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  1. Sometime in the future in a galaxy not unlike our own events had begun to spin into motion that would tell a tale of an epic journey between two unlikely people. Though this tale didn’t start with stalwart hero’s within the prestigious galactic empire, the coalition of aliens races that banded together to protect and govern the known sentient beings. No this began in a more shady part of the known space. On the edge of the Romus nebula the Empires laws had little effect, especially in the Muri Trading Post. Muri was a hive of activity for anyone skilled enough to pilot through the dangerous asteroid field that orbited the outer system. The traders station was on the biggest asteroid in the thick of the mine field of rock and debris. A station as big as a small moon.

    The massive muddy brown rock had glimmers of silver built in. The glimmers of silver were windows and walls made from salvaged metal and glass that was built into the massive rock it’s self. All around the oval shaped rock were rudders that would gently correct the positioning of the station. Small turrets lined the station not as a defense against ships, but to gently shoot away floating smaller asteroids that might pose a threat to the busy port. Various docks lined the station, cave like openings that would allow ships entry into the post. For a seemingly empty expanse of floating rock, there was quite the hustle and bustle of ships hovering around the trader post.

    With the Empires grasp so far away this was a hive for trade that was less savory. Slave traders, illegal relic dealers, and pirates filled the rock with all sorts of business and goods. Though to assume such a place was lawless would have been a deadly mistake. It was run by a mafia style alien race whom allowed all manner to things to go on except the disruption to their business. But more than scum and unsavory pirates there was information to be found here. Information that was normally otherwise hard to come by.

    A female trolzulin walked slowly through the market, specifically the part of the market that held old relics. Items stolen or raided from ancient or protected planets. Trolzulin were a more or less rare alien race to see away from their home planet of Zulin. Not because of their inability for space travel. Far from that actually. The race was normally highly territorial and often fought amongst themselves over territory on their planet. But it was not unheard of to hear one that broke that mold. What was unheard of was a female off world. Like her trolzulin kind, this female was tall and lanky with her skin a soft blue in color. Also like her alien kin she had elongated ears and three fingers on each hand. But he was more or less human in appearance with a humanoid upright posture and a thin elegant face. Her almond shaped yellow honey colored eyes surveyed her surroundings with caution.

    Her long thin ears had two golden hoops and a bone necklace hung from her delicate neck. Despite her height of five foot seven she was actually short for her kind and rather frail or delicate looking. She wore a green, tan and khaki colored suit that covered most of her body. The skin that could be seen had white tiger stripped tattoo’s on her blue skin. Though she made up for this physical downside by wearing a photon enhancement tool, or P.E.T. mod which was worn almost like armor on her arms. The steel grey metal covered her arms and back, where the ring of the battery glowed a soft blue. The P.E.T. mod allowed the user to use energy, much like an energy weapon, to shoot pulses of energy out to damage attackers or ships. But it could also be used to lift or pick up heavy objects as it had been designed for construction workers who’s job site usually involved zero gravity. Although this PET mod was a little modified.

    She tossed her long cloud white hair from her eyes, which tumbled from her pony tail well past her back. She looked over the rare artifacts with only mild interest. She was really looking for information. Something that could lead her to a bounty of treasure and knowledge. Her three fingered hand moved to twirl her hair as she looked over a certain booth, one squatty human boasted to sell maps to rare planets. These often turned to be fake but it always paid to stop and have a look.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Toby wasn't your run of the mill human. When his helmet was off his eyes seemed to glow an electric blue, like the clear ocean. His hair seemed to shimmer when in light, the seemingly golden hair perfect for him. His body lean and strong, tight with muscle and meant for long duration and flexibility. He can access more of his brain and memory than a normal human can, his body's cells regenerate faster causing him to have a longer life-span, though no one knows just how long he can live. All of this was given to him through a series of experiments with different Alien DNA. It happened when he was a child, a dumb child that wanted to play Soldier. One day came along some scientists that asked him if he wanted to be a Super Soldier, and being the dumb kid that he was he said yes. On the spot, they abducted him from his home and he has never seen it since.

    He became a treasure hunter because it suited him well. He couldn't enlist in a normal job as that bored him and he was built to do dangerous things. No military would take him as he was currently being pursued by the Empire and no Private Military would take him in fear they would be attacked. The only options he had was to go back and be a pawn, or become his own person and go rogue. It is clear what his choice was.

    The asteroid, named True Freedom as it allowed anyone and everyone to do as they pleased as long as it didn't interfere with the Owner/Creator of the city. This place was his sanctuary and also a trap. He had a bounty on his head and Bounty Hunters came to this place to relax and gather information, so when one of the biggest bounties walk through the door, of course they are going to try and take him down. But Toby is use to it now and normally walks through the streets with his helmet on, hiding his face away from the public eye.

    His armor was equipped with a belt around his waist that held many of his gadgets, ammo, and miscellaneous stuff. His weapons included a WM8-Zion, along with his side-arm the MP24-Tru. He did carry around a combat knife for the situations when his enhanced strength and speed just can't get the job done. His ship was currently parked in Bay 3D4.

    Heavy footfalls stopped in front of the vendor, the one that sold the maps to planets that held rare treasures. Toby is always skeptical of these planet maps, but lately he has heard a rumor of System Kri holding a planet and everyone that goes there doesn't come back. Now either it was a load of horse-shit, or it was the truth and he wanted to get to the treasure before somebody ended up beating him to it. His eyes glaring through his helmet, though the man couldn't see what Toby was thinking or doing underneath the armor.
    "Give me a map about System Kri..."
  3. The squatty human shuffled over, stroking his beard as he looked over the woman. He seemed almost unsure what species she was but also didn’t ask. “Can I help ya find somethin’? Got lots of pretty relics for a pretty lady.” Dyzz’s honey colored eyes snapped dangerously to the man. Scowling at the compliment. “I not be afta already found relics. What maps ya got?” She said in a thick accent, snapping back a reply. He raised a brow an moved to shuffle through his data pads a moment before producing one that had several maps loaded into it’s system. It was more a teaser of maps. It gave no cords only relative location, only simply the legend or word of rare items. She raised her three fingered hand and took it from him, flicking her finger over the screen as she looked over the information. Then something caught her eye. Something about the system Kri and the rare relic hidden in the system. She starter to read but something distracted her.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by thudding foot falls and a tall shadow now obscuring her light. Curiously she lifted her head, glancing at the man beside her. He was a little taller than her with imposing looking armor. The helmet on his face could be there for a number of reasons though she guess it might have something to do with the inability to breathe oxygen. The thought there might be a bounty on his head didn’t flitter through her mind. Her yellow eyes glanced down at the two weapons he had on his person. He was certainly the type that looked like you should avoid.

    Except Dyzz was as curious at a zulin taiga and the mentioning of a map roused her thin face to fully face him. Did he know something she didn’t? Dis must be da loa’s guiding me path to meet dis guy. She thought to herself as he held the data pad to her chest. “I be a relic hunta m’self. Wha’chu know ‘bout da Kri system?” She said looking at the mysterious man. She didn’t know this man and didn’t know his species. Although that didn’t matter, she never trusted her own species. But something was telling her to think about partnering with him. She was a deeply religious woman and felt it was her gods, or loas as they were called on her home planet, that guided her to fall in his path.
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  4. Toby looked away from the squat man to see some sort of...alien race before him. He didn't recognize her race and his helmet already began to scan her quietly, going through a large database to find out exactly what she was. Though nothing came up, probably because her people never left their home planet and no one stumbled across it and recorded their race, culture, etc. She was asking him about the Kri System, the one that he just bought a map for and would scavenge through the planets. Though if people disappeared in this system, he was certain to find a planet with many destroyed ships or debris floating around leading him in the right direction. "Just about as much as everyone else, next to nothing about the System" He spoke through the helmet, meant to protect his identity.

    He turned his attention away from the trolzulin back to the squat man as he took the map from him. Slamming down some credits, as that was the currency within the galaxy and began to walk away from the vendor and from the blue alien. He wasn't one for talking and he wasn't one for sharing secrets on something that could be a large haul. He knew more than he let on, but why would he tell anyone that? The treasure was his and only his.

    As he walked away, he stopped as three burly, nasty looking alien men stepped forward. Their armor seemed makeshift and crude, spikes protruded from ones body like an old dinosaur and another one looked like a lizard.
    "Well, well, well. Look wat' we got e'r boyz. Itz da hummie dat we gottaz catch" The man began to grunt like a pig as he began to laugh along with the other two bounty hunters. "Look. I don't have time for this, so best that you just leave before you regret it..." Toby gave them a warning as that seemed to spike their laughter.

    "I warned you..."

    In a quick movement, his hand withdrew the pistol from his side and a blue arc of energy fired from the gun right into the large mans head, instantly dropping him dead on the spot. The two other lizard type aliens were shocked for only a moment before seemingly go into a rage as one charged him, but Toby braced himself and slammed his own shoulder into the Lizard mans. The ground underneath him cracked and gave a bit, Toby even slid back but he stood up to the Lizard, who seemed to hold more muscle mass than the smaller human. "Yor' tugher dan you look" The lizard snorted before bringing down it's large scaled hand.

    Toby looked up in time to push off the ground and backwards, the strike missing him by a few inches thanks to his enhanced speed. His own hand raising the pistol, firing three shots one after another into the lizard before he dropped as well. The last Lizard growled ferociously before running away into a dark alley, probably to call for backup. "I did warn you..." He muttered once more before walking over to the two dead bodies and crouching down. He began to search through their pack for anything miscellaneous or valuable that he could use in the future.
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  5. As the tall man replied his voice was altered with a synthetic tone, masking his real voice. He did speak better galactic common than her but then again most people spoke better galactic common than any trolzulin. His answer was short and he paid her little mind after that. Though Dyzz somewhat expected this. People in this lawless rock didn’t care much for conversation. But something urged her to follow him. He paid for the map and she laid the data pad down as she watched him walk away. Her mind started up with how to get him to talk to her when three bounty hunters started to approach. Dyzz froze as she watched anxiously, the lizard men seemed like they meant business.

    Thing started to move fast from there and suddenly a bolt of blue light took out one of the men. Dyzz jump as she was startled by the quickness of the movement. The other two seemed just as stunned as she but this didn’t last long. In a flurry of claws and blue gun fire the second was taken out. Passersby bolted for cover or ducked from the fight, giving the last lizard man a wide birth as he ran away. With her hand clasped to the bone necklace on her neck she stood a moment before regaining her senses. She wasn’t frightened by the carnage rather impressed by it. She exhaled and slowly walked to the man as the looted the bodies.

    “Might wanna ‘urry with dat. Dat one be back with friends.” She said to him as she looked down. Although no sooner had she said that the loner returned with another scaly alien. Both raised their weapons ready to fire, no questions asked this time. Dyzz thought quickly and moved her hand towards a crate sitting next to another booth. A violet light buzzed from her PET gear attached to her hand, with a jerk it moved towards her and the mysterious man, shielding him from the rifle fire of the bounty hunters. With another fling of her hand the metal crate was flung at them, knocking them down. “Run!” She said to the man as she turned to start doing the same.
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  6. Toby was busying himself as he quickly took whatever valuables or what might be valuable to him from the bodies of the dead. It was better than letting it all go to waste or even let people that didn't do the work to take the valuables. His head turned slightly as the trolzulin returned to him, speaking about something. She said something about hurrying but he wasn't fixated on her as he was about his hands. She was suddenly trying to start conversations with him and he didn't understand why. He didn't even know her name or her race, yet she wouldn't leave him alone.

    He turned his head as more of them returned, but the woman intervened and threw a crate at them to buy them time. He could handle this situation and she just got involved in something that she shouldn't have. Grumbling, he pushed off the ground and followed after her, easily keeping up with her in the armor he wore. They ran for awhile before they finally lost them, though they never found Toby or the woman to begin with once they ran off. He wouldn't even normally run, he would actually stay and fight but some random got in the way and he had to make sure they didn't attack her, claiming that she was affiliated with him.

    "What did you think you were doing? I could of easily handled that. I only came with you because they might of attacked you, thinking you were affiliated with me" He spoke clearly and in a slightly monotone voice. Now that they were both safe, he turned his back on the girl and began to walk away. He now had his map and now he just had to get back to his ship. Which shouldn't be too hard necessarily.
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  7. The strange man ran after, jogging to keep in step until they were safely distanced between the two angry humanoid reptiles. Once safe he began to berate her, clearly not appreciative for her help. Though a warrior like him didn’t need her help, she was aware of that but something was almost pushing her to stay with him. Guiding her in a way. Being a religious being she felt it was the whispers of her gods, the loas. She scoffed brazenly at his response and flippantly waved the notion away with her three fingered hand. “Dey be nothin’ I can’t handle but thank ya. An’ I know ya not be needin’ me help. Dat be obvious by da wey you took out dems otha’s.” She said turning to him.

    But he began to walk away. Though this did little to deter her. She huffed and placed her hands on her hips in annoyance for a fleeting moment. Then she quickly darted off after him. “Ya be alone, ja?” She said catching up with him. “Ya know nothin’ ‘bout the Kri system, ja? Well I know a little. I be a researcher an’ relic hunta. And ya be a warrior, ja? Warrior’s need medics. I be a medic.” She said almost walking in front of him. It must have seemed insane that she was so persistent but in her mind, there was good reason. “I know ya not be needin’ a female ta git in ya way but I be useful. Got knowledge in enhancement tech and robotics.”

    The two bodies were soon discovered by the mafia’s guards. Although murder was a common place, it was not tolerated when it disrupted business. Which had happened when Dyzz chucked the crate at the men. Two highly armored humanoids in dark brown mech armor arrived at the scene, after the surviving lizard men chased off after Toby and Dyzz of course. Holding heavy loadstone rifles in their bulky arms. “Ugh… eh this is a right mess.” One brute said to the other as the other knelt down to inspect the bodies. “They-they trashed my wares! That damn blue alien and that brute!” The squatty human complained as he walked to the men. “He bought a map from me they just started killing people.” The one kneeling looked up, his masked face showing no emotion. “Which way did they go?” He said as the shop owner pointed towards the direction that they ran.
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  8. He continued to walk forward, being annoyed by the trolzulin as she trailed along to the point where she was standing in front of him now. He stopped and looked down at her, as he was taller than her. She mentioned he would need a medic, but that wasn't true as his enhancements healed him and if they couldn't heal him over a period of time, well then he was probably dead and missing his head. He would keep his mouth shut about the Kri System though, he didn't want to give away any of his information to her and it would be wise to let her continue believing that he knew nothing of the place. He let out a sigh that reverberated outside of his helmet. "I don't need a medic..."

    He passed by her and even patted the top of her head like an Adult would do to a child that they found funny but not interesting enough. "Look...girl..." He didn't know her species, so for all he knew, she could be only twelve years old or maybe even older. He couldn't tell with other races. "I appreciate that you want to help me, but its not going to happen. I have always been alone and that is how it is going to stay. I don't need someone slowing me down" He put it bluntly. There was no other way to say it besides that way.

    "Now run along before they show up again and you get hurt." He began to make a shooing motion as he waited for her to leave, knowing full well that if he didn't get her to leave then she would continue to follow him.
  9. It had to be the loas. The feeling in her chest seemed to pull her to him. It had to be their hands guiding her path. It was set in her mind although he hardly seemed open to her company. He placed her hands on her hips with a bit of sass when he proclaimed he didn’t need a medic. She decided that was rubbish, what warrior whom regularly go into battles didn’t need a medic? Of course she didn’t know about his enhanced healing ability. Her eyes snapped wide when he patted her head like a child, her hand snapping to bat his away. An annoyed scowl upon her thin face. “I not a girl!” She was quick to retort.

    She was young yes, as far as her alien race went but she was still an adult. “Passed me rights of passage some time ago.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. “An’ I not slow ya down. May not have all dat strength ya have but I got smarts. Gemme a computa an’ I can hack it. Gemme somethin’ mechanical or robotic an’ I can work it.” She stood her ground refusing to leave now unless it was in his footsteps. “Sides, I feel it here.” She uncrossed her hands to tap her own chest over her heart. “Da loas be speakin’ to me. We meant ta cross paths and I meant ta help ya. Keep da money from dis first misson. I show ya how useful I can be.” Her words in her book were final and there was no changing her mind.

    Meanwhile the two bruiser guards were hot on Toby and Dyzz’s trail. Following eye witness accounts and logging into the stations video surveillance team. These two would be much harder for Toby and Dyzz to take out, due to their superior armor and knowledge. They knew the two they hunted were aggressive and strong.
  10. He was getting annoyed by her, she didn't seem to be leaving, but he continued to press on forward. Walking towards the direction his ship was docked. "Look, I don't need someone to help me at all, no matter how useful they are. I work alone and I will always work alone." He continued surging forward, not even looking back at her now. He felt like if he stopped and looked at her, it would make her want to join him even more, which was annoying the crap out of him at the moment. His eyes scanned the crowd through the helmet, noticing nothing alerting at the moment besides the crowd blocking him to the docking bay.

    "Dammit...move people" He growled under his helmet as he continued to push past the group of people. Once past, his ship was in view now as he approached and walked up to the console, unlatching the ship. He turned to see the trolzulin still with him and he let out another sigh. "This is where we part ways...this is my ship." He pointed out the obvious as the ramp began to descend, stopping.

    Toby turned around and began to enter his ship, not noticing the two guards in the general area. They would be within range in a few seconds and whatever happens after that. Toby is probably going to regret the outcome.
  11. Dyzz sighed as she crossed her hands over her chest. Did he not understand what it meant to be told by the loas? It was simply not something a trolzulin could ignore. Then she looked away after realizing Oh right… Hims not trolzulin. Donno nuthin’ bout da loas… She thought as she looked back at him but he had started to move away from her. She of course followed with a mild sigh. Following in his wake as he push people aside. “Look, I not be convincing ya no more. My loas… Guess dey be called gods in your tongue, dey be talkin’ to me. And right now dey be sayin… RUN!” Her attention was suddenly drawn to a flurry of movement as the two bruisers caught up. Without words they aimed their rifles.

    She held up her hand to create a temporary shield that took the hit of the first laser fire. But too many more shots like that would over load her PET systems. She ducked down and dropped the shield, instead her hands shot towards more crates that lined the side of the dock. With a toss of her arms two crates flew at the heavily armed bruisers. Though these did little to deter them. One jumped out of the way while the other took the full hit. But it seemed like she tossed a snowball at him as he merely shook it off and began shooting again.
  12. He turned to look at the alien that screamed at him to run, then his eyes shifted towards the bruisers that appeared. As they seemed to grow distracted by her and how she threw crates at them, he continued up the ramp of his ship. The ship came to life and began to hover as Toby sat in the cockpit, but he felt like he shouldn't just abandon this. . . alien to die by the bruisers. "Jeez. . . How do I get in these messes" He let out a low, aggravated sigh as he pressed a few flashing buttons. Two laser cannons placed on either side of the cockpit roared to life and aimed in the direction of the bruisers, but it was too late for anyone in the area or even the bruisers to really move as he laid fire onto their area. He fired for a good thirty seconds before laying off the trigger to look at the devastation. The metal of the dock was charred and destroyed.

    He didn't see the bruisers as they were either destroyed by the volley, or they ran off. Well, now that they just attacked the 'Police' of this sanctuary, he would have to lay low for awhile. Just like the alien and he could just leave her behind to take all the blame, but then she might just be held alive until he returned. Though he wouldn't care as he had no ties to her, but just so karma would stay on his side. The ramp to the ship opened up once more, hovering above the metal dock as he brought the ramp close to the trolzulin. This was her only chance to get onto the ship and if she didn't take it or asked questions, then he would just leave.
  13. Dyzz was almost annoyed when she saw the man kept going and boarded his ship. Was he really going to leave her to this fate? She almost turned around to curse at him, had it not been for the bruisers returning to fire at her and the ship. But it whirled to life and its engines gave a soft hum as it moved behind her turning her head as she held up her shield she saw the ship not turning away but turning towards the fight. Suddenly she realized what he meant to do as the laser canons roared to life. “Ya crazy-“ She started to say but her words hushed as the loud boom of the laser fire silenced her. Dropping her shield she hit the ground and crouched low, covering her ears from the loud boom.

    It seemed like it took forever for the canons to stop. Once the sound stopped she opened her eyes cautiously and pulled her hands away. Faint screams echoed far away but the sound of sizzling metal and small fires permeated in the air. Everything was black, melted and or on fire. As for the guards, she thought she spied a melted mess where their armor once was but she wasn’t sure it was them. Ran away or obliterated, either way they were no longer a threat. Slowly she turned to give the mad human an incredulous stare. Was he insane?! Now the mafia’s entire army would be chasing them down. She also knew that if she didn’t leave with him, that she’d die by their hands.

    She couldn’t see him clearly in the cock pit but she still stared like she wanted to slap some sense into him. To her surprise the ramp opened and it hovered close to her. She cursed in her native tongue as without question she leapt for the ramp, quickly moving into the ship. Her ears were still echoing slightly from the loud canon fire as she moved along the ship looking for the man in question. It didn’t take her long to find the cock pit from which she walked straight to the man, giving him a light smack to the back of the head. “Wut is wrong wit you!? Ya coulda killed me too mate! Not ta mention pissin’ off da mafia dat controls dis port.” She came around to his front, glaring like an angry mother into his helmet. “We gonna hav’ta talk ‘bout your methods if we be workin’ together.” She said with a huff.
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