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