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  1. So, I've been writing a story about the fey, if you don't know what I mean by that, I mean faeries, dwarves, elves, etc. I got to thinking that perhaps maybe a roleplay based on the topic would help me gain inspiration and possibly give me ideas for the story.

    I have a world planned out called Lysteria. Now, for my story, the protagonist, a girl, is slave to the Unseelie Queen and wishes to free herself from the bonds that tie her there. I was thinking perhaps that it could be a group role play where there are people roleplaying as members of the court, as slaves or as humans who find their way into Lysteria.

    I have a few ideas bubbling, so if anyone is interested, please reply and we shall get to brainstorming straight away.
  2. Did someone say evil queen?
  3. Ooh! Tell me more! Depending on details, I might be interested! I usually play Seelie, but I could be persuaded to join the dark side winter court if need be.
  4. Details.
  5. I have applied for 8 rps- I am very interested in this!
  6. Ohyay!~ Some interest. Everyone can be of either court they prefer, there will be battles and schemes. At the moment I more so need plot suggestions because the idea I had simply for my story cannot work for a group of people. There will always be that dispute between the courts but I believe something interesting needs to have happened, perhaps an assassination of an important member from a court in the secret of the night? Something. At the moment I'm rushed for time so hopefully we can figure this out tonight.
  7. Alright, so if anyone's still interested I'm willing to take in any suggestions. There could be a war between humans and the fey, or just a fey war between courts, or perhaps there's an outbreak of a virus that affect the fey from the humans? I'm not sure, there are so many possibilities.
  8. Well, if you went the viral route, you could have one court or the other devise a cure. Then you could either go the route of one being forced to help the other by a higher power to preserve balance or you could do an infiltration mission to get the cure.
  9. I like the latter idea, going on a mission to retrieve the cure.
  10. Um, not sure if my knowledge is correct cos I'm basing it off the Dresden Files since I think the Dresden Files copied it off DnD.

    We could do something with the King. You know, the guy who leads all the goblins and all that.
  11. Well the two courts can have a king, sometimes there's just a king in one court and a queen in the other, and sometimes there's a pairing, but.. yeah
  12. *Update*

    Welcome to Lysteria. We are a country of two courts, dividing the ownership of the land. There's the Seelie court, which is the court of summer. Along with the Unseelie court, home to winter. Between these two courts, there has been a treaty of peace for around a century, but that ends now. An outbreak of a lethal disease has spread through Lysteria land, first being encountered by the dwarves in the mines of Ephah. This disease counters the immortality of the fey and speeds it up by a triple of the normal time. Taking this into consideration would mean a fey being of 1000, only aging after 100 years, would then begin to age every five days. Or at least that is what is understood.

    This epidemic has caused a craze throughout the land, until the Unseelie court had found a way to change it to every ten days, and then twenty, and soon the drug was strong enough to counter the disease all together. By now the word had spread to the Seelie court, which brings us to the present.
  13. Whoah. Something I've always dreamed of doing. o.o
    I got dibs on an Unseelie if available, and I can totally help with the plot if you want, just send me a PM~
  14. Oh, lovely :D
  15. Sounds really cool, I would like in, if it's still up for grabs.
  16. OOOOO i would like to be enslaved by the unseeile court!
  17. Okay, cool. Shall I start up an OOC?
  18. Yeah I hear you on the Dresden files. I was just thinking something to that effect as well. The Erlking would be a wonderful antagonist. He is evil with a purpose. But perhaps he is fed up with the way he exists and if the virus is a good idea, perhaps it's something that he gets the goblins to help create since they are devious in the first place.
  19. Well technically, all the fey are devious and malicious. I've never read Dresden Files, so I can't say I could hope to create a king like him, but if someone would like to play a king like him and perhaps have someone be one of their goblin minions in secret, I would not mind.