Taken for What Reason?

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  1. TAKEN You're kidnapped, stolen, taken, but for what reason? What is your reason? Why?

    My Character:
    Name- Connor Hounchell
    Age- 21
    Description- Blue eyes, brown hair, 145 lbs, small frame, and light skin.
  2. Name- Lena Robin
    Age- 20
    FC- Emily Rudd
  3. Connor opened his eyes for the fourth time, once again disappointed. It wasn't a dream after all. He had been kidnapped, and he was tied to a chair, sweating and hot under a single light. This was out of a movie, the reality, though, was real.
  4. Lena sat in a chair in the corner, busy playing Subway Run on her iPhone, not really paying attention to the captive boy in front of her. She was hired to do this, and not for as much as she would have liked.
  5. "Girl, what the heck is going on?" He struggled again, shuddering and afraid for his life. He was 21, but acted more like 16.
  6. Lena glanced up, only briefly. Her gaze oozed condescension. "You've been kidnapped, obviously." She replied, going back to her video game.
  7. Connor struggled, "For what? By whom? What are you going to do to me?" He cried, shaking.
  8. "Dunno, don't care. I was only hired to keep you from running away." Lena shrugged her shoulders, not glancing up.
  9. Connor struggled, then gave up. Thoughts of what could happen to him made him shudder, then he started to cry.
  10. Lena scoffed indifferently, but a small part of her felt sorry for the boy. Sighing, she put her phone away and stood to her full height of five foot two.
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    Connor cried a bit more, "I don't want to die yet," He sobbed, looking down.
  12. Lena couldn't help it; she laughed. "I'm not... gonna... kill you!" she managed to squeak out through her laughter. "Some bigwig just wants your parent's money, is all. I don't kill; I just kidnap." the girl shrugged her shoulders.
  13. Connor began to calm down, "Oh,oh, oh..." He sniffled.
  14. "That's real manly, you know. Way to defend yourself." Lena smirked, crossing her arms loosely across her chest.
  15. He looked at her, "When you get a cloth over you and get abducted, what do you expect?"
  16. "Fight back, at least. I've seen little girls with more guts than you." Lena rolled her eyes. Turning on her heel, she quickly crossed the room, grabbing a video camera and a notebook.
  17. Now Connor started to struggle against the chair, "Don't you dare point that at me"
  18. "You have to record your ransom video so we can send it to your parents." Lena replied in a monotone, handing him a notebook with a paragraph written on it. "Memorize it."
  19. He frowned, "I'm not saying anything for you dammit."
  20. Lena takes a knife from her belt, holding it casually to his neck. "I'll cut off your ear if you don't." she responds with a toothy grin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.