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  1. So here's some of the banners I've created so far for threads/groups on this site:

    RPD copy.png thingy for lyk copy.png TRF banner.png FT banner.png

    I can also do recoloring, here is my best example of that:

    The redhead is the recolored version.
    orig vs recolor.JPG

    ♥ Let me know how i can be of service you ♥
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  2. Hey Akira, Welcome to the Museum :D, Sometimes we have new members asking for banner or siggy request out in the main forums and is always a good idea to keep an eye out for those art request tabs floating around. The museum is happy to have you and we can't wait to see want you do :) Thank you for participating and sharing your skills with us :D
  3. @Killroy is looking for some help.
  4. I could use a banner @Akira

    I'd prefer that you use this picture
    Show Spoiler

    as for the words, I think just 'C.C Noir' would do.
    here is the link to the roleplay
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  5. *Updating with more banners/siggys I've done*
    COTD banner.png TDTB.png [​IMG]
    siggy-no-2 copy.png
  6. @Akira

    Hey! So I need a banner for an Adult rp about people being blackmailed, so I need sort of dark tones for the color. And if you could, a blackmail letter font that reads 'Do As I Say' and then in normal cursive in small letters, 'With Love, S.S'

    I have a banner up now, but it looks really crappy. xD

    Here's the link to the rp

  7. @Princess of the Teacup I'll have your banner made as soon as possible! Would you like me to post it here or simply set up the ad itself?
  8. @Akira
    If you could post it here, that would be nice. :D
  9. okie dokes, it should e up tomorrow then!
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  10. @Akira

    Yesss! It's glorious! :D Thanksss!
  11. I will work on both as soon as I can
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  13. That is great, thank you!
  14. Can you take off the icons on the side,the menu options? And I need it in link format please
  15. Unless you can directly upload it to my RP thread
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