Taken for Taken

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  1. Her dark hair stuck to her face from the faint tears as her bloodshot eyes looked out of the small cage like jail cell. The smell of cooking meat made her stomach growl under her thin nightdress. Her bound wrists were still upon her lap and red from the harsh rope she had been trying to get off for the past hour. Why had she come to this place? Why had they taken her? She had no answer. All she knew was that she was bound and gagged only to be taken in the dead of night from her palace.

    She looked at the men and women out laughing around the campfires, most not even acknowledging her presences. Her knees bent up as she sat against the wooden bars. Their leader had announced their successful plan, and thanked the young man who had not only planned the kidnapping, but followed through with it as well.

    How could this have come to this? Her father would be in a rage, if he wasn’t already. He was not a man of patience and tenderness. After all, the king did not need to be. Her father, King Edward, did only one thing to those who upset him. A punishment was placed. Most of the time, the punishment was that one losing their heads. The young Princess Alvara had seen all too well her father’s rage. She did not know what her kidnapping was going bring to her or the people who had taken her.
  2. The sound of the others cheering at the success of their plan to kidnap the princess filled the campsite. The young wizard wasn't one to celebrate. He didn't like the idea of kidnapping the princess and ransoming her to lift the ban on the use of magic. It just didn't feel right, even though he was the one who managed to come up with a plan for it. While the others cheered and drink to their success, the young wizard walked towards the cage where the princess was jailed.

    He looked at her, his eyes slightly tinted by the glasses that reflected the campfire. She looked scared. Of course, who wouldn't be? Out of nowhere she was kidnapped and brought to some unknown place by some unknown people. He felt bad that it had come to this, but if anything he quietly made a vow that no harm would come to the princess. It was the least he could do, until they released her.

    "Princess..." The wizard spoke in an almost sheepish tone, he took off his cloak and was offering it to her through the space in the bars, "You seem a little cold...please wear this."
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    The young woman looked up at the shadow that had come over her. Her hazel eyes looked up at the young man before her. She rubbed her eyes onto her thin nightgown. She slowly reached up and grabbed the cloak with her tied hands. She did the best she could to wrap it around her shoulders and the rest of her self. The wind blew softly and caused her back to shiver a bit. "Thank you Sir," The young Princess Victoria whispered.

    The man was kinder looking the rest. His eyes were soft and his tone was more relaxed and not as harsh as the man who took her. Her feet curled under her blanket. Why did this happen? She didn't ask for this and she didn't do anything....did she? Her eyes went back to him. "Where am I? What is this place?" She figured she had the right to know who her captures were and where she was. It was not like she could call out for help or anything. She was out in the middle of the wood, alone, and no clue on where the next village was. Just because they were keeping her in a cage like an animal did not mean she did not need to be talked to and have knowledge like a person.
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    The wizard hesitated when the princess started asking questions. His cool blue eyes glanced to the others behind him before he turned back to look at the princess.
    "I'm sorry princess," he spoke apologetically, "I can't tell you."
    He then ran a hand through his dark hair. It was a little messy and long, he had bangs that fell on the sides of his face and reached his shoulders.
    "But please believe me," he spoke softly, not wanting the others to hear, "I won't let any harm come to you."

    "Don't get too cozy with the prisoner," a voice spoke from behind him. The wizard turned and saw the leader of the group, in his hands a tray of food.
    "Why not?" the wizard replied, "We are only just ransoming her right? Once her father lifts the ban on magic we'll return her to the castle, right?"
    "If it were only that easy." the man replied, passing the food tray to the wizard, "Here's your share."
    With that the man turned on his heels and joined the others by the campfire.
    The wizard's face grimaced, he didn't like how things were turning out one bit. They were just suppose to ransom here, what else was the leader thinking? He looked down on the tray of food in his hands. It was a medium-sized loaf of bread with a bowl of soup and a cup of water. He placed the food before him and looked at the princess.

    "I know it's not much," he said as he gestured to the food tray, "I can feed you if you don't mind sharing the meal with me."
    He then blushed slightly after realizing what he had just said. That was pretty bold of him, to feed the princess, even though her hands were bound she was quite capable of eating herself.
    "O-or..." he stammered, fixing his glasses with his index finger as he inched back a bit, "Y-you can have it all. I'm not too hungry..."
    He trailed off but the sound of his stomach growling gave away just how hungry he was.
    "Uh..." he smiled hesitantly, "J-just ignore that."