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  1. It'd been all but thirty minutes since the bell fell in New York City. The date was January 1st, 2015, and while the rest of the United States of America was partying over the beginning of a new year, Boston was on fire. The Government had blacklisted the entire city after the coup' had started. There would be no news of what was happening on the internet, local or nationwide news- that is, not until a decent cover up story was thrown together.

    The coup' had been... well, it wasn't very organized. Most people didn't believe in it and just thought of it as a conspiracy that would die down and boil to craziness. Though not organized, it was effective. A huge portion of the city had been set ablaze; the cities ambiance had been replaced with sirens, human shouting with a wide range of emotion, and the crackle of fire.

    Azuriella had been a member of the coup', one of the more serious, and smarter members. She was part of the ten percent that knew the other ninety percent were going to be used as a distraction. While they rioted and tore the town a new hole, the rest would take over the local police station and use the weaponry to then take over the military encampment right outside of town, while the soldiers were out trying to control the riotees. It'd all gone according to plan and they were all following a very strict code; don't slow down to pick someone up. Kindness wouldn't cut it right now.

    They were now taking the police headquarters and... well, there had been more officers left in the building then they had foreseen, but even that had been a factor in there plan. They had the man-power to take it-- coming in at about fifty strong in this group. What they lacked was the fire power. Twenty-five of their fifty had a single grenade and as much ammo as they could hold on their person; but that was it. Most of them were wounded, but the police numbers were minimal now; fifteen to their forty-eight, at this point. Azul (Azuriella's nickname) had been shot three times; once in the bicep and twice in the right thigh. She wasn't feeling pain, just knew that she was bleeding pretty good and her leg felt a good three pounds heavier then the other. This girl was crouched down behind a flipped iron table, two more of which were flipped and facing the way of their enemy. They were decent shields, but not for much longer.

    The sound of a click caught her ears, and she knew what that meant; the man next to here was out of ammo. It was her turn. He came down beside her and she shot up, putting most of her weight on her right leg. She didn't know where the cops were, so after half a second of taking in the surrounding she began to fire. She had three bullet wounds and had kill six police officers, and it wasn't even one AM yet.

    Azuriella (open)
    Name: Azuriella "Azul" Dissems
    Age: 20
    Speciallity: Situational awareness and tactics


    Job before the Coup': Waitress
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  2. Larry was a cop who had been working late shift with the rest of the sorry officers he was around with on New Years when a group of suspects broke into the police headquarters, we were pinned down in our cubicles with heavy gunfire raining down on us, screams of officers being mowed down were only rivaled in pitch by the gunshots of the diverse weaponry between the two groups fighting. Larry peaked out of his office with a shotgun, just to have the corner of his cubicle be blown into bits, Larry leaned back in as fast as he could, and decided that it would be best to hold up in his office with his gun pointed out of the slim doorway that Larry barely fit through himself.
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  3. She hadn't been the one who fired at him, however, she did see him. The small, asian-American girl's hair flicked as she turned her head and watched the doorway. The small handgun that was held tight in her hands quivered a bit from the stress of the situation began to get the best of her. Once again, she heard the 'click' of her partners gun, but this time she didn't pop up right after him. The moment called for her to rest and collect herself, and before long her partner was shooting again. After a few minutes she was back in the groove but kept that room in the edge of her mind.

    It seemed like a life-time, but the drum of gunshots finally ended. They'd won, but the feeling wasn't one of victory like they'd envisioned. They felt tired and worn. Sick, a bit. The rest of her group had left this section of the police station; next stop armory. Azul didn't. Between the injuries, bloodloss, and knowledge that someone was still in that office who could sneak-up behind them. Her memory was foggy; she checked the guns stock to find it almost totally loaded, save one bullet. She stood up and stumbled a bit to the door.

    "H-hey..." Her voice croaked, the voice of a young girl, "I know you're in there... C-come out and leave or... or I'll kill you." She sounded unsure, and as tired as she looked
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  4. Once the gunfire ceased and the young cop's eardrum's stopped ringing he could hear one of the attackers speaking towards the office of an officer I just barely knew. My hand was latched onto my leg, it was bleeding terribly and I cringed in pain. I was only alive because I had been in the break room fixing a cup of coffee when the gun fire broke out, I hit the ground and tried desperately not to scream from the pain of my kneecap being hit with a bullet and just laid there. I thought I must not of been shoot at since I was laying there so still and had enough blood around me to look as good as dead. The office almost didn't look the same after the gunfire ripped through it. Even the banners that one of the desk attendants had hung up with the words "New Years Eve 2015" had been torn apart with bullets.

    "Don't shoot him." I spoke up, my heart beating like crazy since I thought as soon as they knew I was alive I'd be killed on the spot. My voice was weak and pained as I could just barely gaze over at the girl and Larry's office from where I was. I knew the officers around here were stubborn and I didn't want this guy running out and taking shots before being killed. I thought I was a bullet away from dying anyways so the least I could do was speak up for this guy. When I noticed I wasn't shot for speaking up I finally started to reason with them as I held tightly onto my leg.

    "You need hostages or somethin? I'm sure leaving a cop alive to take would benefit you somehow.." I manage to say. I didn't know much about these attackers, I've heard the rumors, didn't believe them, and now that plead was for both my life and for the other officer's, hoping he wouldn't risk his life like this.

    (Sorry for butting in as another officer, just didn't know who else to play. :P)
  5. I stood tightly at my position against the wall that was right next to the door, I didn't respond to the attacker and I waited for her to come running through the door with guns blazing which would mean my imminent death, but I heard a faint, distorted voice coming from the employee lounge that was directly behind my office, the man talking was obviously injured severely, that much was clear from his voice. I was terrified to look outside my office, and see all the blood, and bullet holes scattered around the place. Dead co-workers, destroyed offices.

    I began to listen to the mans words, and it became clear that he was trying to save my life, but I still couldn't recognize who the officer was. His voice was nearly inaudible, the fact that my ears were ringing like a school bell from the previous gunfire didn't help much either. I gripped my shotgun tightly, waiting for the situation to escalate.
  6. Meanwhile at the military base...

    John Claggart stood behind the barracks with 10 other men. He started handing out C4 packages, grenades and weapons scavenged from dead military forces and rioters. He asked that two rig the cabins, he wanted no surprises. another four were tasked with taking out 25 armed military patrols. The last three and himself were going to infiltrate the garage. "Alright, get into position no one moves until you hear those cabins go boom." John cocked his glock and checked his standard M16 assault rifle. The other cocking their weapons as well which consisted of, your standard 20 gauge and M9 pistol. They all scattered.

    The bombers radioed in when they got the bomb set up and were in position. The infiltration squad radioed in when they picked the garage locks and hotwired the cars. The assault squad radioed in when they were in position awaiting orders. "Bomb squad you are a go." A large explosion went off, multiple soldiers ran toward them. "Bomb squad hostiles are coming your way. Assault squad handle those guards near the gate, about 15." Firing started going off outside. John yelled to a guy loading the truck with weapons and ammo. "Hurry up. We don't have time their risking their lives out there." Just then the assault team radioed in saying two men were down. "Retreat. Bomb squad." No answer was given. "Crap. Meet at the rendezvous point. We'll pick you up from there." The assault team gave a OK and took off. The man loading the truck gave the OK and hopped onto a minigun. "Alright, Let's light these bastards up." One of the men asked about the other 60 on base. "We'll ram through the gates and avoid them. Now get in that hummer and let's go!" The two other guards hopped into the hummer and minigun and they all plowed out opening fire on the 13 or so military patrols still alive. They took off through the gates just as reinforcements arrived. They all cheered "Now let's go pick up our boys!"

    Name:John Claggart
    Specialty: ambush tactics
    Job before Coup': Pawn shop cashier/stockman
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  7. The second voice that tore into her world, might as well been gunfire. She jumped, inches, and then turned on her heals-- forgetting about her wounds. She almost collapsed. Only keeping her balance thanks to a table someone had been using for cover. Once she maintained her balance, she looked towards the second voice only to see them one on the ground. Injured. Her gun lifted up and pointed it at the downed man, for no apparent reason. She wasn't sure what to do; they could use hostages, she supposed... but why? She couldn't think straight. A random tandem of thought then came out as a sentence.

    "Y-you... in the office. Come out or I'll shoot this guy." She said in a threatening voice. Well, as threatening as she could be.

    That's when she realized that, with little perception of time, her allies could be long gone, and off to the military base by now. What was she doing here!?

    "Come out and help this guy up! I-I-I need meat shield on the way to the military encampment!"
  8. John caught up to the assault squad. "You guys look like crap." He laughed and told them to get on. "Looks like some of the team is still at the Boston PD. We'll pick them up resupply and get back out there so rest while you can. We probably need a new strategy. We got lucky with the camera buggin out, but I doubt it it'll happen again." John stomped on the break pedal and veered off track into a interstate below him. The other vehicle followed his leas. "Perfect reinforcements. We need to get word to Azul." Both hummers were pushed to there limit trying desperately to warn of the caravan of soldiers entering the base.

    (Tired goin to bed)
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  9. I turned toward the door, and drew my shiny, silver combat shotgun, stepping out slowly with the gun aimed at the nervous, dainty girls head.
    "I'm going to go grab the officer in the Lounge, and you aren't going to shoot me in the back."
    I began to shimmy down the dimly lit, destroyed hallway. Everywhere there was splattered blood, and scattered office supplies from the multiple explosions that had gone off just minutes ago. The hallway was baron, and empty. I couldn't see any dead bodies in sight, but the blood was very obvious splattered all over the white painted walls, and the tan cubicles. The smell made the blood even more apparent.

    Now next to the lounge door, I took one look back at the blue haired girl before violently bursting into the room, finding the officer who had been nothing but an inaudible voice a second ago laying on the ground, clutching his knee.
  10. The cop who laid on the ground got more recognizable as the other officer approached him. He had blonde hair that was a mess from pure stress. His face was pale and he had shock created shadows under his eyes, he was a wreck that's for sure. The only thing keeping him alert was the pain from the bullet in his leg. He was looking up as the other officer came into the room, the shotgun he was holding instantly making him nervous, fearful for what the situation might turn into. He had bright blue eyes and definitely looked too young to die here. He couldn't of been any older than his early twenties. He had no weapon and was completely vulnerable on the ground. He kept glancing over the other man to see what the girl in the other room was doing, scared they would both die at any moment. After a long silence he raised his blood covered hand up towards the other officer.

    "Officer Williams." He says quietly, trying to give the best introduction to him. "I'm officer Williams if you didn't know.. we didn't really talk much before this. You're uh.. Larry right?" He explains, still raising a hand up to him, needing some sort of support if he were to stand up. As he did this, the girl who had attacked them came into his line of vision.

    "What the hell is going on!?" He naturally shouts to her, seeing that many of the others had left her. He had no idea why there were so many bodies everywhere, why their workplace now looked like a war zone, the only thing he could do was shout out that question in absolute confusion.
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  11. When she saw the man's shotgun-- she froze. With good reason, too. She might as well be pointing a pea-shooter. Had she just ran in that run without thinking, she'd have been a stain on the wall and a mess on the floor by now. The thought made the twin holes in her legs pulsate and her hand shook once she was out of the shotgunner's sight and he was helping other man. Although the blue and blonde haired girl knew it was a heinous mistake, her gun found it's self resting sideways on one of the tables that had been bolted down so she give attention to her wounds. This almost wasn't voluntary; it seemed more instinctual then what she actually wanted to do.

    When her hand felt the tender meat of her thigh her body cringed with a sharp sting of pain and a audible intake of air escaped her mouth; now that the fighting was over, and minutes were quickly running past them, the adrenaline had decided to stop shielding her from the pain. The pain also shook her from her funk though.

    The young girl was dressed in a Kevlar vest and a large, thick material-ed coat, which she soon reached into before slidding behind the nearest wall behind the two officers. A second after, only her arm jutted out from behind the wall, and what could be seen in her hand was nothing less then a nightmare in such a confined space. A grenade. The clip was pulled and secured in her other hand while her thumb locked the trigger down so this thing wouldn't just go off in her palm.

    Ignoring the man's question, she shouted, "Don't ignore me, dammit!" Her voice had more conviction in it now, "I can't risk one of you sneaking up on my guy's asses; you both are going to come with me, or all three of us aren't leaving this god-damn room!"

    Really, that shotgun was all she had to worry about. If things went well, John would be on his way here now with supplies from the military. A lot heavier equipment then, say, her handgun. Hell, even this grenade.

    "Just... just put down that gun and surrender; another group of my people should be on their way here now. If you have that shotgun, a wounded comrade will be the least of your worries."
  12. John eyed the caravan as closely as possible. Sometimes even tempted to fire, the only contradiction to the request was he had a wounded man and Azul would die if he died. One of the men in the other hummer radioed in saying 20min to Boston PD.

    "Alright, keep me updated. Can we radio Azul or anyone yet?!" The wounded man working on the radio replied saying just salvage units. "Where's the nearest one?" The man answered informing him of a destroyed blockade up ahead. "Do they have a vehicle?" The man spoke up over the wind and motor "Yeah, they took some of the medical supplies as well. Enough to treat three serious bullet wounds but that's all." John thought about it. Three first-aid kits. They're riding on thin ice but it will have to do.

    The navigator radioed in 7 min to Boston PD. John radioed back "Go on ahead warn Azul. We'll only be a sec." John stopped in front of the blockade. The other Hummer zooming past.

    John steps out cautiously calling out for the other Coup' member. He turned the corner to find a bloody gun and hand to his neck. His men put their guns up and surrounded the officer. "Now let's be smart and put down the gun with no ammo in it. It would be a better bluff if you cocked it after you ran out of ammo on our men." The officer terrified dropped his gun and fell to his bottom. John dusted off and pulled out his pistol. The officer begged for his life. "Kill you?" John shot the man dead. "Now why would I do that?" He said sarcastically. He threw the keys to the passenger seat driver in the hummer. "Lead us to the PD. You'll be our cover." The man jumped in and called out to John the radio works. "Dont use it that will let all of the other active officers know where we are." The man nodded turned the sirens on and headed for the PD, John following close behind.

    Meanwhile at the PD...

    The other two navigators arrive at PD and warn Azul of the incoming troops. They give her some weapons and tell her to come on.
  13. I loosened my grip on the gun, and dropped it to my feet. As soon as the clack of the gun hitting the ground signaled, I turned back to the wounded officer, I ripped a piece of cloth off of my navy blue khakis, and bandaged it around the officers knee tightly.
    "My names Larry, Larry White."
    I stood up off my knees, and held my hand out to him firmly to help him up. Suddenly the situation hadn't felt so stressful because I didn't have a gun in my hand, and there weren't gunshots going off constantly like they were just minutes ago.
  14. Even though Williams had a throbbing pain that rushed through his leg, he wasn't afraid to face whoever it was doing this. Once he got up, careful not to slip on any of the coffee that was all over the tiled flooring, courtesy of the bullets that had made the pot explode. He looked at the girl, an extra bit of caution within him as these other men brought weapons into the bureau. He was panting and catching his breathe from the intensity of the moments before.

    "Well... he dropped it... now what?" He asks, the blood started soaking into the fabric around his knee. He tried putting some weight on his leg but he instantly knew that wasn't going to work, making him curse a bit to himself in pain. He looked back up, glaring back and force to the other office and to the girl.
    "I hope you know not to do anything stupid Larry.. I don't wanna die here.." He says urgently.
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  15. Once the gun crashed on the floor, her azure eyes sharppened. She was in control again. She came out from behind the wall and returned the pin to the grenade before pulling back the handgun. This was when a section of her group came barging in; all the guns and man-power she could need. She didn't acknowledge them though, not her men.

    "Well..." she between deep breaths, the pain she was in clear through her eyes. "At the next job you fellas apply for, you'll be able to put 'hostages' under job history."

    Her gun lowered, as it was no longer needed and she turned her back on the two, only to take the assualt rifle another had take from the military compound, then she faced them again. Not pointing the gun at them, she said, "As soon as John arrives, you two will be coming with us to City Hall, and then... Boston will be ours." There was the sense of victory she'd wanted earlier.
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  16. He swallowed a lump in his throat that had been building up as he was realizing that him and Larry were far from in control at the moment, something he wasn't used to. He was new to the force and he was starting to feel very unlucky. If this would of been a month earlier he would of been nowhere near this place, especially not on New Years Eve. He finally started to look around the room for the first time, eyeing over body and after body, recognizing faces and starting to realize just how many policemen he had once known were now dead.

    He held tightly onto the counter behind him to keep standing, the sounds of rioting outside easy to hear from the nearby window. Not being part of the riot control was something he was thankful for, now he was starting to think he might of been better off out there.

    "Boston?" He let out a small laugh that almost sounded psychotic from how stress ridden it was. It was apparent that he had a recognizable New York accent, he was certainly from around here. "Taking over Boston? What kind of terrorists are you? That's what you are right? Terrorists?" He asks, occasionally looking over to Larry as he spoke, having to bite his tongue to hold back from saying anything that'd get him shot. He was being riskier than he thought by talking so bluntly but it was just in his nature.

    "And what's going to happen when you have Boston? The rest of the country is gonna wish you a happy congratulations for taking over a city? You're gonna be dead before morning once the military comes in." Williams continued to yap, looking at the young girl, thinking she seemed pretty young for something like this. Just a moment ago she had seemed scared out of her wits.
  17. John had just pulled up to the Boston PD to see his men had already reached Azul. He jogged inside carrying a metal brief-case only to hear the words 'dead before morning'. John laughed now knowing the caravan from before wasn't reinforcement, but an assault squadron heading off to the air force base. "If that's the case... Your military is as good as dead. We found a couple surprises in the barracks." John slammed a metal case onto a desk. "Didn't know what the heck this crap was at first, but we messed around and figured it out. It's an Inter-mediate ranged ballistic missile (IRBM). With a range that i'm sure Boston is well within. You know these damn A9s were meant to bomb New York back in WW2. Ironic that we have them huh?" John began to open the case. "Nah, you'll just have to see later." He closed it and packed the case up. "So, Azul what are we gonna do with them?" John said as he rummaged through his weapons for some small explosives.
  18. I rested down on my knees with my arms slouched lazily to my sides in submission to the dainty girl who took two armed police officers hostage. How embarrassing, I thought to myself. I wasn't even paying attention to what the terrorists were screaming about anymore. Looking at my surroundings made the experience even more surreal, this would surely drive the media crazy. An entire police HQ full of hardworking officers brought down in an hour. Suddenly, I slowly turned my head up to Officer Williams.
    "I should have kept my gun."
  19. Williams turned towards Larry, he was a higher rank than him and he was trained to respect him but he couldn't help but chuckle in disbelief.
    "Kept your gun? What were you gonna do, go one on one with all these guys? Larry, this isn't Rambo." He says, glaring over to the new man who had entered the room with the suitcase. He had a certain "in control" look to him, sort of like one of William's old drill sergeants at the police academy, he automatically seemed threatening. Williams could only barely keep track of what he was saying but from what he had heard, these guys knew what they were doing.

    "Oh yeah?" He looks to John. "Blowin up Boston huh? I never thought I'd hear that." He says, tracing a hand over the back of his head, through his sweat laced hair only to discover another spot where he was bleeding from; a small gash he had received from the fall. "What are you really gonna get out of this? Other than seeing destruction. Is there any real point to this madness?" Williams just wouldn't keep his mouth shut, even when being held hostage.
  20. This was Azul's time to respond. She was one of the ideologist of the team.

    "...seeing destruction!?" She responded, almost sounding angry about what he'd asked, "What, you think us criminals!? Terrorists!? You think us a bunch of punk-ass kids who are just catching shit on fire?" Her accent was beginning to show as she spoke, "Well we aren't." She then cleared her throat and spoke in a very specific, practiced, manner; "If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution.-- That was spoke by none other then Abraham Lincoln, and if you think ANY of the rest of the country knows about what's going on in Boston tonight, you're wrong. We've kept an eye on radio waves; nothing about Boston being broadcast. Some of our boys outside of town haven't radio'd in about any news trucks, just Military blockades that prevent people from coming or leaving. Why? Because this country is F***ED." The passion in her voice allowed a bit of her pain to vanish until she gave that last, enunciated word.

    She moved back and leaned against a table; she was dizzy, and one look at her jeans would show why; they were soaked. The dark blue fabric of her jeans were completely saturated with blood. Her entire left thigh, and beginning to encroach on her knee. She thanked God John and the rest had arrived when they had, or she would've been in some deep... She turned around, done talking to the two officers.

    "The rest of my squad is, no doubt, already headed towards City Hall. We'll go pick-up whatever is left in the armory and follow them. If we don't have Boston by tonight, the US military will, no doubt be able to stop us. It'll be a long night, now that the Police Station and Military Guard Post is down, we'll have little resistance. We need to get City Hall, one of the Local News Centers and the News Paper Print. Understood, everyone? WE will let the County know whats happened her tonight-- or at least the citizens at home in Boston." She slid her cell phone from her bloody pocket and, understandably, it was covered in her blood. She tapped the screen and it lit up.

    "They cut off cell service in Boston already, or at least AT&T." She just dropped the phone on the ground and leaned back, letting John take it from there.