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  1. Living within a family with the upmost respect made it easy for one partiqular being. It was easy to get his way, easy to make people suffer, and easy to manipulate minds. Of course, that was family business. Tsume did what he did to keep things in order. For his clan, that is. He's destroyed plenty of other clan lands and has expanded his own possessed land. With his father long gone, having been killed in battle, responsibilities were shoved into his own hands.
    He's been more than busy and it seemed though squeezing in a bit of training had a slim chance of even being able to fit into his day. Still, he traveled the land with a group of elite members and has visited many different groups all together. Though for him, he's got his eyes on one prize, if it was out there, anyway. There was a couple partiqular beings out there and it's been a while since he's actually been able to take something or someone precious from a loving royal family.
    Info ~ Fantasy ~
    ~F partner ~ Rumors gone around that there was supposively a daughter of one of the richest clangrounds not too far from his boundry line. She was claimed to be one of the most beautifull member there and no one was said to compare to her. Though for a rich family like them, she hadn't gotten the most plesant respect around there. Everyone had loved her but as for her own parents, it appeared that they've used her in. . .many different ways; winning prizes at beauty pageants, shown like a trophy to the world, then locked away in her room. She hadn't been able to really have much access to most parts of her home and she has spent most of her life within her room. This female was said to be one of the most kindest of beings out there. Innocent, forgiving, and always had a smile upon her face, even through bad situations. Or so he was told. That specific clan lived under Tsume's rule and those rumors had spread fairly quickly to him. Taking something precious to that land would make do for now. ~

    ~M partner ~ For a while, a few names had come into Tsume's range of hearing. There had appeared to be a new fighter that was supposively different from the rest of the elites out there. A nice spot for a being like him was sure to be open. Though for this specific being, he was known to be. . far different than expected. Rather than being able to minipulate just one element alone, this male was able to easily use a variety of several types of elemental powers; similar to Tsume himself. Knowing this fact, he was sure to retrieve this being and place him alongside his own tasks. Wiping out more clan lands would prove to move along quickly and it wouldn't be as difficult to take riches from any rebelling battles any longer. This would remain upon his mind.

    ~feel free to send a pm
    ~I'd prefer semi para to para (or multi para. it's your choice) Just keep it interesting.
    ~Genre includes: Romance, action, plenty of death of course, and a bit of sillyness.
    ~If you'd like for me to make a character reference, I'll just pm you.
    ~Any questions? Just ask
    ~No godmodding and just have fun!
  2. [[Update]] I'm taking a couple more people for this roleplay. Afterwards, I'm closing this up until further notice. ~
  3. I'am quite new to this site when it comes to the role playing proper and its format- But I do have at least six to seven years of experience in writing and developing my skills in it so I hope to possibly partake in the plot you've made. If you don't mind that is!
  4. Ah, sure thing. ^^ I'd be glad to haha.
  5. Well perhaps we could discuss it in PM? And I'll be leaving for my morning classes in Uni. I shall see you later!
  6. I'd love to join as a female ^^
  7. sure thing. shoot me a pm if you'd like to discuss / set up character info and what not
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