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Laggy Lagiacrus

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So, my previous one-on-one attempt died before it even reached the first page as my partner mysteriously vanished. As far as I'm concerned, this is annoying, but I'll press on, codsarnit. So let's cut the formalities, just keep in mind the characters can develop any relationship you like, as long as we both agree to it.

Fairy Tail
The Golden Wing Guild has long been nothing particularly special. Nobody paid it much attention, even when its power started to rise substantially over a few years. However, their guildmaster has been cting strange recently, and the jobs accepted tend to be a lot more... "Agressive." Feeling uneasy bout this, your guild master tkes the decision to send someone to gather intel - if they find nothing's wrong after they infiltrate the guild, proceed as normal. If something is found to be worth notifying your leader of, then action must be taken. In the meantime, blending in is imperative. That means accepting jobs, making friends... The whole shebang. Alternatively, you could play the part of a wizard already in the Golden Wing Guild, lumped together with my character in a team. Or anything else you can think of that I deem acceptable. I believe in people having as much freedom as possible in n RP - just keep your charcter at a moderate power level until appropriate.

Monster Hunter
Kalderan village sits at the foot of a gargntuan mountain, on the outskirts of a dense forest, and the port is but a few hours away. It is an ideal spot for hunters who want somewhere to base themselves, as access to ores and different hunting areas has proved to be (relatively) easy from the village's location. Unfortunately, not many people know about it. This being the case, there often aren't as mny hunters around as the villagers would like, especially considering the state large mosnters can get into - the local fighting force can only do so much in the face of a Great Jaggi. You are hired to defend the city, and its occupants, while they perform tasks necessary for protecting themselves (training, fortifications, etc). Of course, you will have the oppurtunity to go to different hunting environments, as the mayor has arranged for two teams of hunters to be on rotation. While things appear fairly simple, something about the mountain's interior doesn't seem right, and nobody's willing to reveal what...

Sorry if you don't like these, but they're the only ones I could really flesh out at the moment...
Also, feel free to ask if you have any queries. I work on a first-come, first server basis, so the first person to pick an idea get s the place. Asking questions puts you above people who ask things after, but it's the first person ready to actively participate.
I like the Monster Hunter idea. If it is open that is.