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  1. A knock on the door interrupted Tsume's usual business. "Tsume, sir. . I've got some more papers that have been sent for you. ." A maid's voice rung behind the door and the male gave out a harsh sigh. "Alright, bring 'em on in." With that, the door opened and the maid wandered on in with a folder within her hands. As soon as she had placed it upon his desk, she bowed and left without another word.
    This room was once his father's. It still felt as if his soul lingered around ever since that tragic day had occured. It was a blade to the chest that ended a leader's journey. Tsume hadn't cared in the least after that day. It was just another nuisance out of his life. The boy's father never really had interactions with im and every once in a while, they'd speak of how much work they had done. Rather than being outside training with the elites, he was dragged in here to do things that didn't interest him. Now, he was stuck within a large room with nothing but papers.
    Of course, Tsume wasn't the type to get along with anyone, really. He only slightly respected his high eliete guards and basically took off his anger with everyone else. Everyone knew better than to defy him. No matter how right they thought they were. Tsume tossed a few sheets of papers aside and simply moved on to the folder that was handed to him. It was opened up and his eyes quickly scanned through the papers. At first, it appeared though he was interested in nothing. Nothing at all. . until a certain file came into view. Tsume paused and leaned back in his chair, looking at the file with slight interest. It appeared to hold the picture of a female that resided within a clan not too far from his own land. For mere seconds, he read through and stood up, placing the file upon his desk. He was out the door in no time at all. Tsume's voice rung through the halls as he called for his two most reliable elites. As soon as they had met him just at the entrance of the training grounds, they were off. The male had chosen to pay the clan a small visit as of now and chanses were; he wasn't comming back empty handed.
  2. Smile and wave, smile and wave, the girl thought to herself as she once again was shown of to the public as her fathers and mothers most beautiful and precious little doll. It was said that her smile resembled an angels, but every time she saw herself in the mirror all she could see was a lie. She's the most beautiful, innocent and forgiving girl there is, people said. But how did they know? She was only outside for a few hours and then locked up in her room for another couple of weeks before they needed her again. What a life.

    "Emma, concentrate." She almost jumped out of her skin as she heard her mothers voice. Her smile must have started to fade, as it so often did when she were in deep thoughts. Never show that side in front of the people. She knew that was the rule. She was supposed to be pretty, win more prizes, and be her parents pride and joy.

    Eventually the day ended and Emma could go back to her room. Winning another beauty contest had been easy. Now it was time to spend the next weeks in her room, practicing and waiting for the next opportunity. As she sat down in front of the mirror, she let her raven black hair fall down. Having it put up in an uncomfortable but beautiful braiding was a necessity. You couldn't compete with the same clothes or hair style every time, or people would get too used to your looks and you would start loosing. Change was most important.

    Emma looked into the mirror, observing the green eyed girl whom looked back on her. Sometimes she were a stranger, and other times a friend. Who else were she to speak to when she was all alone at night if not her own image? It was quite funny how most of her family members had brown eyes, but somehow she got her grandfathers dark green color. Her mother had thought that it would be a disadvantage for the longest of time, but now a days she saw them as a blessing. People loved the uniqueness of the color. Few had green eyes in their country, and only a handful had that very shade of green.

    "It's been a long day Emma. Let's go to bed shall we?" She spoke to her mirror image. She couldn't even seem to smile properly towards herself.
  3. Tsume's eyes watched the trees pass by as he men scouted ahead. It wouldn't be any longer now. A few more minutes and they'd enter the clan boundry line. His thoughts lined his mind as he appeared to be focused on whatever passed on by. Whether it was just an animal or another scouter from seperate lands, he remained tranquil and casual as usual. Minutes later, he met the guards that kept the land secure. Tsume's eyes locked with one of them and they stepped aside, carefull to not misinterpret both their actions and words. The male peered towards one of his men and nodded him ahead. "Notify the residence that I've made my entrance." He looked towards one of his other men and gave a small smirk. "There is a certain family here. They are known to have possession of a well known daughter here. Tell them to get her ready for departure. I've got a proposition for them." The two men were off and Tsume took his attention towards the guards that lined the streets.

    A man approached him and bowed his head lightly at Tsume's presence. "Tsume, sir. What may you be doing here? You've signed a treaty and have sworn to leave our land be. What business do you have here?" The male gave a casual look towards the guard and crossed his arms. He then peered around at his surroundings. "Business. That's all." Then a laugh slipped past Tsume's lips. "And that treaty is more of. . . how do I say. . a little something for my family to simply get their way around things. It's not like I'd follow through it year after year. This land is quite rich, I get it, though I don't suppose anyone will be willing to put any work around here for what its worth." The guard swallowed hard and took his gaze to the ground. "I'd mine as well burn what's left here." With that, Tsume made his way off to his destination; the family located not too far within town.

    One of Tsume's guards had approached the doorstep of Emma's home; which seemed fairly large, considering the fact that they were rich. Rather than knocking, the man had kicked in the door and held a firm yet casual look. "Lord Tsume is within the lands. He has requested for the girl to get ready for departure!." The man's voice rung clear through the home and his piercing red eyes shown just about everything there was to feel. Even he feared for Tsume's anger. The male was more than capable of wiping out a clanground and he had planned on doing it to this very land itself. "A proposition has been set for order and he shall arrive soon." The eliete's eyes locked on to any maid or person that was around and it was best he made his voice clear.
  4. Emma was lying down on her bed. After many complaints from her chambermaid, she had finally changed from her red competition dress to her white nightdress. Finally she could fall asleep. Or at least that was what she thought. But suddenly she started to hear noises. Not from the outside, but from the inside. Her room was very secluded from the rest, so she rarely had to be disturbed by anyone. Now worried voices seemed to come closer, and suddenly the door was being opened without even a knock.

    "My lady, get dressed immediately. You might be needed downstairs." Her regular maid told her while a few others silenced just as the door opened.

    Downstairs Emma's mother, Lilly, stepped forward furiously while her husband followed her as a nervous wreck. "Lord Tsume I suppose." The older woman said coldly as she met the man whom tried to take her precious daughter away. "I have heard the most outrageous rumor since you've gotten here this evening. I do hope it is a rumor, because no sane parent would ever give their precious child away on such a ridiculous order." She was obviously about to say more, but her husband stepped in.

    "I apologize for my wife's behavior my lord. She has been under great stress lately. But with all due respect, we cannot let our daughter leave so suddenly. She's all we've got. And it would be such a confusing situation for a fragile girl like Emma. Such a sudden change without any warning, it's not healthy for neither soul nor body." He seemed to try to find reason after reason to why she shouldn't have to leave her family, but never did he mention that they were a family or that they loved each other.

    Emma had purposely waited until her father was done talking before she made herself visible on top of the stairs. Now she wore a blue dress with long sleeves. She hadn't bothered with the hair as some matter had been urgent. So it simply laid gracefully on her back with a few natural waves which made it seem fuller. She had been lucky to not inherit the hair type from her fathers side of the family. Most women had such extremely curly hair on that side of the family, not even Emma would have been able to make that look good. "Father, what is all the tumult about?" She asked before looking towards the strangers and smiled welcoming towards them. She didn't get much of an answer from her father though, as he weren't sure what to do with lord Tsume there.
  5. The eliete stepped aside and allowed Tsume to get a better look at the place as he entered. His gleaming turqoise eyes seemed relaxed but all knew that it was more than deadly at this point. Not a word slipped from his mouth as he half listened to Emma's father's and mother's reasoning. His arms remained crossed and lastely, his glance fell upon the two of them. "I'll take what I desire and leave your precious clan untouched. There's not much to be reasoning with, now is there?" His mind began to be put to the test. He was going to minipulate their minds the way he did to everyone else. If not that, he'd use his own wealth to his advantage. "Change is the only way she's ever going to proceed through life. I take it that she's in her room this very minute. Tell me why she's not down here dining with the rest of you? Unless you've already done so and just sent her away. I've had some rumors spreading around my own occurance as well. I take it she's not as. . . . needed when you're within this home."

    A small smile made its way upon his expression as he gradually switched topics without notice. "Anyway, we'll get down to busines. I hear how you may be intereseted enough in money, hm? I'll give you a one chance opportunity. Ten thosand dollars will hang in the balance until you make your decision." Rather than using force to get what he wanted, he played things on the safe side until he's lost his patience.

    Tsume's eyes soon peered up towards the figure who had made the light voice. He had assumed that this was Emma. He faintly smiled towards her then returned to his original more serious expression. If settling things here made the difference, then he'd play it all out. "I've got no time to waste here. I'll never hear the end of it if I return back to my own land in a late mannor." The male's gaze fell upon the girl's parents once more and it seemed to glaze over with impatience within the seconds. Now it was only a matter of time before he simply. . snapped.
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  6. "Ten.. My lord, we cannot...." Emma's father were forced silent by a small kick to the knee.

    "He might be right. We've been so busy protecting her, we might have missed what's best for her. A change might be needed indeed Lord Tsume. How foolish of me to misjudge you." Lilly said with a welcoming voice. Ten thousand wasn't a small amount. While their daughter probably could make them more money over an extended amount of time, that was still a bit of a gamble. No one knew when someones beauty would fade, or when an accident would take it away. Now they could get all of it at once.

    Emma looked confused between her parents and the man they were speaking with. "Mother, you have yet to tell me what this is all about." She protested. This didn't seem right.

    "And you have yet to understand that you are in no position to ask stupid questions. Your chamber maid will pack your things and we'll send them tomorrow morning. You'll be in the care of Lord Tsume from now on my child." Emma's mother told her, as if she were a five year old child and couldn't understand the simplest of logic. "We will need the compensation of course, to heal our broken hearts." She turned back to Tsume. The father wasn't too supportive towards the idea, mainly because he was certain that Emma could give them much more money if she stayed with them. But he also feared the lord, thus didn't dare to speak against him any longer.

    Emma was baffled. They were selling her off to a man she did not even know? They had done many rotten things in their lives, but this must have been the worst. Still she knew she had no right to protest. Dolls were meant to be silent and beautiful. Or else they would be a bother to their owners.
  7. A deal was a deal. He'd give what they wanted in return for their daughter. "Excellent." his voice seemed only fairly lighter at this moment and he proceeded with his intentions. "Hiro, write them up. I'll have their reward sent to them tomorrow morning." The eliete nodded and exited the home, doing Tsume's orders without a word. As for Tsume, he peered up towards the girl and welcomed her with a faint smile. "Come along, Emma. There's much to be done. Please, do not keep me waiting." With that said, he turned and began to exit the home without another word.

    There was no intention on harming this landin anyway and the boy was in a preferrably good mood as of now. Though. . he did have much work to be done. Today, he was expecting a bit of work and as for tomorrow, he was expecting a bit of. . .a reunion. .and that wasn't something to be looking forward to. As for Emma, he'd been pitying her for a few hours already. If he had the time, he'd let her live an actual normal life and be treated fairly. That wouldn't be a promise, though.

    Tsume peered back towards Emma with not a smile on his face. Right now, he was just trying to make small talk until further notice. "Emma, now is it? I wasn't disturbing you, now was I?" he asked, peering up ahead afterwards. One of his elietes remained up ahead just at the foot of the gate. He'd wait there for Tsume and escort both he and the girl back to the clangrounds not too far from here.
  8. Emma gave her mother and father a couple of pleading eyes, but non of them budged. She weren't sure whom was worse. The man who came to buy her from her parents without warning, or the parents whom sold her off. But she couldn't do much about it. If she didn't go, her parents would throw her out of the house to keep their word. So she started to walk after the man.

    Maybe it wasn't so bad though. After all, she had been a prisoner in her own home. How different could this be? The only way he could make it worse was if she was locked up in a prison cell. Emma tried to keep her plastered smile on her lips, though by now it was more of a nervous half smile.

    The question did surprise her. The only time people asked her questions was during interviews or contests. No one just asked her something out of the blue if they happened to be around her. Instead they adored her beauty, and told her parents how proud they must be. "I was about to fall asleep m'lord." She replied with an even voice. Not negative or positive in any way, just stating a fact. He could come up with his own conclusion if she had been disturbed by it or not.

    "Forgive me for asking, but why did you come unannounced to our home with such a request?" She then asked. Her mother might have hit her just for thinking about asking a question. She was to obey, not to think. She was already ready for the blow that would come at any moment. Because how different could Tsume be from her mother or father?
  9. He nodded at the girl's answer and kept his eyes clear ahead of them both. "I apologize, Emma. Once we return back to my land, I'll have the maids get you ready for bed. No need for you to follow me about for the rest of the evening." His tone was fairly relaxed as far as anyone was concerned. Though nonw of the guards bothered peering back to see this themselves. They were simply told to come along with him to retrieve the girl. Nothing more, nothing less.

    At first, there was no answer to the girl's question. He just kept walking. Then, he carefully picked out the words she might've wanted to hear. "It's just business, Emma. Am I not allowed to take what I desire?" He found his way to her eyes and continued to keep his cool. As much as he hated questions, he did his best to remain lax. The last thing he wanted to do was harm here. Who knew what this girl's been through already?

    As well as that, he's already taken quite an interest in her. There was no telling if he was for sure. The boy's expression was always hard to read and all that others had picked up was him always showing anger and frustration. That was basically the only things Tsume's been expressing when back within his cangrounds. He acted the way he was suppose to and kept things at high standard. If he were to let himself act any differently, none would take him as seriously as they did now.
  10. At that time she would probably be wide awake again. But at least he tried to be kind. Or at least it seemed like it. Maybe he wasn't as bad as she first had thought. That was until he finally answered her question. Of course. It was only business. She was being used as usual. He probably only thought about letting her sleep properly since a ruined nights sleep could give ugly bags under the eyes. And they couldn't have her beautiful face ruined for such a dumb reason.

    What would happen next? More beauty competitions to earn him money? Or did he only want to have her as a trophy, something pretty to look at whenever he felt like it? Maybe he thought of making her into a concubine. Emma's thoughts wen't into darker and darker reasoning for Tsume's purchase.

    "As long as you have the money and power, then you have the right my lord." She answered him. That was the hard truth of life. Some people could buy the whole world if they wanted to, and then watch the people in it burn for their enjoyment. "But that does not mean that what you desire will agree with your actions." She then added. Of course she wouldn't risk her own life, health or well being to disobey him, but at the very least she would let him know that she weren't too fond of this arrangement in a subtle way.
  11. His eyes peered towards her slightly and he held his toungue for a moment. He understood their differences and did, in fact, know that alot of things wouldn't agree with what he did. "I know that, Emma. I do not expect even you to enjoy this little joy ride. I knew that before I had decided to take you from your family. That is, if you'd much rather go back home."

    Tsume arched a brow and seemed to hold a plain expression. If she had wanted to go back, he'd be more than glad to allow her to. He wasn't going to stop her. Though he's already walked halfway back to his clan grounds. Returning empty handed was the last thing he'd like to do. Now looking straight ahead, he shot a glare towards one of the guards who had peered on back to tune into the conversation. It had instantly put the eliete back in place and they continued to walk further on. The boy's intentions and standards for Emma weren't all too high. She was treated respectfully by her people and he'd partially fufill that part of his own purchace. This was a gamble, yes, and he had wasted time and money on nothing but a girl. Would he do anything negative to her? Possibly. Though he didn't intend to at all.

    He'd slowly change her and show her what reality was like. It was something to do and would replace training for a good amount of time. Emma appeared to be. . .too innocent. It was to the point where Tsume didn't want to even snap or yell at her. She seemed to have experienced a little part of the world and it was only the good parts of it too. Where he lived, she'd be exposed to it all. Every good, bad, and in between sort of thing. He'd keep her away from anything that involved bloodshed but he wouldn't be able to do that for long. That was just the a stated fact that he'd have to face.
  12. Emma looked slightly confused at him. Go back? Would he really let her go back home if she wished for it? On the other hand, what did she have to return to? Two parents whom would throw her out if the lord asked for his money back. They had made their choice to throw her out.

    "I have no particular desire to go home." She told him, though obviously she did not have any desire to come with him either. But having been locked up her whole life, she did not know the world well enough to live in it on her own. She would either starve to death, or be kidnapped for her looks. If she were lucky, maybe someone good would take her in without using her. But she had a hard time believing that there were people that didn't think like her parents.

    "And even if I had, I wouldn't be welcomed any longer. I am no longer their property, thus I should not be in their presence." A very depressive fact, but it was all she knew. In her world, children were created to obey their parents until they decided to marry them away or in this case sell them. Children didn't have their own free will before they were married off. That was of course if the man let the woman have her own freedom. Otherwise she should continue obeying as she always had. That was what she had been taught, and that was what she followed. But nothing could ever make her like it.
  13. There was this look of agony that Tsume hid away. The girl appeared to think of herself as an item rather than a walking, living being. It took all he had not to look at her and he continued to keep his frustration centered within him. Instead of snapping at her the way he did to everyone else, he looked at her with calm eyes. "You look at yourself as if you are nothing more but an item that has been sold away at a shop. From here on out, you will be treated as if you are an actual person and I don't want you thinking less of yourself. Do I make myself clear?" Tsume peered at her slightly and arched a brow.

    Now it wasn't long before he was notifyed that they were approaching his clanground. Tsume's eyes looked on ahead and he caught sight of basically whoever was scouting the perimeter. With that kept in mind, he motioned the men off and they both nodded, leaving Tsume and Emma be. It wasn't a long walk since he had someone to talk to. Within silence, it was as if it were taking forever to get from point A to point B. "I take it your clan had treated you with respect, yes? The way a princess would be treated? Here, that's the way you will and should be treated. Anything negative towards you will simply be erased from existence." That was his promise but he never said that it was towards her. Not at this point in time. It'd take a while to get used to her.
  14. The girl were quite surprised and confused over the man's words. He were the one whom had bought her for money. How could he see her as anything more than an item? She did give a small nod as response, but it still didn't change her thoughts of herself. She didn't even know how people usually were treated, as far as she knew, what she had gone through were completely normal.

    As they got closer and closer to their destination, Tsume continued to speak. Respect wouldn't be her choice of word. She was treated like a rare item, something that could not be touched without breaking. Only a handful of people dared to lay a hand on her, as they knew exactly what would and wouldn't break their treasure. If she compared herself to an animal, she were definitely a caged bird. Too small to be touched with uncareful fingers, thus people only adored it's beauty and listened to its song without hearing the words, and completely missing the meaning behind it.

    "Negativity isn't only bad. You cannot live a life full of only happiness. Without pain, you will never be able to appreciate those rare moments of joy." She commented. Living a blissful life without any negativity seemed like a nightmare. Her chambermaid had once read her a story, as Emma never had been allowed to read for herself, or even been allowed to learn how to do it. In the story a man wished for a life in which no one could be mean to him, and nothing bad ever happened to him. Luck would always come his way. At first he were happy, but then he slowly turned more and more depressed, because nothing ever went bad for him, and life became more and more boring. He even tried to kill himself eventually, but luck was on his side and always saved his life. In the end he lived a long life in which most people would consider themselves happy to live in. As he lied on his death bed as an old man, he finally smiled for the first time in years. Then he was freed by death.
  15. He arched a brow ans smiled dimly. If she were willing to take a few harsh words here and there from a few of his men, then he's let her hear it. She'd best be able to to take more than she could handle. His land wasn't the kindest but everyone treated him with the upmost respect; seeing that he was able to expell more than enough energy to eradicate them all. Tsume need this clan, though. It's been around for ages and it would be the least he could do, anyway. As for the girl, she'd be a new guest that would be treated just as fairly as him.

    Soon enough, he led the girl to the immense building. Many would consider it a castle but Tsume just looked at it as if it were just a pain old artifact. A boring one too. He entered and right away, a few maids had geeted him. Their eyes soon went from himself to the girl and it seemed though they didn't know how to react. Before silence could take place, the boyo's voice soon entered the comotion. "Take Emma up to her room. Ready her for bed. If she'd like to join me down here, let her do as she pleases. Just have one of my elietes escort her down here." Tsume was carefull with his words. If he'd let the girl down here on her own, god knows what'll happen to her. Most of his soldiers were dog-brained and if the time was right, they'd do anything to get their hands on a new female around here.

    The maids nodded and smiled towards Emma, gently pulling her along. They led her up a spiral staircase and into a long hallway. A few turns were made here and there before they approached a large two door room. One of the maids pulled it open and the interior was more than spacy. It had a good amount of room and they were sure that Emma would be pleased to see it. "Your highness," one of them began, leading her in. "Is it to your liking?" They all were sure to please her and it seemed though another maid had gone to make sure that the room wasn't occupied at this time. It would be the last thing they'd like to happen. Slipping into the bathroom, another maid made sure to get the water ready. Just the usual routine. Nothing more, nothing less.
  16. Soon they arrived at what could only be described as a castle, still glorious even though it had lost some of its charm from its original time. Emma had grown up in a mansion, and even though it had been big it was nothing compared to this. Hopefully it was easily constructed on the inside, or else she might just get lost. That was of course if she would be allowed to walk around freely. She never had at home. There were even parts of her home in which she had never been as her parents had ordered her not to go where she wasn't needed.

    The maids were immediately ordered to take her upstairs and to a room in which she most likely would live in from now on. It was much more spacious than her old room. It had been small with a bed, a closet, a chair and a mirror. All the things needed for sleep and preparations for the day. This room seemed to be made for royalty, at least for someone not used to it. "Yes, it's very nice." She answered the maid's question. Though it did take her some seconds to do so, as she first had to get out of the shock from hearing the girl speak to her. At home the maids hadn't been allowed to speak to her, except for her chamber maid whom had raised her. Emma had been sure that it was normal that maids didn't speak during work if it wasn't an important matter, or there were some special circumstances.

    She let them help her as much as was required from them, sometimes it was exactly as it had been at home, and sometimes they did more than she had expected. Once she had taken a short bath she went straight to bed. Even though she had suspected that she would be completely awake when arriving, she still felt more tired than ever. Not only had she almost fallen asleep in the bath, but she had barely even been able to tell the maids that they could leave before she had passed out on the bed. At the very least she had been able to change into a nightgown. After such an exhausting day, she did hope there would be no more for some time.
  17. He watched as the maids took Emma to her room. With that, this left him to finish up anything that needed to be done. Tsume walked on into the dining hall, where he was greeted by an unexpected guest. "Ah, Tsume! Long time no see! It's come to my attention that you've brought a guest of your own as well?" This was the voice of a clan leader. He had traveled all the way here from the open ice lands. His eyes were gleaming a deep blue and his hair was a light icy color as well. Though what caught his attention was the man sitting next to this clan leader. He had the same hair coloration though his eyes differed in color. The male's right eye was an icy, pale blue while the other gleamed a deep saphire. Metallic necklaces hung around the male's neck and he wore gauntlets that reached up a little past his elbows. Sure, he didn't wear a shirt but that was to be expected from him. This only revealed the black markings that were sketched across his entire upper body. His eyes locked with Tsume's. Tsume simply ignored the mal'e sword that was leaned against his seat.

    ". . .Zero. ." Tsume growled, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. The male glared back and gave a look of hate. "It's been a while, brother." Tension rose through the air around them all and the clan leader was able to feel this clearly. The man was named Koro, and he was to keep things light between the two.

    "Ah, how's about we get our meeting done and over with?" Koro said, clearing his throat for a second.

    "You two weren't suppose to arrive until tomorrow morning." Tsume narrowed his eyes towards the man and took his attention away from his sibling. Koro gave a serious look and leaned forward in his seat.

    "There were. . complications, Tsume. You must understand that . . things are going to have to change. Just a little." Tsume merely scoffed at this and prceeded in taking a seat.

    "I'd like to postpone this little conversation until tomorrow morning. I've got things to finish." This stopped Koro in his tracks for a moment or two.

    "But Tsume. This is urgent. You must discuss this-"

    "I said tomorrow morning. It seems though this whole world has urgent things to speak about. Quit trying to waste my time here." Tsume leaned back in his seat and sighed lightly to himself, only to bring his attention back to his sibling. Zero's eyes were glazed with hate and disgust and Tsume read it well. It seemed though the two of them were close to breaking into another deadly battle. Koro had to step in once more.

    "Um. . Tsume, would you like to explain who that young girl was earlier?" This pulled his attention back to the man.

    "That was Emma. I take it you are familiar with her?" Koro nodded and seemed a tad bit interested in the small talk.

    "Yes, I am. Though, I didn't expect her parents to give her to you so. . willingly." Tsume smiled and peered towards the man with a bit of anticipation.

    "I've got ways in moving through a person's mind. Whether I bribe them or not, I'll get what I want with a little thought. She'll be staying here for quite a while now. I expect you to stay far from her." Tsume's eyes narrowed and this put Koro where he belonged. The conversation seemed to go on for hours and it slowly began to bore Tsume at a constant rate. Eventually, Tsume decided to just head on to sleep. Zero and Koro would be getting their rest here and as much as he'd rather kick them out, he had to tune into their thoughts tomorrow morning.
  18. Early the next morning, Emma found herself in a far bigger bed than she was used to. It took her a while to actually remember what had happened the previous day, but slowly it started to sink in. That's right, her parents had sold her to lord Tsume. She was the property of a stranger now.

    Even though he had told her that she shouldn't see herself as a mere item, those words had been completely forgotten now. After all, it was hard to remember something when not even understanding the concept of it. It would probably take a few more hours before her things, clothes included would come. If her parents even decided to send them. Maybe they decided to earn some money and sell everything she owned. It wouldn't be surprising. Though since they had said they would sent in while they were in front of Tsume, at the very least they would probably send some of her things. Just to make an illusion of not having broken their promise.

    For now she settled for the blue dress she had worn the day before. Even though they had clothes prepared for her, just like with the nightgown, she did prefer her own things. When being in such an unfamiliar place, something familiar helped to clam the mind.

    Once she were done changing and had her hair put up in a simple braid, she let the maids show her to the dining hall for breakfast. The young woman was used to acting politely even in uncomfortable situations, so she did not react much when guards or servants were staring at her along the way. She even heard some whispering from behind once they passed a few men. But she kept smiling just as she had every time her mother wanted to show her to the towns people, or when she had been in competitions, or any time when she had been in public spaces. Always show your smile to the public, never let it fall. That was what her mother had told her.
  19. Sleeping late and waking up before sunrise was his usual habit; mainly to clear away any paper work he'd have trouble with. Tsume had been walking about his room, burning unwanted pages and mumbling to himself. When he had woken up that morning, that hate for his brother had come to realization; the two of those same men from last night were still around. Koro was a reasonable man, yes, but he despised his sibling more than anything else that breathed and walked. There was this undying hate between the two of them yet they both hadn't known what caused it. This was considered a natural occurance. Nothing more.

    After mere minutes of simply burning and signing random pages that were handed to him, it came to his attention that the girl had now occupyed this building. Tsume's mood enlightened and he paused for a second. He had assumed that she was either still asleep or simply eating within the dining hall. As much as he'd like to greet her, the last thing he'd like to see was Zero. He shrugged off that though and only hoped that his brother and Koro were still sleeping; highly doubted. Tsume gathered the papers together and put them away for another time. Having done so, he washed up and exited his room, making his way to wherever the maids were now occupying. He stretched and stepped down the stairs, being greeted here and there by just about anyone he crossed paths with. So far, he hadn't seen anyone who might've put him in a bad mood.

    It didn't take long before he had entered the dining hall where Emma was seated. He approached her and tilted his head ever so slightly. "Morning, Emma." he called out, gazing about the hall. "How are you liking it here? I assume you slept well?" His eyes soon fell upon her instead and that same casual expression remained in place. That was the one expression he always used. It never really changed and rarely did it ever do so. Tsume remained standing in the meantime. He'd be expecting a few people in no time at all.
  20. Not having notice him approaching, Emma jumped startled in her seat. She rose and made a curtsy as she had been raised to do in front of those whom were superior to her. "Good morning My lord." She greeted before turning her attention to his questions. "I slept very well and the room I got was lovely." She told him, avoiding his first question to the best of her ability.

    She didn't dislike it there. But she weren't used to it, and she had no idea yet what was expected of her. The unfamiliar surrounding and not knowing what the next day would bring was strange to the girl whom always had every second of every month planned out and rarely got any last second changes. If it hadn't been for the unfamiliarity of the situation, and the knowledge of him having actually bought her from her parents, then maybe she would have been able to say that she liked it a lot.

    "Um... My lord. I was just wondering... If it's not too much to ask for of course.. If I could have your permission to have a servant show me around, to familiar me with this building." She hesitated to ask him at first. Her own parents had never wanted her to walk out of her room if she didn't have a competition or something like that, thus there were parts of her own home she had never seen. She were only familiar with the way from her room to the kitchen to the toilet and to the front door. It could be that she wouldn't be much more familiar with this new setting if Tsume decided to keep her in one place only. But as he weren't her parents, he might give her some space to move around on. She couldn't be sure without asking, so she did.
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