Taken out of the Loop

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  1. The twenty-eight year old looking man was bored. He stretched as he walked out of the bar that he bar-tended for yawning widely. He ran a hand through his hair and ruffled it before turning dark gold eyes on the sky. It was going to rain later. He waved to a few of the regular attendants and walked into an alleyway before a dark smile appeared on his face. Opening his senses he rushed through the dark allies that made up their fairly dark city and found Her within a ten minute span. He watched carefully from his distance away, monitoring through his senses her surroundings.

    Yawning a little he bought a drink from a sidewalk seller and wandered along for a while until he got near her position. Just as he was going to walk into an area where he could watch her and protect her with ease, his cell went off and he took it out and answered it.

    "Yunji, what do you need?" He asked.

    "Following the girl again Jackson?"

    Mikial Jackson smiled darkly and looked up at the sky and shrugged, "So what if I am?"

    "You need to talk to her sometime dude, or you'll never get her attention. This stalker deal is kind of old."

    "I am kind of old if you remember Yunji," Mikial reminded him with a laugh before his eyes looked up as the rain began. "Damn, I'll call you later Yunji. It's raining." And without much else he turned his phone off and ducked into the building that She was in, shaking his shoulder length hair a little like a dog to get the small amount of rain off him.


    The girl's cell went off a few moments later. Yunji had to make sure that they were together. His plan wouldn't work if they weren't near each other.
  2. Before the cell went off. The young girl, about 23 or so, was reading in the comfort of her room. She looked out and noticed that the pitter-patter of the rain was starting and slowly increasing in speed and amount. She just stared outside at the dark clouds. At least there was no thunder or lightening. The loud crackling every 2 minutes or so would have disturbed her of reading and (if it continued long enough) deprive her of sleep.

    The girl's train of thought snapped in half as her cellphone started to ring. Not thinking twice to check who it was, she answered it and spoke in a slightly rushed but polite message.

    "Hello? This is Lina!" girl for rp.jpg

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  3. "Hey Lina, it's Yunji. Are you free to hang out today? Or are you going to see if you can capture your stalker tonight like you've been planning to?" the same voice that had come over Mikial's phone asked through hers.


    Mikial was just hiding out over her room as he waited for her to either leave or go to sleep--allowing him to let his guard down a tiny bit and rest as well. Yunji's words bugged him though. No, he wasn't going to ever talk to the teacher. It would be rather bad if he did. After all the last time she had seen him--that he knew of--had been when she was ten and he'd saved her from a bunch of kidnappers. Since then, entranced by her sweet and innocent attitude, he'd followed her to protect her from anything.
  4. "Oh hi, Yunji!" Lina smiled and listened to the request. "...Oh? Capture my s--oh yes..." Lina sort of blushed a bit, not sure how to answer that. Sure, she wanted to know who her stalker was, but she didn't know what would happen when--If--She would find him. "My stalker?...Um...Well I..." she started to stumble over her words a bit, not knowing if she wanted to find her stalker or hang out with her friend.
  5. "Why don't you come out with us? It isn't like he'll go anywhere," Yunji suggested, pulling the phone away, putting her on speaker and sending a text to Mikial with the same question. "And who knows, maybe he'll follow you here and you'll be able to meet him with a bunch of friends to back you up. Much safer that way if he turns out to be some psycho."
  6. Lina mulled over the idea and after a while she finally agreed. "All right then, where do we meet?"

    The brown haired girl leaned back in her seat and crossed her legs whilst getting out a piece of paper to write down the location of where Yunji was in case it was far from where she lived. As she was doing so, she kept thinking about how her stalker could show himself while Lina was out. The feeling poked her with longing, very curious as to who her stalker is.
  7. Yunji smiled and relaxed back, looking at his resturant. "Just come to the Luigi's Grill. I just bought it and want to know from you how I can make it better," he said. While he did want her to tell him how it could be improved, he was more focused on getting the two outside of their 'stalker' 'stalkee' positions and thrust a little excitement into their lives. It would be very interesting to see how his friend Lina would react to seeing the exact same guy that had saved her at age ten. Yunji knew Mikial's secret, but he wouldn't tell the girl until she had met him and was interested still in him. After all, thirteen years of following around could still form some kind of relationship, even if it was a kind of creepy stalker kind.
  8. Lina wrote down the place and mumbled the words, "Luigi's..Grill..." She then put the pen down with a clack. "All right! I'll be there in a jiffy! See you then," Lina said her farewell and turned off the phone. She then got dressed for going out, as what she was wearing wasn't appropriate for the weather they were having now. She got her purse, phone, and umbrella and headed out the door to her car. She prayed the roads wouldn't too messed up as she got into her car.

    "Now then," she started. "To Luigi's Grill," she started the car and then drove off.
  9. Mikial was watching her leave the place as he got his text from Yunji inviiting him to hang out.

    From Yunji: come on, it's been ages since you've taken a break from watching her. I doubt one night will make the difference. Come hang out. Luigi's Grill.

    Mikial looked down at the car as it drove away. Sighing he replied that he would. He supposed Yunji was right. She wouldn't be going out to purposefully get into trouble. And he could always monitor her through his senses if he had to. Standing he turned and ran over the roof as soundlessly as if he were a ghost, jumping down and walking the rest of the way to Luigi's Grill. Sighing, he entered the establishment and sat down in one of the two unoccupied seats that Yunji offered him.

    "Are we expecting someone else?" the man asked, sending his gold eyes scanning the place which seemed to have a decent sized crowd on a dance floor that had been provided for their entertainment.

    "Yep. She should be here soon since I was inviting her the same time that I invited you. Glad you came," Yunji said softly and took a drink from the cup in front of him.

    "I'm not here for a blind date," he said as he closed his eyes and relaxed back, his senses opening to check up on Lina. She was close by--good, he'd be able to get to her if anything wrong happened.
  10. Having driven slow to prevent accidents on the road, she finally arrived at Luigi's Grill. She parallel-parked into a space and got out, running towards the door. Once there, she closed her umbrella and shook it out before entering the restaurant.

    She took off her coat, and glanced up. "Heh...this is a nice place," she said to herself. "Now...where's Yunji--?!" she stopped in her tracks as she saw a familiar face near him. "O...Oh my..."
  11. Her voice was like music to his ears. He would recognize it anywhere after over ten years of following her. His golden eyes widened and he stared at Yunji before turning his head to look at the young woman. He had already ordered a drink so it wasn't like he could just up and leave. He would, out of obligation to Yunji for buying the drink, stay and drink it. "You are an evil man Yunji. I didn't want this!" he hissed before he glared down into his glass of beer.

    "Lina! Over here, I want to introduce you to this amazing friend of mine," Yunji shouted, standing and waving a hand. "Come on over."

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  12. (Ah ok :U That's all right~)

    Lina could only stare, but she snapped out of it when Yunji called her over. "O-Oh! Y-Yes, ok!"

    She walked over slowly and sat at a seat that made a triangle between Yunji and Mikial. She glanced at her stalker, but his head was down at his drink. She looked back to the front nervously. "Um...Hi!"
  13. "Lina, I would like you to meet my friend Mikial Jackson," Yunji said in a cordial voice, smiling between his two friends that he had set up. "But I do think that you have met him already. Mikial, may I introduce to you, officially, Miss Lina? I am sure that you have met her before, evenif she doesn't remember it."

    Even with the glare directed by those cold gold eyes, Yunji didn't stop there. "So, Lina, have you captured your stalker yet? You seemed kind of hesitant on the phone when I asked if you were going to go and try to catch him."

    Mikial snorted and finished his drink in one gulp. "Oh brother," he grumbled and was about to rise from his seat until he felt a hand on his shoulder--Yunji's hand.

    "Stay Mikial, it isn't like you would really leave now that Lina--a beautiful, talented young woman--is here now would you?"

    Mikial flashed a look over at Lina and sighed. He supposed he wouldn't have left but sat at the bar and waited for her to leave.
  14. (Mikial Jackson.......I see whatchu did there.)

    "Oh! U-uh, hi...Mikial..." Lina tried her best to be polite, despite how surprised and awkward she was feeling. Mikial looked quite older than her, but not by much in that sense.

    Lina cringed a bit when Yunji asked her the question. "C-c-captured my stalker?! U-Uh...Um...no?" she lied. As her stalker was right there and she pretty much found him. Maybe her memory fooled her, but this surely was the stalker that saved her. She took a glance at Mikial, seeing him glare at Yunji and then glance to her. She immediatly looked back to Yunji and was glad Mikial didn't shoot that angry glare at her. Those eyes were the kind that could stare deep in her soul if they wanted to.
  15. (( o-o You know, I just realized that when you pointed it out. -mindblown- Originally I was going to name him Yunji but I really liked how I spelled 'Mikial' (And I pronounce it as 'Mi-Kai-Al'). -might have to change his last name now-)

    Mikial caught himself staring at the girl and quickly looked away. "This is rediculous," he grumbled and looked at Yunji, "You are paying for my drinks yes?"

    Yunji nodded with a smile before looking sadly at Lina, "Lina, dear, I'm sorry. I think you should call the cops, I honestly do. He's been following you for what now, thirteen years?" he asked.

    Mikial smiled a little at the acting skills of Yunji and raised his hand, ordering ten more drinks just to pay Yunji back. He had no way to drink 'em all, but he was going to make Yunji regret this carade. "Lina, I-" he started to say before sighing and leaning abck and closing his eyes. He debated what he was going to do. After all this Yunji had made his job just a tiny bit harder. Now that Lina had seen him there was no way that she wouldn't notice that he followed her. "Lina, you have a stalker?"
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    Calling the cops?! Lina thought. T-There's no way I could call the cops on someone that saved me...granted he stalked me for 13 years and still going, but he would've caused me harm in that time span if he was bad!

    Lina looked to Mikial. "Hm? W-what's the matter?" she asked. She was taken aback by the last question.

    "O-Oh?...Uh...Y-Yes..." Lina blinked at Mikial, starting to wonder if this really was her stalker. But she was nearly positive that it was him. She did know that it was 13 years of only seeing little snippets of him now and then, and that's when she was lucky enough to get a glimpse. She shrugged it off for now, maybe it really was just a friend of Yunji's that he wanted her to meet.
  17. Mikial watched her when she answered, trying to read her reaction to his question. "What did Yunji here mean by 'capturing your stalker'? Isn't it wiser to call the cops and have them capture him. Stalking is technically illegal and once caught he--or she--might be charged with it. Especially if it's been thirteen years. May I ask why you haven't called him in?"

    Yunji watched this and rolled his eyes. "Oh just come out and say it Mikial. Lina, why haven't you-ow!" he gasped, leaning over as his hand went to his shin.

    "I wasn't talking to you Yunji. I wanted to hear Lina's answer," Mikial answered sharply, sending the same glare at his 'friend' before turning a politely interested face towards the girl.
  18. Lina blinked at the little "accident" Yunji had with his knee and cringed a bit.

    Looking back to Mikial, she let the answer form into her mind without it sounding weird. "Well...it has been 13 years...but if h--the person," Lina had to catch herself at that bit. "Really was a stalker...they would have already done harm by now right? Besides...the person could be closely linked to a person that had saved my a long time ago." she blushed a bit as she said it.
  19. Mikial looked deep into the drink that the waitress had just placed in front of him and stirred it with a straw. Yunji watched him carefully for his reply to that defense. Mikial slowly raised the glass to his lips and took a drink before answering. "The ideology of a stalker can be different depending on the person," he said and gave a small shrug.

    Yunji wanted to hid his head on the table several times. "Lina, why don't you and Mikial work together to capture your stalker? I'm going to take a walk and check out how everyone's doing. When I get back you two had better be farther into a conversation then this," he said, rising and patting Mikial on his shoulder and smiled at Lina before disappearing into the crowd.

    "Yunji really doesn't know when to leave things alone," Mikial said with a shake of his head.
  20. "Oh...true," Lina nodded at Mikial.

    Lina watched Yunji leave and had to prevent herself from facepalming. It was obvious that something was gonna happen...Or was it?

    She looked to Mikial and nodded. "H-heh mhm..." she made a small smile. "H-hm...~"