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  1. So.


    I'm posting this to remind myself I'm actually here to join a roleplay this time. Not say I am, hang around the chat for a day, and disappear for a year...or whatever.

    I started roleplaying here (Not specifically here, but in one of Iwaku's older Whovian incarnations) some nineish? years ago.

    I recognize some of you.

    And mostly I'm here to try to get writing done every day and convince my most stalwart opponents that I'm not actually dead.

    or lame.

    Or never here.

    But hey! Nice to meet the ones of you I don't know...and nice to see the old faces of those scowling folks I do know.

  2. Welcome back again, Jack! O_O
  3. Wait.

    Who are you?
  4. Welcome back, Jack! Though I don't know you and I wasn't here when you first were!
  5. Whovian... That's funny, because we don't know who you are!
  6. *stalks*
  7. Quit playing games with our hearts. ;__;

    Also, welcome back.
  8. Welcome back to Iwaku ^^

    Hope you get to partake in every wonder you perceive, join those stories :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.