Taking Arahael, Protecting Arahael

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  1. Daechir tightened his own armor, making sure it all fit correctly. He hadn't worn it in a long time, and wanted to know if he would have to buy new armor or not. A messenger had arrived just last week stating that the demon-kin were swiftly approaching. He had sent the messenger to the Nelion Fields to the west, to converse with the Wal'Drom, a tribe of wild elves that had helped Arahael in the past, but he hasn't received word back.

    Strapping his sword, Rirostor, to his belt, Daechir leaves his chambers. His wife, Faerveren, should already be in the study, one of the most secure rooms in the castle, with his two youngest sons. He had no idea where Dimaethor, his oldest, would be, as earlier, during an argument about whether or not he was old enough to fight, he had stormed off, probably to the castle's armory or even out of the castle to some other place. It was a troubling thought that he may not see Dimaethor again, after such an argument as the one they just had. He just hoped that after the battle, with whichever side winning, he would be able to find all of his family alive and well.

    Heading to the study, to check on his family, he finds Faerveren sitting in the large comfy chairs in the far end, holding Gurdir and Beldir in her arms, reading to them from a large book. Though she was attempting to be strong for the two boys, but he could tell that she was terrified under her stoic composure. Moving to her and the boys, he forces a smile before saying, "I hope that everything will be fine...I'll make sure all of you will be safe." Embracing his family, he leaves them, saying, "I've got to find Dimaethor before anything happens. If I find him, I'll send him to you."


    Laewena ran up the stone steps, careful not the trip on the stair runner. She had to get to Merlindir, before it was too late. She knew he wanted to participate in the fighting, and she couldn't stand it if he got hurt or killed. Once she reached the servants' tower, where she and the other servants lived, she quickly made her way to Merlindir's quarters, which he shared with Maelon and Hiwoun, the gardeners.

    He was there, thank the gods. Running to him, she embraces him tightly, holding back tears. Merlindir was one of her best friends, someone she knew her whole life, which wasn't long. He held her for as long as she needed, before saying, "Lae, I have to help protect my people. I want my city to be safe, no matter what. I'm sorry." She nods, looking up into his eyes.

    "Be safe, please," she whispers. He responds positively before leaving her standing in his room.


    An archer, standing upon the tops of the city walls with the other ones, is looking through a spyglass. On the horizon, towards the northeast, he sees a dark mass approaching. Panic filling his veins for a moment, he recollects himself before shouting, "They're coming! The demon-kin are coming!" His call travels among the other archers, and soon every man is checking his bow, waiting in anticipating silence for the enemy to come within shooting range.
  2. Octavian was leading the march on Arahael felling rather confident that his army will be able to take the final stronghold and end this war. As much as he did enjoy the fighting he was rather tired of the same conflict over and over again. His long silver hair was blowing gentle in the breeze as they marched, everything was quiet except the sounds of boots crunching the grass under them. The men were silent except for a few that were whispering, he suspected they were feeling as excited and/or as nervous as he felt. He was right up front clearly and easy target for any archer but he planned to march into the final battle with his men and if he meets his demise here then his second in command will take charge. Cirion was his second, nice man so nice that he often wondered why he even got into the businesses of war. Octavian's thoughts were quickly halted as they started to get closer and closer to the strongholds walls, he could see even from this distance the plethora of archers that lined the tops of the walls.

    Finally just before they hit the wall he ordered a few of his men to break the large wooden gates down so they could enter and begin the final battle. While he was waiting for that task to be finished he turned to face his men, he looked at the ones that were closest to him as well as all the rest the seemed to go on forever. But he knew quite a lot have fallen in the past months and years that they have been fighting, he supposed he should give a speech or something while he was looking out at the crowd of soldiers. He was never good at speeches he preferred not to say anything at all but nod before turning back to face the wall, he didn't have a speech prepared anyways. A half hour had passed before he heard the crack of breaking wood and the sound of the gates opening. With the gates now open he smirked drawing his sword he gave the order to charge being the first to start. A few of his men were taken out by the archers that lined the walls, now the real fighting starts.


    Cirion was standing in a tent back at camp going over the battle plans and the note that Octavian had left him. He couldn't believe that he was going to lead the final fight and be in the very front, it was so unlike him every other battle that had happened through out these years he would be at camp observing. He would usually send someone else out to lead the charge. Cirion sighed leaving he tent he could already hear the sounds of battle beginning, and with a smile he prayed to the gods that Octavian would get out alive and he wouldn't have to take his place. He didn't like the fighting and war he only joined up because Octavian was a childhood and family friend form long ago.

    The camp was mostly empty except for him and a handful of injured soldiers and the nurses and doctors that looked after them. It was quiet except for the sounds of war and the distant boom of thunder, it was going to be a long day and with that he made his way to his own tent.


    A solider that had made it inside was fighting off a group of enemy soldiers making sure that the general didn't become overwhelmed. The second in command Cirion had gave an emergency briefing to the men including himself that Octavian hadn't known about. He told every man that while they are fighting sense the general will be on the field with them that they make sure he doesn't become to overwhelmed with enemies. And that's what himself and every man standing will do while they fight to take Arahael.
  3. As the fighting began, Daechir ran to the front hall of the castle, where a group of three men, his personal and familial guard, waited. They were all sworn to him, and he would trust them to the ends of the earth. He wouldn't go with them into the city, knowing that the fight would move all the way towards the castle, and that would be where the final stand would be, if it came to it. If the battle stretched for too long, then he would have to go out, and leave his family there, hiding.

    On the walls nearest the castle, he could hear the sounds of the archers, letting fly arrow after arrow, and warcry after warcry.


    Outside the castle, in the main courtyard of the city, Daechir's son was in the thick of the battle. He had been waiting with the main forces of the city, wanting to protect the city. As soon as the main gates had been forced open, and the two forces began attacking each other, he had made sure to one of the first to join the fighting.

    It wasn't long before blood was spilled, though whether it was elven or demon, no one could tell. Soon, the skies broke, sending down sheets of rain and making the ground slicker than it was. Lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a terrible booming not too long afterwards.

    Though the elves of the city were trained, they had no ferocity or blood lust, instead fighting as was their duty. They did all believe that they were doing the right thing by fighting, but they couldn't muster anything more. None of them loved battle, but all of them loved their people and homes, and they wouldn't die without a fight.

    Blocking an attack by the other side, Dimaethor made sure that the sword's owner focused his attention upon him, wanting to make sure it wouldn't kill an elf for the moment.
  4. Octavian was growing closer and closer to the main castle, fighting off waves and waves of enemy soldiers. He rather enjoyed fighting and blood shed as long as it wasn't his own or his men. After taking out the soldiers and guards that were guarding the castle courtyard he swiftly made his way through, only to be struck by and arrow in the arm. He paused for only a second before finding cover, Octavian would have to make is way through the courtyard without getting hit again. He scooped out the area pin figuring out where cover was and how long it would take him to get to each one before making it to the castle steps. Finally after a break in the steady stream of arrows he made a break for it, sprinting across the pristine courtyard hiding behind plants and benches when needed. Octavian finally made it to and up the steps panting when he got to the top, he smirked and casually entered the castle.

    He strutted across the main hall admiring the decor spinning around a couple times to take it all in. To think all of this would be his very soon, he smirked to himself has he continued down the hall.


    Cirion was siting outside of his tent reading a book, he has gotten messages from the field as camp wasn't too far from the battle. So far he's heard good news, a few reports of death but other then that good news and he couldn't help but smile. Soon he would join the rest of the men in the castle, Octavian wouldn't let them lose this war not after coming so close to winning.
  5. Daechir is startled as the doors to his castle fly open, but remained in the shadows of an archway, towards the left of the hall. His guard was behind him, knowing what had happened. Biting his lip as one of the demons strode into the main hall as if he owned the place, Daechir reached a steady hand up to brush his curling blonde hair out of his eyes, wanting to be able to see as much as possible. As the demon passed his hiding place, he tensed up to jump out and attack. But, just as he was, Dimaethor ran in after him.


    Dimaethor had been in the middle of battle as he saw one of the enemy racing towards the castle. He looked important, so the young man quickly finished off the demon he had been engaged with and ran off. Once he actually reached the castle, the front hall appeared to be completely empty, save for the demon. Good, thought he. No one to steal the glory. Readying his blade, he rushed forwards, letting out a battle cry. "You're dead, demon scum, dead!" he shouted, his voice ringing out through the hall.
  6. Octavian smirked, he knew Daechir had to be around he somewhere"Come out come out where ever you are~" he said in a kind of sing song like voice. He continued down that hall wincing every now and then from the arrow that was sticking out of his arm, every time he moved it would hurt quite badly. He would have to get that looked at after this was over, but no sooner did he finish that thought did he hear screaming from the other end of the hall. With a smirk he readied his already drawn sword running at this charging elf, he was screaming about kill him. He almost couldn't stop himself from laughing, this boy was going to try and take him down. Him! The mighty Octavian! He didn't think so, but instead of charging at him he just stood there waiting for the boy to get to him. He was grinning now and grin that gave his face a cruel and crazy look.


    Once Cirion could no longer hear the sounds of war he decided he would go take a look, most of the people who remand in the camp had gone to look quite a long time ago. With a sigh he started the semi long walk to the castle, it was raining and had gotten colder from the lack of sunlight all week. He clutched his jacket closer as well as kept his hand on his sword, one never knew when an enemy would attack and its best to be ready then dead.
  7. Upon seeing Dimaethor rushing forwards, Daechir nearly ran out of the shadows, to protect his son, but one of his guard grabbed him, shaking his head. Daechir knew that it would probably be best for his well-being to stay back, but he couldn't stand the thought to let his oldest son fight the demon Octavian alone. While he knew that Dimaethor was strong and a fine swordsman, he wasn't sure that he would be able to keep that anger from being the death of him. Dimaethor looked so much like himself that it was almost like watching a young version of himself challenge a demon to a battle. However, he knew that his son inherited most of his personality from his uncle, who was much more fierce and willing to jump into a fight.

    Dimaethor tried not to be fazed by the demon's laugh and smile, letting it only bolster his resolve to best him. Once he was within striking distance of the demon, he slid between his legs, turning as soon as he was clear and getting to his feet. Without pausing, he ran to him from behind, aiming on finishing the fight before it could start.
  8. Octavian had decided to let the boy think he was going to win, just stand there and let him slide though his legs. Because of this decision he was able to spot where the great and powerful Daechir was hiding. As Dimaethor was about to end him he took off, almost disappearing from sight yelling in a playful tone "Aw Daechir don't you want to play with me? I've been waiting for our play date for YEARS!". He had rushed his guards taking them out with little trouble, he almost forgot about the son he will have to take care of him later but for now he will take care of Daechir. He stabbed him through the stomach and when he was down he raised his sword and decapitated him with such a grin of pure enjoyment. He laughed crazily at the sight of the now headless king "I fear our play time is up but now I have a new playmate." he said turning to Dimaethor he charged at him with a clear intent to kill.


    Cirion had made it through the once pristine courtyard the Octavian had ran through only hours ago, it was littered with dead bodies now. Things have gone silent it was like the fighting was over, "Have the elves given up?" he asked more to himself the to anyone who might have been around to hear. He hadn't seen Octavian's body anywhere so he could only assume that he was in the castle now dealing with Daechir, no doubt that he will kill him that's just his way of doing things. He sighed and then started to jog up the steeps worried that he might find his beloved general dead on the floor.
  9. Dimaethor was surprised as the demon ran, thinking he was running. But then he too caught sight of his father. Daechir, caught surprised, had next to no time to ready himself for the demon's attack, his guard gathering around him protectively. But even that didn't help him, as they were all cut down within seconds. As he was run through with the demon's sword, his light-colored eyes went wide, and he fell, his knees growing weak and giving out beneath him. Barely being able to fight through the haze of pain that exploded through him so that he was able to see the blade that would kill him, he instantly looked towards his son, who had a look of infinite surprise upon his face, and his thoughts traveled to his family. His two younger sons, who would never truly know their father, his wife, who would be completely alone without him, and Dimaethor, who had always wanted to be like him. The sword came down just before he heard Dimaethor screaming.

    As he witnessed his father being killed before him, Dimaethor's mind seemed to shut down for a moment, but soon that blankness was replaced with anger. He barely heard the demon's words, instead readying his sword once more, angry tears appearing in his eyes.


    Lae ran down the halls and the stairs, biting her lip. Merlindir had said that he would return to her as soon as the fighting was over, and, as far as she could tell, outside it was. She knew that he was supposed to be with Daechir, that he was one of his guards, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

    Now on the ground floor, coming down from a side staircase, she burst through a door to the front hall...and nearly tripping over the body of Merlindir. Screaming, she backs away, taking in the scene of the guards and Daechir. Looking up, she sees a demon running for Dimaethor. "Stop!" she screams, her voice breaking. Tears in her eyes, she says, "Please...don't kill him..."
  10. Octavian was laughing loudly now his victory was sealed, now to take care of the rest of the family. Just as he was about to slash through Dimaethor a woman had appeared from a side staircase and ran in front of him. She was trying to protect this little boy and there was no way he was going to stop, either she moves out of the way or he runs her through. He decided that he would give her a warning before he did. He halted in his tracks just inches from the woman and spoke very calmly and soft to her"Either move or get run through, I would much rather leave you alive for I have qualms with killing woman who are not in battle.", he waited patiently for her response one could say he has a soft spot for women but he would glance over to the boy every now and then. As he was waiting he heard someone burst through the door and he could tell right away by the footsteps that it was his second in command, no doubt coming to make sure he was still alive he was always so protective. But he was glad to see him alive and well obviously he didn't have any trouble getting here, and wore no signs of battle on himself, maybe he could make this woman move so he could end this child's life.


    Cirion had burst through the doors after hearing the screams and laughter, what he saw was the once king now laying dead without his head and Octavian standing still. Which was very odd giving that his target was right in front of him, he jogged up to Octavian's side and realized just why he stopped. There was a women standing right in front of him, he was so close to her that if he wanted to he could kiss her. He quickly took charge of the situation and turned to the woman and spoke hesitantly but with authority "Ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to move out of the way lest you want to be killed, and I'm sure that's something you don't want. So if you would come with me I will get you somewhere safe." He smiled softly at her extending his hand to her hoping that see would take it. Cirion glanced up at his general who had a bit of blood on his face and uniform but he was alive, and really that's all that mattered to him.
  11. She stands strong before the demon, remaining in front of Dimaethor even as it seemed that she would be ran through with his sword. However, she was relieved as he stopped just in front of her. Her gray eyes remaining locked upon his as he spoke, she stood strong, even though the demon was much taller than her, and could kill her with the slightest movement.

    Lae was about to respond negatively to the demon's words when another came in through the doors of the castle. This one also beseeched her to step away from Dimaethor or she would be killed. Even Dimaethor placed a hand upon her shoulder, whispering into her ear, "Please, Miss Laewena, let me die on my feet or kill the demon. He killed my father, and I can't live with the thought that I might have been able to stop him." She is adamant and shakes her head.

    "Your father hired me to take care of his children, even you. I c-" Dimaethor, ignoring her words, pushed her to the side, readying his weapon once again. Gritting his teeth, he said, "I'm sorry, Miss Laewena, but I've got to fight now more than ever." He takes in a deep breath, his blue eyes narrowing right before he runs forwards.
  12. With a smirk Octavian watched as the woman named Laewena moved aside, he gave her a wink and the nicest smile he could muster. At the same time he waved Cirion to step away as he readied himself to continue the fight. In a flash he charged at the boy trying to run him through or at the very least cut off a limb or two, a couple of times he got close enough to slice his throat, but each time he would have to jump away lest he get cut himself. After hours of endless fighting he finally found his opening and with a quick shuffle of feet he was able to slice the boys throat getting the spurts of blood on his face. Octavian turned to look at Cirion with a large grin the blood on his face giving him a sinister look, he also glanced at Laewena giving her another wink. Walking up to Cirion he said in a calm tone " Come now let us see if the rest of the family would play with me as well. Oh.." He turned to Laewena "You come with us.". He waved Cirion to make sure she follows them. Cirion nodded at him and walked over to Laewena and gently grabbed her arm.


    Cirion whispered to Laewena as they walked "He isn't that bad, when he isn't fighting that is. I promise he won't kill you or any of the staff." He smiled at her as they walked behind Octavian as he went from room to room looking for the rest of the family. Cirion hummed slightly as they walked gently holding laewena's arm.
  13. Lae desperately wanted to step in during the fighting to protect Dimaethor, but couldn't find a break in the fight. Dimaethor seemed to fight with an animalistic fury, anger and grief fueling his sword arm, and therefore keeping him alive. It seemed forever until the demon finally gained the upper hand, and that small opening was just what he needed. As Dimaethor's body hit the ground, blood quickly spreading along the floor, Lae's knees seemed to give out beneath her, and she fell to them, openly weeping. Ignoring the demon's winking at her, feeling like she was going to throw up, she pulled herself together just enough to hear him speaking. Feeling panicky as he said that they were going to try and find the rest of Daechir's family, she resolved herself to not tell them anything about where they were. Feeling the other demon's hand upon her arm, she numbly stands, barely listening as he whispers to her.


    Faerveren stopped reading aloud from the book after a while, Gurdir and Beldir falling asleep in her arms. After placing them down on one of the chairs, she can't stand sitting still anymore, and begins walking about the study. The door was locked securely, the only key being in her possession. No window was in the entire room, it being one of the center-most rooms in the castle. Worry creased her features. She could just feel it that something was terribly wrong, and couldn't stand not being able to leave. Leaving would mean leaving the boys alone, something that, if anything happened to them, she couldn't live with.

    After a while, she couldn't hold in her tears anymore, and was openly sobbing quietly, so as not to wake her children. The damn war finally reached her home, and there was nothing she was able to do to stop it.
  14. Octavian, Cirion, and Lae walked down the empty and silent hallway. Octavian had hurriedly gone ahead of Cirion and their captive, but they would catch up soon enough. He was making his way through to the inner rooms of the castle taking out any guards that happened to still be lurking in the rooms or hallways. Finally after several hours he had opened and gone through every room in the castle, except for one. There was one door he hasn't tried the door at the way end of the hallway, with a smirk he quickly sprinted to the door trying to turn the handle. "Locked" he said quietly before he started to bang on the door yelling "Hey come on its not very polite to keep your guests waiting, you aren't being a very good host I might have to...kill you." he chuckled as he continued to bang on the door and ramming it to break it down. He might have to wait for Cirion to catch up with him so he could help, he stopped ramming the door but continued to bang and yell things through the door.


    "Oh dear it seems I've gotten turned around, I have no idea where we are." Cirion said with a sigh as he walked through a hallway he could of sworn they have already walked through. He defiantly tell that Octavian was here, the doors were either open or broken and the contents of the room thrown about. Furniture that may have been there was now in shambles and would have to be re-bought. He looked at Lae and frowned "Miss I know that you're very upset but this will all be over very soon and you can move on with your life." he said softly not really expecting a reply, surly she must hate him and his kind for what they have done. Which is completely understand able, but he wished she would say something the silence is becoming unbearable.
  15. Faerveren jumped as she heard an unfamiliar voice at the door. Running to the chair where her children were lying, she took them into her arms, waking them in the process, and taking them to the furthest corner of the study, forcing herself to stop crying for the sake of them. She held them close, knowing that the arrival of someone else at the door meant that the city must have fallen to the demons. Her children, sensing her fear, began crying, and it was all she could not to break down with them. She knew that the door wouldn't hold long against a demon, knew that Daechir placed her and the boys behind it to reassure them. Deciding then that no matter what she would protect her children, despite who was behind the door, she held the two close, telling them that it would be okay and everything would be fine.


    It hurt Lae deeply to see the castle she had lived in for most of her life to be turned to pieces, furniture strewn about the hallways. Some of the things, she recognized, were irreplaceable, either portraits of past family heads or hand-crafted furniture made specifically for the castle, its' makers either dead or senile. Forcing herself to look at the demon who had been leading her through the castle as he spoke, she couldn't help but turn the emotions shown in her eyes from questioning to disbelief as he said that everything would be over soon and life would return to normal. She just couldn't believe that, not after the destruction of her home and the death of her people.
  16. Octavian finally got tired of waiting and went stomping through the halls to find Cirion which only took him a matter of minutes. He grabbed his arm and pulled him all the way to the locked room, leaving Lae behind."I need your help with breaking down this door." he said in short of a demanding tone, "Awh of course sir but I don't know how much of use I will be, you know I'm not the stongest one in your army. Why don't you go out and find one of the men that are not to beat up to help you?" Cirion said a little timidly. "No that would take too long, you're already here so you will help me."he spoke swiftly stopping at the door and turning to face Cirion "The plan is that we will both charge the door until it breaks. I've already beaten it down quite a ways so it shouldn't be a problem.".

    "But sir I don't know if I can-" Cirion was cut off as he was being pulled by Octavian into running at the door. Octavian was shouting what sounded like a battle cry as they hit the door and heard it crack. The once whole door now had a pretty size able hole in it, and Octavian and Cirion were laying on the floor in a heap. With a growl Octavian throw Cirion off of him and stood wiping the dust from his uniform and looked around, no males except for two young babies and their mother.


    "Sir you aren't going to kill those babies and their mother are you?!?!" Cirion spoke frantically sure they were supposed to completely wipe out the previous ruling family, but babies and their mother surly he would not stoop so low. Cirion received a reply "No I will spare them for now but once they are of age they well have a chance to fight for their lives or be killed, as for their mother...I will spare her as well. Consider it a gift from your new ruler." Octavian laughed and turned to leave out of the hole the two had made.
  17. Faerveren screamed as the door seemed to explode inward, leaving a huge hole in it. Quickly straightening, pushing her children behind her, she watched as two demons collapsed in the doorway. As one protested the killing of them, she felt Beldir and Gurdir clinging to her legs, fear in their eyes. Biting her lip as the other one responded to the first, stating that they will be allowed to live until they become adults, when they will be forced to fight or die. Faerveren didn't care about herself, but she couldn't stand the idea that her two youngest would be forced to fight for no reason other than they were part of the ruling family.

    "You won't have them, not now, not ever, no matter what you do to me," she says after them defiantly, tipping her chin up defiantly.


    As the man released her arm, Lae wasted no time in running to her quarters. She was surprised to find all of the servants' quarters empty, no bodies or even people alive remaining. She wasn't sure what she expected to find, but this certainly wasn't it. Going to her room, she found most of her things strewn on the floor in front of her, from the demon's search of the castle. Stepping over the shattered remains of a ceramic sculpture, she tried to find anything of hers that wasn't broken, hoping the demons downstairs would be busy enough for her to leave unnoticed.

    It wasn't long before she remembered that she had nowhere else to go, she had no family, nor friends that would help her, and that leaving would be putting her on the streets of the city. Looking out the window at the city, she realizes just how many women and children were left without husbands and fathers, because of a stupid war. Taking a letter from Merlindir, given to her years ago when he wanted to go to the capitol and join the royal army, and placing it in the pocket of her dress, she sullenly goes back down the stairs, to the hallway that Daechir's study had been on.
  18. Hearing the woman's words in clear defiance with his orders he stopped in his tracks and stomped up to her. Only inches from her face "Either you agree or I will kill you and the little ones right now!" he screamed grabbing one of the boys from behind her back, he backed up holding him up to his face. "Hello little one, I'm the one who killed your father. And soon I will kill your mother and brother and then I will kill you" He laughed at the now crying child, "Sir you can't-" Cirion was cut off once again by Octavian's yelling. "You either obey or die!!" he handed the screaming child to Cirion who tried to ease the crying. Finally Octavian left to let Cirion deal with the three knowing that he would do what he himself would have done. He walked through the empty destroyed castle only hearing the crunch of glass or the snap of wood under his boots, realizing that that woman was no where to be seen. He shrugged she wasn't all that important if she wanted to leave he had nothing against that, she wasn't part of the army or the war. Octavian hated unnecessary blood shed, he loved killing but not when it was from what he deemed the innocents.


    Once Octavian was gone Cirion quickly gave the child back to his mother"I'm sorry ma'am it would be best that you comply for now, for not only your safety but for your children's. Because I really don't want to have to kill you I much rather let you live and we move on to other things." he spoke gentle giving her a warm smile. "I'm sure I can convince him to let you three go and you can live happily ever after, just comply and everything will go back to normal" he went to sit on one of the chairs that were in the room, having no where to be he decided to rest for a couple of minutes. It was already late as it was, there weren't any windows in the room but he could only guess that it was already dark. Cirion stretched in the chair and yawned rubbing his eyes, he motioned Faerveren to sit as well. He was hoping he would be able to calm her down before Octavian got back to see what has been done.
  19. Faerveren tried to remain strong in front of the demon, even as he stormed up to her. The shouting she could handle, but as he grabbed Baldir from behind her, she lost all resolve, and broke down, sobbing and begging that he give her her baby back. Baldir's crying caused Gurdir to begin crying as well, and their shrill cries filled the room.

    As she was given back Baldir, she held him close to her, not ever wanting to let either of them out of her grasp ever again. As the demon she had been left with told her that it would be best for her to simply comply with what had been happening, she didn't respond, though inside she felt a rather revolutionary feeling. She had been raised learning that when something wasn't right it was the people's duty to change things. However, she conceded, she would do anything for her children, even if it meant that she would have to comply.

    Sitting down, she held Gurdir and Beldir close to her, the two of them still crying. She whispered loving words to them, trying to get the two to calm down, but it was difficult, especially after such a traumatic thing happened to them.


    Lae, in such a hurry down the stairs, ran right into the demon, nearly tripping. Catching herself, eyes flying wide open, she tensed up, worried that he might hurt her because of her lack of attention.
  20. "oof!" Octavian stumbled back slightly after being hit with what felt like a rather large table. But when he looked down it was that girl from earlier, what was her name again? Awh Lae. "You really should be more careful never know who you might run into around here now a days." he simply laughed, pattered her on the shoulder and kept walking serving the damage he had caused from his searching. He would have to get someone to clean this up later, most likely tomorrow. Octavian decided that he would put the king and his son's body on display for the remaining citizens alive to see. To see that he was their new ruler. And with that he rushed to the main hallway to collect the bodies and dragged them out to the courtyard. The sun had gone down completely and the only light he had was from the full moon. Octavian worked quickly to erect the bodies up on sticks to be displayed, he stood their for a few moments admiring his work before he yawned and rubbed his eyes. He supposed that it was pretty late he should get some shut eye, he turned and entered the castle again this time trying to find a room with a bed that he hadn't ruined.


    Cirion had ended up falling asleep in the chair snoring lightly, every now and then shifting positions or waking up and looking around. It seemed that the moment he saw Faerveren that it was ok to go back to sleep for a little while, this continued for quite a long time before Octavian had come back to get him. He could hear a chuckled and then feel himself being lifted up, he guessed it was Octavian moving him to a bed. Or at least he hoped it was he was too tired to look or care for that matter.