Taking Back Time

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  1. April 30, 1945
    Berlin, Germany

    "Führer, sind die Männer schwankend, und spricht von Kapitulation wird beginnen, sich auszubreiten um die Reihen. Was sind Ihre Aufträge?" the Nazi soldier spoke quickly and quietly, fear obviously in his voice. Adolf Hitler sat in front of him, Eva Braun by his side, and a pistol laid on the desk infront of him. Standing up, he opened the drawer and waved the soldier off who started back outside of the bunker. Adolf pulled out two pills, one for him and one for his wife. Gun fire opened up outside the shelter and Hitler gave on more look to his wife. Handing her a pill, the sounds of war outside seemed distant as the ground and walls shook, and a large blueish portal opened up infront of the door of the bunker. Slightly confused, Hitler reached for his gun but watched in awe as soldiers came out of the portal.

    The soldiers dressed like an alien civilization, their armor and weaponry seemed decades advanced than the current generations. Gun fire erupted in the air raid shelter, the Führer's personal guards weaponry seemed usless against the armor of the strange new comers. Fearing the worse, a shot flew past him and he heard a scream of his wife, who stood with a hole in her chest, her pistol falling from her grip. Taking the pistol from the table, Hitler held the gun to his head ready too end his life instead of be captured by the Allies.....

    Detail Version (Kinda Confusing xD)

    Hello everyone! This is a new idea I've been thinking of: and to me seems interesting!

    So the basic idea of the roleplay takes place on the dawn of a new technology, time travel. The government sends a group of super soldiers (us), back in time too Hitlers air raid bunker, before the Allies stormed it too find Hitler dead. Our mission is to prevent Hitler from killing himself, so the Allied armies could obtain Hitler to find out where several of the Nazi scientist would've escaped too, and several other reasons.

    We do the mission flawlessly, but return to our time to find it changed: For the worse.
    When we were sent back time, one copy of us went back to Adolf Hitler's time, while a second copy stayed behind. When we spared Hitler his life, somewhere along history it took a turn for the worse, and it made WW3 happen in the early 2000's, with the Nazi party returning for a second time. This time the Nazi's were victorious, and they took control of most of Europe, with the help of a new
    Totalitarianism America. This new America is in a new Civil war, where the rebel army is trying to return America to a Federal nation. We take the side of the rebels and try to find a war to return to Hitlers time and kill him, the way history was supposed to happen.

    Short Easy Version

    We are a futuristic group of super soldiers sent to give Hitler to the Allies, but history goes sideways, and upon returning to our time we find an evil United States at war with itself. We take the side of the rebels and try to find a way to go back in time to stop ourselves.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this (short or long version.)

    Any questions, please ask and I would be happy to answer them!

    Ideas and suggestions appreciated,.

Thread Status:
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