Take my Heart and Please don't Break it

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  1. Teddy Lupin bounded down the stairs, and called, "Belinda! Hurry up! Mum's burning the breakfast again!" He rolled his grey eyes that were so much like his father's, and headed into the kitchen. "Mum, step away from the oven." He instructed calmly, and Tonks sheepishly stepped away from the oven which was smoking dangerously.

    He rolled his eyes and turned off the oven, before flapping the smoke away with a kitchen towel. "Mum, you should really leave this cooking to Dad - you always burn it."
  2. Belinda heard her younger brother calling her and groaned "I'm coming Ted hang on, just turn the oven off and i guess i'll make something when i come down for us all" she called to him as she finished getting ready and made her way downstairs and couldn't help but laugh "Mum why is it that you really can't cook? did Dad never teach you how to cook at all?" she asked smiling and quickly took what was cooking off the top and poured some water off "When is Dad when you need him, why did he have to go and work at night"

    Lupin apparated into the house exhausted from his night shift of work and rubbed his eyes before looking up "Nymphadora did you try and cook breakfast again?" he asked her as he could easily smell that something was burnt.
  3. Tonks pouted, and gently elbowed him. "Yes I did, because I know you're usually hungry after coming home from work every morning. But it is not my fault that every time I try to cook, I burn water!!" She pulled out her wand, and waved it at the pan on the top of the oven. "Evanesco." The burnt mess disappeared, and Tonks smiled again. "Belinda, could you please make us some breakfast?" She asked her eighteen year old daughter with a smile.

    Teddy chuckled, and sat at the table. "Seriously, did Grandma Andromeda never teach you to cook or do household spells right? I still can't get over finding Belinda's underwear in my drawer." He made a face. "And I am not even going to bring up the pink socks that I ended up with." Tonks shot him a look, and he shut up quickly.
  4. Lupin put a hand where she elbowed him and frowned "Not very nice to do to your husband" he said but wrapped his arms around her "Yeah and i am normally hungry after work and i love that you do try to cook me breakfast Tonks maybe you just need a bit more practise" he said softly and kissed the top of her head and glanced at his son "Teddy stop it" he warned.

    Belinda nodded and kissed her mum's cheek "I can make us some breakfast Mum, no problem at all" she said smiling and went back over to the oven and decided to make an English breakfast for everyone to have and got cooking, she sometimes prefered to actually cook the muggle way, rather than do it by spell and she herself thought it tasted much better the muggle way.
  5. Tonks smiled and leaned back into him as she kissed his cheek. "How was work?" She asked softly as she watched their daughter make breakfast. This was the perfect family she had envisioned, and she loved them all so much that it sometimes hurt to think about her babies leaving her in a few years.

    Teddy glanced out the window and then grinned, "Bel, our Hogwarts letters are here!" He pointed to two brown barn owls flying their way, and he smiled. He was going into his fifth year at Hogwarts while his sister would be in her seventh year now. He sat down at the table, and deftly caught the letters as the owls swooped in, and out again.
  6. Lupin smiled as his cheek was kissed and he nodded "Yeah it was alright i guess, i hate not sleeping nights though, that is one thing about the job i hate" he said with a shrug and rested his chin on Tonks shoulder and closed his eyes, tired from his work before he opened them again when Teddy said about their letters coming from Hogwarts.

    Belinda smiled as she carried on cooking before her eyes lit up "Our Hogwarts letters are here, i so forgot that the year starts soon actually" she said smiling a wide grin and clapped her hands before going back to cooking "7th year here Belinda Lupin comes" she said with a giggle as she got plates out to put the cooked food on.
  7. "Teddy's starting his OWLs this year as well." Tonks smiled. "Oh, and Belinda? Try not to do what me and your father did in our seventh year." She glanced up at her husband with a knowing smile. Seventh year for them had been a whirlwind; Tonks had become a werewolf, and after loads of stuff with Greyback, they had been separated for two more years.

    Teddy laughed. "I doubt there is any more werewolves at Hogwarts, Mum."
  8. Lupin smiled at what she said "Ted sure is doing his OWLs this year and i hope you have been revision as well Teddy" he said before glancing at Tonks and gave her a smile "And one of them things as well is don't get pregnant Belinda, infact don't even get a boyfriend" he said with a smile at her and gave her a wink with a smile "Or that lovely guy of yours will be dealing to a werewolve father"

    Belinda looked at her mum before looking at her Dad and rolled her eyes "Dad" she whined "Really you just have to do that?" she asked before plating the breakfast up and putting them down on the table.
  9. "Hey! What about the werewolf mother?" Tonks exclaimed with a pout, "I'm just as tough as you. Besides, she's allowed to have a boyfriend, because of that certain charm I put on her when she was younger." She grinned as she revealed this. "When you were seven or eight, Belinda, I put a charm on you which makes you physically unable to have children until the spell breaks when you are eighteen. Your father also did the charm which strengthened it."

    Teddy snickered at that, but Tonks turned to him, "And the same thing to you - I put the charm on you which means you can't impregnate a girl until you turn eighteen as well." Tonks smirked. "Mama Lupin doesn't mess around."
  10. Lupin chuckled "I'm sorry love, i mean and you will be on there case as well" he said smiling and laughed as he had tried to keep that secret in and he looked at Belinda as she pouted at him and shook her head "What? can a Dad not be protective of his daughter and first born?" he asked with a smile and gave her head a kiss "You know i'm just trying to protect you and i don't want you getting hurt that's all" he said smiled and laughed "Which means you can do what i did to your mum and get her pregnant young, not that i regret it of course because we got Belinda"

    Belinda rolled her eyes "I wasn't planning on getting pregnant at my age anyway, i want a life before i have kids" she said with a shrug and sat down next to her younger brother "But hey, i hope you enjoy breakfast"
  11. Tonks smiled, and wrapped her arms around Lupin's waist. "You go and get some sleep. I'll take the kids to their godfather's house after breakfast, and then I'll come back and we can have some time alone." She smiled.

    Teddy beamed at that, "We're going to Sirius' house? Yes!" He adored his godfather, and found him to be a total laugh at times. They always had fun together.
  12. Lupin looked at Tonks with a smile and nodded "That sounds like a good idea to me if i'm being honest, a good sleep will do me good and then we can have sime alone time" he said and kissed the top of Tonks head before he ate the food quickly before going upstairs to his and Tonks room to take his work clothes off and get into the bed.

    Belinda's eyes lit up as she heard where she was going "Oh that's fine, i'm down for going there" she said grinning.
  13. Tonks smiled and quickly waved her wand, sending everything back into its rightful place. She then sat down at the table beside her children, and ran a hand through her pink hair that she still wore all the time. "Also Lily and James are coming over for dinner with Harry and I expect you both to be on your best behaviour. That means no tricks, Teddy Lupin."

    Teddy rolled his eyes, "Come on, watching Aunt Lily find that frog in the teapot was kind of funny, you have to admit. But fine, I'll behave."
  14. Belinda watched her mum with a smile as she ate her breakfast and she smiled a wide grin "I am always on my best behaviour Mummy, i don't know what you are talking about" she said smiling a wide grin and shook her head "Ted you was the only on who laughed at Auntie Lily when she found it" she pointed out with a smile before looking at Tonks.

    "Mum is Dad going to work later on? we never get a chance to see him because he always sleeps through the day and i miss him, i want to spend sometime with him" she said softly.
  15. Tonks bit her lip and sighed. "I don't know, Bel; I think that they're going back to the normal schedule soon anyway, since the Ministry has found that terrorist wizard. I'll ask him later on when you two are away." She kissed her daughter's head. "Before you both go, I want to see that your rooms are spotless."
  16. Belinda nodded her head "Well at least if they go back to the normal schedule he doesn't get that many nights unless it's urgent so i would be able to spend some time with dad" she said with a smile and laughed "I better go and get cleaning my room in a bit then because it is a mess" she said smiling and leaned into her mum's side with a smile.
  17. "You too Teddy." Tonks glanced at her son with a knowing smile, and he groaned. "Why do I have to? It's not that messy!" He whined.
  18. Belinda scoffed at what Teddy whined "Really? you think your room isn't bad?" she asked as she put her plate in the sink and shook her head "Your room is the worst Ted"
  19. Teddy groaned, but stood up, and started plodding towards his room. At the doorway, he paused and glanced around at his mum, "Mum, what are you and Dad going to do in two night's time? It's the full moon, and Dad is working the night shifts." He bit his lip as this occurred to him.

    Tonks bit her lip as well, worrying about this. "We'll work something out. Don't worry Teddy. Besides, you two will be staying with the Potters that night."
  20. Belinda stopped when teddy pointed this out to his mum "ted is right mum, dad can't go to work that night because i don't want him getting hurt or anything and I'm sure he knows not to go in anyway if it's the full moon, dads pretty smart" she said as she made her way up to her room and gave it a good clean before she went to her parents room and went over to the bed where she got into it "dad?" she asked in a whisper and moved some of his sandy coloured hair out of his face.

    Lipin opened his eyes when he heard belindas voice and wrapped his arms around his daughter "mm whats up belinda" he asked softly and kissed her forehead.