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  1. Taking some time to be ALONE and take care of yourself is prolly one of the most important things ever.... yet most people never make time for it. There will be a lot of excuses, from not having the time to, to worrying about taking care of other people. But always comes down to you valuing yourself enough to MAKE time!

    A day all by yourself doing just YOU things gives you the chance to detox from everyday stresses! A break from work and worries. It allows you time to think clearly and to rest!

    What do you do on your you-days? What would be your perfect YOU-day?

    And if your you-day involves spending time with your signification other, babies, family, or other people, you're doing it wrong! D:< Make sure this day is all about you and only you!
  2. A perfect my day would be me, a lot of snacks and coke, lots of horror movies (good ones of course), video games and a sofa. Oh, and I might need a TV to, or else it won't work.
    So me-days are lazy days when I do nothing else than kill zombies and scare the shit out of myself. xD Maybe a foot bath would be involved too if I felt like spoiling myself a bit extra :3
  3. Seeing I never get a "You-day", my idea of one would be to lunge around in comfortable pajamas, order greasy Chinese food and cuddle with someone. Perhaps while we kill brain cells watching Netflix.
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  4. *sighs* just about every weekend is a me day..... I live alone, my brother doesn't really hang out with me much...and my best friend left for the navy. So my perfect me day is not a me day. My perfect day includes hanging out with friends and playing Sentinels of the Multiverse, lots of food, soda, and tons of laughter. But also some down time after that so I can relax and talk to people online.
  5. I live alone. Everyday is a 'me' day. I use the days that I am not working or doing shit to watch movies, roleplay on here, do whatever the hell I want to do. Because I don't think that I should just have a couple 'me' days, I think i should live the way I want to, not just have that one good day out of the week. But what would be a good day even for me? When people stop coming to me with their drama, or stop using me to solve their issues. And when Darryl Dixon fans realize that he hasn't bathed in two years, puts a damper on their dreams when your hot date doesn't smell all that well.
  6. I do not need much for a me-day. Being a mother and college student at the same time drains me so fast, most of what I want involves just sitting on the couch with as little exercise as possible. XD

    Throughout the day, I just want to laze in something comfy, watch lots of Netflix, play some video games, eat yummy things, and get blazed as shit. By evening, I want to be showered, then I want a glass of wine that's never empty, maybe some comfort food too. :] I'll have a really good night's sleep after that.
  7. I actually dislike spending a whole day relaxing, I feel frustrated at the lack of productivity, and because I didn't burn much energy, I probably won't sleep well

    Instead, I clean up around the house, and work on personal projects. I usually dress a notch nicer, and wear my hair loose. If it's nice outside, I let chores go in favour of going walking or swimming.
  8. The perfect me day is exactly that, me and nothing else. No TV, phone, computer, husband or kids. I'd spend the entire day sleeping and doing absolutely nothing at all.
  9. My 'ME' day start on Friday evening with October and Ends Monday morning when he leaves for work. Most weekends my Iwaku activity is low because that is the time I get to spend with Octo and I am the most Happy and relaxed.
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  10. My perfect me day would be sitting down and relaxing with a close friend (or girlfriend, if I was extra lucky) and just watching movies all day without any interruptions or having to speak/socialize. It's just absolutely exhausting being forced to talk to people all the time, and the drama I have to go through everyday is just so god damn stressful. You have no idea how terrible it is being an introvert living in a community inhabited by nothing but extroverts. Or maybe you do, I don't know. Seriously though, where's the isolated group of socially awkward nerds and geeks in this town? I want to be with them. Why does everyone else have to be so good at talking to people while I'm stuck being horribly inexperienced? Buh. Reality makes no sense to me anymore.
  11. I have "me moments", not days. I work part-time and am a father full-time, so my days are usually taken up by that. When I do have time left over I spend it with my significant other.
  12. UNLIKE ALL YOU LAZY BUTTS I would love to go hiking on a me day ;) Every day I try to improve myself in some way, and I never have the time to do outdoorsy things. So on my me day I'd hike to test my stamina and endurance while enjoying everything about nature that I sorely neglect during my everyday life.
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