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    Hayley walked around in the enclosed courtyard, surrounded by tall, electric, barbed wire fences. She sighed and wrapped her arms around herself, looking up at the sky and closes her eyes with a heavy sigh. She was enjoying the fact that she was at least outside of that building, and instead was out in nature. She longed for her past life, back at her real home, with her family. She glanced around at the others who were held prisoner here sadly. If only there was a way for them all to leave this horrid place.

    Dr. Kileaton stood in his office, watching all of the creatures his lab have taken for scientific exploration. His arms were crossed as he glared out of the large one way glass at them all. They were disgusting to him but he needed those monsters for the experiments. If he could figure out what in their DNA gave them their abilities then the human race truly will conquer all others. He smiled cruelly at this thought.
  2. Heart pumping, legs churning, mane flying...this was what it meant to be truly alive! Mogar raced aimlessly around the courtyard, taking wide, almost clumsy turns whenever he neared another captive creature or the electric fence. Clumps of dirt and grass flew up into the air behind him, dug up by his hooves. He needed the exercise so badly, his muscles had been twitching lately from all the pent-up energy. He didn't run to escape or to flee, he just ran for the feeling, that glorious release after days of captivity. How dare those humans keep him locked up for so long!

    As Mogar came up to the electric fence once more, thoughts of escape crossed his mind for the third time that day. Again, he considered whether it'd be a good idea to try and force his way through the fence, ignoring whatever cuts and scratches he suffered...but nah. The memories from his last escape attempt came flooding back and reigned him in. He still had that scar running down his shoulder from where he'd rammed right into the fence and suffered a near-deadly electric shock.

    The proud hooflin laughed a bit to himself as he continued running in broad circles around the courtyard. The humans thought he was a goner for sure. What miserable beasts.
  3. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>Genni sat in the corner of the courtyard watching the other inmates absentmindedly thinking about the latest test they had done on him. they didnt play any music or let his favorite scientist come in...then they tried to annoy and aggravate him. Genni had a hard time seeing how this furthered their experiments on him. Genni would have been OK with the facility if they hadn't taken him from his village and killed his parents, then brought him here and locked him up. he was all for science! even if he didnt know why it was so fascinating to him or if the others in his village didnt get it. Genni thought that if they had just asked him nicely and provided room and board he would have come without hesitation, though he neglects to tell this to any scientist. 'to further research in medical science' thought Genni' i would do almost anything'. the horse guy that had tried to escape a while ago had caught his attention, with all his constant running, and he laughed. the scientists had Genni heal him when he ran headlong into the fence charged with over 10,000 volts pretty much frying his brain into horse bacon. Genni then turned his attention to the aswang girl. he knew her race because he had recently done a medical check-up on her as one of his tests. she didnt talk through the entire check up , no matter how much he tried to make her laugh and she always looked depressed. he decided to try and change this. "hey!!" he called out to the girl not aware of the volume of his voice "i didnt catch your name, im Genni!"
  4. Hayley hears Genni call out to someone as she is walking around. She isn't sure who he was talking to so she looks over to him and is confused why he's looking in her direction. She glances around to see who else he could be talking to because it couldn't be her, right? She knew him from an experiment she had to go through, it wasn't really for her as much as to test his abilities. The only reason they chose her to do it was because she refused to talk to anyone and so none of the doctors knew about her medically that couldn't be known through tests and because it meant that she wouldn't tell him about her so he could cheat on the experiment.
    When she sees that no one else is around her she looks back to him and points to herself in confusion.
  5. Genni laughed at the older girl who acted very much his age "yes you. your a vampire witch right? thats cool!" Genni could tell that she was a good person just by her shy and timid demeanor on the outside. he liked this girl. Genni saw the electricity spark onto the dry grass creating a small blaze which he quickly picked up and turned into a ball of white fire splitting it in three pieces, and started to juggle them wearing a really serious face, hoping to make her laugh"so do you come here often?" he really hoped that she would get that joke and not take it as a snarky comment about how shy she was and instantly regretted saying it but holding his serious face<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  6. Hayley walked over closer to him so he didn't have to be yelling across the yard to speak to her. She wouldn't really make eye contact with him at all and shifted her weight from one foot to the other awkwardly, shrinking into herself a bit. "Uhm, a-actually I'm not really a 'vampire witch' I-I guess it could be kind of like that but n-not really…" She said quietly, watching the fire he was juggling warily. It seemed kind of strange for the doctors to allow him to use his power when it is not for an experiment.
  7. Genni noticed her staring at the fire warily " are you scared of fire? because this isn't normal fire, watch..." he said dropping all three balls of fire onto the ground and from the time they touched the grass, frost grew around them."..see? its cold! i love it! but it doesn't frost human skin....which is weird...you can touch it if you want to! its no worse than holding a glass of cold water..." Genni picked up one of the balls holding it out to the girl and smiled charmingly "you still haven't told me your name you know?" he was trying to be as friendly and welcoming as possible ' i miss having friends and if i'm gunna be here i might as well make some' he thought<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  8. Mogar continued to gallop and run, ignoring the two captives chatting it up and trying to make nice. Anything that looked that much like a human had to be weak and undeserving of his attention, after all.
  9. She now watched the fire in interest and subconsciously found herself walking closer. That fire is amazing, she had never seen anything like it before and was shocked at the fact that it could freeze the grass. "How do you do that…?" She asked softly, more to herself than him. Her eyes then widened when she remembered him asking about her name. "Oh, right. Um, my name's Hayley." She paused momentarily, she wasn't very good when it came to talking to others. She knew she should though, she needed someone to befriend since she was stuck in here and this guy seemed kind enough. "Your name is Genni, right? Y-you had to do a medical check-up on me a while ago…" She continued but trailed off, that was a strange thing for her to say, he would probably remember that so why should she say it?
  10. Genni took her hand and put a ball of the white fire into her palm and closed her hand around it closed his eyes and the fire glowed for a second and then went back to the same color "nice to meet you Hayley!" he released her hand " and yes i do remember that check-up. you have a body healthier than the most active human with the best diet! you should be proud!" he envied people with healthy immune systems, for the hamun are usually born with some sort of disease and the average death age for his village is 35 but Genni could keep healing himself and thus would live for a long,LONG time.<script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  11. Hayley blushed a bit at his comment. Aswangs were usually very healthy, it was because of the fact that they didn't really eat unhealthy foods, but for most they were like that because they ate people instead… She shook her head to clear those thoughts. Even though she didn't believe in that lifestyle didn't mean that she didn't feel the want for flesh. "Oh, thanks… It-it's nice to meet you too." She then turned her attention to the fire he placed in her hand. "This fire is amazing… How did you figure out how to make this? I've never seen anything like it before…"
  12. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>Genni laughed at her childlike amazement "i don't make it, i change fire into it. furthermore i have no idea how i do it, i was born with this ability......oh and also what i just did was make it so that would never go out. but it lost all of its healing properties" Genni smiled at the gift he hoped she would like. "you know when you actually converse with people you're quite cute" he was just paying an innocent compliment to the girl and it didn't even cross his mind that it would seem he was coming onto her
  13. Genni then turned his attention to the horse man yelling at him while he ran around"hey you! the one running around in circles! do you want to spar? I need to get some energy out as well but I'm not really into running so...." Genni knew the horse wouldn't decline a challenge,especially one from a being who was so human.however the horse had not seen the other side of Genni's powers and would be given a run for his money
  14. Shadow sat against a building in the corner of the large "free area." She watched as the others interacted and lowered her head to avoid being noticed.
  15. Mogar slowed his pace to a stop and looked up at the human-looking guy calling out to him. The brutish hooflin understood enough of the request, and he nodded with a snort. "Of course!" he said in his deep, gravelly voice, giving his chest a pound with his fist. Sparring was as common to Mogar's race as small talk was to the average human; it wasn't just a sport or a hobby, but a way of life, laying bare both fighters' strengths and weaknesses and allowing them to improve and prepare for real battles. Of course, things were a little different for Mogar: he wasn't willing to admit to his weaknesses, and he didn't need anyone to help him fix them, so he rarely sparred unless challenged. Which wasn't often, given his especially tough build.

    But he had a challenger now, and he wasn't about to back down! He strolled up to the redhead and loomed over him, sneering. "If you can handle me!" he added, giving another, more threatening snort.
  16. Alina sat in her office, writing a report on her last test subject- which, thankfully, wasn't Genni. She didn't know why he favored her out of all the others, you'd think he'd like one of the more charismatic or chatty scientists instead, not someone like her. Did she accidentally show a smirk? A bit of a frown? As far as she knew, she never returned his offers of friendship. She found him suspicious in that case, perhaps the 'Hamun' thought that getting on her good side would help her to escape, or just get close enough to find something to use as blackmail. She had experienced enough of that in her teenage years.

    She went back to her report, typing a few more sentences before finally deciding it was finished. She didn't include the information she found interesting, the things she had hidden around the facility because she didn't trust anyone else with it. Grabbing the printed report, she went out, going towards Dr. Kileaton's office and knocking on his door.
  17. Genni took this opportunity to turn the white fire back Into real fire and engulfed his hands in it enlarging the fire to a roaring blaze kin to that of a furnace fire " I think the question is...will I heal you when I'm finished?" he said in a way that was both joking and serious at the same time. he did not like to think that he would win, or even get a hit in for that matter, but he was smaller and more agile. he resolved not to heal himself until the fight was over,for fairness sake. " when your ready!" he also had the element of surprise on his hands(he laughed at the fact that it was literally on his hands) and crouched into a fighting stance ready to dodge and counterattack if necessary.
  18. Her eyes widen a bit at Genni's compliment and she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. She ignores the blush which creeps onto her cheeks. "Um, thanks…" She turns to look at the fire again. "Well this is truly amazing, thank you so much." She told him with a small smile but it held a lot of happiness. She was very thankful for him to give her something like this, she had been stuck here at this lab for a long while now and had never made a friend since she arrived and hadn't talked to anybody unless she needed to since Kylea was taken from her.

    When Genni started speaking to that horseman she simply remained quiet and watched them challenge each other. She really did not wish to see a fight, they were not going to fight for any reason and that was very annoying to her, she already did not like fights and unneeded ones where just too much for her. She sighed, she really wanted to talk to this boy for a while a longer at least, he was the first to make such an effort to speak with her and he even gave her the ball of fire which would apparently never burn out. She smiled as she looked at the flames which licked the air above her hands.

    She looked around herself for something to do instead of be a part of this useless violence, she realized that there was painfully little to do here outside of the experiments which are routinely forced upon them but causing a fight for no reason? That was aggravating to her. She then noticed the younger girl who was beside one of the buildings nearby. She took a deep breath, glanced at Genni then to Mogar before looking down shyly and started walking over to the other girl.

    Dr. Kileaton sighed when he heard the knock in his door, he saw all the creatures' interactions and was almost a little excited to see the Hamun and Hoofin fight, it would make for an amusing spectacle before he sent some of the guards to break it up. He pinched his lips together in annoyance and sat down in his chair, facing the door with an annoyed and bored expression. "Come in." He called out. When he saw it was Dr. Gaine he folded his hands together and leaned back in his chair a bit, "What is it, Ms. Gaine?"
  19. Genni called out to the girl"hey!" he knew what his priorities were and chivalry came before sparring. he shrunk the fire into balls turned it White and stuck it in his pockets "I didn't mean to scare you off! I like you! your fun to talk to! I would like to keep doing so and if that means backing down from my own challenge then so be it but I would rather be a chivalrous coward than a courages idiot" he stopped her with his hand on her shoulder "I've never seen her before" he said commenting on the presence of the other girl
  20. Tynes sat on a large boulder that was next to the tall wall of the building. Watching others was amusing to her and there was plenty to see. She had never had dealings with any of the species that made up the population of the group she was currently part of because her brother kept her away from everything and everyone ever since their parents had died when she was young. Staring blankly out into the yard, her thoughts trailed off to her brother. She had not seen him yet. Where were they keeping him? Why wasn't he allowed outside with the rest of them? Perhaps it was because of his ability. She wasn't good at using hers yet, lacking the control that her brother had and he couldn't help her get it because his was different. Her insecurities kept her from using them really at all.

    The hoofed creature ran past her again, kicking up a mud clog that landed on her foot, breaking her train of thought. A few of them were conversing and appeared to be understanding each other. Perhaps they came from the same place. For Tynes, there was a language barrier but she was beginning to pick up at least the words that were used often such as "shock", "cell", "outside" and "eat". She wished she could learn the language more quickly so she could ask the aliens where her brother was and when could she go see him.